Best Black Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 11 min read

A traditional Christmas tree is usually decorated with angels, spherical baubles, and other festive icons, but if you're looking to add some black style culture to your corner of the living room, now's a great time to start stocking up.We've got plenty of options listed below that you can have a look at, to create the funkiest Christmas tree on your block.

1. Standing Black Lab Ornament

Dogs love their human companions unconditionally and are loyal to them no matter what. Dogs have a long history of being devoted companions and hard workers; in some instances, they have even given their lives to save or protect their human masters. It's easy to see why dogs are commonly referred to as man's best friend.

2. Black Doodle Dog Ornament

The prevalence of doodle dogs, which are part standard poodle, can't be overstated. The smart, trainable, and allergy-friendly characteristics of the cute and lovable creatures have contributed to their widespread popularity. Dogs love their human companions unconditionally and are loyal to them no matter what. They are dependable companions, and as a result, they have earned the title of man's best friend.

3. Black Bear Ornament

Bears are frequently featured on the heraldry of European countries because they are considered to be symbols of strength and bravery. Bears are a symbol of resurrection and the triumph of life over death because of their hibernation behavior. Bears can also be symbolic of a short fuse, but more often than not, they are mild-mannered, good-natured animals that are frequently quite playful.

4. Black Labrador Ornament

Dogs love their human companions unconditionally and are loyal to them no matter what. Dogs have a long history of being devoted companions and hard workers; in some instances, they have even given their lives to save or protect their human masters. It's no surprise that dogs are commonly regarded as man's best friend. This year, adorn your Christmas tree with a variety of dog ornaments, including this cute black lab and others.

5. Gone Skiing Ornament

Although skiing was initially developed as a mode of transportation across snowy terrain, it has since evolved into one of the most well-liked wintertime recreational activities. This ornament is ideal for skiers and snowboarders, whether you are prepared to take on Rudolph's Leap, a slope with a double black diamond rating, or you are looking for a green slope, Dasher's Road, on which to take it easy and enjoy the ride.

6. Playful Penguin Ornament

Penguins have the appearance of small comedic actors decked out in tuxedos due to their distinctive black and white coloring as well as their awkward waddle. Because they enjoy playing in the snow and ice, people believe that even though they live in the Antarctic, Santa Claus counts them among his closest friends. Get this adorable Playful Penguin Ornament for your Christmas tree right away!

7. Tarantula Ornamental

People believe that having a spider in their Christmas tree will bring them luck. Even though you probably wouldn't want to find a real spider, this tarantula ornament will bring just as much good fortune as the real thing would. Tarantulas are well-known for producing silk with a shimmering appearance. In a similar fashion, the glitter of this ornament will shimmer under the tree lights without causing any fright, and the color scheme of orange and black makes it an ideal decoration for Halloween.

8. Holiday Black Labrador Puppy Ornament

May you have a happy and healthy woofmas! The love, affection, and antics of a puppy during the holiday season makes for an even more enjoyable experience. Labrador retrievers, which belong to one of the most popular dog breeds, are treasured members of the families of millions of people all over the world.

9. Tuxedo Kitty Ornament

Cats make excellent pets because they are affectionate, intelligent, and independent all at the same time. This can be construed to mean that cats have aristocratic demeanors. An old English saying goes, "In the eyes of a cat, all things belong to the cat," and this sentiment is reflected in the proverb. The elegance and sophistication that cats exude in their tuxedos are captured perfectly in this glass ornament in the shape of a cat.

10. Vintage Skunk Ornament

The Vintage Woodland Collection was designed to pay homage to some of our most treasured animal companions in the woods. Each piece in this collection is hand-blown from glass and decorated to imitate the mercury finish found on traditional Victorian ornaments. These pieces bring the changing of the seasons and the spirit of the natural world into your home with the rustic charm and simple beauty that they exude.

11. Hockey Puck Ornament

Hockey, one of the most popular sports played in teams, was first played in Canada in the middle of the 1800s. Because it is played on ice, it calls for quickness, strength, stamina, excellent skating ability, and a fearless attitude. Any hockey player or fan would enjoy receiving this adorable ornament in the shape of a puck made of glass.

12. Egyptian Cat Ornament

Domestic cats were considered sacred animals in ancient Egypt because the cat goddesses revered them for the protective abilities that cats were known to possess. This ornament is made of hand-painted glass and decorated with jewel-like tones to regift the splendor and majesty of a cat goddess.

13. Witch's Hat Ornament

The witch is widely considered to be one of the most iconic figures connected with Halloween. It is simple to identify her thanks to the black hat with a pointed top, the dark cape she wears, the broomstick, and the black cat. Today, she is a classic favorite both at Halloween costume parties and among young people who go door-to-door collecting candy for the holiday.

