Best Christmas Gifts for Family Under $50 or Less

July 26, 2022 7 min read

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for family under $50 that are either meaningful or profound, the list that follows contains a lot of wonderful possibilities that you can choose from.

1. Delicate Monogram Necklace

With this exquisite monogram necklace, delight your mother, sister, or any other special lady on your list. The modest asymmetrical initial and gleaming gold chain will add flair to any ensemble and capture her distinct individuality. (Pro Tip: If she recently gave birth, replace the initial with that of the child.)

2. Holiday Stroll Candle

Candles that evoke the atmosphere of sparkling lights and busy stores are a great way to get people in the holiday spirit. Red currants, sugar plums, wild ivy, blackberries, lemon, sandalwood, and winter rose are among the amazing aromas in this candle.

3. Parlovable Cross-Band Faux Fur Slippers

These plush open-toe slippers include a rubber sole, memory foam construction, and a variety of lovely colors. These are ideal if you have a fashionista on your list who enjoys dressing up even when lounging around the house or running errands.

4. Bluetooth-Compatible Beanie Hat

This warm beanie is ideal for folks who frequently run, ski, or travel since it will keep their heads toasty while allowing them to listen to music or a podcast. Additionally, even though the button panel appears to be a standard logo, it can be quickly utilized to pause or fast-forward.

5. Foodie-Friendly Puzzle

They'll adore this humorous heart puzzle if they're a foodie or a big lover of New York City. Every square inch of the pieces is covered in some of New York's most recognizable foods, such as pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs. Finally, what's there to say? They will donate a percentage of their new donation to help struggling hospitality workers.

6. Newward Wine Chiller

This wine cooler stick is sure to impress the wine enthusiast in your life. With its inventive design, it filters, pours, and maintains the coldness of wine. It fits all standard-sized wine bottles and is made of food-grade stainless steel.

7. Packing Cubes Set

This five-piece set of packing cubes will be invaluable when they're ready to go once more. They can fit just what they will need during their journey in each bag, which is slightly larger than the one before it and has zipper closures to secure everything. Also, yeah! The cubes can be used with backpacks, duffel bags, hardshell luggage, and more.

8. Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Even if you decide to keep it for yourself, this soft fur throw would make a wonderful present. Any couch will seem more opulent with it, and a snowy day will feel much cozier.

9. CNLO Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

These blue-light-blocking glasses can make staring at a screen all day considerably easier on the eyes, making them ideal for any tech enthusiast or computer addict in your life. They also have style.

10. Timeless Christmas Album

The new Christmas CD from Leslie Odom Jr. is a present that everyone should have. This vinyl album, which is filled with timeless songs like Last Christmas and O Holy Night, will lift their spirits while they decorate the house or host the family reunion they hold every year. (Did we also mention that you'll win over a lot of Hamilton fans?)

11. Modern City Map

With a hip neighborhood graphic, honor their hometown, favorite city, or a trip you two took. They'll adore the visual appeal and how it makes that unique spot stand out. Each of them comes in six vibrant color combinations.

12. Hot Chocolate Stirrers

You're looking for a cute small gift for your neighbor, coworker, or instructor. Try these Crate & Barrel hot chocolate stirrers. All they need to do is untie the bag, steam some milk or water, add a stick that is studded with marshmallows, and then relax with a cup of fancy hot chocolate.

13. Electric Corkscrew

Give your favorite host an electric corkscrew if you truly want to reward them. This is something they would never think to get for themselves. Their bar cart will benefit from the considerate addition of this cute mini Rabbit Pro, which can remove corks quickly and without shedding.

14. Gym Bag With Shoe Compartment

They may need a new bag if they are beginning a new workout regimen or if they very much live in the gym. We suggest this CANWCONWAYfel because it includes a big main compartment, eight zipped compartments, and a place for their tennis shoes that is simple to unzip. Never will they leave the house without it.

15. Luxury Bath Salts

Everyone could use a bit more rest, right? With this exquisitely packed bottle of luxury bath salts, you can give your perpetually busy bestie a reason to relax in the tub. The skin-soothing recipe has calming scents of vanilla and vetiver to help them unwind before bed, and it is enriched with milk powder and colloidal oats.

