Best Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

July 15, 2022 10 min read

This Christmas is the most joyous of all because you have a new baby to celebrate with. That means it's time to start new traditions that celebrate your bond. There are numerous ways to make this special year memorable, from taking family photos for holiday cards to purchasing baby their first Christmas stocking.

Are you ready to check the latter off your long holiday to-do list? We're here to assist you. This year's cutest options for baby's first Christmas stocking can be found right here. We've gathered a slew of lovely and personalized options, including some you can keep for their toddler years and beyond.

1. Sweet Bella Stationery Deer Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

This adorable find is perfect for filling a baby's first Christmas stocking, and it features a cute design of a reindeer. This pick exudes a fashionable and earthy air thanks to the burlap fabric. Make it a memorable holiday keepsake by having it printed with their name on it.

2. Wondershop Knit Striped Monogram Christmas Stocking

You don't want anything with the phrase "baby's first Christmas" printed on it, do you? You have several options to pick from that are monogrammed and versatile if you shop at Target. This striped baby Christmas stocking has a lot of reviews giving it five stars, and it can easily be converted into a stocking for a toddler.

3. Lillian Vernon Nutcracker Heirloom Needlepoint Personalized Christmas Stocking

Lillian Vernon is yet another well-liked brand of Christmas stockings for infants, toddlers, and older children. You can pick from a wide variety of lovely needlepoint designs to create a stocking that you will treasure for years and years to come, which is exactly how long it will last.

4. L.L.Bean Christmas Needlepoint Stocking

Additionally, we adore the personalized Christmas stockings sold by L.L.Bean, which are available at a more reasonable price. The patterns feature happy colors, and the fabric is extremely long-lasting despite its lightweight appearance.

5. Arcadia Home Ice Skate Christmas Stocking

This one-of-a-kind baby Christmas stocking, which was designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted in India, shoots for the gold and always comes out on top. Your mantlepiece will look even more chic with the hand-felted ice skate that you added to it. This item may be a bit pricey, but it was crafted in a factory that is friendly to the environment and provides artisan felt-makers, sheepherders, and seamstresses with fair and secure employment opportunities.

6. Gift Boutique Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Parents adore this personalized baby Christmas stocking, which features a slot in which a photo of their child can be inserted. The stocking can also be embroidered with the child's name. The Christmas stocking can be purchased in either a light baby blue or a light pink color, and it also includes a matching toy that doubles as an ornament.

7. Disney Mickey Mouse My 1st Christmas Holiday Stocking for Baby

This adorable Disney Christmas stocking is sure to be a hit, regardless of whether you're buying it for a little girl or a little boy. The baby's first Christmas stocking will look adorable with the merry print and bright Mickey Mouse graphic you choose for it. An added bonus is that you can make it more personalized by having the name of your child embroidered on the cuff.

8. MON AMI Merry Kitty Christmas Stocking

This whimsical pink kitty stocking is one of our favorites! It is the ideal baby girl Christmas stocking for children who are obsessed with animals because it is decorated with a fake holly sprig and a Christmas hat.

9. Bed Bath & Beyond Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Christmas Stocking

When it comes to dressing up a baby's Christmas stocking, there's nothing quite like a touch of velvet. This one comes with the words "baby's first Christmas," along with their full name and the year embroidered on the front of it. What a wonderful memento to keep forever!

10. Baby Boo’s Designs Pink and White Baby Christmas Stocking

Have a touch of the posh? Invest in a Christmas stocking trimmed with faux fur for your newborn daughter's first holiday. Bonus: You get to choose which way the toe points, so it will face the same way as the rest of your stockings if you hang it on your mantel like the others.

11. Shutterfly Keyline Monogram Christmas Stocking

This is the perfect solution if you've been searching for a novel approach to adorning the mantel with your most cherished photograph of your infant child. Because, as any parent will tell you, there is no such thing as having too many pictures of their children, the personalized stocking comes printed with a pretty monogram with a single initial and a picture that you choose to have printed on it.

12. Amy Lucy Designs Baby First Christmas Stocking

This beautiful Christmas stocking, which can be personalized for either a baby boy or baby girl, will be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations. Because of its understated beauty and classic style, this is an excellent option for the first stocking a child receives.

