Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

July 13, 2022 10 min read

Is your cat listed on Santa's nice or naughty list? Since you were going to indulge her anyhow, let's be honest. To help your cat enjoy this holiday season, check out our list of the best Christmas gifts for cats. 

Our animals are family, and a huge part of what Christmas is all about is spending the holidays with family. We enjoy celebrating holidays with our pets and spoiling them even more. Not that you need an excuse, but we came up with some fun gift suggestions and some very compelling arguments why your cat probably needs them. Both pre-made and homemade Christmas gifts for cats are available. You're sure to discover something in this post to make your cat's holidays a little bit cheerier, no matter what kind you prefer for your cat!

However, it turns out that hanging a cat stockpile on the hearth serves a more useful purpose. Of course, it's fun to have cats join in on our holiday celebrations, but giving your cat toys and treats can also be good for their health and make the season a little less stressful for them.

The following three arguments support including your cat in your Christmas holiday shopping this year:

Help Manage Cat Stress: It can be difficult to wake up on Christmas morning, especially if you're hosting any holiday guests. Your home's additional activities may seriously interfere with your cat's typical routines. By providing your cat with toys, scratchers, or even chews to help keep their mind off of all the Christmas activity, you can prevent anxiety, tension, and destructive behaviors.

Holiday Safety for Cats: Your home will be filled with ornaments, ribbons, and treats like chocolate and candy canes on Christmas day. Cats that like to play may be drawn to some of these typical holiday dangers. By providing your cat with the proper toys, chews, and treats, you can reduce their desire to climb your Christmas tree or consume the opened gift wrap.

Keep Your Cat Mentally Stimulated: Wintertime is usually a slower time of year. Less sunlight and shorter days give your pets less enthusiasm and energy. Your cat may gain weight as a result of its inactivity. Even during the most decadent time of the year, giving your cat some engaging cat toys or puzzles helps keep them fit and active.

Play also helps young kittens' coordination and physical development. Even if their play changes as they get older, it's still highly significant.

1. Catit Senses 2.0

Catit Senses 2.0 toys are excellent gifts for cats who enjoy using all of their senses to investigate new things. They provide a range of stimulating things for all cats. The toys can be used alone or combined together to create a full sensory stimulation track.

Our top recommendation for lone fun is the wave circuit, which would be excellent for keeping a playful cat happy and active throughout the Christmas commotion.

2. Petstages Rainy Day Puzzle & Play Cat Game by Nina Ottosson

The Petstages are ideal for savvy cats. They can slide the pieces around to find the hidden treats by using their nose, paws, and minds with Nina Ottosson's Rainy Day Puzzle & Play Cat Game.

Cats who are unfamiliar with puzzles might not understand it right away, but any age of cat can enjoy this toy with the correct motivation (food). Make sure your camera is ready since it's just as much fun for us as it is for them. If you want to keep your pet entertained without hurting their hunger, this toy can store a range of treat sizes or just plain kibble.

3. Lawbreakers

The PawBreakers MegaBonus is likely to be a huge hit with cats who need to go to catnip anonymously. These tiny catnip balls are entertaining to bat around, chew, and lick, but ClawBreakers are the real monster. A four-pound ball of compressed catnip weighs it.

Surprise large cats with a 5-pin bowling ball-sized catnip goldmine. Cats that are huge, tough, and like to play rough will enjoy this boulder the size of the temple of doom.

4. Flipo

For tiny cats who require a less difficult toy, the Flipo Bat-A-Ball is a great puzzle toy. Your cat must use their paws or nose to push the balls out of the way, and each slot can hold treats or kibble.

Although they may not be aware of it, cats have a strong urge to hunt for food. They can learn and explore using some of their most fundamental feline abilities with the help of the Bat-A-Ball.

5. Petsafe Interactive Toys

Petsafe Interactive toys like the FroliCat Cheese Teaser are perfect for your cat if it wants some alone time to play. By moving, spinning, and ducking, these battery-operated toys help your cat practice its hunting techniques.

Because your cat is a natural predator, give them interesting, quick-moving toys to practice their hunting techniques. Each toy has a timed automatic shut-off feature to encourage your pet to rest after an active play session.

6. Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed

The Sunny Seat Window Bed is what you need if your cat is less of a player and more interested in relaxing from all the vacation activities. With four powerful suction cups, this window seat can support up to 50 lbs.

