Best Christmas Gifts for New Yorkers

June 24, 2022 13 min read

When native New Yorkers think about the gifts that are intended for us, they roll their eyes at the shallow offerings. The T-shirts that say "I Love New York'' and the decorations of yellow taxis do not exactly ring in the Christmas spirit. Because of our unreasonably high demands, it is notoriously difficult to shop for us. See, we are notoriously difficult to shop for. We have no room for extraneous items because there is none available.

Even though money may seem like the ideal Christmas for New Yorkers (really, have you seen the cost of a monthly metrocard?), the gifts that were given a little bit more consideration are the ones that are always remembered the most fondly by our family and friends. Therefore, whether you are looking for a gift for your sister who has spent her entire life in one of the five boroughs or a gift for a coworker who has just moved to the city, Famvibe has found Christmas gifts for New Yorkers that will cause the recipient to look impressed when they open the Christmas present.

1. Homesick New York City Candle

Whether they're making the big move to New York City or haven't lived there in years, a whiff of this perfumed candle will be the ideal housewarming gift because it will bring the hustling and bustling city to any situation. This posh candle was hand-poured, and it has a burn time of between 60 and 80 hours. It has aromas that are reminiscent of "spring days in Central Park, fine department stores, and concrete." (And here is one situation in which we are grateful that they did not attempt to make the odor too realistic.)

2. New York Yankees Pro Standard Varsity Jacket

No one is more invested in their local sports teams than New Yorkers, regardless of the outcome. The New York Yankees (or Mets) hat is a common sight in the city, but let's be honest: your pal who is obsessed with sports undoubtedly already has a whole collection of hats. So as to keep them warm on those chilly city days, you should surprise them with their very own bomber jacket. At the next home game, you can count on them to show their support by wearing it with pride.

3. Gift Card That Is Seamless

You are aware of what? Put the rest of the items on the list out of your mind. This is the ideal present for the occasion.

4. Brandon Blackwood Arlen Mesh Top Handle Bag

It is impossible to stroll the streets, go to brunches, or read through Instagram without coming across someone carrying a statement bag. For the fashionista in your life, a small handbag that flaunts a colorful statement like this item by Brandon Blackwood is an absolute necessity if you want to keep up with the latest trends. The fact that it is made entirely of mesh will make people question their perceptions. In addition, you'll be supporting a fashion brand that's based in New York City.

5. Chelsea Market Cookbook: 100 Recipes From New York's

Forget takeaway or getting out for dinner (especially when the weather is not in your favor). Instead, you should get mum a cookbook that is themed after one of the famous food halls in New York City. If you have ever taken a stroll around Chelsea Market, you are aware that there is a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from, offering anything from seafood to sweets. This cookbook has one hundred and one (that's right, one hundred) different recipes that she can create instead of going on vacation. Dinners with the family have just become a lot more enjoyable thanks to dishes like Sarabeth's famed tomato soup and Buddakan's glazed pork belly.

6. A Broadway Ticket

Baby, Broadway is making a comeback! Around a year and a half ago, all of the movie theaters were forced to shut down their operations. Now, one by one, some of our most beloved Broadway productions are making their way back. Tickets to a musical, play, or even an off-Broadway event may be a wonderful surprise for the whole family. (And who knows, you might just get lucky and score tickets to Hamilton, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, or Wicked.) Simply keep in mind the COVID protocols that have been established for the show that you have selected.

7. Collection Touch Tech Cashmere Gloves

The winters in New York can be very harsh. When you go out and get big sister these touch tech cashmere gloves, she'll be sure to thank you in the future. These boots are not only cozy but also practical: Cashmere in its purest form, and the capacity to text without your fingers falling off from the cold? It seems like a win-win situation to us.

