Best Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans

June 21, 2022 12 min read

Star Wars fans may be the luckiest fandom in the world. Why? Because the frequency in which they get served blockbuster movies, games, TV shows, or even Lego toys, is unparalleled. Marvel fans wish. Stranger Things could never. And since Star Wars is always giving, it’s always timely to give a gift to the Star Wars fanatic in your life to celebrate, well, Star Wars.

Rest assured, there’s an almost unfathomable amount of Star Wars merch out there, not to mention collectible designer collabs and epic crossovers. Basically, anything with a touch of that galaxy far, far away makes a great gift to your Star Wars fans. Here, Famvibe has picked many Christmas gifts for star wars fans who’s strong with the Force, part of the rebellion, or simply for the Empire. Each will bring about the all-so-familiar adrenaline rise those signature static blue texts on the screen inspire. So may the Force…well, you get it.

1. Book Profiling the Notable Women in The Galaxy

Discover all of the franchise's powerful women in a Star War book of 75 characters from the movie, comics, games, and more. Each profile includes a lovely illustration from a female or non-binary artist.

2. Star Wars' Pinball Machine

This pinball setup features 10 different Star Wars games in all their LCD glory. In fact, it's one of our favorite gadgets of 2021.Star Wars pinball machines will be available in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models. The game will immerse players in the dynamic and challenging Star Wars pinball environment as they battle to restore justice to the Galaxy. Stern’s Star Wars Pro machines are packed with features that provide an irresistible game experience. The game includes select speech and footage from the original Star Wars trilogy; color-changing LED-lighted inserts; and a sculpted TIE Fighter.

3. Darth Vader LED Light

Want to be tempted by the dark side every time you sit down to work? Let this Vader-inspired desk lamp make your office space roughly 20 percent more evil.  

See through the eyes of the dark side with the Darth Vader Color-Select LED Night Light. Designed for fans of the iconic Star Wars movie franchise, the night light is modeled after Darth Vader’s helmet. Featuring bright, energy-efficient LEDs, the plug-in light is perfect for bedrooms, game rooms, bathrooms and more. The color-select option allows you to automatically cycle through eight light colors or choose your favorite. When the white LED function is selected, high and low modes are available to personalize the light to meet your needs. With the tap of a finger, lock any color or manually rotate through the spectrum. Unique light-sensing technology keeps energy costs down by automatically turning on at dusk and off at dawn. Light the dark side with the Darth Vader Color-Select LED Night Light.

4. Darth Vader Watch

This watch technology is actually more complicated than that depicted on screen when the Rebels first attempted to evade Tie Fighters and blow up the Death Stars. Citizen's entire Star Wars collection is well worth a browse.

5. Yoda DoorMat

So your houseguests (as few and far between as they may be right now) start out on the right foot. Literally.The perfect thing to come home to! This Star Wars Yoda doormat is an awesome new home gift or sweet treat for your pad; perfect for fans of the iconic film series, this door mat is a funky way to add some character to your home. This doormat features the face of the iconic Jedi and mentor to Luke Skywalker, Yoda, complete with the slogan “Welcome you are.” An officially licensed product, this Star Wars door mat comes in brown with green detail, along with official branding and labels throughout. 

6. Star Wars Chewbacca Apron

Meet the kitchen staple that’s a triple threat! These aprons are great for family reunions and other occasions. 

Do: Buy this delightfully cheeky Chewbacca apron. 

Don't: Use it as an excuse to make Wookie noises while you cook.

7. Rebel Classic Graphic T-Shirt

If you wanna geek out while pulling off a “vintage trendy” look, this is the tee to do it with.

8. R2-D2 Cookie Jar

The only thing more important than cookies R2-D2 has held was the hologram message that led to the entire galaxy's salvation. So, cookies are a close second.

9. C-3PO Canteen

Just imagine the talking you'd get from C-3PO if you decided to forgo hydration. Besides this brilliantly metallic canteen, Corkcicle modeled water bottles off Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and a Stormtrooper.

10. Boba Fett Firebird Track Jacket

Adidas has rolled out a number ofStar Wars-inspired sneakers and clothing, and it's well worth your time to keep a weather eye on thecollection page for new drops. In the meantime, this classic track suit with a healthy hit of Boba Fett is a standout.

