Best Christmas Gifts for Home Canners

July 11, 2022 12 min read

Do you have a friend who is a home gardener, likes organic food, or wants to save money? Home canning is a fantastic hobby that caters to all of these interests. That friend or family member would appreciate home canning gifts, which are also reasonably priced.

Gifts made at home do not have to wait for a birthday or the Christmas holidays. They make excellent gifts at any time of year, but especially during the summer and fall, when food preservation is popular. I'd always wanted to try my hand at home canning, but I wasn't sure when.

When I finally settled into our house, I began canning at home. Christmas home canning gifts are not expensive. In fact, many gifts are only a few dollars, and some are ideal for stocking stuffers. We have compiled a list of Christmas gifts for home canners who want to improve their skills.

1. Ball Blue Book

This incredible book offers tutorials for novice canners as well as some truly outstanding recipes in one convenient location. In addition to that, I began by reading the So Easy to Preserve Book, which is yet another fantastic resource.

2. Jars

During the process of canning, jars serve an obvious and vital role. However, it is more important to purchase jars in order to have successful canning. Ball Canning Jars are my favorite, but I also use Kerr Canning Jars in my kitchen. Both brands of the jar will serve their purpose admirably.

3. Lids/Bands

In addition to the jars, for use with them. You will need bands and lids of a high quality. These two items are almost always sold in a single unitary package. Be sure to get the appropriate size, regardless of whether the jars have a wide mouth or a regular mouth.

4. Water Bath Kit

The majority of first-time canners start out by learning how to process tomato products, jams, jellies, and pickles using the water bath method. Canning in a waterbath is easy with the help of this kit, which includes everything you'll need to get started. It is the EXACT kit that I began with and one that I continue to use to this very day.

5. Customized Labels

It is essential that all products have labels on them. For this reason, I believe that labels make an excellent present for canners of all skill levels. You can give them a more personal touch by designing and personalizing them to work with your preferred canner.

6. Cheese Cloth 

This may seem silly, but I use a LOT of cheese cloth in different recipes to strain liquid. Excellent for producing products in which you want there to be no chunks whatsoever, such as ketchup, jams, tomato juice, and so on. And it seems like I never have enough of it when I need it.

For that reason, I have decided to include it in this gift guide because it is the kind of present that I would appreciate receiving as a canner.

7. Pressure Canner

Canning under pressure represents the next evolutionary step. It's possible that your go-to canner is ready to take on the challenge of pressure canning if they've been canning for a while using the waterbath method.

This is the pressure canner that I've been using for years and absolutely adore!

8. Canning Coffee Mug

You're in luck if the person who canning with you is also someone who enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning. There are a lot of adorable coffee mugs with cute sayings related to canning printed on them.

9. Canning Tees

There is also a sizable selection of canning-themed t-shirts and other apparel available in most retail locations. This should get you started in the right direction. It says: "Ping!"

10. Kitchen Digital Scale

This is an item that I don't actually have in my kitchen, but I believe it is necessary for me to acquire it. A scale would be helpful because certain recipes require the weight of the ingredient; for this reason, you should always have one on hand.

Because it appears to have a very intuitive design, this scale is one that I would consider purchasing.

11. Headspace Measurement Tool

During the canning process, it is essential to leave the appropriate amount of headspace from the top of the jar rim. A headspace measuring tool is essential to the operation of any home canner.

These instruments are sometimes misplaced. Sometimes it falls into the hands of children who play with it as if it were a toy. Because the canner will always require this nifty implement, having more than one at your disposal is never a bad idea.

This particular tool for removing air bubbles from the head space also functions as a spatula.

12. Lid Rack for Sterilizing

The use of clean lids and jars when canning is an extremely important step in ensuring the continued integrity of food over time. Using this lid rack will prevent kids from coming into contact with other items while they are being sterilized and warmed.

13. Food Processor/Food Mill

Mills that grind food and presses that squeeze tomatoes reduce the amount of time needed to prepare ingredients for cooking. This is the one that I've been using for years to write. They are truly incredible.

14. Customized Cutting Board

A cutting board is an essential tool for any home cook. When preparing vegetables for canning, a cutting board is required for every canner. Personalizing your gift is a great way to give it that extra touch of charm. They are sure to treasure this present for many years to come.

15. New Kitchen Knives

It seems that kitchen knives become dull very quickly. Give the home canner this nice set of knives, which they will eventually find useful for their work.

