Best Christmas Gifts for Subordinates

July 11, 2022 16 min read

When you're in charge of finding gifts for your staff, there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself, including how much money you want to spend. Would it be appropriate to spend the same amount of money on each individual? And how can you make sure that someone likes the gift while still maintaining a professional relationship with them if you don't know them very well?

And then there's the question of how the changes brought about by COVID-19 take effect. It may be more difficult to distribute Christmas gifts for subordinates if they are participating in remote work. You will need to collect everyone's residential addresses in order to have their gifts delivered (not a huge obstacle, generally, but something to consider). As was the case the previous year, many of the gifts that were appropriate in the past may not appear to be as suitable right now. For instance, movie passes, gift cards to spas, and other experience-based gifts are not very useful in the midst of a pandemic.

It should be made clear that managers are not required to give Christmas gifts to subordinates. However, it is a nice gesture if you want to do it, and in some workplaces, it is very much expected. (However, keep in mind that managers should never expect or encourage employees to give gifts and should avoid doing so themselves. Because of the power dynamics at play, it is appropriate for gifts received at work to flow down rather than up.

In the event that you choose to purchase gifts for your staff, the answer to the question of how much money you should spend will vary depending on the office. If you are a manager at a nonprofit organization and a partner at a large law firm, you can expect to spend more money. Therefore, become familiar with your workplace (and if you are unsure, ask other managers what they are doing), but whatever you spend, make sure that it is approximately the same for each member of your team. Don't pick favorites; everyone will notice if you give one person an iPad and another person a scented candle. Don't play favorites.

So, what exactly should you give Christmas gifts for subordinates? The following are some suggestions for everyone on your team.

1. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This handheld vacuum is effective at removing crumbs, dust, and lint from surfaces, and it can even be used to remove dirt from keyboards. In addition to that, it is available in a variety of colors, including, yes, millennial pink.

2. Personalized Coffee Mugs

The coffee mug is the most important accessory on an employee's desk. As a result, you can plan to give each of your employees a personalized coffee mug with their names written on it or print something that they really like on the cup. You can also include personalized Christmas messages for your employees to make the gift extra special.

3. Unisex USB Heated Gloves

Because they lack fingers, these gloves can be plugged into a USB port to heat up and keep hands toasty warm; additionally, typing will be unaffected by their use.

4. Vornado VAN Jr. Vintage Air-Circulator Fan

Your overheated employee will appreciate the gift of personal climate control that this mini-fan, which can be placed on top of a desk, can provide. (It might also give your other employees the gift of a break from fighting over the temperature setting in the office.)

5. Sunrise Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will wake them up gradually but effectively by simulating a sunrise in their bedroom with gradually increasing light. Additionally, it will provide them with a choice of nature sounds to replace the jarring traditional beeping that is typically used.

6. Nero Manetti Premium Zippered Portfolio

In the event that your intern still carries around a backpack, you can make her feel more professional by providing her with a really nice padfolio, such as this zippered one that is made from vegan leather. It has a tablet sleeve, a phone sleeve, and a total of twelve pockets in addition to two penholders.

7. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

The Strategist is of the opinion that this challenging game is one that should not be missed. It is ideal for someone who has time on their hands to dig into ten different cases (alone or with other players) and untangle them like Sherlock himself. The game is challenging and absorbing.

8. Brielle Faux Fur Oversized Throw

The feeling of being wrapped in this faux-fur throw's extreme coziness and softness is akin to that of being pampered. Everyone who comes to my house goes straight to it, and then they want to buy one for themselves. I have one, and everyone else does, too.

9. Teabloom All Beverage Tumbler

This thermos has a number of uses, including as a tea infuser, a thermos for hot beverages, and an infuser for fruit water. It has a sleeve that can be removed for insulation and a filter made of stainless steel, so you can brew both hot and cold tea in it.

