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Best Christmas Gifts for Cruise

July 24, 2022 7 min read

Finding gifts for all of your close friends and family members throughout the holiday season might be challenging. Finding a thoughtful gift might be difficult, but it can be easier if you are aware of some of their hobbies.

You're in luck if you know anyone who enjoys cruising among your friends or family. There are many gifts that are ideal for folks who enjoy taking cruises. Here are excellent Christmas gifts for cruise enthusiasts.

1. Paid Cruise!

A cruise is possibly the best gift if you want to give the cruise enthusiast in your life something really unique. You will be gifting them days (or weeks) worth of memories rather than just a physical object.

2. Cruise-Themed T-Shirt

If giving a vacation is out of your Christmas gift budget this year, a cruise-themed T-shirt can be a more suitable (and less expensive) alternative. The best part about cruise shirts is that they can be worn outside of cruises as well. If the recipient of your gift genuinely enjoys taking cruises, they probably will wear that shirt constantly.

3. Digital Video Camera

A digital video camera is a great tool for capturing memorable occasions, even cruises! Depending on the kinds of activities your cruise lover prefers doing while on cruises, there are a few good possibilities available.

If at all possible, don't forget to include a waterproof case. That will make it possible for them to take their video camera into the water or to the beach while still keeping it safe.

4. New Set of Luggage

Frequent travelers and cruisers use their luggage frequently, so it's likely that their gift set is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. A brand-new set of luggage is a fantastic way to give a useful gift. You can further personalize the gift by attempting to match its preferred color and design.

5. Snorkeling Equipment 

If the cruise enthusiast enjoys swimming, snorkeling equipment might be a handy addition to their luggage. Snorkeling equipment is the ideal way to explore everything there is to see in the crystal blue seas of the Caribbean, The Bahamas, or anywhere the cruise takes passengers since cruise passengers get the opportunity to swim in many new and unique glasses of water.

6. Travel Map

Regular cruise passengers frequently travel to many different locations, many of them while on a cruise! To help them remember all of the adventures they've had throughout the world, create a travel map that they can put on the wall and add pins to.

7. Waterproof Bag

Water is a fact of life on a cruise, whether it's on the pool deck or the white sand beaches. The basics, such as a phone, wallet, cash, and keys, can be kept dry and undamaged by using a waterproof bag.

8. Power Adapters

Your cruise lover is probably one of the numerous travelers who travel with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital video cameras. It can be challenging to charge all of your devices simultaneously from the cabin when you have so many of them. Because of this, a power adaptor is yet another ideal and useful gift.

9. Cruise-Themed Christmas Tree Ornament

Even though your cruise-goer will only see the ornament once a year, it's a wonderful way to remember their passion for cruising. There are many different types of ornaments available, and you can even create one with its name on it.

10. Fancy Bottle of Wine

On a Carnival cruise, guests over the age of 21 are permitted to bring one bottle of wine with them, so pick a nice bottle!

If you know a cruise enthusiast who will be on a cruise over the holidays, a good bottle of wine can be the ideal farewell gift. There is a strong possibility that a bottle of wine will be consumed during the holiday festivities on a Carnival cruise, which spans from November 24 through Christmas Day.

11. Digital Picture Frame

It can be challenging to recall truly exceptional and unforgettable shots in the plethora of pictures made with cellphones and digital cameras. A digital picture frame is an ideal addition for regular cruise passengers. On their special "cruise frame," they will be able to display one or more pictures from each of their cruises.

12. Onboard Credit

Onboard credit is usually a good choice if you're unsure of what to get that cruise enthusiast. They'll be able to take advantage of one of the several meals, libations, outings, or other activities offered on board, and you can thank them for that! Onboard credit is the ideal compromise if you want to improve their cruise experience but don't want to cover the cost of the full trip.

These are just a few of the numerous gift options available for cruise enthusiasts. The most crucial thing is to give them a thoughtful gift that you truly appreciate. Anything you give them will undoubtedly be appreciated if you can do that.