16. Cooling Rack for Jars

After processing, place hot jars on this cooling rack that you have prepared. While you are listening for the "ping" sound that indicates that the lids have successfully sealed onto the jars, it will safeguard your work surfaces.

17. Thermometer

Maintain a thermometer in your bag at all times so you can check the temperatures of candies, jellies, and other products. Take a look at this one; it's a good one.

18. Deluxe Package of Spices

There is no such thing as having an excessive amount of spices for cooking. This package includes all of the most common spices and seasonings, which can be used in a wide variety of mouthwatering canning recipes.

19. Personal Assistant/Kitchen Helper

Helping others should be considered a gift. Simply create a gift certificate for the service that you will be providing to the home canner if you want to be of assistance to them.

I can assure you that the person who does the canning in your family or circle of friends will be grateful for any gift that saves them time, whether it be assistance in the kitchen, babysitting, or preparation of vegetables on their behalf.

20. Timer

A brand-new timer is another excellent gift for helping people better manage their time. There are times when canners who want to time multiple pots or canners are unable to do so because there is not another timer available.

When it comes to safely preserving food, accuracy is absolutely essential. Consequently, a reliable additional timer will prove to be extremely helpful during the hectic canning season.

21. Giant Pot for Batch Cooking

Even more than that, you simply can't get enough of these. The addition of another enormous pot will make it possible to cook larger quantities all at once. Or perhaps even a different recipe that can help you save time.

22. Customized Oven Mitts

When working with hot pots or jars of preserves, canners protect their hands with oven mitts. And it is impossible to have too many of them. Personalizing this gift will make it even more memorable for the recipient.

23. Customized Apron

Aprons are worn by canners to protect their clothing from any potential spills. Personalize the apron by adding their name or another detail that you know they will enjoy seeing. Give them ownership of it.

24. Food Strainer and Cooking Concoction Maker

A food strainer and sauce maker like this one is an absolute necessity if you enjoy preparing sauces and preserving them in jars. The fact that they are constructed with materials like aluminum and stainless steel, which ensures their longevity, is one of the aspects of them that I find particularly appealing. Considering how long a piece of kitchen equipment will serve you after purchasing it is an essential step in the decision-making process.

This sauce maker is ideal for making tomato sauce and applesauce in a very quick and efficient manner. Simply put the apples and tomatoes that have been cooked through the machine, and it will remove the peels for you. You can also use it to strain fruit for juices and for making jams and jellies, so if you know someone who does a lot of canning, an accessory such as this one is really useful and has a wide variety of applications.

25. Homemade Au Jus Mix Recipe

This food mill is comparable to the food strainer and sauce maker in that it performs a function that is essentially the same. One of the most notable distinctions is that this food mill is almost entirely constructed out of stainless steel, whereas the sauce maker is made up of a greater proportion of plastic.

One additional distinction is that the sauce maker is secured to the countertop with a clamp. This food mill is designed to sit atop a container like a bowl or a pot. To make applesauce, I use this food mill that I have purchased for myself. Because it comes with three distinct grinding discs, you will be able to strain sauces of varying densities using the product. For the purpose of canning, I make all of my sauces with this food mill.

The size of this food mill is also on the more modest side. When you are finished using it, you won't have any trouble taking it apart, and you'll be able to quickly clean it in the sink before putting it away.

26. Vegetable Chopper

I cannot express how much adoration I have for this vegetable chopper. If you have ever made salsa by canning it and have had to chop mountains upon mountains of tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, then you have some idea of how helpful it would be to have something else do the chopping for you.

This vegetable chopper does an excellent job of chopping vegetables uniformly, which is essential for producing a visually appealing salsa each and every time. If you had to do all of the chopping by hand, it would have taken you twice as long to do it with the food processor.

In addition to a variety of chopping blades of varying sizes, it features a built-in measuring cup that allows you to keep track of the quantity of each vegetable as it is chopped. When you are finished using it, rinsing and washing it is a very simple process.

27. Mandoline Slicer

This mandoline slicer is an absolute necessity for kitchens that regularly produce bread and butter pickles. It slices all types of vegetables perfectly thin and evenly, making it ideal for canning as well as a wide variety of other types of recipes.

When you are finished using it, it can be folded up neatly and put away in the cabinet with little difficulty.

This slicer comes equipped with a number of interchangeable blades, allowing you to cut through a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with ease. A slicer similar to this would be a wonderful addition to the arsenal of any home cook.

28. Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers

A friend or member of the family who enjoys canning would appreciate receiving this inexpensive strainer set with fine mesh as a present.

