31 Thoughtful 40th Birthday Gifts for Women That She'll Surprise

July 19, 2022 7 min read

A 40th birthday is a very big milestone for many people. If you’re seeking out the right 40th birthday gift ideas for women, you want to put extra care and thought behind the gift you grab for her when this memorable moment comes. Whether you’re shopping for a wife, sister, female friend, coworker, daughter, or lady boss, you absolutely might need some assistance with your search. Take time to look over this guide and find a gift for any special woman in your life who is about to hit her 40th birthday.

1. Make a Birthday Constellation Map

There are numerous lovely possibilities to consider when looking for unusual gifts for a woman you care about. A birthday constellation map print is the type of gift that allows you to show her how special she is to you in a unique way.

2. Is Your Soy Candle 40 Years Old?

A hearty belly laugh is frequently the nicest gift you can give someone who is nearing a significant birthday. Consider an utilitarian and hilarious gift, like as a stupid soy candle, for a simple and cute idea.

3. Custom Print 40 Things We Love About You

When you're seeking for a unique way to show a special woman how much you appreciate her, a personalized print is an excellent choice. A gift like a "40 Things We Love About You" print that offers endless encouragement would be appreciated by everyone.

4. Vintage Leather Bag from 1982

For most women, having a place to keep basics like makeup is crucial. An antique leather bag is a great way to give a gift that is sure to be a perfect fit. This beautiful and timeless gift is sure to make an impression.

5. Pearl Necklace for 40th Birthday

When looking for a gift that will make someone feel special, a jewelry gift is never a terrible choice. This pearl necklace allows you to put a charming birthday inscription, ensuring that the gift will be worn with fondness right immediately.

6. T-shirt "Awesome Since 1982"

Making sure that the gift is customized to match the person is a terrific method to receive a custom gift for someone you care about. Including the actual year and month of your sister's, girlfriend's, or bestie's birth can make this a gift that will be worn with pride.

7. Middle Finger Mug 39 Plus

Many people prefer to remember significant birthdays in a humorous way. Consider a cute gag gift if you want to ensure that the person thinks the gift you gave is amusing. A gift like this mug is sure to get them laughing in no time!

8. Customized Birthday Book

Examine your alternatives for birthday books for another great way to get a gift that she is guaranteed to love. A book that includes the particular woman's birth date as well as other unique and amusing facts is a terrific approach to score a winning gift.

9. 40th Birthday Personalized Best Friend Print

What do you get a bestie who has stood by you through thick and thin? When you're not sure what to get your best friend for her 40th birthday, a personalized best friend 40th birthday print is the way to go. This is a gift she will adore from the moment she sees it.

10. Perhaps You Aren't 40, Perhaps Math Is Wrong Funny Birthday Card

A simple method to make someone smile on her birthday is to try to make her giggle with your gift. When it comes to 40 years old, a woman may have many doubts and concerns. Your goofy birthday card is an attempt to alleviate her tension.

11. Birthday Gift Guest Book 40 Reasons We Love You

A sentimental approach to selecting a great birthday gift is to incorporate as many love notes as possible. A guest book is an excellent choice for this reason, since it allows you to make her feel acknowledged and valued.

12. Sign with Photo Collage

While a single photo might be a great focus for a gift, an assortment of photos creates an even more powerful gift. This photo collage sign is the type of gift that allows you to genuinely express your feelings for a special woman in your life.

13. 40 Fantastic Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Just because someone has reached the age of 40 does not mean her life is finished. In fact, by the time they reach this age, many people feel like they are just starting. If you're looking for a meaningful and perfect gift, this wine tumbler gift set is the way to go.

14. Poster for the Birthday Tribune

Sensible decor is a gift that is usually a hit for big birthdays. People are fascinated by what happened on the day they were born. The Birthday Tribute poster is a meaningful way to bring this idea to life with your gift.

