Best Christmas Gifts for Expecting Dads

July 06, 2022 22 min read

Purchase a gift that will make the soon-to-be father feel special. Whether he is a first-time father or a seasoned parent, welcoming a new child is always a special occasion. Christmas gifts for expecting dads can be sentimental, practical, thoughtful, funny, unique, or meaningful. Our delightful Christmas gift list will help you discover many great Christmas gift ideas at a variety of prices to celebrate fatherhood with him.

1. Citi Collective Leather Diaper Bag

Because most baby-related products are marketed to mothers, an expecting father may feel a little left out. Showing him that there's plenty of cool baby gear available for dads is a great way to change that and get him even more excited to meet his unborn baby. This (faux) leather backpack from Citi Collective looks like the type of bag Indiana Jones would carry across continents, and it will make him feel like an international adventurer. But on the inside, it's specially designed to hold everything his new baby will need, with pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes, soothers, and more.

2. Baby Carrier

As a new father, he's probably aware that he'll need a stroller, and his mother may have already chosen one. But, if this is his first child, he may not have considered that there are many places where a stroller is inconvenient. The Baby Bjorn is the ideal solution because it is lightweight, portable, and allows mom or dad to carry their newborn baby almost anywhere. It's also available in a variety of colors and is designed to be simple to put on and take off.

3. Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Bundle

When he spends all day surrounded by the scent of baby powder, baby soap, and... other less appealing aromas, it can be difficult to feel like the masculine man he probably wants to be. Dr. Squatch's Pine Tar bundle, on the other hand, includes everything he needs to turn his shower into a brief but much-appreciated respite. We investigated their Pine Tar scented soap and discovered that its natural woodsy scent was fresh, outdoorsy, and masculine. Furthermore, because their products are all natural, they do not contain any toxic chemicals whose scent may harm the baby if they catch a whiff after he gets out of the shower.

4. Nutribullet

This is the ideal gift for new parents because it solves a problem that they probably did not anticipate. I expected that sleep would be difficult to come by after the baby was born, but I didn't anticipate how difficult it would be to eat a healthy meal. The Nutribullet was a lifesaver because it allowed my wife and me to make a bunch of healthy smoothies that we could keep in the fridge and not have to worry about having no time to make lunch or dinner.

5. Vanilla Protein Powder

Because he'll need something to put in his Nutribullet.

When meals are scarce and you rely on smoothies for nourishment, it's critical to ensure you're getting enough protein. Kaged whey protein isolate is ideal because it contains no artificial flavors or colors and contains only 25 grams of pure, lean protein per scoop. It comes in four different flavors, but I prefer vanilla because it blends so well with almost every fruit and vegetable.

6. Nespresso Machine

Coffee is always a good gift idea, whether it's his first father's day or he's expecting his fifth child. And, like the Nutribullet, a Nespresso machine allows parents to make a quick - and, if they're anything like me, much needed - cup of coffee. But, as important as coffee is during those first few months of sleep deprivation, what makes this a truly thoughtful gift is that making a Nespresso is as clean as it is quick. There's no coffee pot to clean later, so making a cup of coffee won't mean adding another chore to his list.

7. Dad Fuel Coffee Mug

Of course, he'll require a vessel to pour his coffee into.

A novelty coffee mug may not appear to be the most creative Christmas gift, but expectant fathers will appreciate anything that helps them embrace their new identity as a father.

8. Yeti Travel Mug

Another thing expecting fathers may not anticipate prior to their baby's arrival is how many additional errands they will need to run once their little bundle of joy arrives. He'll be on the go a lot, from regular diaper runs to doctor's appointments, play dates, and trips to see family and friends. Yeti's stainless steel travel mug is ideal because it keeps his coffee (almost insanely) hot on the go and easily fits into the side pocket of a diaper bag or the cup holder of his car.

9. Iron Flask Water Bottle

Staying caffeinated is important, but staying hydrated is critical. This Iron Flask water bottle not only looks cool, but it will keep his water ice cold as he goes about his fatherly duties. It comes in six different sizes and a variety of colors, so you can easily find one that matches his preferences and lifestyle.

10. Promoted to Dad T-Shirt

This Promoted to Dad shirt, another fun gift for a baby shower or first father's day, will help him get excited about the new identity he'll soon be adopting.

11. Man Crate

There is no shortage of subscription boxes for men these days, but Man Crate stands out due to the sheer number of options. They have a ton of different crates that make it easy to find one he'll love, whether he's a grill master, a golf nut, a whiskey lover, or pretty much anything in between.