8. New York City Print Poster

 We are required to exhibit at least one piece of art that is influenced by our city at all times. Now, the typical picturesque photo of the Empire State Building or the Brooklyn Bridge is acceptable, but if you want a poster that is sure to become a topic of discussion in your close friend's apartment, choose something that is a little bit more creative. This find on Etsy is an homage to the five boroughs of New York City, and it features iconic landmarks such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Staten Island Ferry, and even a warning sign about rats. All of their visitors will spend hours attempting to point out the popular ones, which will create a night filled with reminiscing about the strangest things that have ever taken place in New York City.

9. Plant Parent Set

You are aware of at least one person who has converted their apartment into a makeshift greenhouse; therefore, why not provide them with what they are looking for? Give them something to show your appreciation for their green thumb with a set that is solely devoted to plant parents. You have the option of buying anywhere from three to seven houseplants (depending how many green friends they really need). In any case, people may anticipate receiving a collection of low-maintenance plants in their box that range in size and type. In addition, each one comes with its own nursery pot so that the recipient may get started right away.

10. BX WRITERS Anthology VOL1

Your significant other will enjoy immersing themselves in this collection of poems written by local poets if they are the type to always have their nose buried in a good book when riding the metro. On each of the book's 334 pages, a different poet from New York City describes the impact that living in New York City, particularly the Bronx, has had on their lives. "We write from the fire, flames, and fumes we acquired from the Bronx," the author of the anthology said. "Instead of destroying us, the Bronx built and raised us."

11. Hardcore Sheet BundlE

It's common knowledge that there's no such thing as "the city that never sleeps." You should give your favorite sleepyhead a nap. Get yourself a fresh set of bedding from the cult-favorite local company, Gothamite. One fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one duvet cover, and four pillowcases are included in the Hardcore Sheet Bundle. She will be able to forget about all of the ruckus outside her window once she sinks into her sheets with a thread count of 480 and begins to cuddle up.

12. Transportation Gift Card

To be clear, taking the subway is a lot more cost-effective than taking a taxi. But just in case the trains are late (again), you should provide your younger brother an alternative that he'll be grateful for in the event that he arrives late. A gift card for Uber can ensure that he will get to his location in a more expedient manner. (Now, when it comes to the traffic in New York, we are unable to be of assistance to you on this front.)

13. Mini Crossword Books With Pencil Set

You can always find your father working on the crossword in The Times, so it makes perfect sense to provide him with two New York Times small crossword books to keep him busy in the morning (that each holds 150 puzzles to last him until the next holiday). The package also includes a canvas bag with a crossword motif and seven pencils, one for each day of the week, ensuring that he will never be unprepared to solve the clues that are presented to him during the day.

14. The Milk Bar Sampler

Pizza, bagels, and, you probably guessed it, dessert are all excellent in New York. Milk Bar is one of the numerous places in the city where we like to stop for a cookie (or two), and we like doing so. Their craving for sweets will be sated with a sampler that includes the dessert company's most popular offerings. This set comes with a slice of milk bar pie, six different kinds of cookies, three packs of birthday truffles, and three packs of chocolate truffles. Although we cannot guarantee that they will share with you, we can say with absolute certainty that it will make them grin.

15. The Adventures Challenge Couples Edition

Date nights just got an upgrade, which means there is no longer need to waste time deciding what to do for them. This travel guidebook will provide you with fifty different activities that you may do with your significant other to create even more memories together. How? Scratch off a task to discover some amusing activities, such as recreating the first date your grandparents had, baking an apple pie while blindfolded, or making a memory box together. You are also encouraged to take a picture and jot down a few phrases to document the experience so that you can look back on it in the years to come. This will allow you to reflect on the past more easily.

16. Coffee Card

Despite the fact that we may roll our eyes when visitors from out of town ask us how to say "coffee," we cannot deny how much we enjoy the beverage. It will be much simpler for them to commute anywhere if they have a nice Christmas gift card to their favorite coffee shop, which is conveniently located just around the corner from their flat. Culture Espresso, Kinship Coffee, and Sweetleaf are three of our top choices when it comes to coffee.

