Best Christmas Gifts for Coworkers Under $30 or Less

June 22, 2022 11 min read

The holiday season puts a strain on your wallet, especially if you have a large number of coworkers on your Christmas list. Fortunately, there are many creative and inexpensive Christmas Gifts available (crisis averted!). Take a look at this hand-picked list of Christmas gifts for coworkers under $30 to get a head start on your holiday shopping. You're sure to find a fun yet thoughtful gift for the people who matter the most to you: your significant coworkers, best friend, children, and parents, to name a few.

These Christmas gift ideas have been hand-picked by shopping experts, so you can rest assured that you're giving something that lives up to the hype. Everything from food-filled Christmas gifts to top-rated beauty products and beyond is available. If you're looking for a Christmas gift for coworkers under $30 whose top New Year's Resolution is to reduce their carbon footprint, this list is full of eco-friendly options. Need to find something for your gadget-obsessed partner? Your best bet is a multi-device charging station and tangle-free earphone tool.

Plus, if you're working with a tighter budget this year, check out the picks that are under $20—some are as low as $10 or $5. More proof that you don't have to break the bank to get thoughtful Christmas gifts for coworkers under $30 — it's a win-win, right?

1. Wireless 3-in-1 Charger

This charging station is ideal for your gadget-obsessed relatives. It's sleek and slim, but it packs a powerful punch: they can charge their iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once (just be sure that their devices are compatible first).

2. Pizza Socks

A hot slice of pizza, while delicious, will not last past Christmas. Fortunately, this box of six beautifully decorated sock slices will.

3. Premium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

These warm, wearable blankets are ideal for curling up with a hot cup of cocoa. There are also a variety of colors to choose from.

4. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Part nightlight, part speaker: This bedside device flashes six bright colors, plays music on command and provides a soft glow at night.

5. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Scratch off the movies you've seen to reveal a popular scene, catchphrase, or symbol from the film.

6. "Sucker For The Environment" Tote

With this sustainably sourced tote, running errands is more stylish — and eco-friendly.

7. The Self-Exploration Journal

Encourage them to think outside the box with this journal, which prompts them with a new question every day of the year.

8. Cold Beer Coats

These adorable puffer coats will keep their beer cold. Plus, wrapping up their favorite brew will keep their hands warm.

9. Portable Campfire

This portable campfire allows coworkers to burn for more than three hours at the campsite without wasting time searching for twigs and logs. That means he'll have more time and energy to prepare a hearty feast... of s'mores and roasted marshmallows.

10. Cozy House Summer Slippers

They can keep coworkers’ feet warm without overheating them. Plus, they come in a bunch of colors. 

11. Earphones

A new pair of headphones really is the perfect Christmas gift for coworkers under $30. There are options to fit any budget and the endless variety will allow you to find something to compliment anyone's style. The best part: it shows that you truly care.

12. Name Earrings

A dainty accessory like this one can be worn every day and is something she will cherish for the rest of her life. Choose from sterling silver, gold, or rose gold.

13. Handheld Milk Frother

Let's face it, their daily coffee shop cappuccino will eventually drain their bank account. These handy milk from Frother will quickly provide them with barista-level lattes and cappuccinos.

14. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp not only has a cool design, but it's also extremely versatile in terms of how it can be used: for sleep, work, downtime, you name it.

15. 'The Office' Mug

Personalize these coffee mugs with personalized photos of your coworkers, inspired by the one Kelly gave Andy in The Office.

16. Resin Flower Pot

The coworker's living room is a succulent and cacti haven, so it's about time she added plant baby to the mix. Fill this adorable pot with a low-maintenance plant to add to the collection of your coworkers.

17. A Year of Mindfulness: A 52-Week Guided Journal

Make 2022 their most mindful year yet with this 52-week guided journal. Each weekly spread prompts them to answer key questions about their thoughts, feelings, and behavior to help them bring added peace and purpose to their life.

18. Cityscape Ring

This one-of-a-kind, personalized rings can be made to represent any city. The ideal Christmas gift for someone who enjoys traveling or simply wants to represent their hometown on their hands.

19. Portable Cereal Cup

Do you know anyone who enjoys cereal? This convenient cup allows them to eat breakfast on the go.

20. Wine Soaps

These soaps smell great, look great, and provide the same relaxing benefits as a glass of wine.

21. The Child Device Holder

When he's not trying to beat the next level, give his coworkers a cool place to display his video game controller.

22. Nylon Rucksack

This nylon and leather coworkers backpack is the ideal size for storing all of your coworkers' daily necessities. While this two-toned beauty won't fit your coworker's laptop, its six pockets will keep your coworker's books, beauty products, and accessories organized.

23. Organic Blending Eggs

With a new set of blending sponges, you can help your friends stay on top of their beauty routine. This carton contains six, which should last coworkers all year.

