Best Christmas Gifts for Men Under $50 or Less

June 22, 2022 9 min read

Christmas is approaching, and as is customary, the men in our lives leave us scratching our heads as to what to get them. Something fun or functional that fits their personality and will make them smile this Christmas must exist.

Shopping for a man, whether you're looking for a cheap gift for a man's friend or the perfect present for your dad, boyfriend, or brother, isn't always easy. And when it comes to the best gifts for men, there's no doubt you'll want to get them something they'll use, which takes the phrase "the thought that counts" to a whole new level.

Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank to get him a thoughtful gift. And there are so many inexpensive options available that you won't have any trouble finding unique gifts that will impress him (and the rest of the room) as soon as he rips back the wrapping paper. That being said, there are many great gift ideas for men on the market—and, as much as you may not want to admit it, time is running out. So Famvibe went ahead and compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for men under $50. Don't worry, no one will suspect they only cost a small portion of your holiday shopping budget.

1. DIY Bacon Kit

Assist a bacon enthusiast in truly appreciating pork in all its glory. The Original Bacon Kit includes a curing bag, the cure, maple sugar, a thermometer, and written instructions. All you need is 5 pounds of pork belly from your neighborhood butcher. The bacon can be cooked in an oven or a smoker, and the whole family can enjoy it.

2. Bucket List Book 'You Only Live Once'

The collection of daily adventures from Lonely Planet will inspire anyone to seize the day and live life to the fullest.

3. Nerf Laser Ops Alphapoint Pro

This laser battle pack is ideal for the man who is just a kid at heart and wants to brighten his day and have some fun.

4. Coffee Subscription Box

Nothing beats discovering local roasters and sampling their beans for a coffee snob. Traveling across the country is inconvenient, so why not have the roosters come to him? Trade Coffee collaborates with 50 notable roasters, including Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Caffe Vita in Seattle, and PT's Coffee Roasting Co. in Topeka, Kansas.

5. Bagsmart Travel Cable Organizer

This handy organizer will help tame the cable chaos once and for all. It's ideal for the digital nomad who never leaves home without his laptop, phone, and a slew of adapters and chargers to power and connect them.

6. Scratch Off Adventure Challenge Guide 

What man doesn't want to spend more time with the people he cares about? These books include 50 scratch-off ideas for fun activities for couples or the whole family. Each "surprise" adventure has an estimated time commitment and cost, which is typically $20 or less. And because each entry includes a space for a photo and notes, the books become treasured keepsakes long after the challenges have been completed. There's also a solo adventure version, a "naughty" edition, and bundles with an instant camera.

7. Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach

A sandwich is incredible: so many different flavors in your mouth all at once. The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is one of Amazon's best-selling items, and most customers say it's simple to use and clean.

8. Monthly Subscription to SnackCrate

Why would he eat ordinary snacks when he can sample sweet and savory treats from Germany, the Philippines, or some other faraway land? A full-size starter subscription box contains 10 to 12 snacks (half-size boxes are also available), and new shipments are sent out every month.

9. Lighter Zippo

This windproof lighter is an American classic that comes with a lifetime guarantee: if it ever breaks, he can send it back and the company will repair it for free.

10. Hot Sauce Making Kit

Does he enjoy a little heat? With this DIY kit, he can make his hot sauce, which includes spices, three pepper varieties, vinegar, gloves, and empty condiment bottles.

11. Auto Putt System by Club Champ

If he wants to work on his putting, this indoor golf set is a great option. It is portable and simple to assemble, and it includes a gravity return ball track.

12. 'Bulletproof' Glass

The only thing crazier than this rocks glass, handcrafted in the United States by BenShot, is the story he'll tell his friends about it.

13. Philips Norelco OneBlade

Keep his face fur neat with this Philips rechargeable wet/dry electric shaver and trimmer. It includes clipper guards to keep his beard in check and a novel blade to keep hairlines clean and stubble at bay.

14. Magnetic Wristband 

During any DIY project, a magnetic wristband acts as a third hand. This one has ten strong magnets that hold screws, nails, bolts, and drill bits, making home improvement easier.