13. Shutterfly Chinle Personalized Christmas Stocking

Santa won't have any trouble determining who this stocking is for because the name is clearly written on it. It has the baby's name spelled out in large letters and is surrounded by a cool geometric pattern.

14. L.L.Bean Classic Velvet Christmas Stocking

Are you looking for a straightforward solution? This adorable baby Christmas stocking features a traditional plaid pattern, and the velvet fabric is undeniably appropriate for the holiday season. Simply including the baby's name on the stocking will transform it into a cherished heirloom for the family.

15. Bed Bath & Beyond Snowman Knit 20-Inch Christmas Stocking

Are you looking for a baby Christmas stocking that has a more traditional feel? Try out this adorable knit stocking that is also fully customizable. In addition to merry red pom poms, it has a snowman design that looks like something out of a dream.

16. The Cotton & Canvas Company Baby’s First Christmas Cotton Canvas Stocking

This plain Christmas stocking for babies has a folded cuff that is embroidered with the words "baby's first Christmas" along with a snowflake and an evergreen tree for decoration. The fact that the remainder of the stocking can be used as a blank canvas is the best part. You could decorate it yourself if you're in the mood for some handiwork. If you're not going to change it, the way it is looks great.

17. Northlight 24" Green and Black Sequined Iridescent Mermaid Christmas Stocking

Do you want to make sure that everyone remembers the baby's very first Christmas stocking? Browse through the assortment of one-of-a-kind choices that Northlight has made available at Target. There are a variety of designs available, including mermaids, unicorns, and snowmen. Your child is going to absolutely adore their stocking once they reach the toddler years.

18. Heart’s Sign Baby’s First Christmas Stocking 2021

This adorable baby Christmas stocking comes in both pink and blue, making it a fantastic choice for both young ladies and young gentlemen. It is embroidered with the year as well as the words "baby's first Christmas," and it is embellished with a festive teddy bear.

19. Wondershop Baby Knit Christmas Stocking with Poms and Felted Ball Tassel Ivory

Wondershop creates a wide variety of adorable and fun designs that are perfect for Christmas stockings for infants, toddlers, and older children. This option comes in a generous size and is decked out in multicolored pom poms for a contemporary take on holiday decoration.

20. Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Photo Stocking in Green

Do you want to go with a forest theme? Maintain this tradition through the filling of the baby's first Christmas stocking. This choice comes with a cuff made of green velvet and prominently displays a photograph of your child in the center. Have we mentioned that the name of the baby can be embroidered onto this stocking to make it even more special?

21. Personalization Mall Baby Moose Personalized First Christmas Burgundy Stocking

Personalization Mall is an excellent destination for shopping for individualized Christmas stockings. This one with the adorable cartoon reindeer and the baby's name is one that we particularly like.

22. Uncommon Goods Color-in Christmas Wish Stocking

This Christmas baby stocking is a great activity for siblings to participate in coloring together. Before giving it to a baby, older children can use the washable markers that are included to jot down their holiday wish list and color in the holiday scene included in the book. Do you want to use it once more the following year? To remove the stains, you need only throw it in the washing machine.

23. Garnet Hill Woolen Stocking

This Christmas stocking for infants is absolutely adorable in every way. This choice comes in eight different patterns that are reminiscent of times gone by and is hand-knitted using traditional chunky yarn. To finish off the look of a home-made item, consider adding the baby's name to the cuff.

24. Crate & Barrel Penguin Portrait Christmas Stocking

Purchase a stocking with a penguin print for the first Christmas your child celebrates. This whimsical design features a lovable mascot surrounded by a flurry of snowflakes as the centerpiece of the decoration. You have the option of adding your little chick's name to it for an additional fee of ten dollars.

25. Pottery Barn Kids Merry & Bright Christmas Stocking Collection

Pottery Barn Kids is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to adorning your home for the holidays. Have a look at this cute selection of baby Christmas stockings that feature characters from the timeless children's film The Grinch. Simply taking in the adorableness of these Christmas stockings made our hearts swell to their maximum capacity.

