Best Christmas Gifts for Men Under $10 or Less

June 22, 2022 11 min read

Are you looking for low-cost gifts for men? Then check out this inexpensive gift guide for him, which includes cheap gifts for him under $10. This list contains the best affordable Christmas gifts for men under $10 to help you stay within your budget. So, scroll down and choose your favorite cheap gift for him to get for his birthday, to include in a gift basket, or as a fun Christmas stocking stuffer for him!

1. Multitool Keychain

This multitool keychain is a practical and small gift for men under $10 that has everything you might need when you're on the go and don't have any tools with you. It has a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a couple of different sized wrenches, and a ruler. There are a few more that I haven't mentioned. If you're looking for small inexpensive gifts for men under $10, this keychain is a great option.

2. Creative Coffee Mug

One of the more traditional inexpensive gift ideas on this list is a fun mug. This mug features a fun heat-changing print and is an inexpensive gift idea for him. Fill it with his favorite candy or snacks to make it more fun, and you've got one of the more neutral items on this list that any man will appreciate. Of course, there are a plethora of other fun mugs available for around $10.

3. Miniature tin of hand cream

Men require skincare as well, and a tin of hand cream is one of the most useful skincare gifts to give. This is technically a salve rather than a cream. Nonetheless, it makes an excellent gift due to its amusing packaging and usefulness. So, if you're looking for inexpensive gifts for men who spend a lot of time working with their hands, this gift idea for him is a great one to consider. Because of its size and low cost, it would also make an excellent stocking stuffer.

4. Hot Sauce Mini Bottle

This mini hot sauce bottle, which you can carry with you wherever you go, is another fun gift idea on this list of inexpensive gifts for men under $10. Fill it with his favorite hot sauce and you have a fun and inexpensive gift to give. If he doesn't like hot sauce, you can replace it with another sauce he enjoys. It's ideal as a keychain for your keys or a bag charm to take with you wherever you go. Simply add a bottle of their favorite hot sauce to round out the gift.

5. Miniature Card Wallet

This cardholder is an excellent low-cost gift idea for him because it is both practical and useful. This cardholder is ideal for traveling or storing business cards. So, if you're looking for a practical and inexpensive gift idea for him, this is the one. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find a version or color he'll like. However, black is always a great neutral option that you can't go wrong with.

6. Meat Claws: Low-Cost Gifts for Men

These meat claws are a great gift to give to a man who enjoys meat, particularly pulled pork, or who enjoys cutting up meat in a dramatic manner. These claws are designed for shredding meat and can also be used to toss a salad or cut up meat with the knife edges on the claws' sides. In any case, if you're looking for something fun for him to cook with (or eat with), a set of these meat claws is a great option.

7. Practical Passwords Notebook

This gift idea for men is probably the cheapest on this list of cheap gifts for him, but it's also a lot of fun to give. This notebook is designed to keep all of your login information and passwords secure without requiring you to keep them on your phone. So, if you're looking for a gift for someone who constantly forgets their passwords or has a lot of different accounts, this notebook is a fun gift to get for him.

8. Tumbler with Insulation

Everyone could benefit from an insulated tumbler to keep their water cold or their coffee hot. This tumbler is ideal for traveling or taking on a hiking trip. It comes in a variety of colors and is an excellent addition to any water bottle collection. It's also a very inexpensive gift, so don't be concerned about the cost. There are numerous tumblers available, but this one stood out due to its simplicity and low price.

9. Novelty Socks: Under $10 Gifts for Men

Socks are one of those gifts for men that should be included in every gift guide for him. pair of novelty socks, in particular, are inexpensive but entertaining gifts for men. These are ideal for taco fans, but there are numerous other options and designs available. So, figure out what his favorite food or game is, and you'll be able to find a matching pair of socks that make excellent small gifts for him.

10. Bottle Opener in the Shape of a Millenium Falcon

Is he a fan of Star Wars? Then consider this bottle opener as one of the best cheap gifts for men under $10 on this gift guide for him. It's a small, inexpensive gift that's ideal for those on a tight budget. If he isn't a Star Wars fan, there are some other novelty bottle openers that he will undoubtedly enjoy.nd if he enjoys a good beer, you can't go wrong with a fun bottle opener, can you?

11. Cookbook in One Pot

A cookbook is always a welcome Christmas present, and this one is both a great resource for quick meals and under $10. This cookbook is filled with simple recipes that can be made in a single pan. This type of cookbook is ideal for beginners as well as men who are living on their own or moving out and want to improve their cooking skills. So, if you want something useful from which they can learn, this book is an excellent choice.