10. Himalayan Salt Lamp

It is said that pink Himalayan salt is well-known for its curative, stress-relieving, and air-purifying properties. Plus, they have a really cool appearance and would look nice on the desk of one of your employees who is passionate about health and wellness.

11. Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This single-serve coffee maker will ensure that your remote employee never runs out of coffee, even in the absence of a communal office coffee pot, so you won't have to ask them to brew an entire pot of coffee for themselves.

12. “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” by John Carreyrou

This account of the massive fraud perpetrated by Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is riveting, and it is the epitome of a dysfunctional workplace tale.

13. Bluetooth Disco Ball Lights

Bring the party inside with a disco ball that fits on a desk. This will make your Zoom meetings significantly more interesting.

14. Baby Groot Pen Holder

This Groot measures six inches tall and can be used to hold pens, pencils, or other office supplies. It can also serve as a desk planter, allowing plants to grow from the top of his head.

15. Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin and Cradle

Because it is crafted from a single piece of marble, this rolling pin is not only lovely to look at, but it also helps keep dough cool and does not take on the flavors of the foods you roll with it.

16. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

This chic and long-lasting bag has enough space for two small yoga mats, and it can also be used to transport towels and other yoga-related items.

17. Death Wish Coffee, Valhala Java Bean

This is some seriously potent coffee. It has been described by some critics as "Europe in the 1300s in a cup," while others have said that it is "darker than the night before the arrival of Ragnarok."

18. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

This kit gives you everything you need to cultivate four distinct varieties of bonsai trees (one of which is flaming red! ), including biodegradable growing pots, soil discs, organic seeds, markers, and step-by-step instructions. One of the bonsai trees will grow into a fiery red!

19. Mug with a Hoop

This is a mug in the shape of a basketball hoop! Put your best effort forward and try to get marshmallows or other toppings through the net.

20. Sony Professional Headphones

These lightweight headphones with a closed-eye design and generous padding were designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and they are of a quality that allows professional broadcasters to use them.

21. Cube Key Bluetooth Tracker

Because of this Bluetooth tracker tag, your employee will always be aware of the location of her luggage, and she will even receive a notification on her phone if the luggage gets too far away from a predetermined zone. Additionally, the tag can function as a tracker for both your phone and your keys.

22. Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live

This oral history of Saturday Night Live is a fascinating and detailed account of the show from the beginning, including fights with censors, rivalries among the show's stars, gossip about celebrity hosts, and the process by which the writing is done.

23. The World’s Greatest Speeches, edited by Lewis Copeland

This collection of 292 excellent speeches from throughout history begins in ancient Greece and continues all the way up to the year 1997.

24. Isotoner Stretch Leather Touchscreen Gloves

These toasty and fashionable gloves are made in a way that allows you to text while wearing them. This means that your employee won't get cold while she's texting outside during the winter.

25. Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

As someone who has more cats than they need, I can say from personal experience that the best way to please someone who loves cats is to give a gift to the cats themselves rather than to the person who owns them. This kit will allow you to grow a bunch of grass that for some strange reason cats are drawn to.

26. Anker Powercore Portable Charger

Portable battery packs are a necessity for everyone. Your employee will have no trouble recharging her electronic devices while they are on the go thanks to this high-speed, pocket-sized one that can hold a charge for seven days. It is possible to charge an iPhone nearly seven times before the battery needs to be replaced.

27. Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen

You should treat your employee to a really nice fountain pen so they can enjoy the experience of writing with it. Reviewers are in agreement that using this one is a delightful experience because it is a timeless classic, written beautifully, and has a luxurious appearance.

28. Three-Month Audible Subscription

When we do have to commute again (whenever that may be), having something interesting to listen to can make the time go by much more quickly. Your employees can choose the title of the free audio book they receive each month as part of their benefits when they sign up for an Audible membership. If it turns out that an employee already has an account, those credits will be added to her existing membership.

