Best Christmas Gifts for Coworkers Under $10 or Less

June 21, 2022 9 min read

Are you seeking inventive, one-of-a-kind, and low-cost Christmas gifts for coworkers? In this article, Famvibe will show you how to make excellent Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10.

Giving coworkers presents is a nice way to spice up the working routine and have some fun with your coworkers. But if you work in a bigger office or have multiple coworkers to purchase presents for, you'll need some great ideas that are also inexpensive.

If you just need a tiny present for Secret Santa with your coworkers, these choices are ideal! If you have a large team, buying presents for everyone might quickly add up. You may still offer a thoughtful modest gift without breaking the bank. These are the favorite Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10.

1. Journals

These journals are excellent workplace gifts! They are available in a variety of designs, both feminine and masculine. It's ideal for taking notes at work.

2. Personalized Mugs

These personalized mugs are ideal as Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10! There are several patterns to pick from - ideal for both men and ladies.

3. Planners

A planner is an excellent Christmas workplace gift that is both stylish and affordable! Available in a variety of colors and styles!

4. Calendars

Cute calendars are just $1. Every year, there is a great new option!

5. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an Christmas inexpensive office gift. Purchase a bigger set like this, split it up, then wrap each bath bomb in tissue paper and ribbon. Make a tag that reads "Have a pleasant Christmas."

6. Coffee Gift Cards

You can get $5 or $10 coffee gift cards, which would be much appreciated! Get a coffee cup to put the gift card in for an instant gift

7. Candy Box

The theater candy boxes are excellent modest presents! And it's just $1! Make lovely small christmas gifts for coworkers under $10 by tying a ribbon and a gift tag to the candy box.

8. Ornaments

Ornaments are excellent workplace gifts. If you want something more unique, these personalized Christmas ornaments are a terrific option!

9. Office Supply Basket

Fill up plastic containers with notepads, pencils, snacks, and other office essentials. You could also create vinyls to put on the bin with their name if you have a Cricut machine.

10. Movie Night Kit

Grab some popcorn buckets and fill with popcorn packs and snacks for a simple movie night kit. This would be a great coworker gift idea!

You could even include a movie rental code for a thoughtful touch.

11. Christmas candles

A candle would make an excellent Christmas workplace gift.

12. Fuzzy Socks

Women like wearing fluffy socks. It's true. They also make an excellent inexpensive gift! You may purchase a large set like this and divide it into individual gifts.

13. Lotion

Lotion is always a great coworker gift! 

14. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

This is an excellent value for money gift bundle and a great Christmas gift for coworkers.

15. Hand Sanitizer

This essential oil hand sanitizer has received rave reviews and is available in three flavors.

16. Because Work Wine Glass

If you work in a stressful environment, this is the ideal co-worker Christmas gift under $10 or less.

17. Personalized Notepad

Notepads are a great gift for employees, and these customized alternatives are unique.

18. Personalized Mouse Pad

We received them as work presents, and everyone enjoyed them! So adorable and reasonably priced. You don't have to spend a bunch to make someone happy. These low-cost gifts are ideal for little gifts for coworkers for Christmas or any other occasion.

19. Plan of Attack Sticky Notes

With this practical product that has a huge attitude to match its gigantic format, procrastinators can't claim they didn't know what was on the schedule. (You know they'll laugh at the "not a chance" part of the to-do list.)

20. Enamel Coffee Pin Badge

Is one of your employees a coffee enthusiast with a penchant for wearing pins? Then give them this enameled coffee cup pin, and they'll be able to show everyone how much they like coffee... even if they're a bit grouchy before their first cup.

21. Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder

This "motivational gift" seems to be about togetherness, but there is an undertone of sarcasm depending on who provides and receives the gift. This desk item is excellent for the coworker who almost moans when group initiatives are announced.

22. Canvas Tote

Do you ever find yourself lugging something unexpected home from work? Instead of juggling everything, your coworker may utilize this stylish tote.