12. Novel USB Flash Drive

Did you know that there are a variety of fun little USB flash drives available that serve as both a USB stick and a keychain? This little one is a prime example of that. Depending on the design and size of the storage, some of them can be quite pricey. However, if you look around and dig a little on Amazon, you're bound to find one of these gadgets for him for less than $10. This gaming controller is ideal for the gaming enthusiasts in your life.

13. Pizza Scissors

Do they prefer pizza over other foods? Then perhaps getting them a pair of pizza scissors is a good idea. There are plenty of these available; just make sure you're not paying too much for them. This one, in particular, allows you to remove the spatula and use the scissors separately. Keeping these for pizza alone is an excellent option. In any case, this is a great inexpensive kitchen gadget for men.

14. 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

There are numerous puzzles available that are both affordable and inexpensive, with this space-themed one being an excellent example. A puzzle is a great cheap Christmas gift for men, so if you find one with a design they'll like, this can be a great option to get them as a gift. So, if you like this concept, be sure to check out all of the fun designs available on Amazon. It can get a little more than $10, but none of them are outrageously priced.

15. Beard Maintenance Kit

If he has a beard, this is probably one of the best inexpensive gifts for men you can get. It's essentially a kit containing all of the essentials for caring for your beard. It's a fun and unique take on some men's beauty products designed specifically for men with beards or attempting to grow a beard. So, if you think they'd like this as a gift, make sure to learn more about it and what's included in the kit.

16. Beautiful Pair of Playing Cards

A nice deck of playing cards is another excellent addition to this budget-friendly gift guide for men. There are numerous versions available, some with interesting themes. These are fancy black playing cards that are also waterproof, making them ideal for poolside trips. If they enjoy card games, whether poker or something else, a simple set of playing cards is always a good gift idea. So take a look at Amazon to see all of your options.

17. Magnetic Wrist Band is 17th

A magnetic wrist band like this one is a great gift idea for DIYers or handymen. It's much easier to keep track of all the screws and bolts you use when they're not rolling around. There are a few different versions and colors available, all priced around $10. This one is the one that stays right beneath it. So, if you know they swear a lot when putting things together and keep losing small bits, this is a great gadget to have.

18. Whiskey Stones

A set of whiskey stones is always a good gift idea for men who enjoy a little liquor, and while these may not come in the prettiest box, they are still excellent gifts. It even includes a small pouch and a pair of thongs for putting them in your drink.nd, don't worry, this set is also under $10. These are fantastic luxury gifts that are extremely affordable and cost-effective for what they are. So, if you're on a tight budget, these are excellent choices.

19. Headphones Support

Some may consider this a redundant gadget, but if you have a nice pair of headphones, it's a great addition to your desk. It's a simple stand that will keep your headphones ready to go without risking denting it or leaving it on your desk with a bunch of stuff on it, causing you to lose your headphones. It's probably one of the best cheap gifts for men who have a messy desk and frequently misplace their headphones.

20. AirPods Case Cover

Is he the proud owner of a pair of AirPods? Then you can get him a cheap case for his AirPods, which will make them much more convenient. The case is made of silicone and comes with a keychain on which to hang it. So it not only protects your AirPods and makes them easier to hang from your keys, but it also improves the appearance of your case. Instead of the standard Apple white, you can choose any color you want. So, a great inexpensive addition to your AirPods.

21. Pair of Leather Work Gloves 

This pair of leather work gloves is another great addition to this list of gifts for men under $10. This is ideal for handymen who could always use an extra pair of work gloves. Because, let's face it, they keep losing one of them, and a mismatched pair doesn't look very professional. These are available in a variety of sizes, and there is even a version with a magnet at the wrist to hold screws and other items on your glove.

22. Blue Light Shielding Glasses

Working from home has given us a lot of free time, and we've spent a lot of it in front of screens; these glasses are great for reducing blue light and are an easy $10 gift.

23. Drive by Thumb

This is a great gag gift as well as a practical gift that will make him smile when he opens it. It also has plenty of memory (32 GB), which is more than enough for most tasks. It's compatible with both Windows and Mac, and it comes with a nice metal carrying case. It's the ideal under $10 gift for him.