 17. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Because it has been discovered that WFH while also having a roommate, lover, or cat is really difficult. A pair of headphones that is wireless and has Bluetooth capability ought to do the trick. These noise-canceling headphones contain a dual-microphone technology, which ensures that the sound coming in is crystal clear while also reducing the amount of interference from the surrounding environment. In addition to this, it comes pre-loaded with Alexa, allowing you to quickly request access to your music and/or information with the push of a button.

18. Marathon Hydration Bottle

Give this water bottle made of stainless steel to a friend who likes to train for local 5K races by running along the Hudson River and remind them to drink plenty of water. It has a screw-on top that prevents leaks and a distinctive design that depicts the well-known New York City Marathon. This bottle will maintain the cool temperature of beverages for a full day while they are squeezed in some training time. In addition, it can keep hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours.

19. Air Purifier

We have a lot of love for our city, but she isn't quite spotless. Enter this state-of-the-art device that cleans the air. You have the option of taking our word for it or reading through the more than 15,000 positive reviews already available. In either case, this ingenious machine is lauded for its quiet air technology, which enables it to function continuously throughout the night without waking up any of the people around it. Those who suffer from allergies will also find that it does an excellent job of filtering out pet dander.

20. Museum Membership

Your pals have spent the last 18 months watching much too much Netflix, and these significant organizations require our assistance now more than they have in the past. Gifting a membership to a cultural institution such as the Whitney, the New Museum, MoMA, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Museum of Moving Image is an excellent way to assist your friends in re-entering the world of culture.

21. Local Hot Sauce

Find a pal that smothers everything in hot sauce and isn't afraid of anything that's on the spicy side. Keep their refrigerator (or bag) supplied with a bottle from this local company, which comes in two different flavors: the green Herbal Alchemy, which is flavored with cilantro, parsley, and turmeric; and the red Sweet Heat, which has a bit more of a kick to it (subtly tropical with mango and pineapple).

22. An Iconic NYC Foodie Care Package

Send a loved one a traditional delicacy from New York City as a way to let them know you are thinking about them. It doesn't matter if you give them pastries from Levain Bakery, pastrami from Katz Deli, or even a complete brunch box set from Russ & Daughters; they are guaranteed to have their bellies full of delicious treats.

23. Late Night Tote

Just so you know, tote bags are absolutely necessary in the Big Apple. There's no telling if you'll stop by the grocery store on your way home from work, discover a local farmer's market, or find yourself in need of a safe place to keep an extra pair of shoes in the event that it starts to rain. In addition, because of the recently implemented bag rule, you should always be prepared. The words that are inscribed on the bag, which are known as "Late Nights, Bodegas, and Drunk Texts," shout the life of a city dweller.

24. Diner Up

If you were born and raised in New York City, you will have a strong sense of melancholy when you look at this coffee bottle. Even though it has evolved into a representation of the past, you should always treasure it. At this point, any mug of coffee you consume has the potential to be the best mug of coffee in the world. Thank you very much.

25. Depiction of Their Most Often Gathering Spot

You can honor a fellow New Yorker's favorite hangout or an essential local haunt where it all started by gifting them a poster of the location that was created by a NYC artist.

26. Iconic New York Cheesecake

If they really miss Carnegie Deli's New York Cheesecake (the brick-and-mortar business shuttered in 2016, so RIP to the cheesecake), you can surprise them with one during the Christmas season!

27. NYC Subway Cognac Token & Revenue Bag Watch

The NYC Subway Cognac Token & Revenue Bag Watch is an elegant Christmas gift for New Yorkers who have an appreciation for antique New York City products and memorabilia. The "revenue bag" that was used to transport tokens from one part of the system to another provides the material for the dial.

28. NYC Coffee Cups

Design nerds are the only ones who know what the flag of New York City looks like. If we were to choose a symbol for the rest of us, it would most likely be the coffee cup that says "We are glad to serve you." With this porcelain homage to the Greek symbol, you can now recreate the quaint atmosphere of a coffee shop in the comfort of your own home.