15. Custom Mug It Took Me 40 Years To Look This Good

When looking for a unique gift, a personalized gift is sometimes the finest option. A mug is a wonderful concept because it allows you to turn a mundane item like a cup into a humorous and unique gift.

16. Spa Gift Set

In many circumstances, giving a gift that allows for some personal care is a terrific approach to show someone how much you love her. A lavish treat, like a spa gift box, is one option to explore. This contains everything she may require to be pampered.

17. Forty The Wine Label with the Other F Word

There are numerous ways to make a significant event, such as a 40th birthday, into a humorous occasion. This wine label is the kind of easy and funny gift you can put on a wine bottle and watch your friend break out laughing.

18. The Wine Glass Where She Turns 40

Think about the birthday girl's interests to make her feel unique on her special day. If she likes cute things that remind her of her favorite shows and memories, this wine glass is the perfect gift for her.

19. Since 1982, Mug has been making the world a better place.

As previously stated, few gifts are provided in such a practical manner as a mug. This is the type of gift to consider if you want to make the birthday girl feel loved while also providing her with a few laughs.

20. Photo Poster Customized

When it comes to finding a gift that is both charming and simple, options like a handmade poster can go a long way. This idea works whether you're looking for a match for a sibling, best friend, daughter, coworker, wife, or mother.

21. Photo Mug "On This Day A Queen Was Born"

All women are entitled to be regarded as queens. Consider a mug if you wish to emphasize this aspect in your gift. When she takes a sip of her favorite drink, this lovely mug reminds her that she is the boss.

22. You're 40 years old! Toilet Paper Present

You don't have to spend a lot of money to acquire a memorable gift. In fact, looking at novelty gifts is one of the greatest methods to approach your gift. This toilet paper gift will be useful to her.

23. Tumbler Aged to Perfection

Just like excellent wine improves with age, some people attain their full potential as they get older. Help the birthday girl's spirits by giving her a gift like a tumbler with a particular message that will make her feel ready for the future.

24. The Birthday Girl's Time Telling Method Wine Glass Holder Made of Wood

A woman who enjoys a good glass of wine now and then will appreciate a gift that enhances the experience. This wooden wine glass holder serves a useful purpose while also being a lovely gift in general.

25. Canvas Print of a Heart-Shaped Collage

The heart symbol is intended to regift love and the special essence of romance. If you want to give her a unique gift, consider making a heart-shaped collage out of some of your favorite images and experiences.

26. Bangle Bracelet with 1982 Half Penny Coin

A bracelet is an excellent choice for a simple gift that nevertheless has a fashionable edge. This 1982 half-penny coin bangle bracelet is a one-of-a-kind item that she will undoubtedly adore.

27. Happy Birthday Her Gift Basket

When you don't know what to send someone, a gift basket is a tried-and-true option. Whether you want something practical, sentimental, hilarious, or pragmatic, this gift basket is the type of gift that any woman will appreciate.

28. 40 Years of Custom Printing

When you put some consideration into your gift, you can always be confident that it will be a hit. If you're looking for thoughtful and meaningful gifts, this custom print is a great option. When the gift reflects the essence of your connection, she is sure to feel the thought behind it.

29. Plate Commemorative

A significant birthday necessitates a more substantial gift than a trinket. You must choose a fantastic keepsake that completely symbolizes the party. A commemorative plate is a traditional type of gift that might assist you in accomplishing this goal.

30. College Canvas Print was founded in 1982

A canvas print is an excellent choice because you have complete control over how it is personalized. When someone you care about is approaching a significant birthday, she would undoubtedly appreciate a gift that expresses how much she means to you.

31. Newspaper Ad From 1982, 40 Years Ago

This antique newspaper-style placard is the ideal décor or gift for any woman turning 40 in 2022. It contains 1982 American facts. Simply print and frame!


There are various fascinating approaches you may take while looking for the greatest 40th birthday gift ideas for women. You will have no issue making this milestone event as spectacular as it should be if you evaluate all of your possibilities.

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