15. Bear Paws Shredder Claws

Unleash your inner barbecue beast and give the gift of meat claws for making pulled pork. The claws are strong enough to shred other types of slow-cooked, grilled, or smoked meat, and they can also pick up food and carve large pieces of meat without slipping.

16. 1,000-Piece 'Pixels' Jigsaw Puzzle

Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind puzzles like this one from Cloud Berries Official, which would be ideal for an artist or computer nerd.

17. Bomenne Build-on Brick Mug

This mug is ideal for any man who still has his childhood Legos or enjoys spending time with his children and their building blocks. Attach a minifig or go wild and build it!

18. Mooray Men's Sport Polarized Sunglasses

These polarized sunglasses are ideal for active men who enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing because they block glare and protect the eyes.

19. Embroidered Baseball Hat

Baseball hats are popular, especially when they are high quality, have a cool design, and are long-lasting. These needlepoint-logo hats are all of that and more, and they come in more than a half-dozen designs, including athletic and nature themes, as well as the American flag. However, designs sell out quickly, so act quickly if you see one that you like.

20. Mosquito Net Hammock G4Free

This two-person pop-up hammock includes an insect net for pest protection while relaxing in the great outdoors (aka the backyard).

21. Print the Marathon Course Map

Running a marathon is something to be proud of. Give him a memento of that unforgettable race that will look great on any wall. Run Ink provides maps of literally hundreds of marathons in the United States, Canada, and around the world, as well as triathlon routes and custom maps.

22. Star Wars Waffle Iron

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will be delighted to make Darth Vader-shaped waffles. If the bad guy doesn't do it for him, he should consider the Death Star waffle maker.

23. A Man, A Pan, and A Strategy

Let's face it: some guys are completely clueless in the kitchen. Don't give up if he's one of them. Give them a copy of this cookbook, which includes 100 one-pan recipes. (Next year, we'll work on his dishwashing skills...)

24. Harry's Winston Shaving Kit

This set comes with everything he needs for a close, clean shave, including an aluminum razor, three blades, a travel cover, and foaming shave gel. You can have the razor personalized for an additional $15.

25. Binoculars Bushnell Falcon

Hunters, hikers, campers, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts require a second set of eyes. These lightweight Falcon series binoculars, backed by the Bushnell brand, are designed for outdoor use. They come with a carrying case.

26. Rebel Panda's based on Stephen King's novel T-shirt

This cotton T-shirt is for the guy who has seen every Stephen King film and book and can never, ever get enough thrills and chills. It comes in seven different colors and sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

27. Leatherman Rev Multi Tool

With this handy Leatherman pocket-sized tool, you'll never be caught off guard in an emergency. There are 14 tools in total, including a bottle opener, file, knife, pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, and a wire cutter.

28. Sengled Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED

He'll be amazed by the Christmas gift of wireless music in the form of an energy-saving bulb that plugs into any standard lamp or light socket. Dual JBL speakers produce crisp, clear sound, and the LED bulb should last up to 17 years.

29. Everlast Rocketbook Smart Notebook

Even those who prefer pen and paper can go high-tech with the Rocketbook Everlast, which can easily send notes or sketches to a variety of productivity apps such as Dropbox, Slack, and Evernote to share or keep for posterity. The pages can be erased with a damp cloth and written on repeatedly with a special marker, pen, or highlighter.

30. Engraved Bamboo Pen

There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end pen like a Montblanc. This one-of-a-kind pen includes free engraving and a two-tone wooden case that will complement any man's desk.

31. Guanciale

Bacon is now used to flavor nearly every type of food, from cupcakes to beer. Cooks frequently use pancetta, pork belly, or the standard smoked variety, but guanciale — cured meat from a pig's jowl — would make an unusual gift for a pork-obsessed foodie. Guanciale, which is popular in central Italy but less well-known in the United States, is leaner and has a stronger flavor than bacon.

32. Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit Jeans by Wrangler

Wrangler jeans are rugged and dependable, making them ideal for a man who values hard work and appreciates long-lasting clothing.

33. Premium Homebrewing Kit from Mr. Beer

This kit is ideal for introducing a beer enthusiast to the art of homebrewing. It comes with everything he needs, and users say it's simple and enjoyable to use.

