Best Christmas Gifts for Cooks

July 28, 2022 3 min read

Everyone enjoys receiving homemade food gifts, and cooking enthusiasts appreciate them even more. For everyone on your list, we have great food gift suggestions. There are culinary gift suggestions for cooks and foodie friends, ranging from rich chocolate truffles and Christmas cookies to hot sauce and flavored syrups. These handcrafted edible gifts will also be the nicest (and tastiest) gifts under the tree thanks to our adorable wrapping options.

1. Roasted Red Pepper Soup in a Jar

On a chilly day, what could be cozier than a steaming bowl of soup? Heat-and-eat soup is one of the most hearty homemade culinary gift ideas. This recipe for red pepper soup is excellent for gift-giving because it is low in calories, fat, and gluten yet high in flavor. For ease of use, include a spoon with the package.

2. Cheddar Wafers

Keep the crackers in their packaging on the shelf. These quick cheddar crackers may be prepared in under an hour and can be prepared up to a week ahead of time. These crackers are among the most well-liked food gifts available, making them ideal as a kid's snack or a sophisticated compliment to a cheese board.

3. Toasted Seasoning Salt

Did you know that adding smoke to salt by toasting it in a skillet? Make a large quantity of these flavorful seasoning mixtures. For seasoning steaks or hamburgers, meat eaters can use it, while vegetarians can combine this homemade food gift with popcorn, nuts, or roasted chickpeas.

4. Spiced Bourbon Cherries

Do you enjoy old-fashioned drinks? Then you'll adore these cherries made with bourbon! For a fun gift set, combine this prepared food gift with a set of drink glasses. These bourbon, vanilla, and pepper-infused spiced cherries are a necessity for home mixologists.

5. Candied Ginger-and-Orange Icebox Cookies

Our sweet-spicy candied ginger is a delicious culinary gift. This simple homemade Christmas gift, also known as crystallized ginger, adds flavor to cookies, cakes, chocolate barks, and other dishes. Additionally, we advise stirring it into tea.

6. DIY Dip Seasoning Mixes

This unusual food gift actually comes with three items! Make a set of jars or bottles so your loved ones can seasoned sour cream or plain Greek yogurt in three delicious ways: Pesto, Bloody Mary, and Mediterranean (oregano, cumin, and lemon) (pine nuts, basil, garlic).

7. Individual Brownie Trifles

These lovely pastries in the shape of snowmen will be impossible to resist. Purchased brownies and whipped cream are used in this straightforward trifle recipe. Just stack them up and cover them with the lid. Cut the toe end off of one baby sock, then wrap the cut end in a length of twine to decorate the jars. Attach little pom-poms with glue to the twine ends. Put a sock hat on top of the jar lid, then accessorize with ribbon and pom-poms.

8. Pancake Kit 

A delicious pancake kit can make an unexpectedly considerate and original Christmas gift. Purchased or homemade pancake mix, a container of milk, pure maple syrup, and fresh fruit should all be packaged together. (See the link above for our buttermilk mixture.) Create identification badges out of cardstock and twine; a discarded guest check can be turned into a sweet cooking instruction page.

9. Christmas Macaroon Mix

Our coconut macaroons are spiced with candied cherries and orange peel, and their packaging is embellished with lovely details. The full jar should have a disk lid on top of it. Next, add a circle of scrapbooking paper and cover it with the rim lid. To finish this cookie food gift, twist a white pipe cleaner onto each end of a red pipe cleaner.

10. Pecan Pie Bars

You can easily give our delicious pecan pie bars as gifts by reusing a plastic cookie tray from a cookie package! 3.25 x 2-inch small paper loaf liners from Wilton cost $1 and should be used to line the tray's bottom. Add bar cookies to the liners, and don't forget to add a pretty label to identify the pie-inspired flavor.

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