12. Door-Mounted Pull Up Bar

Time for exercise and space for home gym equipment are two things that vanish almost immediately after having a baby.

A good pull up bar can help solve both problems because it is simple to install in almost any door frame and takes up no floor space. And once it's up, dad will be able to sneak in a few quick chin ups or pull ups in between diaper changes and other errands. That way, he can look after himself (and keep his dad bod at bay) while taking care of his family.

13. Western Rise Classic Dad Kit

This polo and pants set from athleisure brand Western Rise is ideal for expecting fathers because it is both functional and fashionable. Both pieces have a stylish, modern cut that will make him look sharp wherever he goes, while still allowing for plenty of stretch and movement...which he probably doesn't realize he needs yet, but will soon realize once the baby is born.

14. Stylish Dad Hoodie

It pains me to say this as a lifestyle blogger, but when you become a father, one of the first things to go is your fashion. As a result, some of the best new father gifts have nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with making him look and feel good. Because it's a stylish, elevated take on a casual staple, this hoodie is ideal for new dads. It's made of super-soft merino wool and is simple to care for (which is crucial for new parents). But, unlike most hoodies, it's slim fitting and streamlined, so even though he's not putting much effort into his style right now, he can still look put together.

15. Public Rec Crosstown Bomber

For new dads, a stylish, lightweight bomber like this one from Public Rec is ideal. It easily layers over a tee or polo, has plenty of pockets for both dad's everyday carry essentials and the miscellaneous items that seem to accompany a little baby, and rolls up and stuffs into a bag or stroller pouch when not in use.

16. Slim, Stretchy Pants

Clothing that is both functional and fashionable is the ideal gift for expecting fathers (Who will soon learn that it can be risky to wear their nicest, favorite pieces around a baby who could puke at any second.) These pants are the epitome of fashion and function. They have a slim fit that is sophisticated enough for a special occasion. They are, however, made of stretchy, water-resistant, and sweat-wicking materials that can withstand unexpected spills and spit up.

17. Front Pocket T-Shirt

One thing new dads don't expect is how frequently they'll need a quick, clean place to stash a soother. This Mott & Bow midweight tee is great because it can be worn anywhere and has a front pocket on the chest that is the perfect size for a binky.

18. Wolf and Shepherd Golf Shoes

My wife and I made a point of doing as many fun things as we could before my son was born, knowing that once he arrived, we'd have to buckle down and spend a lot more time at home. For me, that meant golfing, and these Wolf & Shepherd crossover golf shoes are the one golf gift I wish someone had given me. They're made of water-resistant Italian leather with rubber grip outsoles for a secure grip on the course. But my favorite part is the style: they're the perfect blend of modern and classic, so he won't have to sacrifice style for a low score.

19. Chelsea Boots

Convenience is king for new dads who have a lot to carry every time they leave the house. Chelsea boots are ideal because they are simple to slip on and off, so he won't have to waste time tying his laces when rushing out the door. And thanks to its comfortable sole and sophisticated toe shape, this Amberjack pair is easily one of our favorites. They instantly dress up the rest of his outfit while keeping his feet comfortable and supported.

20. Stubble Trimmer

When you don't have time to eat, you certainly don't have time to shave. As a result, a good stubble trimmer is one of the most practical gift ideas for expecting fathers who are concerned that their grooming will suffer once the baby arrives.

21. Leather Duffel Bag

Do you believe the diaper bag listed above will suffice? Consider again. One thing new dads quickly learn is that there is virtually no limit to the amount of stuff they will have to transport. A good duffel bag is one of the most versatile leather bags a man can own because it is lightweight and can carry almost anything. So, once the diaper bag is full of diapers, wipes, bottles, and other necessities, he can use the duffel to transport all of the baby's blankets, clothes, toys, and other necessities.

22. Tile GPS Tracker

And speaking of all the stuff he'll be hauling around, something is bound to get lost when you're constantly carrying that much cargo. Having a couple small GPS trackers like this one from Tile is ideal because he can easily track them down if they get lost or left behind somewhere.

23. Nest Thermostat

Before Jack was born, we didn't pay much attention to our thermostat. If it was too cold, we'd put on sweaters, and if it was too hot, we'd open a window. However, babies are extremely sensitive to heat and cold and must be kept warm, particularly in the first few weeks or months. A Nest thermostat is ideal because it provides more precise temperature control in your home, and you can even get a separate sensor for the nursery that allows you to control the temperature in that specific room.

24. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

I didn't think much about home security before I became a father, just as I didn't think much about the temperature in my house. But, obviously, a lot changed after Jack was born, and I became much more concerned about the safety of my home and family. This wireless security system from SimpliSafe put my mind at ease and would make an excellent gift. It comes with eight individual pieces that are simple to set up and all connected via wifi, allowing new dads to keep an eye on everything without the need for complicated setup or a (costly) monthly fee that some other home security systems require.

25. Whiskey Glasses

A drink may be in order at the end of a long day, when the baby has finally fallen asleep and he has a rare quiet moment to himself. And in those moments, a shot of whiskey or his favorite spirit poured into a handsome and well-made glass like the one included in this set is a welcome distraction. It will provide him with a (brief but crucial) opportunity to feel more like an independent man, rather than the underappreciated personal assistant to a very demanding boss who literally sh*ts on him all day every day.

26. Padded Face Mask for Sleep

New dads and moms frequently swap sleep shifts throughout the night, but the baby will still be sleeping in the bedroom during the first few weeks. They'll probably need to keep a dim light on to see into the bassinet, which can make falling asleep difficult. A sleep mask is ideal because one parent can wear it while sleeping, then remove it and pass it to their partner when it's time to switch shifts.

27. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs, like the sleep mask, will be necessary when it is his turn to sleep. To fall asleep, the baby will most likely require a sound machine playing white noise, which is great and comforting for newborns but kind of disruptive and annoying for adults. When it's time to nap, ear plugs will help them block out noise so they can make the most of their (probably too small) window of sleep.

28. Portable Sound Machine

And, while we're on the subject of white noise machines, my wife and I discovered that we needed two: one for the house that we kept plugged in (first in our bedroom, then in the nursery once he moved to the crib), and a portable one that we could take in the stroller or car when we were on the go. We had a lot of trouble getting Jack to sleep when we were out and about in the first few weeks. He had a much easier time napping on the go after we bought a portable machine that played the same kind of white noise he was used to at home.

29. The Man Behind the Bump T-Shirt

While moms prefer sentimental gifts, dads sometimes prefer comical gifts. This "man behind the bump" shirt is a hilarious new dad gift that he can wear with pride, and it's a nice way to get him to think of himself as a father.

30. Digital Picture Frame

Most guys don't give much thought to displaying photos of their loved ones.

But everything changes when we become fathers. When a new baby is born, mom and dad first become parents and then photographers, documenting every moment and milestone in their development. A digital picture frame is ideal because it allows him to relive all of those memories without having to search for them on his phone.

31. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

One thing most expecting fathers aren't prepared for is the feeling of sheer terror when they're out with the baby and smell a stinky diaper but don't know where they can safely change it.

A portable diaper pad is essential for dads on diaper duty because it can be thrown down anywhere to create a soft, clean surface ideal for diaper changes on the fly.

32. Daddy’s Drinking Buddy Onesie

Another excellent gag gift for dads with a sense of humor. While funny gifts like this are obviously amusing, there is an added benefit: It may assist nervous or hesitant expecting dads in realizing that having a baby means having a little sidekick with whom they can do things. As a result, they begin to consider fatherhood as not only intimidating, but potentially extremely enjoyable.

33. Heated Massage Cushion

One thing I didn't expect about having a baby was how tired I'd be at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong: I knew being a father would be difficult. But, between bending down to pick up my son, playing with him on his mats, and lugging around his stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and other bags, fatherhood took a much bigger physical toll on my body than I expected. A heated massage pad like this one is the ideal Father's Day gift because it can be placed on the chair used to rock the baby to sleep, providing much-needed relief while the baby sleeps.

34. Infrared Baby Monitor

My father often reminds me that they didn't need fancy baby monitors back in his day. They simply listened for the sound of a crying baby and assumed that if they didn't hear one, everything was fine. Fortunately, our awareness has progressed significantly since then, and a good baby monitor is now one of the best first father's day gifts. This iFamily wi-fi enabled model has a large, 5-inch display that makes it easy to see what's going on in the crib, a range of 960 ft, and a two-way talk function that allows you to not only see but also talk to the baby. My wife especially likes the LCD screen's clarity because it's sharp enough to notice when the baby's hands or feet poke out between the bars of his crib, allowing us to sneak in and readjust him before he gets his arms or legs stuck.

35. Dad T-Shirt

Nothing beats a good "dad" t-shirt. From a cute papa bear shirt to a funny dad t-shirt, you're sure to find something your husband will enjoy.

