Best Baby First Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 11 min read

There's always the option to make a baby's first Christmas ornament by hand, but who has the time for that? In addition, there are many delicious options that can be easily personalized, so adding that one-of-a-kind ornament to the Christmas tree is as simple as clicking the "Add to Cart" button. The following is a list of the best ornaments that can be taken home (or given as a gift to a friend!) to commemorate the beginning of a new life during the holiday season.

We have compiled everything you need, whether you are looking for something more traditional that can be cherished for a lifetime or a festive baby Christmas ornament that adorns a gift.

1. Sock Monkey Ornament

If you want cuddly vibes in an ornament celebrating your snuggly little one, this sock monkey is the perfect choice. It's not actually a typical stuffed version (it's made of resin), but its happy smile, brightly striped accessories, and dangly little feet will add an adorable touch to any new parent's holiday tree.

2. White Earthenware Baby's Pram Ornament

Shaped like an old-fashioned, ivory-colored baby carriage, this ornament will become a family keepsake. The carriage is detailed with scalloped edges, gems on the wheels, and a satin ribbon to tie it on the tree.

3. Porcelain Baby Shoe Personalized Ornament

Back in the day (hey, 1980s, we’re talking about you), parents would have their baby's shoes dipped in bronze as a keepsake. While that tradition is long gone, this little porcelain baby shoe is a perfect way to commemorate the year of your baby's first holiday. You can even add a little DIY personalization—there are lines on the bottom of the shoe to write in the baby's name.

4. Laser Engraved Wooden Block

Reminiscent of maybe the most classic toy of all, this wooden block has sides that can display a variety of details: the baby's first initial, year of birth, and an optional nativity scene.

5. Swarovski Baby's 1st Rattle Ornament

This elegant Swarovski ornament will add a bit of pizazz to your branches, while subtly stealing just a little attention away from the other ornaments on the tree. This ornament is gender-neutral, too, so whether you have a new baby boy or girl in your life, this classic pick won't disappoint.

6. Baby Girl's First Christmas Ornament

Oh, deer! It's hard to pass this precious porcelain ornament up. It's super simple, and super lovely. The fawn looks so innocent and peaceful.

7. Disney Parks Baby's First Christmas Mickey Mouse Ears Hat Ornament

Baby Dumbo sitting on top of a mouse-ears hat is almost as cute as your sweet babe. This adorable first Christmas ornament is covered in holly berries, glitter, and colored green and red; it will certainly brighten up the tree because of all of these features.

8. Newborn Baby Christmas Ornament

This wooden piece is ideal for use as an ornament to commemorate the first holiday season spent with your child if you prefer a simpler design. The ornament is made of natural wood that has been laser-cut, and we really like how it looks even though there is nothing else added to it. However, if you are the creative type who enjoys giving things a personal touch, the wood makes an excellent canvas for painting on.

9. Baby's First Christmas Whimsical Ornament

This delicate ceramic ornament is the ideal way to welcome your child into their first Christmas spent with the family and would make a wonderful gift. An ornament that doesn't draw too much attention to itself but still manages to spread holiday cheer thanks to a wintry scene and the year painted on the front of the piece

10. ChalkTalkSports Personalized Porcelain Baby Ornament

This plain porcelain ornament has been given a holiday feel by being painted in red and green, and the addition of a monogram ensures that it will always be visible atop the Christmas tree. When you are finished wrapping your gift, you can use it not only as a bow but also as the package tie.

11. Joseph's Studio Roman Baby Cradled in Angel Wings

If you are looking for a baby ornament to give as a Christmas present to new parents but do not want to spend your entire holiday budget on it, the tranquil ornament that is made by Joseph's Studio is an excellent choice. Despite the fact that the baby is crying, the scene of the sweet baby sleeping in angel wings will bring peace on Earth into any home.

12. Pearhead Babyprints Ball Ornament

An imprint of your baby's tiny hand can add a special touch of personalization to the ball ornament from Pearhead. The arts and crafts kit also comes with a marker for you to write your child's name on the reverse side of the project.

13. Bradford Exchange Personalized Heart-Shaped Ornament

The enchanting Bradford Exchange ornament will bring some glimmer and shimmer to the Christmas tree (and to the hearts!) of new parents. It's a nice touch that the heart charm can be personalized and it hangs from the bottom.

14. Baby’s First Christmas Footprint Ornament

This ornament is ideal for a footprint or a handprint. It's a valuable keepsake, and the price is reasonable.

Simply order this kit, which includes all of the impression materials you'll need as well as the bow and hanger to create a lovely ornament. Take a baby's handprint or footprint, and you've created a truly unique keepsake for your tree. There's no need to bake.

15. Handmade Customizable Acrylic Keepsake Ornament

This ornament is simply stunning, and it will complement any tree and decor in any home, making it an ideal gift for a baby's first Christmas!