13. Lanyards

A cabin card, which opens the cabin door and allows access to and from the ship depending on which cruise line the passenger is sailing on, is given to them by the cruise staff when they arrive at the cruise port. The cabin card also serves as a bar tab for transactions made onboard.

Lanyards with built-in cardholders make carrying the card simple and ensure that they don't lose these vital goods.

14. Mini Fans

It can feel stuffy inside if the regular sailor on your Christmas list typically sails in an interior cabin or porthole stateroom (as opposed to a stateroom with a balcony). A little fan works wonders for increasing airflow and creating white noise as you sleep.

They could also benefit by wrapping a short extension cord around the micro fan as outlets are typically few and not necessarily close to the bed. This would allow them to prop the fan up on the nightstand.

15. Water Filtration Bottles

There is no need for travelers to pay extra for the bottled water add-on beverage package that cruise liners continue to promote.

Although it probably won't taste as fresh as bottled water, there is water in the cabin sink, at the buffets, and in the bar areas. Give your cruiser an automatic water-filtering water bottle, such as the simple-to-use GRAYL purifying bottle or the LifeStraw bottle, and they'll save money and have clean, delicious water.

16. Insulated Coffee Mugs

The cups provided onboard simply won't do if the cruise passenger on your holiday wish list appreciates drinking coffee in the morning while admiring the sunrise. An insulated mug can help because a simple stroll on the upper deck with the breeze cools that scalding coffee.

17. Travel-Sized Board Games

If a member of your family or a friend likes taking river or excursion cruises, there may not be much entertainment available on board. It can be entertaining to bring along some travel-sized board games, such as checkers and chess, trivia, or playing cards to pass the time between ports and meet other cruisers. Just bear in mind to pack these items lightly so they don't take up too much room in your luggage.

18. Fitness Trackers

With cruise ships getting bigger and bigger, going from one side to the other requires a lot more walking. A fitness tracker is a fun gift that enables your cruise traveler to keep track of their steps, calories burned, and distance traveled.

Be aware that most new models require the use of a smartphone, and that cell connection aboard cruise ships is pricey and scarce. Several reasonably priced fitness trackers don't need any connections, though, such as the OneTeak pedometer.

19. Water Shoes 

Many ports of call in the Caribbean include stops near pristine beaches, but the shoreline can be rocky (or muddy) so waterproof shoes are very helpful.

Additionally, they can be utilized on exciting beach excursions like caving in Mexico, kayaking in the Bahamas, or riding dune buggies in Jamaica. Make sure you purchase a pair with sturdy soles and quick-drying capabilities (for that slippery pool deck).

20. Dry-Erase Message Board

A dry-erase board is perfect for cruisers who commonly travel in groups because it can be used to coordinate arrangements. Onboard cruises, cell coverage, and WiFi can be sporadic and unreliable, so communicating with other passengers requires some ingenuity.

Friends and relatives can leave notes as they pass by and passengers can put the boards on the outside of their doors. Just make sure to buy a board with magnets or another type of adhesive that won't cling to the door permanently.

21. Travel Flask

Consider giving them some cruise flasks if the individual you are buying Christmas gifts for has a bit of a rebellious streak. The majority of cruise lines have severe alcohol policies that forbid passengers from bringing their alcohol onboard, forcing them to pay the onboard costs (if they plan on enjoying adult beverages).

However, some people still fill tiny, transparent plastic flasks with liquid and smuggle them inside of their luggage.

22. Dry Bags

The importance of a reliable dry bag cannot be overstated because shore excursions on Caribbean cruises (and elsewhere) revolve entirely around the water. They aid in preserving the safety and dryness of watches, cell phones (for all those wonderful shots), and other devices.

There are several types of dry bags, including backpacks, carry cases, and even wearable waist pouches. If the bag doesn't roll up three times and close with a clip, it's probably merely water resistant.

Many cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean (among others), allow you to order something special that can be sent to their cabins, such as flowers and champagne. You can also add onboard credits for shore excursions and specialty restaurants, gift cards for the spa, and other items if a friend or family member will be on a cruise during Christmas. Consequently, phone the cruise line and ask when they are departing.

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