11. Star Wars Space Punch Soy Wax Candle

May Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3PO, and Han Solo be with your home, and make it smell better.

12. Death Star Popcorn Maker

You know you'll bring it out to use every May 4th, theStar Wars movie marathon day. By the way, it uses hot air to pop the kernels, so it's healthy.

13. The Mandalorian Wall Clock

Adding the Mandalorians iconic beskar helmet as a functional decor to a bedroom or college dorm seems only logical. Looking to add a fun vibe to your bedroom, nursery or man cave? Would you like to express your love for your favorite show and character in a unique way? This wall clock for kids and adults is the perfect choice!

14. Darth Vader Helmet Building Toy

Escape the stresses of everyday life for a while and enjoy some quality time recreating every menacing detail of Darth Vader’s Helmet with this collectible LEGO Star Wars building kit (75304)

The iconic design of Darth Vader’s Helmet is recreated in LEGO bricks to spark memories of classic Star Wars saga scenes, and the display stand with nameplate completes an impressive centerpiece

The quality time spent on building their own Darth Vader from 834 pieces of bricks shall be the most rewarding—and entertaining.

15. Star Wars Stormtrooper Ceramic Mug

The Vandor Star Wars Storm Trooper Sculpted Ceramic Mug is custom sculpted and beautifully crafted to make it one of a kind. It features a bold and bright character design and is made from high-quality stoneware. This mug is microwave safe and hand washing is recommended. Ships in a full color gift box. Making retro cool since 1957, legends live on at Vandor - suppliers of hip and functional products for fans of all ages. Stormtroopers serve the Empire. Now they also serve hot coffee.

16. Boba Fett Graphic Tee

If you've been enjoying The Book of Boba Fett, we'd like to direct you to Columbia's yearly Star Wars collection. The bounty hunter inspired a coat and hoodie that have, unfortunately, sold out. Which means that you should snatch up the tee before the other Star Wars enthusiasts beat you to it.

17. Yoda with Heart Funko Pop

There aren't too many ways to say "I love you" to a Star Wars fan, save from begrudgingly rewatching the prequel trilogy with them. Maybe offer up a Christmas-themed Funko Pop! instead.

18.The Sith Building Kit

Is it modern art or aLEGO kit for adults? Impossible to tell! Either way, it's the only classy way to introduce the Sith into your decor.

19. Star Wars Rebel Yogibo Max

This bean bag is only about a million times more comfortable than taking a ride in any spacecraft ever shown on screen inStar Wars. For gaming, for movie-watching, or for just plain sittin'.

20. The Child Yoda Plush Toy

For number-one fanboys and fangirls of the galaxy's most deceptively cute-enough-to-squish being.

21. I-Type Instant Camera: The Mandalorian' Edition

An unexpected partnership but a cool one nonetheless: the futuristic Mandalorian and the vintage-like Polaroid, with the instant camera taking color cues from the TV series.

22. Star Wars: Squadrons

This video game rules. It's pure, starfighter-flying science fiction, for PS4 and Xbox One.

23. Death Star Herb Grinder

So you can grind up the good stuff that'll send you shooting through the galaxy without leaving the couch.

24. Sergeant Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster

Enter a galaxy of adventure and imagination with Star Wars toys! This incredible saga of good versus evil in a galaxy far, far away includes some of the greatest heroes and villains of all time. With Star Wars Nerf blasters, Star Wars fans can imagine they are a favorite character from the saga. Take aim with these dart-firing blasters, and recreate exciting scenes from the films, television series, books, and games. Real one knows Jyn Erso is the most badassStar Wars hero of 'em all.

25. 'The Star Wars Archives. 1977–1983'

George Lucas discusses the inspiration behind the original trilogy in this amazing coffee table book from Taschen, complete with storyboards, behind-the-scenes pictures, posters, and drawings.

26. Darth Vader Dot Silk Bow Tie

If you know a classy guy with a sense of humor, or if you are such a person, this is the perfect Christmas gift for star wars fans. This silk Star Wars bow tie will be a talking point for years.