Clear round acrylic baby's first Christmas ornament with baby's name and year hanging from tree by pink ribbon

Customize the baby's name, the year, the acrylic color, and the ribbon color. It's no surprise that this Etsy shop consistently receives positive feedback from customers.

16. Lenox Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Lenox releases its annual first Christmas ornament for babies every year. This is a popular choice among parents (and gift-givers!) all over the world.

This option is made of beautiful porcelain, and it's not only a brand-name collectible, but the delicate design will fit seamlessly into any holiday decor.

You can also suggest it to your family as a non-toy Christmas gift if they are looking for something for the baby.

Whether you prefer a blue and green Christmas tree or a red and gold one, this will look lovely lying on whichever branch you choose.

17. Hallmark Keepsake Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

I couldn't put together a list of my favorite baby's first Christmas ornaments without including this little gem, which is the exact ornament I chose for my oldest daughter on her first Christmas. While some more whimsical Hallmark options, such as a Mickey Mouse ornament, are also popular, this one is of higher quality. It, like the Lenox baby's first Christmas ornament, has a classic design that any family will appreciate.

18. Snow Baby Christmas Ornament

This adorable baby's first Christmas ornament can be personalized with the baby's name while still retaining the festive feel of Christmas from our own childhoods.

The adorable snow baby riding on a sleigh looks like something from my childhood Christmas tree, and I'd love to keep that whimsical feel for my little one. Pink, blue, and a gender-neutral option of red and green holiday colors are all available. The favorites are the Christmas colors!

19. Rainbow Baby Christmas Ornament

Do you have a rainbow baby this holiday season? Why not go with this adorable rainbow-themed first Christmas ornament?

Christmas ornament with a rainbow and baby's name that says "baby's first Christmas" hanging from the tree

People sometimes struggle to come up with the best rainbow baby gift ideas for expectant mothers.

This is a lovely way for them to celebrate their new arrival while also remembering the little one, or ones, that their family has lost.

20. Clay First Christmas Ornament

We adore a simple ornament, and this lovely clay baby's first Christmas ornament embodies both simplicity and elegance.

We love how you can include the baby's name prominently while keeping the ornament timeless. Not to mention the rave reviews!

21. Wooden Onesie Ornament with Birth Stats

This adorable handmade ornament is shaped like a onesie and includes the baby's name as well as all major birth statistics such as weight, date, year, and time of birth.

We particularly like this as a small token to accompany a larger gift for new parents. Simply tie it on as a gift tag; parents will adore it, and it will serve as a lovely commemorative ornament on their tree!

22. Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

What better way to celebrate a new baby than by celebrating the entire family in its new form? That is what we appreciate about this unique ornament.

Choose the people (and pets!) in the family, as well as their ages. You can change your skin color, hair color, clothing, and even choose from over 50 dog breeds and more than 15 cat breeds.

This is also a special ornament for a family just before the baby is born, so you can gift another family ornament showing how they've grown the following year.

23. Wooden Engraved Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

We adore this precious ornament's sweet simplicity. Because it has so many sides, there are numerous customization possibilities, making it a keepsake for the ages.

Personalized baby's name, birth statistics, year, and location. This is especially useful for military families who move frequently.

24. Wooden Custom Engraved Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Would you like to include all of your baby's birth information on their first Christmas ornament?

Then you'll adore this personalized engraved item!

It has room for your child's name, date and time of birth, height, and weight, and it's made of wood, so it won't fall off your tree.

25. Sock Puppet Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

What says "sweet new baby" more than an adorable sock puppet? When you combine that with a personalized baby's first Christmas ornament, your heart will melt.

We're completely smitten with this adorable little guy. The monkey on your tree will be adorable, and it will remind you of that year when your baby was so tiny for years to come.

Just don't give it to the animals!

26. Letter Block First Christmas Ornament

Blocks are among the first things that come to mind when we think of baby toys. This adorable ornament brings the concept of a letter block to your tree, with the letter of your baby's name on one side and full customization on the other.

27. Salt Dough Handprint – Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

There's a reason salt dough handprint ornaments are a Pinterest staple: they're simple, inexpensive, and one of the best baby Christmas craft ideas around!

28. Hospital Scrapbook First Christmas Ornament

If you're anything like me, you have a difficult time getting rid of things. I wouldn't call myself a hoarder, but I do have a soft spot for "sentimental" items. Making a hospital keepsake ornament is an excellent way to repurpose some of those delivery mementos.

29. Personalized Photo First Christmas Ornament

This adorable first Christmas ornament features an easy-to-use space for a photo of your own little elf for those who are like me. Who wouldn't want an ornament personalized in this way?

It has a traditional Christmas appearance, making it an excellent choice for the holiday season. Katy, the founder of Undefining Motherhood, has the round version for Jack and adores it.

Another great feature of this ornament is its low cost, making it an excellent choice for a baby shower gift.

30. Rustic My First Christmas Photo Ornament

This precious ornament is ideal for parents who want to adopt the popular modern farmhouse vibe. Put your own baby photo inside for an adorable, easily customizable photo frame that also looks lovely on your tree.

