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40 DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts for Family, Lover & Friend

July 19, 2022 8 min read

Giving DIY homemade Christmas gifts is tempting for a variety of reasons. You can save money, which is usually a good thing. Simple handcrafted products can be used to express your feelings. Most importantly, you can create the ideal holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

We've gathered a list of handy DIY Christmas gift ideas that are both distinctive and innovative. Some are simple to prepare and ideal for involving children in holiday gifts. Others are more active. But if making homemade gifts is on your holiday to-do list, keep reading. Our gift guide is full of ideas for making your holiday season joyful and handmade.

1. Make Your Own Photo Calendar

This basic Christmas gift is built around a simple photo flip frame. If this is your first year crafting your own gifts, an easy calendar is a terrific place to start. Personalize the images you select for each family member. They'll all appreciate this practical gift.

2. Gift Card Holder for Rudolph

Present cards may appear to be modest expressions of thanks, but the sentiment behind the gift is everything. You and your children can collaborate on these adorable handcrafted reindeer, which double as clever Christmas gift cardholders. This simple addition will make each gift card unique.

3. Make Your Own Mint Sugar Scrub

Everyone enjoys using bath products. This year, spice up their beauty regimen with a lovely handcrafted gift of sugar scrub. This wonderful minty scrub will exfoliate and soften your skin. Use the recipe as is or as a starting point for further customization. Wrap these up as teacher gifts!

4. Bath Tea

Make some colorful bath tea for your favorite gals to brighten their days! Bath tea is a wonderful combination of Epsom salts, aromatic oils, and dried flowers. These fun DIY Christmas gifts can be designed to be as individual as the recipient. They are excellent Christmas gifts for mothers.

5. Christmas Tea Tree 

Instead of candy, give a cheap and easy tea tree this holiday season. The tea drinkers in your life will be overjoyed to get a choice of new tastes as well as old favorites. The ideal homemade gift for family members is a tea tree.

6. Soap with Cranberry Vanilla Shea Butter

This wonderful homemade holiday soap is quite simple to prepare. You don't even need to light the burner! With a little planning and an hour of drying time, you'll have all of their home Christmas gifts sorted. You can also use this basic formula to make your own soaps!

7. Ornament Made with Salt Dough

Get a head start on holiday preparations with this simple craft idea. Salt dough is a preschool art and craft classic because it is simple to create and enjoyable to work with. Make your kids' DIY Christmas gifts a holiday hit by using cookie cutters, paint, and even glitter.

8. Make Your Own Cookie Jar

Check out this fun activity for unique DIY Secret Santa gift ideas! Assemble your own gift jars from holiday tools, baking materials, and a cookie jar. These are simple to prepare and perfect for a last-minute gift exchange or office celebration. You're all set with a festive ribbon or ornamental plastic!

9. Make Your Own Pine-Scented Soy Candles

These simple candles require only a few small jars, soy wax, coloring, and aroma. This one-of-a-kind handcrafted gift looks fantastic and smells even better. You'll like how quickly they come together. Everyone else will appreciate the handcrafted spin on a holiday classic.

10. Wind Chimes

Try your hand at these inventive wind chimes for a somewhat more time-consuming craft. Go for a bold look for your crazy best friend or a traditional look for your refined aunt. These fantastic do-it-yourself Christmas projects are sure to delight everyone this season.

11. Make Your Own Lip Balm

If you want to make quick and easy homemade gifts, this lip balm should be at the top of your list! Put them to work with a dish that is both natural and kid-friendly. Simple step-by-step instructions are provided. Fill tins or tubes with it for quick gifting!

12. Christmas Scents for the Stovetop

Potpourri in stores is frequently pricey, and the scents cannot be customized. Create your own ingredient combinations to boil on the stove for a natural yet economical Christmas cheer. These simple DIY Christmas gifts are completed with cute packaging and a nice tag.

13. Make Your Own Snow Globes

The amazing Mason jar snow globes will be a favorite with both youngsters and adults. These handcrafted Christmas cuties have glitter snow falling over plants and animals. Personalize each globe to make it unique to the recipient. These inventive DIY gift ideas will delight everyone.

14. Snowman Candy Cane Spoons 

Are you looking for bulk Christmas gift ideas for your child's classmates? Snowman spoons made from candy canes are a lovely and humorous holiday treat. These are the ideal small gifts for anyone who needs a pick-me-up this holiday season.

15. Make Your Own Unicorn Ornaments

This fantastic unicorn ornament will brighten your child's or tween's Christmas. These decorations are filled with glitter and positive vibes, just like Christmas should be! A charming unicorn would also be a wonderful Christmas gift idea for your girl scout unit to construct.

16. Fire Starters Made From Pinecones

Gather a variety of Christmas gift craft ideas for adults and throw a fun pre-holiday party. These fire starters will undoubtedly be a centerpiece, a grown-up version of candle making. Watch your buddies have a good time with this simple project.

17. Paper Cabin in 3D

If you're a competent artisan trying to improve your skills, consider making a Christmas gift out of paper. This lovely craft idea can be used in a variety of ways. This cottage is the ideal handmade item, whether you gift it or keep it to decorate your home!

18. Glitter Santa & Snowmen Jar

Food mixtures come to mind when you think about Mason jar gifts. This craft, on the other hand, takes Christmas jar gift ideas to the next level. These snowmen and Santa, whether intended or improvised, are very cool.