27. Men’s 3-Pack Star Wars Holiday Socks

Make it merry with Star Wars. These socks provide a tribute to the legendary series without screaming "Star Wars Stan Alert." It's a witty reference that your father will appreciate. Nothing shouts Christmas cheer like a pair of Star Wars holiday socks. Get into the spirit with snowflake-decorated Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and R2-D2 socks, each with its own color palette so you can enhance your formal appearances all season.

28. Cable Guy - Darth Vader - Controller and Device Holder

Cable Guys was founded in the United Kingdom in 2015 by an enthusiastic gamer who had damaged his 21st charging station and then placed the controller on a shelf next to his statues. It is modeled after Switch lord Darth Vader and can accommodate PlayStation and Xbox game controllers. This device is also compatible with all cell phone models and officially licensed Star Wars products.

29. Kids Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless 

Bluetooth Headphones for Children: Connect any device, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, to wirelessly stream high-quality stereo sound for enjoyment and/or education. Listen to music, watch movies, TV shows, and YouTube, or use for remote learning, virtual classrooms, audiobooks, and other activities.

It comes with wireless headphones and a microphone, allowing the user to easily communicate with friends and family during a video call or Zoom meeting. Durable headphones that are ideal for computer instruction and school activities.

Kids wireless headphones have unique visuals inspired by the legendary movie, making them the ideal Christmas gift for star wars fans. Star Wars headphones look fantastic on any Jedi and make an ideal present for any occasion.

30. Plant Holder from The Dark Side

Spruce up their space with this adorably miniature Darth Vader plant holder. It's the perfect vessel for housing an air plant, which is super easy to care for. 

31. Cozy Pair of Slippers

Brown fuzzy slippers with Chewbaca's face on the toes of star wars? Who wouldn't want to keep their toes cozy in these soft, plush slippers adorned with Chewie himself?!

32. R2-D2 popcorn maker

A popcorn maker that looks like the R2D2 robot star wars gifts 2022 or a big bowl of popcorn is the perfect snack for a "Star Wars" movie marathon. This popcorn maker looks just like the series' favorite droid. 

33. Baby Yoda 

Any "Star Wars"-themed dinner or birthday party will be made complete with this set of ice molds shaped just like the beloved child. Plop one in a cup of water, juice, or a special cocktail to add some "Star Wars" spice to any beverage. 

34. Lego "Star Wars

"Star Wars" fans may now construct their own Millennium Falcon thanks to Lego. The ship that completed the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs is available in a couple of different kits, each with a different level of difficulty and detail.

This "Rise of Skywalker" set contains 1,351 pieces and is suitable for children aged 9 and above. It's not the largest or most elaborate model available from Lego, but it's a reasonable $129 and makes an excellent present for younger enthusiasts. Meanwhile, if you're looking to give someone the ultimate Lego "Star Wars" gift this year, look no further than this massive 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon kit for experts. This set is larger and much more detailed, but it's also a lot more expensive and hard to come by.

35. Funky Print of R2-D2

This fun print places R2-D2 in a modern background and is part of a Society6 and "Star Wars" collaboration. The print comes framed and can be customized with eight different frame finishes and is also available in six sizes.

36. 4K Blu-ray Collection with All 9 Star Wars Episodes

Sure, a Disney Plus subscription is the cheapest way to get access to every "Star Wars" movie, but for fans who want to own the films in the very best quality, there's no substitute for this beautiful 4K blu-ray set. You'll need a 4K Blu-ray player to watch the 4K discs, but regular Blu-ray copies are also included. The handsome package comes with every "Star Wars" movie from the "Skywalker Saga." That means you'll get episodes one through nine, but you won't get any of the spin-off movies, like "Rogue One" or "Solo." Each movie is presented in 4K resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos for the best video and audio experience currently available. The disc set is a perfect Christmas gift for people who prefer to own physical copies of movies, and the package even includes a digital redemption code so you can unlock a streaming version of each film as well. 

37. Hawaiian-print Shirt

With prints for pretty much every big fandom like Disney and Marvel, this shirt in the "Peacoat" print features R2-D2 peeking out from vibrant tropical flowers. 