29. Roku Media Player

A Roku makes it simple to stream video content from the internet to a TV, which enables users to watch movies from a variety of online video providers including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more. It's possible that your worker will never leave the house again.

30. Mindspace Rose Gold Desk Organizer

A hanging file organizer, mail tray, pencil holder, letter tray, and paperclip holder are all included in this chic rose gold desk organizer set that features five different compartments in total.

31. Calvin Klein Women’s Pashmina Scarf

They can choose from eight different hues to protect their throat with this lovely and cozy scarf. In addition to this, it will make anyone appear more put-together when using Zoom.

32. Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA, by Amaryllis Fox

This memoir written by the author about her time working undercover for the CIA is packed with interesting details about how she was trained, how she created her cover, and the risks she took in order to do her job.

33. Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

This popcorn seasoning variety pack gives you the option of topping your popcorn with a variety of different flavors, including white cheddar, caramel, cracked pepper asiago, kettle corn, sriracha, and even dill pickle.

34. Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

This tool is like having a Swiss army knife for your bike! There are multiple sizes of hex wrenches, open wrenches, and screwdrivers, as well as a Torx driver for disc brakes and a universal chain tool. All of these tools are made of high-tensile steel and are housed inside of a lightweight aluminum case.

35. Gift Cards

A gift card that can be used for a variety of different things is a good option to go with when you don't know an employee very well yet and don't have a good idea of the kind of gift they'd truly value and appreciate. ("Wide range of applications" means that you shouldn't get the person a gift card to a specific store, such as a wine store, because it's possible that they don't drink alcohol).

36. A Care Package

Sending a personalized care package to each of your employees is a great way to engage with them during the Christmas season while ensuring that everyone receives something they enjoy. Caroo's employee care experts create one-of-a-kind care packages that include your company's swag, healthy and delicious snacks, personalized messages, and other unique items that can be included in a curated employee gift.

37. Books

Books are a uniquely portable form of magic, according to Stephen King. Reading books can provide you with an entirely new experience. It not only broadens your horizons, but it also helps you improve your vocabulary. So, this Christmas, consider giving a book to each of your employees to help them fill their bookshelf.

38. Christmas Gift Hamper

To up the ante, if you want to make your employees happy this Christmas, consider giving them a gift basket filled with various festive gifts. The main benefit of offering such gift baskets is the ability to select multiple gift items and then curate them into a single hamper. Chocolates, good quality coffee, marshmallows, and other such items can be included in such a gift hamper.

39. Family Board Games

One thing that makes Christmas special for every professional is the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. So, to make such occasions even more enjoyable, you can give them board games such as monopoly, chess, crossword puzzles, Chinese checkers, and so on.

40. Noise Canceling Earphones

Unwanted noise can make it difficult for your employees to concentrate on their work, especially if you have an open office. Providing your employees with high-quality earphones would be a very welcome gesture. As a result, you should think about including this item on your list of Christmas gifts for employees.

41. Chocolate Gift Box

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without chocolates, as are Christmas gifts. Though giving chocolates is a common Christmas tradition, it is still one of the most popular gift items. As a result, as part of your employee gifting efforts, you could consider giving your employees a lovely chocolate gift box.

42. Personalized Notebooks

Notebooks are an important office supply. Personalized notebooks are another excellent way to give your employees a sense of belonging. As a result, if you want to effectively gift your employees this Christmas on a limited budget, this is another great gift idea.

43. Comfortable Cushions

Working for hours while sitting up straight in a chair is not easy. Employees frequently experience backaches and other muscle-related issues as a result of this issue. To help your employees deal with this issue, you can give them cute cushions to use for extra comfort while sitting all day.

44. Bonsai Tree

Green symbolizes peace, good fortune, and health. Green has a calming effect on our brain and can be found in nature. If you're wondering what to give your employees that promotes both nature and color, the simple answer is a bonsai tree. A bonsai tree is a miniature plant that can be kept on a desk. It would improve the appearance of the employees' desks and boost their mood at work by cleaning their environment.