People love that it's in a wooden frame, which makes it much more difficult to break than many ornaments.

31. Snowman Christmas Ornament

People like ornaments that incorporate the year because you know they're one-of-a-kind—you won't see these in every house you visit for the next five years. And this one is especially enjoyable because of its retro, childlike feel. Definitely a keepsake for the ages.

This adorable, colorful option is lovingly handcrafted and adorably childlike. Once they're a little older, I can see kids enjoying hanging this one themselves.

32. Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ornament with Birth Stats

People love how this ornament keeps all of the birth details we tend to forget in one easy-to-remember place. You'll have everything you need to remember that special first Christmas with your little love, with a photo on the front and customizable birth stats on the back.

Imagine how much fun it would be to have your child hang their own ornament on the tree when they're older, and talk to them about what it's like to weigh 6 pounds or be only 20 inches long. This ornament will contribute to many memorable occasions.

33. Traditional Wooden Customizable First Christmas Ornament

People adore this first Christmas ornament's traditional feel, as well as the fact that it is still customizable while maintaining a sweet, charming appearance. The red wooden frame reminds me of my own childhood Christmases, and it will look lovely on any tree.

34. Baby's First Christmas Nickel Plated Heart Shaped Ornament

With this lovely yet simple heart-shaped memento, you can commemorate your child's first holiday season. This nickel plated ornament is engraved with "Baby's First Christmas" and hangs from a white velvet ribbon.

35. Harry Potter™ Wizard in Training Baby Mobile Ornament

If you know your child will be a Potterhead like you, this wizard-in-training ornament is the ideal first Christmas gift! This gold-colored mobile, which features Harry Potter charms such as the Sorting Hat and the Golden Snitch, is both festive and magical.

36. Baby's First Christmas Bell Ornament in Pink and Blue

These ivory porcelain bell-shaped ornaments feature tiny teddy bears on top. Available in both pink and blue, these are the perfect gift for new parents or your own child during their first holiday season.

37. Whimsical Old St. Nick Baby's First Christmas Glass Ornament

This stunning handcrafted glass Old St. Nick ornament is an eye-catching keepsake to commemorate your baby's first Christmas. It's one-of-a-kind and playful, with a hand-painted Santa pushing a pram.

38. Personalizable Baby Block Ornament

This personalized baby block shaped ornament is a sweet way to commemorate your child's first holiday season! This customizable memento will truly be one of a kind, with options to include your baby's name, a date, and their height or weight.

39. Baby's First Christmas Rudolph Ornament

This silverplated Rudolph ornament has a bright red nose and the inscription "baby's first Christmas," making it an elegant, traditional, and personalized ornament for your child's first holiday season.

40. Born to Stand Out Baby's 1st Christmas Zebra Ornament

This whimsical Zebra ornament has a yarn mane and a hanging ribbon with the year dated. It's lighthearted, playful, and adorable.

41. Baby’s First Sterling Silver Moon And Star Ornament

Nothing is more valuable than a sterling silver keepsake! This lovely moon and star symbol ornament hangs from a white velvet ribbon and is engraved with "Baby's First Christmas."

42. Baby's First Christmas Booties Porcelain Ornament

These white porcelain baby booties have gold accents and a chic satin ribbon hanger that reads "Baby's First Christmas."

43. Personalizable Baby Name & Date Acrylic Ornament

This is an excellent choice for a simple and personalizable keepsake. This acrylic ornament hangs from a velvet string in your choice of color and features a custom baby name and date that you provide the retailer.

44. Mom & Baby Sheep’s First Christmas Felted Wool Ornament

This hand-felted wool ornament resembles an adorable parent and child relationship. It is not only one-of-a-kind, but it was also made in a fair trade facility.

45. Baby's First White Polar Bear Picture Frame Ornament

With this hanging porcelain picture frame ornament, you can capture a photo of your child's first holiday season! This ornament, which features a cute mother and baby polar bear pair resting on top of the frame, is a festive and sweet memento.

46. Snow Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This sweet ornament features a glittery snow child next to a cable-knit textured number one. It's a sweet keepsake to remember your little bundle of joy's first Christmas season!

47. Winnie The Pooh Baby's First Christmas Ornament

This Winnie the Pooh ornament made of porcelain and 24k gold is both elegant and lovely. This ornament, with a cursive "baby's first Christmas" scripted on it, is a sweet way to celebrate and remember your child's first holiday.

48. Winnie The Pooh Baby's First Christmas Ornament

This year is engraved on this silver and gold plated baby elephant ornament. It's an elegant gift for new parents or your own child, hanging from a beautiful red ribbon.

49. Sugar Cookie Rattle Baby's First Christmas Photo Frame Ornament

This sugar cookie ornament is shaped like a baby rattle and has a sugar cookie design. With its red and green highlights, this first Christmas memento is nothing if not festive.

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