38. Festive Card

No matter the occasion, they'll appreciate this pop-up card that depicts iconic scenes from the series. The card comes with a blaA decked-out pair of comfy Crocs

39. Star Wars Mandalorian Crocs

This pack comes with a set of black Crocs and five "Mandalorian"-themed charms, from Baby Yoda to a Mandalorian's helmet. If your Christmas gift recipient already has a pair of Crocs, you can also buy the pack of charms separately or get an individual "Star Wars" charm.

40. Pancake Molds

Pancakes taste way more delicious in the form of Yoda and R2-D2. The hassle-free silicone molds make it difficult to mess up your recipient's "Star Wars"-themed breakfast. 

41. Loungewear Featuring Intergalactic Dance Party Prints

MeUndies' limited-edition collection, available for its underwear, onesies, and lounge pants, comes in three funky, dance-worthy "Star Wars" prints of Ewoks, lightsabers, and stormtroopers. MeUndies also has a collection inspired by Baby Yoda, and we love its soft and stretchy micromodal underwear so much.

42. Classic Board Game

With its "Star Wars" setting and theme, this board game will give them the opportunity to share their love of the franchise with both family and friends. The game includes references to all three trilogies.

43. Supersized Mandalorian figure

This collectible is three times the size of normal-sized Pop! figures, making it a great Christmas gift for star wars fans that love the Mandalorian and The Child.

44. Cookbook

If they love to cook as much as they love the "Star Wars" series, they'll love this themed cookbook that takes inspiration from recipes served at the "Star Wars" theme park at Disneyworld. The cookbook includes fun recipes such as spicy Mandalorian stew, nerf kebabs, Huttese slime pods, and more.

45. Slim, protective phone case

OtterBox's tough phone cases provide excellent drop protection while remaining lightweight. The cases are a simple and useful method for fans of "Star Wars" to display their enthusiasm

46. Plush Toy

The Child (also known as Baby Yoda) has won the hearts of "The Mandalorian" fans and others. Check out our Christmas gift guide dedicated solely to The Child for more Baby Yoda-inspired items.

47. The Cheese Board

Everything fits together wonderfully in this cheese board, which you'll want to put out for your "Star Wars" marathon.

48. Adidas Star Wars shoes 

Adidas' iconic Ultraboosts are given the "Star Wars" facelift. This pair, like the others in the range, has a second-skin fit, elastic and supportive comfort, and a bouncy, responsive midsole. More information regarding the Adidas-"Star Wars" collaboration may be found here.

49. Ralph McQuarrie Art Book 

Dive inside the enthralling artistic process that went into developing the "Star Wars" universe. The never-before-seen graphics and interviews provide a picture of designer Ralph McQuarrie's hard labor.

50. Star Wars Williams Sonoma Spatula

With this Darth Vader spatula, you can keep your food from crossing over to the dark side (by burning, of course). There are also Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, and R2D2.

51. Disney Plus Subscription

It gives them unlimited access to movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, "Star Wars," National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox. "Star Wars" fans in particular can enjoy new big-budget shows in 4K quality, along with iconic classics. Read everything there is to know about Disney Plus over here. And if you need some binge-spiration, here are all the new movies available to stream.


This welcome mat pays homage to a "Star Wars" fan favorite for those who are familiar with Yoda's wise remarks. The mat is available in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to personalize it for a truly unique present.

53. Be More Leia Book 

We can't think of a greater mentor to give guidance on confidence, boldness, and fortitude than Leia. This tutorial is both entertaining and useful for anyone attempting to become more self-sufficient.

54. Popsocket 

This useful phone accessory is a covert display of their loyalty to the Rebel Alliance and commitment to fighting for the cause. A toy that teaches kids the fundamentals of coding through interesting and engaging activities.

55. "In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: A History from the Pages of The New York Times"

This gorgeous coffee table book traces 40 years of Star Wars coverage from The New York Times, reprinting its articles so the super-nerd can relive it (or, for the younger super-nerd, live it for the first time).A leather-covered book and full ofStar Wars stories and photographs through the decades. Definitely, it is to fill the months until Season Three ofThe Mandalorian premieres. AStar Wars fan will love this new means of absorbingStar Wars lore.

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