45. Personal Fitness Equipment

If your employees are particularly health-conscious, you can provide them with personal fitness equipment. This may include a resistance band, power twister arm, yoga mats, jump rope, and other items that will allow your employees to exercise only at home.

46. Digital Photo Frames

A picture is worth a thousand words. They carry the emotions of the person with whom they are associated and store them for a lifetime. To add to the joy, you can give your employees a digital photo frame as a Christmas gift.

47. Baking Classes

Christmas celebrations aren't complete without a beautiful cake. However, baking a perfect cake is a skill that requires both practice and patience. That is why, this Christmas, you should consider organizing baking classes for your employees as a perfect Christmas gift that I am sure they will appreciate.

48. Neck Pillow

Employers prioritize making their employees feel at ease while at work. Assume your employees must travel for work on a regular basis. In that case, consider giving them a neck pillow for Christmas.

49. Movie Tickets

It's fun to watch a good movie with your loved ones. And what could be better than gifting this experience to your employees by sponsoring their movie tickets? All you have to do here is make an announcement about this special gift and purchase the tickets on your employees' behalf based on their preferences.

50. Hamper of Great Coffee

Sipping a great cup of coffee will undoubtedly help your employees start their day with enthusiasm. They did, however, frequently enjoy their regular coffee from the grocery store. So, this Christmas, you can cheer up your coffee-loving employees with a hamper of high-quality coffee beans.

51. Pen Holders

Pens should be declared a natural human tendency. How often do you misplace your pen and then have to buy a replacement or borrow one from a coworker? I'm guessing the majority of us would say "Most of the time." To save your employees from this dilemma, you can also give them pen holders this Christmas.

52. Personalized Desk Accessory

Customized desk accessories are an excellent addition to your list of Christmas gifts for employees. This will undoubtedly help your employees stay engaged and motivated by implying a sense of belonging to the workplace.

53. Get an Office Punching Bag

Working out is critical for maintaining your health. Especially those that improve your cardio and stamina. And punching out is one of the best exercises for doing both at the same time. Furthermore, you can't deny how stressful situations can arise while working, and a punching bag would be a great stress reliever.

54. Aromatic Candles

A pleasant fragrance can alter the ambiance of your surroundings. Also, because it is Christmas, everyone will light up their homes. Thus, giving your employees a set of aromatic candles will accomplish both goals while also adding to the appeal of their home.

55. A Bottle of Wine

If you have an upscale budget for Christmas gifts for employees, a nice bottle of wine is second to none. You can also include it as an add-on in your Christmas gift basket for your employees. However, before giving this, always inquire about the employees who enjoy wine and who are teetotalers.

56. Cellphone Holders

Having to constantly pull the cell phone from the desk drawer can be inconvenient. A cell phone holder is another great gift idea that will help your employees keep their phones in a more accessible position.

57. Set of Wine Glasses

A nice-looking wine glass enhances the taste of a good wine. And since it's Christmas, everyone will undoubtedly want to sip their favorite elixir. So, you could consider giving your employees a nice set of wine glasses to enhance their experience of tasting good wine with their loved ones.

57. Power Banks

Running out of battery power on your smartphone between important calls or other tasks is undesirable. And, as a caring employer, you would never want your employees to go through the same thing. As a result, a portable power bank would be a good option to include on your list of Christmas gifts for employees.

58. Extended Vacation

Who doesn't want an extra one or two days off from work? Even you can't deny how happy your employees will be if you give them some extra time off for the holidays as a token of appreciation. Giving them this extra time off will not only increase their festive joy, but will also portray you as a responsible employer who cares about his or her employees.

59. Infusion Water Bottle

Infusion water bottles would be a thoughtful gift for your office staff this Christmas 2022. Because people have become more health-conscious since the pandemic, giving them products that will help them achieve their health goals is ideal. The user can put their own fruits and vegetables in the infusion water bottles, and the nutrients from these fruits and vegetables are transferred to the drinking water.