14. Halloween Kitty Ornament

Legend has it that black cats have a connection to witchcraft and possess the ability to see into the future as well as communicate with departed loved ones. The appearance of a black cat in your vicinity is a portent of ill fortune. If it moves in your direction, it indicates that you will have success. As a result of all of this, black cats have developed a strong connection to Halloween in modern times.

15. Kiwi Ornament

The kiwifruit, also known as the Chinese gooseberry, is the fruit that can be consumed from the plant that has a woody vine. Kiwis have an exceptionally high vitamin C content—even higher than an orange. The vibrantly green flesh of the fruit has tiny black seeds all over it, which gives it a dramatic and exotically inspired appearance.

16. Loon Ornament

Loons are excellent swimmers who are able to remain submerged for extended periods of time. Their striking black and white markings make them particularly well suited to the secluded lakes of North America. They are solitary, avoid human contact, and have a call that is eerie. Many people view loons as a symbol of the wilderness and being alone.

17. Raven Ornament

Ravens, which are among the most intelligent birds, are able to imitate a wide variety of different sounds. As a result of this, people believe that they are wise and that they have the ability to prophesy. As a result of their role in the biblical story of Elijah being fed by ravens, ravens have come to regift the provision that comes from God.

18. Newfoundland Ornament

This gentle-mannered working dog is a descendant of the Tibetan Mastiff. It has a reputation for being a natural guardian, protector, and companion. The "Newfie" is capable of transporting wood, bringing supplies to soldiers during World War II, delivering milk to the neighborhood, and saving people who are drowning in the water. Can you identify the dog from "Peter Pan" that acted as a guardian for the Darling children?

19. Skunk Ornament

Skunks are generally docile and fearless animals, and they will always give some sort of warning before spraying their pungent, instantly recognizable scent. Because of this defense, most other animals have a great deal of respect for skunks. Skunks are symbolic of bravery and having confidence in one's own abilities.

20. Clarinet Ornament

In the late 1600s, an earlier woodwind instrument with a single reed gave way to the development of the clarinet. It underwent a number of changes and advancements over the course of its history, and Mozart was the first composer to use a clarinet in a symphony. The clarinet is equally at home in orchestras as it is in swing or jazz bands due to the lovely and distinctive sound that it produces.

21. 70mm 2.75" Red and Black Swirl Ball Ornament

Increase the holiday displays' level of awe and wonder. This ornament is designed in the form of a ball and features a shiny surface for the purpose of increasing its appeal. This ornament, which measures 70 millimeters in length and comes in the colors red, black, and white, can be used for a wide variety of purposes in the realm of home decoration.

22. 80MM White & Black Checker Onion Ornament

These 80mm ornaments with their glitter checkered pattern are quite eye-catching. These ornaments in the shape of onions come in a pack of four and have an enamel coating.

23. 16 Pack Black, White and Silver Assorted Ball Ornaments

The stunning Christmas ball ornament set that comes in a set of 16 pieces is just what you need to deck the halls this holiday season. The ornaments are 2.5 inches in diameter and come in black, white, and silver "and are resistant to breaking.

24.60 Pack Black, White and Silver Ball and Onion Assorted Ornaments

The holiday spirit will be brought out in your home by the addition of this 60-piece assortment of different ball and onion ornaments. These Christmas decorations come in shades of black, white, and silver.

24. 80mm Matte Black Ball Ornament with Wire, UV Coated

Put some flair and personality into your Christmas decorations this year. This dark 80 millimeter, 3 "The ornament has a matte finish, is pre-wired, and is UV coated; additionally, it is protected against fading. Installing it and adding it as accents to any kind of decor becomes uncomplicated and easy as a result. The fact that the ornament cannot be broken makes it particularly useful in high-traffic areas.

26. Contemporary Home Living Set of 2 Gold and Black Art Decor Drape Glass Ball with Finial Christmas Ornaments

The Glass Art Decor Drape Ball/Finial Ornament Set will be an outstanding addition to the Christmas decorations that you have chosen to display. It is pre-assembled, colored in shades of black and gold, and is ready to hang, so that it can make an excellent addition to your Christmas tree. This year, everyone is going to be amazed at the sophisticated embellishment that you chose to use.

27.  Plush Black Bear Ornament

This sweet ornament depicts a black bear with brown markings on its face, and it is shaped like an ornament. The teddy bear has a plush design that is fake. Ideal for a Christmas tree with a natural or animal theme.


  • Measures 4.5 inches
  • Made of plastic and polyester
  • Beautifully detailed
  • Hangs from a gold string

28. Old World Christmas 26078 Glass Blown Witch


  • Hand crafted in an age-old tradition using techniques that originated in the 1800s
  • Molten glass is mouth-blown into carved molds
  • All hand painted and glittered
  • Comes in an Old World Christmas box, that is perfect for storage or gift giving
  • Heart bauble depicts the OWC Trademark logo

This hand-blown and hand-painted Old World ornament is a wonderful piece of decor that you can use to celebrate the love you have for these entertaining characters. This Witch's Hat displays the OWC Trademark logo in the form of a heart-shaped bauble that is attached to the loop of the hat. This authenticates the item as an Old World original. It also comes packaged in a Christmas Box, which is ideal for storing items or giving them as gifts.