19. DIY French Fries Ornament

With these amusing decorations, you can start a new tradition! A holiday ornament exchange is a lot of fun. Begin on a positive note by making cartons of french fries to put on the tree. Craft gifts are pure enjoyment. They don't have a deeper significance, but they don't have to!

20. Make Your Own Christmas Stockings

Do you need adorable DIY gifts that are simple to make? These handcrafted stockings always win. There are no specific instructions for making them distinctive. Make use of paint, cloth, stencils, or stamps. This is an easy-to-personal gift, so gather your sewing equipment and get to work!

21. Make Your Own Cross Stitch Gift

A cross stitch item is an excellent DIY Christmas gift. Cross stitch skills can be used by people of all ages to create a homemade Christmas gift for Grandma. Beginners should stick to the essentials, while more skilled stitchers can get creative with this holiday scene.

22. Candle in a Mason Jar with Peppermint

A handcrafted candle is a thoughtful gift for grandparents. This low-cost DIY Christmas gift features festive peppermint in adorned jars. This is also an excellent foundation for additional festive smells.

23. Oreo Peppermint Truffles

Do you require a food item for a cookie exchange? These amazing truffles are a big hit. Aside from being full of minty, chocolatey delight, they can be made in under an hour. Read the comments for even additional ideas to simplify this handmade idea!

24. Gift Basket of Hot Chocolate

Make them the nicest gift basket the entire family will enjoy this year! They can hold a cocoa and cookies party or utilize it to make significant memories after sledding or caroling. This is a low-cost craft that is one of our favorite homemade gifts from children.

25. Gingerbread Fudge 

A tried-and-true recipe for handmade fudge? Please, yes! Give this scrumptious gingerbread treat to your neighbors and you'll quickly become recognized for your Christmas food offerings. This finest homemade Christmas gift is simple to prepare.

26. Throw Blanket

Do you like the aesthetic of crocheted blankets but don't know how to make them? Make this lovely handmade throw without taking up a needle! In no time, you can transform fluffy yarn into a thoughtful gift! As far as DIY gifts go, it requires no special skills, making it suitable for both children and beginners.

27. Make Your Own Fabric-Covered Tree Ornaments

When you need Christmas crafts in large quantities, you want them to be simple. Do-it-yourself These lovely tree ornaments are one of the simplest Christmas crafts ideas. These are ideal for large groups, such as scouts or art class!

28. Jars of Homemade Soup Mix

Christmas gifts in Mason jars are both entertaining and economical. Purchase your beans, vegetables, and pasta in quantity. Assembly takes no time at all, and much less if you have aid from your children or your husband. Cover the Mason jar with decorative fabric or ribbon for a beautiful gift!

29. Keychains Made with Macramé

Take a look at these entertaining keychains if you're looking for DIY Christmas gifts for kids. Allow the kids to express themselves using knots and beads, and watch as they make meaningful tokens for friends and relatives. These are also suitable as stocking stuffers or gift tags.

30. Make Your Own Basket Backpack

This backpack is not only fashionable and adorable, but it is also functional. This craft will appeal to both your contemporary teen and your bestie who wants a more traditional look. Make your stamp on this unique Christmas gift.

31. Oreo Christmas Coal

If your children have been wicked rather than good this year, fool them with phony coal! This tasty treat is simple to create and, by far, the best method to prank your family. With this adorable DIY Christmas gift, you can take your holiday crafting to the next level.

32. Personalized Luminaries 

This touching activity turns precious Christmas memories into lovely gifts. You can make these one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts with minimum supplies and experience. These personalized lights make ideal Christmas gifts for couples.

33. Hand Warmers

Are you looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer or a simple gift for a sports coach or band director? These simple rice-filled hand warmers are reusable and will keep your hands warm during even the coldest games or parades. With a sincere message, provide these thoughtful handcrafted gifts!

34. Memory Card Game

Make a matching game for your children, or have them assist you in making one for friends or cousins. It doesn't matter if your cards are funny or creative. You may make this simple DIY gift with any photographs because there are no templates.

35. Flower Basket

Crafting gifts can turn the usual hostess gift on its head. This lovely décor has holiday flowers in a simple basket. The basket can then be reused by the hostess for sustainability. Give her a gift she will use again and again!

36. Make Your Own Wooden Beer Caddy

If you have basic woodworking skills, this handcrafted Christmas gift is perfect for you. This rustic-looking beer caddy would make an excellent Christmas gift for your father or someone who has recently turned 21. Show off your skills and personalize it for an extra-special gift!

37. Candle Holder

For a terrific gift, combine fun chalk paint with simple directions. These candle holders can be personalized to make considerate Christmas gifts for family or amusing décor for friends. Even better, the youngsters can contribute to the design and painting!

38. Bubble Bath Gift Box

Why waste money on a generic gift box when you can make a meaningful personalized one? This tiny spa in a box is the best DIY gift idea. Fill it with necessary products such as bubble bath and sparkling cider, as well as pure indulgences such as the best chocolate!

39. Make Your Own Earring Dome Organizer

This oh-so-easy earring holder can be built in less time than it takes to heat your oven! Make or teach your teen how to make this amazing DIY Christmas gift. Everyone will enjoy putting their earrings in this adorable dome!

40. Christmas Decorations

This festive décor is the ideal holiday activity. It combines woodworking, papercraft, and painting into one! Use any design you desire. Even if it's not for Christmas, a little red or green paper may go a long way. These modest homemade Christmas gifts are ideal for extended family.

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