60. Humidifiers or Essential Oil Diffusers

Humidifiers or essential oil diffusers have now become an essential amenity that everyone wants to have at home and at work. These diffusers help to create an aromatic ambiance while also keeping the air moist, which is especially important during the winter. Furthermore, some diffusers help to keep the environment clean by killing bacterial particles in the air.

61. Desk Organizers

If you've ever noticed that your employees work on a cluttered desk, consider giving them a desk organizer. These small furniture units have racks and strategically placed storage spaces that will undoubtedly help your employees organize their desks for greater efficiency.

62. Desk Plants

Succulent plants that can be kept on their desks are another great Christmas gift idea for your employees. I have one on my desk and it really helps me keep my mood up, and I'm sure it would help your employees as well.

63. Gadget Charging Station

A gadget charging station could be a great addition to your list of workplace Christmas gifts this year. Employees frequently interact with multiple devices, including their own personal gadgets, so keeping them charged at the same time becomes critical. As a result, giving them a smart gadget charging hub or station could be a great idea.

64. Self-care Kit

Another great item to give your employees this holiday season is a self-care kit. You can personalize these self-care kits for both male and female employees, including all of the necessary items. However, before proceeding with such kits, consult with your employees about what they would like.

65. Travel Mugs

If your employees are frequently required to leave the office for business purposes, a travel mug would be an ideal companion. It would allow them to take their favorite beverages with them wherever they went while keeping them insulated.

66. Bluetooth Speakers

Your employees would undoubtedly appreciate it, because who doesn't enjoy listening to music? You can buy high-quality portable bluetooth speakers or even smart ones within your budget and give them to your employees.

67. Laptop Sleeves

You can give your office workers high-quality laptop sleeves for Christmas. Such sleeves would not only keep their equipment safe, but would also allow them to carry it anywhere with ease.

68. Point-Based Employee Rewards

A point-based employee reward system is the most convenient and cost-effective way to give your employees. You can quickly implement this method by using our employee rewards and recognition platform, which allows you to assign points to each of your employees. Your employees can then redeem these points for goods and services in a variety of categories, such as lifestyle, travel, and so on. You can also use the same platform to constantly recognize and motivate your employees. Furthermore, such reward systems can be implemented quickly, so you can always go for one.

69. Work from Home Essentials

Working from home became the new normal for many people around the world as the pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors. However, the abrupt shift to working from home had a negative impact on employee morale because most were unprepared. However, this Christmas, you have the perfect opportunity to cheer them up by giving them work from home essentials as a holiday gift. You can include items such as desk accessories, a laptop stand, a file organizer, a personalized diary with your company logo, and so on.

70. Access to an Exclusive Employee Wellness Platform

Corporate wellness apps like Vantage Fit have become popular among employers who want to keep their employees fit and active during these difficult times. These apps enable you to run customized workplace wellness programs and track various aspects of them in real time. Because these apps use cloud technology, you can be certain that any employee with a smartphone can access your wellness program regardless of location. Furthermore, you can reward your employees for successfully completing health challenges with redeemable points on the same platform.

71. OTT Subscription

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give your employees is a free subscription to any Over-the-Top (OTT) platform, such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, HBOMax, and so on. Giving your employees a free subscription to any of these platforms will be pure joy and will brighten their holidays. Other subscriptions, such as paid courses, magazines, and so on, can be chosen here to help your employees learn new things and grow professionally.

72. Food Coupons

Another excellent way to assist your employees in celebrating Christmas in the midst of the pandemic is to provide food coupons that can be used at any restaurant. This method of gifting is very cost-effective and adds flexibility to your employee gifting scheme.

73. Bamboo Wood Charging Station

This charging station made of bamboo is capable of simultaneously charging a number of smartphones and tablets.

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