29. H for Happy™ 3.22-Inch Hairstylist 2022 Christmas Ornament in Silver/Black

Why do we love this… Makes for the ideal gift for your stylist or barber. A pair of scissors and an old-fashioned tooth comb are depicted in this hand-enameled design.

30. Northlight Set of 3 Black and White Plaid Clip-On Canary Christmas Ornaments 9.75"

This year, the addition of some festive flair to your home should definitely include some of these lovable birds. Attach to your trees, wreaths, or sit on any tabletop in your home by using the clips provided. Ideal for people of any age who have a passion for birds.


  • Rustic canary Christms ornaments
  • Black and white plaid pattern
  • Gray and white feathers with black glitter accents
  • Ready to hang with a silver alligator clip
  • Recommended for indoor use only
  • Dimensions 2"H x 1.75"W x 9.75"D
  • Material: plastic

31. Blue and Black Cheetah Print Velvet Tree Christmas Ornament

This gorgeous ornament takes a classic form and adds a zany, multicolored spin on it. Cheetah print in a plush blue velvet material, shaped like a Christmas tree. This ornament is easy to carry around and cannot be broken, so it can be used year after year. Ideal for hanging from a tree or substituting for a bow on a gift.

Product Features: 

  • Blue velvety fabric ornament
  • Cheetah print design
  • Wood tree topper accent
  • Double-sided ornament
  • Lightly glittered
  • Comes ready-to-hang on a gray cord
  • Dimensions 4"H x 3.25"W x 4"D
  • Material: fabric

32. Old World Christmas Hanging Glass Tree Ornament, Go Army Hoodie, Black

The Army is composed of the most devoted and revered soldiers in the armed forces, all of whom are always ready to defend the country in an emergency situation. This Army Hoodie ornament, which regifts those who have fought and sacrificed for all of us, is the perfect way to show your gratitude to a service member or veteran. In order to provide you with an ornament of superior quality, this piece of glass was mouth-blown and then hand-painted after it was finished. A thoughtful and useful gift for military families and veterans.

Key Product Features:

  • Hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s
  • Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds
  • Ornaments are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations
  • Traditionally designed, hand-crafted ornaments
  • Ornament Dimensions in Inches 4. 5 x 3 x 1. 5

33. Cheungs Home Indoor Decorative Intricate Metal Wire Ball, Black Finish - Large

A fantastic piece of decor will do wonders for enhancing the look of both your home and your space. Tables in entryways, dining tables, shelves, and other surfaces that are in need of a finishing touch or a dash of flair have all benefited from the addition of fashionable accent pieces. This piece features a complex design that is woven together using metal wire. This piece, with its modern black finish and one-of-a-kind appearance, is sure to be the focal point of any room in which it is displayed.

  • An entirely handmade and hand crafted design. Fully assembled and ready for use, simply unbox and display!
  • This piece incorporates an all metal construction. Brings a contemporary touch with its abstract lattice design and solid color
  • Primary Color Black. Product Dimensions Diameter 8"Product Weight 0.7lbs
  • Assembly Required No. Primary Material Metal
  • Country of Origin China.

34. Melrose Set of 2 Black and White Standing Snowmen Christmas Tabletop Figurines 18.5"

As you get ready to decorate for Christmas, these snowmen will lend a charming touch to the atmosphere. They will draw attention to any area of your home that you pass through as you see them. They are a wonderful way to wish one another a Merry Christmas.

Product Features:

  • Black and white standing snowmen Christmas figurines
  • Glitter-covered base for easy setup
  • Red trim going all the way around the snowman
  • Cute saying written on his stomach
  • Green scarf painted around his neck with a happy smile
  • Tin hands are displayed on a corkscrew wire behind it with mittens on
  • Dimensions
  • Large 18.5" high
  • Medium 16" high
  • Material(s) MDF/paper

35. Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Reindeer Disc Christmas Ornament

This rustic ornament features a disk in the shape of a reindeer, giving it a look that is both country and holiday-themed. Embroidered with a plaid pattern in red and black, the silhouette of a reindeer head is decorated with berries and pine needles, and a bow sits on top. This would be a lovely ornament for your Christmas tree, or you could use it as a gift tag for one of your gifts.


  • Plaid reindeer Christmas ornament
  • Reindeer silhouette with plaid background
  • Frosted artificial pine with berry accents
  • One-sided, flat back ornament
  • Comes ready-to-hang on a red ribbon
  • For indoor use only
  • Dimensions 4.25"H x 4" W x 1.5"D
  • Materials fabric/plastic

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