24. Microwavable Bacon Grill

Microwave ovens are an integral element of the modern kitchen. It offers great benefits to its users. Considering all the comfort, it can be a very thoughtful Christmas Gift to present to coworkers this Christmas.

25. Moon Cycle Art Print

If they prefer a simpler look, they'll appreciate the simplicity of this boho-inspired art print. After purchasing, all you have to do is print it.

26. Custom Tea Blending Kit

This kit includes two base teas – Earl Gray and mint tea, to name a few favorites – as well as an assortment of florals and dried fruit to personalize your cup.

27. Chocolate Cookies Christmas Gift Basket

These non-dairy gourmet cookies come in 12 decadent flavors for all you chocolate lovers out there.

28. State Scented Candle

Each of these soy wax candles is scented to evoke a specific state, making them an ideal Christmas Gift for someone who has recently relocated or is extremely proud of their home.

29. Happy Illustration Notepad

Whatever their week holds, this dependable planner pad will assist them in keeping track of all of their appointments, meetings, and tasks. Furthermore, the abstract pattern serves as a functional yet adorable desk accessory.

30. The Masquerade Mini Eyeshadow Palette

These vibrant colors, inspired by festival costumes, create the ideal bold look for a night out.

31. Knit Throw Blanket

Throws are a fun item for Christmas Gift because they're decorative, functional, and often need to be replaced. These throws come in multiple colors and cost just a little over $20.

32. Gold Necklace

This necklace will mean a lot to coworkers if she is obsessed with reading their horoscopes every day. There are three options: gold-filled, rose gold-filled, and sterling silver.

33. Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

Perfect for the minimalist who thinks carrying cash is so 2005, this pocket-friendly wallet has five slots to hold cards, IDs, and any rogue dollar bills.  

34. Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

If he takes care of himself, he can use this mini device as an essential oil diffuser or a humidifier.

35. Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencils

Your coworkers who enjoy coloring will appreciate the fact that this set includes 50 different colors. Isn't this ideal for their adult coloring books?

36. Christmas Gift Card

With the entire world available online, Gift Cards give the receiver the freedom to choose whatever they want from a retail store or online. 

37. Expert Cocktail Shaker Home Bar Set

This cocktail shaker set includes a 14-piece stainless steel kit with shaking tins, a flat bottle opener, a double bar jigger, shot glasses, a strainer, and six pour spouts for the hostess.

38. Pearl Headbands

With this six-pack of velvet and faux pearl headbands, they can stay on top of the latest accessory trend. Because they are soft, comfortable, and totally Insta-worthy, Amazon reviewers gave this variety pack a perfect five-star rating.

39. Smart Plug

This device is simple enough for even non-technologists to use. After plugging this smart plug into an outlet, they can use Alexa to schedule and control lights, fans, appliances, and other devices.

40. Masks And Cleansing Pads Set

With this assortment of rest and relaxation masks, you can bring the spa to your coworkers.

41. Something To Carry Their Laptop

Yes, your colleague can personalize their laptop with stickers, but a cute laptop sleeve is a less-committed, less–Gen-Z option (especially if their device technically belongs to the company). Some of our favorite sleeves from testing come from Famvibe, a platform where artists can have their work printed on a variety of different items, which means there are literally thousands of different prints to choose from, including line-drawn faces (pictured above). Whatever design you choose, it will be printed on a stiff, canvas-style polyester sleeve that protects against dust, scratches, and bumps and closes with a strong YKK zipper.

42. Hot Coffee All Day

If you work with someone who takes forever to finish their morning cup of coffee, a mug warmer will allow them to sip all day without their java becoming cold.

43. Monthly Ramen Subscription

A monthly ramen box will be a dream gift for the gourmet coworker—or the one who most misses venturing out for a midday meal.

44. Warm Hands

A dependable hand warmer is a thoughtful choice for the dedicated winter runner, the football fan who braves all-weather, or the colleague who simply believes the thermostat is perpetually too low.

45. Classic Footwear

Socks are always a safe bet as Christmas gifts for coworkers under $30. People can never have too many because laundry goblins steal them all the time; plus, there's nothing worse than cold feet in the winter. If you have a favorite sock company, stick with it.

46. Frame Worthy Puzzle

When life seems to be falling apart, the quiet activity of putting together a puzzle is strangely cathartic. And when everything is going well, it can be nice to have a quiet, off-screen activity.

47. Bunch Of Chocolate

Chocolate is classic for a reason. If you want to give your favorite coworker something a little less stuffy than a box of chocolates, we think several gourmet bars will be just as exciting.

48. Adorable Bento Box

For many months prior to the pandemic, my preferred method of packing a to-go lunch was in a bento box, which is both microwaves- and dishwasher-safe—for easy reheating and even easier cleanup. Many people around the world (including most of us at Wirecutter) may still work from home, but this bento is a joy to eat, whether at the office, in the park, or at the kitchen table. While you wouldn't put soup in it, it can withstand leaks from juicy strawberries or thicker dips like hummus, and its high sides allow your recipient to pack adult-sized portions of their favorite snacks.