34. Thermometer with Laser

Simply point and shoot for accurate temperature readings. Check the grill to see if it's ready for steaks, the pool to see if it's as warm as the kids claim, or the engine block to see if it's safe to remove the radiator cap. A digital meat thermometer rounds out the backyard barbecue package.

35. Rapidfire Chimney Starter by Weber

Most barbecue enthusiasts will tell you that charcoal outperforms gas every time. With this chimney starter, he'll be grilling in no time.

36. Caddy for the Couch

Everything a binge-watcher requires for a successful night on the couch can be stored in a convenient organizer that fits right over the arm of most couches. It has six pockets that can hold the remote, a cell phone, reading glasses, and other items. There's even a snack tray for snacks and beverages.

37. Omaha Sirloin Steaks

Give him the Christmas gift for men under $50 of a fine meal from Omaha Steaks. Four naturally aged sirloin steaks are included in this package. The food is flash-frozen and ships to the United States for free.

38. Pencil Tactical

With this tactical pen made of aircraft-grade aluminum, he can channel his inner MacGyver. The pen functions as an emergency glass-breaker, as well as a bottle opener and flashlight. (Doesn't that sound cool?)

39. Kettlebell with Vinyl Coating

There are entire workouts based on kettlebells, but these small wonders won't take up much room at home. A flat bottom keeps them from rolling, and a textured handle keeps even sweaty hands from slipping.

40. Vintage Stripe Calf Socks by Bombas

These cushioned crew-length cotton socks, available in four different three-pack color combinations, will keep his feet comfortable and stylish. This Christmas gift goes above and beyond: for every pair of socks sold by Bombas, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter.

41. Vintage Camera Patent Poster Print 1953

Something about technical drawings and architectural renderings looks cool. Give one of these 11-by-14-inch art prints inspired by original patent documents to a gearhead. Architecture, consumer electronics, fashion, and toys are all options.

42. Adult Hopper Ball by Waliki Toys

Is a special someone coveting your toddler's hopper ball? Get him one of his own. The 29-inch Waliki Toys Hopper Ball is designed specifically for adults, with a sturdy handle. It's made of PVC-free rubber, has a double-action pump for quick inflation, and comes in a variety of colors.

43. Stormy Kromer's Original Hat

The Original Stormy Kromer Hat is as iconic as it is warm, and it is handcrafted in Michigan. It's lined with cotton flannel and available in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Depending on how cold it is, an integrated ear band can be adjusted up or down.

44. 'Serial Killer Cookbook'

What did John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and other notorious death row inmates eat on their final meals? This book provides an answer to that question, as well as recipes and more true crime trivia. Perfect for a man with a dark sense of humor and morbid curiosity.

45. Tire-Pressure Gauge Electronic

Forget about those old-fashioned pencil tire pressure gauges. Electronic gauges with digital readouts are more precise and easier to read than analog gauges. This stocking stuffer is especially useful for a driver who owns an older vehicle without a built-in tire-pressure monitor — remember, properly inflating tires extends tread life and improves gas mileage.

46. Original Personal Library Kit Knock Knock

Perhaps he values his library so much that he wants to check books in and out to friends in the same way that people used to do in public libraries. This set includes 20 return-date slips, 20 self-adhesive pockets, a date stamp, and an ink pad.

47. Fire TV Stick From Amazon

The latest Fire TV Stick has a powerful processor for fast streaming. It also includes an Alexa voice remote so he can "say it and play it."

48. What Are Your Memes

If he's tired of Cards Against Humanity, get him the latest runaway party hit for adults. Pair the caption cards with photos from some of the internet's most well-known memes, and the judge will decide who has the most amusing twosome.

Christmas gifts for men under $50 are thoughtful, unique, and sure to make him happy. You're sure to find the perfect Christmas gift for him in Famvibe's list of Christmas gift ideas for men, whether it's something unique, hand-made, or valuable. Think hand-engraved jewelry, stylish leather holdalls, personalized pork pies (yes, really), and everything in between. This gift will be the best one yet.

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