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10+ Brilliant Family Activity Ideas In Summer Time

10+ Brilliant Family Activity Ideas In Summer Time

June 30, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

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1. Tie dye T-shirts 


Tie dyed t-shirts are fun to make and fun to wear. Kids can express their creativity through their choice of color and design, or just have fun with lots of different colors. Adults will want to get into the act, too, so be sure to have a few adult sized t-shirts on hand. They can be a kind of family shirt that you can wear on your family special occasions. 

You can get the tie dye kit at and see how to make it HERE

2. Make a kite from a plastic bag and fly it

how to make a kite


Kite flying parties are an amazing amount of frugal fun for all ages. We can spend fun time together and when recycle your unused plastic bags at the same time. We highly recommend finding an open field, throwing a kite design contest, or trying to engineer the best flying machine you can muster. Now go grab your friends, your kids, or your grandchildren and take them outside for a fun day of kite flying. 

See details at HERE

3. Paint stones


Here’s a DIY project the little ones will love. Collect some stones (the flatter the better) and paint them. Try painting ladybugs, flowers or even your family member, just get creative! Markers would also work for this project. You can then use them to decorate your garden or your corner in your house

4. Re-decorate your porch/ patio

Choose a proper color scheme for your summer porch – will it be a colorful or a neutral space? If you love neutrals, go for layered neutrals – they look very contemporary and chic and are on trend right now. If you want to turn on the bright, try red, bright blue, green and yellow for a zesty touch, pink and lilac for a girlish feel and so on – there are lots of combos and ideas to realize.

Get inspired at

a bright and welcoming summer porch with rattan furniture, a wall garden, a hanging chair and some blue textiles

5. Water balloon baseball

Water balloons? Fun! Baseball? More fun! Ummm, water balloon baseball? Endless entertainment for the whole family. What a great way to end off the Summer and plan a big group event. Stockpile bins of water balloons and organize an actual baseball game. You could even make the distance between bases a Slip-n-Slide so you can dive into base!

5 Summer Party Ideas for Your Kids | Pop it!


6. DIY handmade bird feeder

Whether it's spring, summer, or fall, there are bound to be at least a few hungry birds in your own backyard. So, why not make them feel totally at home with a handmade bird feeder? 

See more details HERE

7. DIY garden flag for every season

Did you know a placemat is the same size as a garden flag? Yes! It is. Check out these ideas for garden flags for every season. If you don’t have fabric, use one of your old placemats to make some of these DIY garden flags for every season.

See how to make one at

17 DIY Garden Flags | Pretty Handy Girl


8. Movie night in the backyard

All you need is an affordable projector (can find anywhere on amazon), a laptop and a good speaker. Throw out some comfy bean bag chairs and pillows, grab your favorite snacks and just enjoy the movie night. We found some affordable options that everyone will love, check them out: 
Projector: Link
Projector Sreen: Link
Juicy Bits: 210: backyard movie night


9. Go fishing and watch sunset by the lake 

If you live near the lake, let's spend a good afternoon going fishing and watching sunset afterward. Sometimes we are too engaged in our busy life and forget about little beautiful things around us. Do you remember the last time you watched sunset? 


10. Have a taste test

Choose an exotic cuisine that your children haven't tried, such as Thai or Brazilian. Find the country on a globe or a map, and read a short encyclopedia or Internet introduction to that nation's culture. Then make a signature dish from that country for lunch or dinner—for example, Pad Thai or Brazilian coxinhas (chicken croquettes).
Recipe for you from
Pad Thái - quốc bảo đại diện cho "xứ sở chùa Vàng"


11. Hold a Pantry-Cooking Competition (2-Night Event)

Divide your family into two teams. One team gets to root through the cupboards and pantry to cook a complete meal on Friday night, and the other gets to do it for Saturday night. Choose how you guys will pick the winning team.

Family Cooking Contest: Who Has What it Takes to Win? | Cooking contest,  How to make pizza, Family cooking

Do you have anything else to add to the list? Let us and other viewers know in the comment section below. It will be super helpful! 

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Bron Clemesha

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