23. PopSocket

The PopSocket collapsible grip adheres to the rear of a gadget, making it more comfortable to handle. It also functions as a stand for those lengthy workplace video calls.

24. Desktop Boxing

Allow that chronically anxious coworker to vent some of his or her rage on this mini-punching bag. A suction cup-equipped bag, two finger gloves, and a little book with basic finger boxing routines and boxing facts are included in the bundle.

25. Blue Peacock Gold Mesh Ball Tea Infuser

This bejeweled infuser is a steal for people who like an afternoon tea break (and take it seriously enough to use loose tea).

26. Sleep Balm

Badger Sleep Balm is a mix of essential oils like bergamot, balsam, and lavender that will help whisk her off to dreamland naturally. It's excellent for a coworker who could use some rest. It's created in New Hampshire, is organic, and is cruelty-free.

27. Personalized Luggage Tag

It would be a pity if anything went wrong with their expensive new baggage. A customized leather luggage tag will set their suitcase apart from the crowd at the airport.

28. WTF Notepad

This notebook is ideal for the coworker who would rather leave a sour remark than debate. The WTF notebook has a plethora of prickly possibilities such as "WTF were you thinking?" and "WTF is wrong with you?" and the notes may be used in any circumstance they find irritating.

29. 'This Is Fine! Everything Is Perfectly Fine!' Vinyl Sticker

Here's something for the perpetual (or sarcastic) optimist at your workplace. Or for the individual who can't get enough stickers. Or even memes.

30. Clown Nose

These emergency clown noses are a fast and simple method to bring on the giggles when a laugh is really required. The squishy foam noses are suitable for any event and come in a 12-pack, allowing other employees to join in on the fun.

31. Cat Hair Clip

For the resident cat lady in your midst, this affordable Christmas gift for coworkers under $10 receives positive feedback from purchasers, with the majority stating that it is robust, adorable, and has a good grip.

32. Monkey Vegetable Peeler

If your coworker enjoys a little humor in the kitchen, this quirky monkey assistant will most likely bring a grin – and spark a fight over who gets to peel the potatoes for a holiday feast.

33. The ChapStick Keychain

Despite its widespread name, the ChapStick keychain is not manufactured by the well-known lip balm brand. It's decorated with vivid floral-psychedelic motifs and is intended to keep one tube of lip balm securely in the basic tube form that ChapStick made widespread.

34. Chocolate Golf Balls

These solid chocolate golf balls are for the coworker who feels that the real business is done on the golf course. They come in milk, white, or dark chocolate and may be purchased singly or in packs of up to 20.

35. Zipper Scrunchies

These scrunchies contain a pocket that closes with a zipper, making them one of a kind since you can put things like keys, headphones, or money in there.

36. Manicure Set

A preparation kit for at-home manicures that includes everything necessary to get salon-quality results at any time. This manicure preparation set comes complete with a cuticle trimmer, cuticle pushers, nail clippers, and a variety of additional nail care implements. Add some polish if you want your manicure to turn out well.

37. Honey Pot

Beehive-shaped, white-ceramic honey pot is accented with yellow-and-black honeybees on the base and the lid. Wooden dipper’s ceramic handle looks like honey bee wings and peeks out through a notch in the lid.

38. Cord Tacos

Put an end to the tangled mess and confusion caused by your cords, and make way for an order that is straightforward and user-friendly. Using leather that is 100 percent genuine and full-grain will not only keep your wires, cables, earphones, and chargers neatly arranged, but it will also give them a sophisticated appearance. These are wonderful little gifts to put in people's Christmas stockings!

39. Crystal Growing Kit

This scientific kit for growing crystals educates children about the wonder and intricacy of crystalline structures. You only need to follow the instructions to carry out seven distinct crystal growth experiments, and then you can see each crystal develop within its own display dome. This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone who is interested in promoting science or geology.