The cozy fleece platform of this daybed will let your cat enjoy some sunshine while keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

7. Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

Cats enjoy curling up in a warm place. They'll seek the home's coziest nook and curl up for a nap there. The Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave is the ideal holiday gift for your furry little friend. Your cat will choose to take naps in the plush bed.

With an extremely soft suede shell and a faux fur interior lining, this cocoon-style bed makes the ideal hiding place for your cat to unwind. The 100% recycled polyfill stuffing in this cat cave won't clump or move, so it will remain comfortable even after heavy use.

8. Be One Breed Intellicat Feeder

Playing with food will encourage your cat to eat more healthfully. With more than 50 different combinations, the Be One Breed Intellicast Interactive Feeder will keep your cat on their toes. Fill with treats or food, and your cat will labor over them for hours. You can start with simpler combinations and gradually progress to the more difficult ones thanks to many inserts. It works wonders for slowing down speed eaters.

9. Tiki Cat Stix

Everyone merits a special treat for Christmas. Tiki Cat Mousse Stix is an addictive cat treat. There are two flavors of these finely pureed treat sticks: chicken and tuna.

To add flavor and nutrients to their usual meals, they can be added, fed directly from the tube, or served in a dish. They are tasty and nourishing for cats of all ages because of their soft texture.

10. The Honest Kitchen Goat's Milk adorable kitten products

Even if the myth that cats drink milk is untrue, milk should nevertheless occasionally be consumed. Many cats seem to have a dairy appetite, but goat's milk still satisfies it and is packed with digestive aids like probiotics. The Honest Kitchen’s Goat’s Milk is a powdered milk product that can be rehydrated and fed supplementally, with meals, or for digestive support. Because cats adore the flavor, it makes a great Christmas treat and cat gift.

11. Crochet Mouse Toy

This homemade stuffed mouse is excellent for any talented crocheter and cats will like it! You can get a step-by-step crochet template for this project here, and it can be finished in a matter of hours. The finished item is big enough to be completed in a single afternoon, and you can even add some catnip to the mouse's stuffing. Your cat will adore this homemade pet gift for Christmas!

12. Catnip Mouse Toy

If you don't like to crochet, this toy is really similar and very simple. You can make a stuffed mouse in less than an hour using a free sewing pattern. These catnip-filled mice are sure to be a cat favorite!

13. DIY Cat Toy Wand

Does your cat enjoy wand toys but lose interest in them too soon? For cats who love to play, making your wand toys is the ideal option! You can make a wand out of recycled materials in under 30 minutes and embellish it with ribbons, little toys, balls, and more!

It's the ideal cat toy for folks who enjoy playing with and trying out novel items for cats because your cat will adore the various textures and sensory sensations. A wooden dowel, some feathers, and some twine are all you need to get started. Include any objects that will stimulate your cat to chase the wand, such as a cat toy, ribbons, bells, or other materials.

14. DIY Brushing Station/Pet Spa

Do you think experiences are preferable to products? Or perhaps you just want to give your adorable kitty a little spa treatment? Or perhaps you require gifts for senior cats?

Unused toilet brushes can be mounted to plywood to make a handmade brushing station, which will provide your cat with entertainment all day long. Even a small amount of carpet can be added to provide a nice, soft space for your cat to unwind. With this homemade kitty gift, they'll feel like the king or queen they are.

15. Cardboard Cat Scratcher

By winding up any extra cardboard, you can make fantastic DIY gifts for cats. After winding it on a spool to the ideal length for your cat, you'll wrap it in hemp twine or ribbon. Alternately, try creating a cardboard scratch box similar to the one in this useful video:

This enables you to upcycle things from around your house to make a cat gift that your furry buddy will enjoy. eco-friendly and a do-it-yourself pet gift for Christmas? Win-win!

A cat tree is one of the more difficult DIY alternatives, but with these IKEA cat hacks, you can put together some quite simple solutions.

16. Cat Crack Catnip

Put a jar of Cat Crack in your BFF's stocking this holiday season and give her the finest of the best for her catnip addiction. This product, according to over 14,100 pet owners, is the best available and will make your cat act out like no one is looking. Sprinkle it on the floor, put it in a cotton pouch, or use her favorite scratch pad to observe the magic unfold.

17. Wondershop Holiday Knit Balls

With catnip added, these vibrating knit balls will make your BFF squeal with delight on Christmas morning. These toys are simple to grab, throw, and carry around the house due to their low weight and soft surface.