16. Retro Jukebox Bluetooth Speaker

They'll like this retro-style speaker if they're all about the looks (or enjoy dance parties in the kitchen). Although it has volume control and tuner antenna, this little guy is entirely wireless, Bluetooth-capable, and even has FM radio. Additionally, when in use, it has an antique jukebox-like illumination.

17. Smart Cookbook Stand

Here is a present that will be appreciated by your favorite cook. With this creative beechwood stand, they may shield their cookbooks from spills or splatters. The acrylic panel prevents messes from spreading while holding down papers without obstructing their view. Additionally, after kids are finished using it, the stand folds up and is out of the way.

18. Stylish Blanket Scarf

Is there anything more luxurious than a soft throw blanket? She will use the blanket scarf twice as much. This tartan item, which is made of buttery pashmina and has a fringe border, will keep her toasty on chilly nights out when used as a scarf, shawl, or blanket. It comes in 18 winter-appropriate colors and is a good choice for bulk gifting.

19. Single-Serve Coffeemaker

This small coffee maker is ideal for someone who recently moved into their own home because it can brew up to 14 ounces of their preferred bean and drip it right into their travel cup for simple mornings. Your loved one can use whole beans or pre-ground coffee thanks to the appliance's integrated grinder.

20. Instax Mini Variety Film Pack

Camera film may be pricey. Surprise them with this value bundle if they enjoy taking pictures with their Instax Mini but avoid purchasing the additional film. For them to add color to their albums, each box comes with four cartridges in four vibrant colors: Classic White, Rainbow, Pink Lemonade, and Monochrome.

21. Practical Bedside Vase

Add a special touch to their bedside table (in more ways than one) with a smartphone vase. The glass stand has a groove around the bottom that can be used to keep their phone while holding fresh or dry flowers in bouquets. Their nightstand will have more area, and their bedroom will feel considerably quieter as a result.

22. Cheese Vault

Take your Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange to the next level with this clever cheese vault. The wedges can virtually breathe in the vibrant silicone box, which also drains away extra moisture to prolong flavor. For simple keeping and locating in the fridge, you can even write on the side of the box.

23. Bold Wall Calendar

The graphic calendar on your gift list is essential for the office of the design enthusiast. They'll appreciate having a bold, blank canvas to start the new year on and being able to tear off the pages.

24. All-in-One Shower Set

This modular shower caddy will simplify your guy's morning ritual. He will also get a stylish base unit with slots for his razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, and shower gel in addition to a shatterproof, fog-resistant mirror. The box is simple to install and will keep all of his grooming necessities in one location.

25. Personal Wedding Planner

At least one bride planning a wedding for 2022 is someone we all know. This adorable wedding planner that reads, "Love is in the air," helps her keep track of every detail and cross crucial items off her to-do list. The book also serves as something blue because of its robin's egg color.

26. Photo Travel Map

Give a personalized photo map of the United States to your favorite road trip enthusiast as a challenge to see every state. They can print out pictures and progressively fill in the continent as they travel to new places and create new memories.

27. Gold Plant Mister

The gardener in your life, if we had to guess, would like a mister for their houseplants. This polished brass container will efficiently complete the task and offer a light shower to ferns and orchids that enjoy humidity. If not in use, when? It will also give a bookshelf or side table a vintage look.

28. Special City Ornament

Never undervalue the impact of a sentimental ornament. Send this hand-stamped city ornament to a loved one if they've been a little homesick or have a specific place they've been longing to visit. You can add a heart or star to the spot and be sure that they'll put it on their tree right away.

29. Packable Picnic Table

With the help of this portable table, treat your favorite couple to a cozy evening or a picnic in the park. With legs that lock into place and five slots for a regular bottle and four glasses, the durable wood table is simple to put up. They only have to be concerned with the accouterments.

30. Very Merry Cocktail Book

This is an example of a crowd-pleaser. A copy of Very Merry Cocktails can help your loved one get in the Christmas mood (and brighten up their kitchen or bar cart). They will discover more than 50 recipes inside, including sophisticated New Year's Eve soiree recipes and irreverent Christmas in July parties. For someone who already has everything, it is ideal.

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