29. Ruth Bader mural t-shirt and poster

In the year 2022, a large, colorful mural that celebrated life and stood three stories tall appeared in the middle of East Village. Because the painting received such an amazing response from supporters of the Flatbush-born musician Justice, the artist Elle is now selling prints and t-shirts that include the massive artwork.

30. Carving Board

When you have to cut through 23,000 pounds of corned beef and pastrami every week for decades, you have no choice but to use the best surfaces available for the task.

31. NYC MetroCard Charm

Before the advent of dating apps, the question "Can I get a swipe?" sounded a lot less desperate.

This charm is made of sterling silver and costs $68. On the back, it features a statement from Simone de Beauvoir that reads, "There is something in the New York air that renders sleep worthless." This will allow the person on your list to show off their love for the city.

32. Brooklyn Eagles 1935 Baseball Cap

You've probably heard of JAY Z and his famous Yankees cap, but here's your chance to show your support for another New York baseball team. Ebbets Field was the home field for the Brooklyn Eagles, a team that competed in the Negro National League and wore this cap during their lone season there.

33. "One-Track Mind: Drawing the New York City Subway"

Subterranean in the streets of Gotham are where you'll find the intersection of architecture and underground art. The complex drawings of Philip Ashforth Coppola, which have been collected here for your perusal, showcase the decorative aspects of our subway system. These elements range from often-overlooked mosaics and terra-cotta plaques to faience medallions and cornices.

34. Cat Pillow

It's just a fact of life when you grab a sandwich from the local corner store that there might be a stray strand of cat hair mixed in with your bacon, egg, and cheese. And that's okay with us because some of our favorite people in New York City work in bodega kitties.

35. The New York Public Library Silk Scarf 

They may be wearing around their neck one of the most stunning apartments in all of New York City. The Rose Main Reading Room is not only an iconic representation of the library but also one of the largest interior spaces in the world that does not have any columns. The mural is surrounded by ornate rosettes and recessed panels that are embellished with classical motifs. Its modest elegance gives off the impression of wearing a T-shirt that says "I heart NY," but without giving the impression that you are a visitor.

36. CutMaps stainless steel New York City map

There is no better way to proclaim to the world that you are a native New Yorker than by adorning the walls of your itty-bitty flat with maps of our great city. Because it is crafted from stainless steel, you should reserve it for the most hardened Gothamite you know. 

37. Sunday Afternoon in Central Park Puzzle

Give the Christmas gift of the beautiful scenery that may be found in Central Park. This bright New Yorker cover, created by artist Bob Knox and initially published on July 15th, 1991, features 1000 pieces, providing you with something to do during the chilly winter evenings.

38. Baking Set from Chip City

Baking sets are pre-portioned frozen cookie dough anyone can toss into the oven for that baked-from-scratch feel. Chip City offers the classic Chocolate Chip, but they’re known for unique flavors like Oatmeal Apple Pie and Sweet Potato S’mores. They also have plant-based and build-your-own options.

39. Original Short Gloss Waterproof Rain Boot

While I've been living in New York City, if there's one thing I've picked up, it's that you don't only need to wear rain boots when it's raining outdoors. Because the city transforms into one massive slush pool throughout the winter, having cute footwear that is waterproof is an imperative requirement.

40. Room-Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

After spending the whole day exploring a major city, you are going to need a restful night of sleep in order to be able to get up and do it all again the following day. Blackout curtains are the most effective means of accomplishing this goal when you live on a city block that is shared with hundreds of other people. Seriously. Life-changing.

41.Medium Leather Transport

Because living in a big city requires you to be ready for anything, you should always carry a change of shoes, a book to read on the train, an umbrella, your phone charger, an extra phone charger in case the first one dies, and other such items in your tote bag. You wind up carrying A LOT of things around with you. A reliable and strong tote that can withstand the elements at any time of year is a lifesaver.

42. Soft Fleece Blanket

When you live in an apartment, particularly one that is located in an older building, you are typically forced to deal with one of two issues: either the flat is extremely drafty or your landlord keeps the place as cold as an icebox. In either case, a cuddly blanket will be very well received and loved.

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