18. Chiwava 17-Pack Stocking Gift Set

This Chiwava pre-packaged stocking is stuffed to the gills with cat toys with a festive theme, including crinkle balls, bells, rattlers, and feathers. One pet owner remarked, "Every year my kitties look forward to a stocking like this one coming from Sandy Claws." "This stocking included all the toys the kitten kids could ask for, so I'm planning to get another for the upcoming Christmas!"

19. Frisco Holiday Springs Cat Toy

If you've ever purchased spring toys for your cat, you already know how much fun cats have with them. Cats can't get enough of the bounciness for some reason. These springs with a red and green Christmas theme are perfect gift stuffers, so add some to your collection!

20. Lamphyface 2 Pack Christmas Cat Collars

These plaid bow tie collars from Lamphyface come in two different plaid hues, each embellished with sparkling snowflakes and jingle bells—there is nothing more Christmas-y than red-and-green plaid. The collars contain quick-release buckles that, if they encounter even the slightest resistance, will disengage, protecting your cat.

21. Wondershop Holiday Tree Cat Toy Box 

Wondershop’s assortment of Christmas-themed toys come in an adorable Christmas tree box. Numerous plush toys, a feather wand, a few plastic balls, and two woven rope toys are included in the toy collection.

22. Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Cat Treats

Did you know that the goodies your cat enjoys most come in seasonal flavors? The cat treats from Temptations Holiday Meal taste just like a traditional Christmas dinner at Grandma's with turkey and sweet potatoes. They are popular among hundreds of cats for a reason—they are crispy on the exterior and chewy on the inside.

23. Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Bed

Make sure your cat gets the ideal bed so that it can stay warm as a bug with the impending winter cold. This self-warming bed from Aspen Pet is lined with fake sherpa and has an inside layer that reflects your cat's body heat, keeping her warm and toasty. It is available in four different sizes. This pet bed is amazing, one Chewy customer exclaimed. Because the edges of the little are higher, it's also incredibly attractive. It would seem to provide a greater sense of security.

24. Wondershop Classic Christmas Camper Scratch House

When your cat is lounging inside this charming Christmas camper scratch house from Wondershop, she'll think she's on vacation. One pet parent posted on the Target website, "We fell in love with the camper two years ago but didn't like last year's version." So how wonderful is this return to the original, complete with such a vivid, lively design?

25. Frisco Holiday Mistletoe Wave Scratcher

With the Frisco holiday mistletoe wave scratcher, you can let your cat scratch all day on Christmas and into the new year. She will be glued to the object all day long if you tuck some of her favorite catnip inside the cardboard crevices. Additionally, the subdued mistletoe print looks festive for the season while still blending in with your style when the holidays are over.

26. The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Kit

This organic cat grass from The Cat Ladies is fun to plant, and after it develops, your cat will enjoy eating it. This organic blend is risk-free and delicious, and cat grass is excellent for assisting your cat's digestion. One five-star Amazon reviewer said, "This little starter kit is extremely cool!" It includes sufficient seeds, coco fiber for the soil, and a cute porcelain cat mug for the planter. Even for a beginner like myself, I was able to understand the directions with little trouble.

27. Wondershop Holiday Cat Sweater

Thanks to its comfortable acrylic knit, this straightforward turtleneck sweater will keep your cat warm and cozy all winter long. It's a pull-on sweater with two holes for the front legs and a hole for a leash attachment in the back.

28. Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

The Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center resembles a 24-hour cat spa. It features a catnip container that's meant to be chewed, a variety of brushes and textures that cats will love to groom themselves on, and a comfortable pad for your cat to lounge on. Additionally, the box the Wellness Center is delivered in has a play function.

29. Frisco 72-Inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

This Frisco cat tree is the best cat tree ever; it has four stories, two condominiums, and a ton of scratching posts. Choose one from the six colors available, and on Christmas morning, watch your cat fall madly in love with it.

30. Large Modern Cat Tree

When your cat is playing on this leafy cat tree, she will feel as though she is scavenging through the jungle. It has three tiers for your cat to lounge on and comes in both spring and fall colors. One Chewy customer said, "This cat tree was the best money I could spend!" She is residing in this tree. Oh, and the leaves are alright if I vacuum the fur off of them; the vacuum doesn't take them off.

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