36. Carrying Pack

Carrying babies in a carrying pack is much easier. Dads will appreciate the ease of transporting and displaying their child in one of these.

As an added bonus? He'll look good carrying your baby and have his hands free to do whatever manly thing he has planned.

37. Onesie for Baby

A baby onesie is small, adorable, and makes an excellent gift for expecting fathers. This came directly from my husband's mind. Consider what your husband enjoys or finds amusing. Whether you go with a jersey from his favorite sports team or a funny one-liner, a Christmas gift for expecting dads will be complete.

38. Frida Balls

Have you ever heard of Frida Balls? These boxer shorts are simply too amusing to leave out.

Every dad needs a pair of these, whether it's a funny Father's Day gift for expectant fathers or a gift for the dad who's been run into one too many times by his toddler.

39. Dad Books

This is a fantastic idea. My husband felt the same way.

There are numerous books for babies and toddlers that are all about "mommy and me." We even began changing some of the words to "dad" because we felt it was never mentioned!

While these mommy books warm my heart, it's time daddy got some credit for all of his love for our children. These dad books are ideal for expecting fathers!

Since we're talking about books, here's a great gift for expecting fathers: The Expectant Father book! He can become completely immersed in the intricacies of fatherhood before your child arrives.

40. Dad Jokes Book

Another book for another expecting father. Dad Jokes has gathered all of the best dad jokes in one place to keep your husband amused by the "dad humor" involved.

This one is a keeper for expecting fathers all the way up until your child is a teenager and can roll their eyes and shake their head at you. Can't you imagine it perfectly?

41. Coffee Mug/Tumbler

Getting your husband a coffee mug or tumbler before the baby arrives is a great idea.

Chances are his sleep won't be what it used to be once the baby arrives, and he'll be relying on coffee.

From cute dad mugs to mugs with his favorite sports team's logo, this is a fun gift for expectant fathers. You'll be set if you pair it with his favorite coffee or a gift card.

42. Camera 

If your husband is techy, consider getting him a new camera or phone with a great camera to capture all those precious moments on.

Trust me when I say that when the expectant father in your life meets his little one for the first time, he won't be able to stop taking pictures and showing off his adorable baby.

43. Stainless Steel Dog Tag for New Fathers

Dog tags are reserved for special occasions. What do you believe an expecting dad is thinking about? Of course, being a parent! He wants to remember it, but he's probably not sure how.

That is why this appropriate small gift idea for an expectant father from wife will warm his heart. He will earn the title of father by having his child. And by purchasing this symbolic little gift for him, you will be assisting him in expressing feelings that he could not express himself. It's also a great Christmas present for the soon-to-be father.

44. Coffee Subscription Plan

All fathers are tired, but what about new fathers? Give the new dad in your life a monthly coffee delivery subscription so he can wake up bright and early with his new baby!

45. Help Him Never Lose His Keys Again

Remember how we said that new dads are tired? This little tile will ensure that he never loses his keys or other valuables again. Even when he's so exhausted that he can't remember where he's going...

46. Rechargeable Portable Baby Sleep Soother White Noise Machine

Get this compact and long-lasting cute machine for a male friend, coworker, boss, or relative who is expecting a child. His baby will sense his or her parents' presence anywhere and at any time because its battery charge is long lasting.

Its soothing and relaxing sounds can easily lull the little bundle of joy to sleep. This is a great cute baby gadget for expectant dads because of the adjustable eye-friendly night lights and timer options.

47. Home Security System 

Now that the expecting dad in your life is about to have a little baby, his paternal instincts are about to spike. Help him protect his family and keep them safe (and even just keep an eye out for packages!) with an easy-to-setup home security system that connects to your phone like this one.

48. A Meat Subscription

My husband would go crazy for this. When you have a new baby, shopping takes a back seat, but the dad in your life doesn't have to miss out. Get him a meat subscription that will deliver a variety of cuts to his door on a monthly basis!

49. Meat Bouquet

To say my husband was overjoyed when Manly Man Co. gave us one of these super fun Manly Man Father's Day bouquets would be an understatement. He adored the creative take on a flower bouquet and felt it spoke directly to his heart, his love of meat, and, of course, us.

50. The Dad Hoodie

The Dad Hoodie is a completely unique (yet functional) gift for the new dad in your life. My husband was overjoyed when we received one of these hoodies. As a father of two with a baby on the way, he was overjoyed with all the pockets to use now and in the future. This modern take on a classic comfy hoodie is an ideal gift for a new or expecting father.