24. Slime Removal

This stuff is strange, but it works incredibly well, and it's a great gift for anyone who likes to keep their car or keyboard clean. Plus, the price is unbeatable. It is one of the most affordable items on this list.

25. Meat Claws

These are ideal for shredding meats such as pulled pork or other slow-cooked dishes. They are far superior to anything else I have tried. If you know a man who enjoys meat, this is a great gift for him.

25. Wristband with Magnet

This is an excellent gift idea for any man. Whether he's handy or not, having a magnetic wristband to hold his screws while he works will help him avoid dropping anything down the floor vent (which happens.... a lot).

26. Leather Phone Case and Folio Wallet

These are an excellent way to combine your wallet and phone. You'll have less stuff in your pocket. What's not to love about this? You don't need as many cards on the go with digital wallets, but it's always a good idea to have a few just in case your phone dies or they don't accept chip technology. The best of both worlds is a folio wallet. This one straddles the gifts under $10 line, just so you know.

27. Grilling Mats

My grill and I have a love-hate relationship. I enjoy grilling, but I despise having to clean the grill afterwards. Grill mats are an excellent way to keep your grill clean. I adore them, and the special man in your life will, too. Believe me!

28. iPhone Cases for Every Season

Phone cases are both an accessory and a necessity; get into the holiday spirit with these winter cases. 

29. Phone Holder Tripod or Camera Stand

This tripod is da-bomb and might be the best $10 gift idea for guys. What's not to love about this price for a phone?

30. Phone Stand Holder 

We've all had occasions when we needed to prop up our phones for various reasons. How many times have you attempted a hands-free video call by propping up your phone with books or other items lying around? To get around this, this is the ideal gift under $10. 

31. Boating Waterproof Bag

To be honest, I noticed these everywhere we went in Disney World. They, however, extend far beyond the Magic Kingdom. You can put your phone in this pouch and be confident that it will be safe from any water conditions you may encounter. 

32. Phone Holder Portable Spider Flexible 

These are pretty cool and can be used in a variety of settings. You can use it to mount or stand your phone wherever you want. Plus, it comes in a two-pack, making you appear to have splurged! 

33. Toilet Night Light with Motion Activation

This is one of the most creative ideas I've seen in a long time. It's useful and practical, as well as stylish. It's a toilet nightlight (I mean, the title says it all, but...) Consider how cool this would be. Your man will adore it, and the price is reasonable. This would also be a popular gift idea for a gift exchange.

34. Money Clip 

Something about holding cold hard cash in your hand appeals to me. I've had a money clip for years, and it has a very stylish look to it. 

35. Wallets

You don't like money clips? I get it; with all of the cards we have, the traditional wallet is still useful. Wallets are still necessary for the majority of us these days. 

36. T-shirt from Marvel

If you know a Marvel fan (a.k.a. a man between the ages of 28 and 50), this is a great shirt to get him. It's also under $10, so it's an easy choice. Click here to get one while supplies last.

37. Mens Baseball Sleeve 

These appear to be quite nice for the price. It's one of my favorite shirt styles. If I opened it on Christmas, I would expect it to be a $30 gift. 

38. HDMI Cable

Seriously? How many times have you heard him say, "I can't find an HDMI cable," only to go back behind the TV and use one while switching things around? Simply get him a new cable; he'll appreciate it, and it won't interfere with your next Netflix binge.

39. Earbuds Carrying Case

Headphones are frequently misplaced in our home; providing everyone with a carrying case will make them much easier to find and much more difficult to lose or break. Plus, how convenient would it be to always know where you left your headphones? I honestly spend a few minutes every day looking for mine. 

40. Phone Anti Drop Finger Holder

This year, these things have appeared out of nowhere. There are numerous types and varieties. This one piqued my interest. They are ideal for taking selfies or simply holding onto your phone in various situations. This one is more colorful, but your guy might prefer something a little more subtle. There are numerous options. You can find them here.

41. T-Shirts

When it comes to shirts, depending on your man's preferences, there is likely a gift in the $10 and under range. 

42. Sunglasses 

Of course, sunglasses are always a good idea; give him a great gift and grab a pair for his stocking or just make that the main gift; he doesn't need to know it was only $10.

Now that you've hopefully found some cheap Christmas gifts for men under $10, all that remains is to order your gift and wrap it. If you're looking for some creative ways to wrap gifts for men, look no further than these gift wrapping ideas for men. Overall, you should now have a list of inexpensive gifts for him that you can purchase and wrap for him. 

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