49. Daily Dose Of Vocab

Keeping track of the days during the pandemic's second year can feel... Sisyphean. A daily calendar can help bring you back into the gift moment, and a daily dose of vocab is the ideal gift for a coworker who enjoys language, lexicography, or simply learning anything.

50. The Softest Blanket

There's always that one person at work who complains about how hot the air conditioning is (it's me, I'm that person!). Spoiler alert: That mysterious human is probably cold at home as well. Give them a warm blanket to cuddle under while they work for The Man.

51. WFH Snack

Pistachios could be the ideal work-from-home snack: They're high in protein and taste great. And the process of cracking open each shell relieves the stress of back-to-back Zooms and a never-empty inbox better than a fidget spinner. (However, for working in the presence of other humans at the office, we recommend something a little... quieter.)

52. Sweet, Customized Treat

If you know your coworker has a sweet tooth but don't know what candy they like, send them a customizable candy gift box from Famvibe. Your recipient can choose their favorite items online. Simply choose the box size you want them to receive; you can also upload your own image or choose from Famvibe's gallery. The card and the redeemable code should then be sent via email or text message.

53. Bottle Of The Good Stuff

You can't go wrong with a great bottle of Famvibe for the colleague who enjoys a good apéritif or the budding office mixologist.

54. Happy Go Lucky Tchotchke

This little figurine is sure to add cheer to their soulless cubicle or makeshift work-from-home setup for the office mate who loves tchotchkes—you know the desk.

55. Hands Free Carrying

Fanny packs exist in the liminal space between random and useful, which means that the majority of the people you work with either don't have one or would like one. We like them because they free up our hands while biking or because they save us from having to carry a tote.

56. Patio Pounder

I miss happy hours with my co-workers, sipping summer sessions at the brewery across from our office, or bending over hot toddies in dark bars when we promised ourselves we’d hit the gym. To replicate that experience, give them really tasty, sugar-free, spiked tea.

57. For Alfresco Fêtes

Yes, it’s too cold to picnic in much of the world this season (though I’d argue that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes). But before you know it, the holidays will be over, the ground will thaw, and your gift recipient will be thrilled that they have the perfect picnic blanket for celebrating spring. 

58. Personalized Mug

Maybe your co-worker misses your smiling face in the neighboring cubicle now that they’re working from home. Or maybe they miss their dog now that they’re back at the office. For any manner of longing, consider an unexpected, tender, and somewhat silly gift idea: Upload a picture onto a mug so that your colleague can enjoy a fond memory while sipping their morning coffee. 

59. Great Recipe Subscription

Your foodie coworker is likely to have a few go-to cookbooks, so picking the one book that will best suit their tastes can be difficult.

60. Uncommon Tissue Box

Nothing beats listening to a coworker hack and sniffle in the cubicle next door—and if you're in that situation, you should definitely encourage them to go home. However, if they are wise (and considerate) enough to take a sick day, a very cute tissue box can make the forced downtime more enjoyable. The four-sized visage, made of sturdy plywood and just the right size for a standard box of tissues, transforms the sick-day staple into a cheerful object d'art.

61. Headphones To Muffle The Noise

The joy of noise-canceling headphones will be a worldwide phenomenon that we will not soon forget. Meanwhile, a colleague will undoubtedly appreciate a pair to muffle the sounds of their partner working (or eating), their children playing, or, if you're back in the office together, clacking on your nearby keyboard.

62. Hat For The Creative Coworker

Creatives enjoy identifying as such. As a result, this statement is equally appropriate for your favorite graphic designer and the teammate who uses the best flying text graphics in their PowerPoint presentations. It's made of breathable 100% cotton and comes in pink or blue to match your recipient's style. Perhaps most importantly, the strap is adjustable in case their head grows too large.

63. Better Instant Coffee

Coffee can make good times better and stressful times a little less so. Depending on the needs of your recipient (as in, do they have kids who demand their attention before they can even turn on a coffee maker?), you may want to get the instant coffee, which they can whip up with no thought. Don’t be repelled by the concept: Instant coffee has improved a lot since the days of stale-tasting Nescafé. 

64. Skin Saver

Winter is a doozy for everyone's skin, thanks to normal seasonal dryness and constant hand sanitizing.

65. Witchy Window Decals

Every office has that one woo-woo employee who either believes in horoscopes and tarot cards or enjoys the aesthetic associated with them. That coworker may be on a higher level, but we're sure they'll appreciate these celestial window decals, which show the phases of the moon and (hopefully) keep birds from flying into the glass.

66. Plant For The One With A Black Thumb

As a notorious plant killer, I am filled with dread whenever a well-meaning friend presents me with something I am supposed to keep alive. If you're shopping for someone who is similarly unable, give them a fake plant. We enjoy discovering unusual, thoughtful, and well-vetted gifts. See even more gift suggestions.

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