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Best Christmas Gifts for Marines

July 28, 2022 4 min read

It's no surprise that you're looking for a great gift for the Marine in your life; you want to get them something as awesome as they are! Marine Corps gifts are unique, cool, and practical items that they can enjoy at home while off duty or use at work. Because they are stationed all over the world, whether on land, in the air, or at sea, versatile items such as multi tools or boxed sets are usually the best types of Marine Corps gifts. We have the best military gifts for the Marine in your life, whether you're looking for a cool birthday gift, a nice promotion gift, or want to surprise them when they return from deployment!

1. Customizable Whiskey Gifts for Marines

Your Marine will want a drink to help them unwind after a long deployment or a difficult day of training. They can enjoy their favorite liquor in their own personalized glasses if you give them this custom decanter set! The best part is that you can get creative with the engraving on the glasses to make it one-of-a-kind just for them! This decanter set is one of the most adaptable Marine Corps gifts you can give because you can personalize it for them and the occasion.

2. The Coolest Marine Corps Gifts

Looking for a unique way to commemorate a promotion or the return from a deployment? This Marine will appreciate this patriotic beer gift set! This gift set has plenty of cool things to use at work and at home, from the badass ammo box for storing gear to the nifty bottle opener made from a.50 caliber bullet. When your Marine returns home from a long day of training, the first thing they will reach for is one of their custom pint glasses and a refreshing cold beer!

3. Unique Patriotic Personalized Sign

A wooden flag sign is a popular gift for Marines, and this is by far the best version! It is not only personalized, but it also includes a cool, official USMC seal. Any Marine, current or retired, would be honored to receive such an incredible gift for their birthday, the holidays, or even as a military retirement gift. As soon as they receive your gift for military men, they will want to hang it prominently in their home so that everyone who visits can admire it.

4. Unique Beer Stein

While beer steins originated in Germany, this fantastic glass beer stein is entirely American! This patriotic Marine Corps gift is great for drinking beer from, but it also looks great on their home bar or mantle next to their military coin collection. Combine this cool stein with a six-pack of your Marine's favorite beer for an awesome birthday or boot camp graduation gift!

5. Grilling While Off Duty at Home Just Got Better

When it comes time to return home for leave, every Marine wants to spend time with their family and friends. What better way to spend time with their loved ones than with a cookout? Your Marine will have everything they need to fire up the grill and serve up some delicious BBQ for everyone with these awesome grilling tools! This customizable set is ideal for surprising a returning Marine or celebrating their retirement from the Corps.

6. Distressed Leather Marine Jacket

Your Marine most likely has plenty of work clothes and T-shirts, but do they have a badass leather jacket like this? No? Then get one for them as a gift! This amazing distressed leather jacket is a stylish and cool way for them to show their Marine pride. The inner sherpa fleece lining will keep them warm, and the durable leather is built to last for years, making it one of the most practical Marine Corps gifts for both active-duty and veteran Marines!

7. Custom Wood Sign for Marines

Show your Marine how awesome you think they are with a personalized wood sign for their home! This one-of-a-kind sign, with cool silhouettes of fully-loaded Marines and a handsome wood background, is a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have, especially since you can personalize it. This incredible sign is one of the coolest gifts for Marines you can buy, whether they've just joined the Marine Corps or you want to welcome them home with a nice gift!

8. Globe Marine Liquor Decanter

Looking for better Marine Corps gifts to commemorate a promotion or retirement? This elegant liquor decanter is ideal! The beautiful glass-blown Marine emblem in the center of the globe gifts the Marines' presence all over the world on land, sea, and in the air. This fantastic decanter will look great in your Marine's home office, work office, or anywhere else in the house.

9. Personalized American Flag Beer Mug Ammo Can Gift Set

With this badass beer gift set, you can make sure your Marine is ready for anything! He'll enjoy storing keepsakes or gear in the ammo box, but the best part of this set is the massive beer mug. Being a Marine is thirsty work, and when he gets home from training, he'll want a hearty serving of refreshing cold beer. This awesome beer gift set is a great way to welcome a Marine home from deployment or to celebrate boot camp graduation!

10. Custom Wood Sign

A personalized sign like this one is one of the best ways to show your pride and appreciation for the Marine in your life! This one-of-a-kind patriotic decor makes an excellent gift for a Marine retiring from the USMC, moving up in rank, or commemorating a special achievement. This awesome sign, designed to look like a military coin, will look great anywhere in the home.

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