The mesh on these strainers is much finer than the mesh on regular strainers, which is one of the ways in which they differ from regular strainers. For the preparation of homemade syrups such as homemade blackberry or blueberry syrup, you will require strainers of this type.

These strainers are an excellent investment for any home that has a kitchen. I make constant use of the one I have.

29. Stand and Bag for the Jelly Strainer

When making jelly, it is essential to have both a stand for the jelly strainer and a bag for it. For many years, the only thing I ever made was jam; however, I had no idea that I could make perfect jelly every time with just a simple and inexpensive appliance.

This inexpensive present will make the life of anyone who makes jelly a great deal simpler. To make perfectly clear jelly without any hassle or mess, all you have to do is place the cooked fruit in the mesh bag, and then allow the juice to drip out of the bottom of the bag. I am certain that I would perish without mine.

30. Immersion Blender

Purchasing an immersion blender was one of the best purchases I made when it comes to my efforts to preserve food through canning. A hand blender that can be used directly in the pot you are cooking in thanks to an attachment called an immersion blender.

My immersion blender gets put to use for a wide variety of dishes. When I'm preparing food for canning, I use it to make apple butter, sweet and sour sauce, barbecue sauce, and any other recipe that calls for a sauce with a smooth consistency. The blender can be placed directly in the pan, and blending can continue until the mixture is smooth.

31. The Complete and Brand New Ball Book of Canning

The Ball Book of Canning is the definitive resource for canning, despite the fact that there are many other excellent books on the topic. It can be difficult to find reliable canning recipes, but the Ball canning book is constantly updated with the most recent versions of their tried-and-true recipes.

This cookbook is a wonderful resource for both novice and seasoned canners alike. The Ball canning book is continually being revised, and additional recipes are being added all the time. It is an excellent addition to the library of any person who cans food.

32. Rack for Canning Lids

These canning lid racks make it easy to clean and sterilize a dozen canning lids at once. To prevent the lids from falling into the pan of boiling water, which makes it difficult to pick them up, simply hang the lid rack from the edge of the pan using the provided hooks.

Get a hold of one of these lid racks for your favorite canner as soon as possible because they make an excellent idea for a last-minute gift.

33. Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

As a great gift, I recommend the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving. This book is not only inexpensive, but it also covers almost everything you need to know about home canning! I also read that the Blue Book was still the gold standard for learning proper home canning techniques today.

34. Regular or Low-Sugar Pectin

When I first began home canning, I was concerned about the sugar content of jams and jellies. Regular pectin and low-sugar pectin are both available for home canners to choose from. Again, pectin is required in most jam, jelly, and syrup recipes. My personal favorite is the Low-Sugar Pectin.

35. Month by Month Produce Calendar

This is the ideal present for any home canner! Begin the new year with a hanging calendar that shows what fruits and vegetables are in season month by month. Home canning relies on growing or purchasing produce when it is at its peak and in season. This calendar will serve as an excellent reminder.

36. Ball Canning Home Discovery Kit

Purchase the Home Canning Discovery Kit for a low-cost but high-quality home canning gift. This kit is ideal for beginning canners because it includes many of the necessary tools. This kit is excellent for water bath canning. Because the novice canner may not want to invest in a pressure canner, this kit enables them to do home canning on their stove.

37. Ball Canning Utensil Set

While the Discovery Kit is a great place to start for the novice home canner, the Ball Canning Utensil Set will round out all of the beginner home canning supplies. Purchase both kits for a well-rounded gift! Many essential canning supplies are included in the utensil kit. I have both kits and haven't needed to buy anything else besides jars, lids, and bands.

38. Ready-Made Canning Ingredients

The worst case scenario is when you're ready to do some home canning but don't have the spices needed to complete the recipe! Ball Canning creates these fantastic flavor kits that include all of the spices required for common home canning recipes like Pasta Sauce, Pickle Mix, and Salsa Mix. Buy one or more of these kits as home canning gifts! The kits are extremely inexpensive, costing only a few dollars each.

39. A Large Pot

A large pot is required if your friend or family member is doing water bath canning on the stove, as I do. It is possible to use a special canning pot. I cook in a stainless steel pot. The pot should be quite large.

40. Dissolvable Jar Labels

These labels are ideal for the novice home canner who wants to give their homemade items as gifts to friends and family! The Ball Dissolvable Labels are a pretty way to label a jar with a recipe or ingredients. The labels wash off, allowing the vehicle to be reused.

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