51. Homemade/Sweet Card

A sweet homemade card is sometimes the ideal gift for expecting fathers.

You can't go wrong with a note and card from the baby who "can't wait to meet him" or from mommy telling him how excited she is to begin this journey with him.

52. Baby’s First Year Keepsake Picture Frame

A baby's first year memento frame is a wonderful way for the new father to remember and celebrate the baby's growth throughout the first year. To make the perfect nursery for his new baby, incorporate a year's worth of happy memories and smiles.

This gender-neutral keepsake frame is a great personalized gift for the expectant father as he begins to fill in the little holes with images of his adorable infant.

53. Lovely Wooden Heart From Bump For Dad To Be

Encourage expectant fathers with the most creative message on this wooden heart from the bump. The heart of the new male parent is already tender with emotions in anticipation of his child.

A message from his unborn child will cheer him up and prepare him for his new responsibilities. One of the best and most meaningful gifts from an unborn child to a father, it puts him in a joyful and anticipatory mood. It will make your husband smile when he receives this sentimental gift, making it a great gift for him. You can also give this to Dad as a baby push present!

54. Premium Baby Gift Box From HoneyBug

Delight the expecting parents with a premium gift box that is sure to please them.

HoneyBug offers a wide selection of high-quality gift boxes that include all of the necessities for the expecting father and mother. It fits perfectly with the baby shower event or for the new parents at the hospital in highly presentable packaging.

57. 3-in-1 Baby Activity Playmat Gym

Surprise the new father with something he will undoubtedly find useful after the baby arrives.

This three-stage multi-functional play and nap activity gym includes extra padding and a built-in envelope blanket to keep babies warm while they sleep. Because of the various functions, this playmat is a practical expectant father's gift from a friend that can be used throughout the baby's growth. When not in use, it folds up into a small package.

58. Funny Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

This tool belt contains everything he needs for diaper duty and makes a great new dad gift! It comes with an apron, a fun tool belt, and a funny poem about being a new dad.

This diaper changing apron can hold everything he needs while changing the baby's diaper, including space for diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and more. It is unquestionably a fantastic new piece of daddy gear that is designed in a playful manner and can be used in conjunction with other dad jokes that you may have in store for him!

59. Sentimental Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

You want to get this new dad gift because it captures all of the emotions involved. It represents new beginnings as parents. Everything revolves around sentimentality. If he is a first-time father, this figurine is even more meaningful.

The sculpture is hand-made and hand-painted, making it a delicate and one-of-a-kind gift to match the tender emotions the expectant parents are feeling at this stage of parenthood. Also one of the best push gifts for wife.

60. DADA T-Shirt For New Dad In Various Colors

Even if he doesn't like graphic t-shirts, the expecting father will appreciate this one. The design is straightforward, but it serves as a humorous way to convey his status as a new father.

The ideal cool gift for Father's Day, he will appreciate the modern and modest design that he can wear in a variety of settings. If you know he prefers hoodies, consider getting a dad hoodie as well.

61. Adorable Sheep On The Go Travel Sound Soother

When the newborn finally enters the service, a lullaby will become the norm. This amazing portable white noise machine has a sound option for the baby, making it a perfect present for the father-to-be.

The machine easily fits in a diaper bag and attaches to strollers. It's simple to use, and the first-time dad will appreciate you for assisting them in having a relaxing outing. A wonderful Christmas present for a new father.

62. Cute Matching Outfit Set For Father & Son

This matching outfit of baby bodysuits and men's shirts is a funny and sentimental gift for first-time parents or husbands to encourage a strong bond. When the child is born, the newly promoted father is proud to be the center of attention, wearing this set of matching outfits and carrying his baby around.

One of the best father and baby gifts for Christmas, they will both look great in family photos. Matching outfits make excellent big brother gifts for toddlers.

63. New Mommy and Daddy Pregnancy Gift Set

Are you looking for the ideal practical gift for those newlyweds? Get these mugs for dad and mom, which come with a 0-3 month unisex bib and onesie. The mugs are made of high-quality ceramic with top-notch printing.

The gesture of bib and onesie will undoubtedly be appreciated by the new parents, who will know that the adventure of parenthood has begun. This set would also make an excellent push present for daddy from his wife!

64. Useful Portable Diaper Changing Pad

A gift is most appreciated when it meets a genuine need while babysitting. Bring this cool dad baby gear gift to a new dad's baby shower and watch them toss aside any subpar diaper changing pads they may already have.