26. Sock Monkey Personalized Christmas Ornament

One to demonstrate This adorable personalized monkey Christmas bauble makes for a special reminder of the big day, and it is one that they can hang on their own tree when they are older. Instead of giving it to your baby on the morning of their first Christmas, consider giving it to them as a keepsake to hang on their tree when they are older. You can personalize it by writing your name and the date on the belly, and then it's ready to go!

27. John Lewis Baby Hedgehog Rattle Socks

The rattle sound that the hedgehog makes will keep your tot entertained for a considerable amount of time, making this pair of hedgehog rattle socks by John Lewis an excellent choice for your baby's first wardrobe.

They also have non-slip soles in case your infant decides to attempt to take their first steps over the course of the holiday season.

28. Gingham Christmas Stocking

This stocking, with its customizable color scheme and adorable gingham pattern, is the ideal gift for a baby's first Christmas!

29. Floral Baby Girl Christmas Stocking

Who made up the rule that stockings have to be red and green? This floral pink and gold stocking is sure to be a conversation starter when hung on your fireplace mantel.

30. Bird Holiday Felt Stocking

This stocking, which features a variety of embellishments including embroidery, ribbon, and appliqué, is sure to make your child's first Christmas a memorable one.

31. Nordic Noel Personalized Stocking

A stocking that is suitable for an adult and can be used by the child for many years to come. It is even possible to sweetly personalize it by adding the baby's name on top of it!

32. Baby's First Christmas Quilted Stocking

This classic red stocking with an embroidered name that can be personalized is the perfect way to commemorate a baby's first Christmas.

33. Baby Moose Personalized Stocking

This adorable moose stocking, which comes in a variety of colors to choose from, is certain to put a smile on baby's face on her very first Christmas.

34. Quilted Baby Bear Stocking

When it comes to indulging in a sweet memento like this, there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty. You will treasure it for the rest of your life, even if they are only able to use it for one year.

35. Red-and-White Christmas Stocking

If you are having trouble locating the ideal stocking for your baby that is gender neutral, we recommend that you buy this one. This plush stocking, which features a seasonal color palette of red and white, will look right at home hanging on your mantel.

36. Quilted Christmas Stocking

This adorable stocking is sure to win over the heart of your little one. What is the cause? They will be reminded of their most cherished blanket thanks to the warm, quilted texture of this fabric.

37. Reindeer Christmas Stocking

Put your baby's name on his or her first Christmas stocking to give it a special touch of personalization. In addition to that, that bow and those reindeer are so adorable!

38. Snoopy Christmas Stocking and Hat Set

Use this kit to make your newborn look adorable! It comes with a cute hat that can be used for the perfect photo opportunity, as well as a stocking that can be hung on your mantel.

39. Sequined Owl Christmas Stocking

When it comes to presents for infants, items that are gentler to the touch are preferable. This stocking made of fleece will undoubtedly be adequate to meet the requirements.

40. Teddy Christmas Stocking

What could be more thoughtful than a single gift? Two! This adorable little teddy bear is included in the stocking as a gift for the new little bundle of joy.

41. Baby's First Christmas Stocking With Christmas Hat

If you give your baby this adorable hat to wear, they'll be ready for the holiday season in no time. Just think of it as the ideal pretext for capturing some adorable family moments during the holiday season. Additionally, there is a set available for little girls to use. Because it comes in a pack of 12, you will easily have enough to give one to each individual in the nursery.

42. Mini Baby Christmas Stocking

This adorable baby stocking is perfect for your child's first holiday season, as it is both festive and appropriate for the occasion.

43. Baby Bear First Christmas Stocking

Your little cub will look adorable wearing this stocking made of burlap and printed with a bear. Additionally, you are able to purchase an identical one for Daddy Bear and Mommy Bear as well.

44. Personalized 1st Christmas Stocking

This baby stocking features a bright and colorful ornament print, and it is so adorable that you will wish it was yours.

45. Baby's First Christmas Burlap Stocking

This beauty is made from burlap and has a design of an adorable reindeer. Despite its simplicity, it is so sweet.

46. Baby's First Natural Fair Isle Stocking

It is said that elephants never forget things, and this stocking, which features the cutest character, will help you remember your baby's first Christmas.

47. Koala Baby Christmas Stocking

You have the option of selecting the snowman design shown here, or you could go with the penguin or Santa version instead.

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