40. Phone Case With Wallet

Are you getting exhausted from lugging along that cumbersome purse? Do you consistently forget to bring the necessary cards? You only need a fashionable phone case that has space for the things you need to carry with you. This iPhone cover, which comes in seven different patterns, conceals a card and cash slot in the rear and has a magnetic latch to ensure that your belongings remain safe.

41. Travel Beauty Bag 

This huge, bucket-style, waterproof beauty bag is the ideal method to travel with all of those tall necessities that don't fit into your cosmetics bag. Some examples of these tall necessities are hair products, serums, sprays, and other similar items. A little jewelry bag with a zipper and a miniature brush organizer are also included in the package. When you've finished packing, cinch it up around you like a sleeping bag!

42. Painting Kit

This deluxe rock painting kit has 10 smooth river rocks, 6 colorful paints, 6 metallic paints, 2 glitter glues, 39 transfer stickers, googly eyes, sticky gems, 2 paint brushes, a sponge, and instructions. It also includes googly eyes, sticky gems, and googly eyes. The directions are included. The ideal STEAM activity for children aged 6 to 12 years old!

43. Campfire Poker

Never undervalue the thoughtfulness of a Christmas gift idea that centers on a game. Particularly for the individual who is enthusiastic about camping. Give them a head start on their next journey by presenting them with a campfire Texas Hold'em set. This set comes complete with 52 water-resistant playing cards, 120 bottle cap poker chips, and fold-out instructions and strategy guides.

44. Beer Savers

There is no better way to wish a beer enthusiast a Merry Christmas than to tell them, "Here's a new method to keep your beer fresh!" Beer Savers are the world's first flexible beer bottle caps made of durable silicone, and they were created to help keep beer fresh after the bottle has been opened. They would like it even more if you also give them a bomber of his preferred beer as a Christmas gift for coworkers under $10 from Santa.

45. Minimalist Wallet

The developers who worked on this wallet set out to build a simple design that is ideal for business cards and that blocks RFID signals from credit cards. Even though it has such a thin profile, it can store up to 20 cards thanks to its sophisticated and space-saving design that makes it possible to store it in either the front or the back pocket.

46. Tin of Cookies

Who wouldn't want a tin filled with delicious cookies? Our ever-popular Nibblers bite-sized cookies are created just as they have always been from Mrs. Fields' original recipes and are presented in our characteristic tin. These cookies are the perfect gift for any occasion. Each tin of Mrs. Fields cookies has a delectable variety of Mrs. Fields' most popular flavors.

47. Inspirational Bracelet

We all have moments when we need a little nudge to be reminded that we are capable of doing everything we set our minds to. On the inside of this bracelet is inscribed a motivational phrase that will help her stay inspired and keep moving forward with her goals. A wonderful Christmas gift for any of the women on your shopping list.

48. Mermaid Blanket

There are a lot of small girls out there that have the fantasy of growing up to be mermaids, and this "tail blanket" for mermaids may help make that dream come true. It's hand-crocheted from wool that's good for the environment and kind on skin, and it manages to be both sophisticated and comforting at the same time.

49. Mermaid Hair Bows

Six elegant hair bows in shades of mermaid and unicorn – what more could a girl ask for? Give them all to one child or break them up and split between several.

50. Cute Triangle Studs

Make a classy statement with these unique rose gold, triangle, stud earrings. Nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and set with multiple cubic zirconias in a 14K rose gold-plated sterling silver. A stylish surprise for any awesome lady in your life. Make up a few little gift bags and give all your loved ones a pair.

If you're participating in an office gift exchange this year, you may be struggling to find thoughtful gifts that are also affordable and appropriate for the workplace for your coworkers. The idea is to focus on necessary and practical items, even if they have a humorous spin. From tote bags and coffee to office supplies and tech gadgets, you can't go wrong with these presents. Even the office music enthusiast, astrologer, and plant collector have options.

Every Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10 on this list there are a number of entertaining options available. Whether you're participating in a Secret Santa or white elephant exchange, or simply looking for a small present for your closest coworker, these items are sure to satisfy.

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