The quality is excellent, allowing him to do his diaper duty effectively. This pad is not only easy to clean and dry, but it also has pockets for up to five diapers, making it one of the best second baby shower gift ideas. There is sufficient space for wipes and other items. There's even room for the father's keys and phone. As an innovative one-hand-only pad, he can conveniently hold the child while opening it!

65. Funny Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron Gag Gift

These aprons and face masks will be the talk of the baby shower, as the new dad will finally be able to avoid getting soiled. The man will enjoy the two amusing "bottle nipples" that will fool the baby. It comes in a reusable pouch and includes a cute toy.

When called upon, he can quickly put on the pre-loaded apron and get to work. One of the best funny gag gifts for a new father. As a dad's joke, a good first Christmas present for daddy.

66. Relaxing White Noise Portable Machine for Babies

The relaxing white noise machine is brilliant, as any new parent will appreciate it. The machine instantly transforms him into a skilled parent capable of putting the baby to sleep in seconds. He will require this while traveling or at home.

This is especially helpful for first-time fathers because it alleviates the stress of dealing with a small child for the first time. This is the gift to give your new father friend if you want to give them something that will meet their needs. Give him a gift card separately to make him even happier!

67. I’ve Waited 9 Months for This Funny Wine Glass

Does your future father friend enjoy toasting a milestone with wine? He'll most likely be doing that as he welcomes his new child into the world.

Make it memorable by having him use this wine glass gag gift, which will add richness to his favorite beverage. He had been anticipating this moment for quite some time. The high-quality prints of the message on the glass will fit in perfectly with the occasion and make him a proud father.

68. Personalized Baby Blankets With Name

If you know the baby's name, this is the ideal expectant father's gift! A high-quality blanket that is extremely comfortable for the child. Most importantly, personalize the blanket with the child's name to make the parents proud!

With a variety of designs to choose from, this special blanket with baby names can also be used as nursery room décor. We also suggested blankets as a suitable big sister gift for the baby.

69. New Dad To Be Bump Boxes

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the town's newest father? This adorable gender neutral baby gift box contains a variety of necessities in the most appealing packaging, which will no doubt delight him.

The package includes a lovely onesie, a useful book for new dads, American Bourbon Soap with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and a great dad keychain, among other things. All of these priceless possessions contribute to the expectant father's joys of parenting. Similar pregnancy gift boxes that cater to the different trimesters are also excellent ideas for expecting mothers.

70. Funny Daddy’s Drinking Buddy Onesie In Various Colors

The amusing gift features a clever and distinct front design that reads "Daddy's Drinking Buddy," which is sure to make people around you laugh when they see this Dad joke.

The onesie is made of high-quality fabrics and is intended for newborns. It is a fantastic first time dad Christmas gift or as part of the baby announcement props because it uses eco-friendly printing and is pre-washed, making expecting mothers feel confident when they see their children wearing the clothes.

71. Cute Baby Socks 4-Pair Gift Set with Funny Sayings

Surprise the expectant father with these adorable baby socks with clever wording. Because their colors are neutral, they are appropriate for both baby boys and baby girls. They also have anti-slip soles to keep the little human stable as they take their first steps.

The baby will be at ease because these new born gift socks were made with high-quality materials. They will perfectly fit those adorable little toes and keep them warm even in the bitter cold of winter.

72. Waterproof Diaper Bag Backpack Includes Changing Pad

This trendy back-pack is one of the best non-baby gifts for new dads, and he'll appreciate it from the first day of babysitting. It has enough space to hold not only diapers, but also feeding bottles, changing pads, and anything else he might require. It includes a variety of accessories such as washable changing pads and stroller straps.

Everything that is easy to clean will save time for the already busy parents, according to the future father. The fact that it lasts for a long time saves him money in the long run.

73. One-Of-A-Kind 3D Laser Crystal 

Nothing warms the heart more than a personalized item made especially for the recipient. The laser engraved crystal is a treasure that will enliven anyone - select a picture that best represents the occasion and choose from a variety of crystal shapes for the image to be stunningly etched inside the crystal!

This is one of the best gifts for expecting fathers, and it should be displayed prominently in the home!

74. Baby’s Bath Time Deluxe Basket

Bath time is always a magical time for every baby. Help the expecting parents make the most of this special time by gifting them with this deluxe basket.

The basket contains fantastic baby items for bathing a child. It will not only make them happy, but it will also help them save money by providing practical and thoughtful gifts for expecting fathers. A fantastic Christmas present for expecting dads as well.

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