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Best Christmas Gifts for Writers

July 29, 2022 2 min read

Are you sick of receiving pens and books as gifts for Christmas? Oh wait, you're not—not if you're a writer, that is! But if you're sick of receiving books and pencils from everyone on your list, here are some ideas to get people thinking about unique Christmas gifts for authors like you.

1. Writing Accessories Mousepad

The only drawback to having this stunning image on your desk is that you'll likely find yourself coveting everything in it, including Ben Franklin's reading glasses!

2. Mini Airmail-Style Envelopes

Send your correspondence with flair, and maybe these eerie tiny envelopes may give you some ideas for new, exotic characters for your novels.

3. Reading Journal

This classic reading diary features lots of pages for keeping track of all the books you've read and want to devour next, as well as lists of award-winning books and suggested reading for every genre (spy thrillers, romance, sci-fi, humor).

4. Memo Note Dashboard for Computer Monitor

By mounting this useful dashboard to your monitor, you can keep your handy obsession with sticky notes close to your hand. Apply all the sticky notes you require in style without endangering your computer.

5. Typewriter Pillow Cover

As you sleep on this pillow, let it serve as a challenge for you to have fruitful dreams about your own life and the stories you write.

6. Jane Austen Socks

With these lovely socks that feature the Pride & Prejudice statement, "I declare after all there is no satisfaction like reading," you may flaunt your love of literature and Austen.

7. Leather Roll-up Pencil Bag

This lovely roll-up pencil bag with a map engraving is the perfect place to keep your pencils, pens, and other writing supplies.

8. Vintage Typewriter-Inspired Notecards and Envelopes

The Olivetti typewriter is a design classic as well as the go-to writing device for authors ranging from John Cheever to Francis Ford Coppola. This classy notecard set has four separate designs created using the cherished Olivetti Lettera 32. These cards are the ideal all-occasion notecard for the Typophile, design expert, aspiring writer, or anybody who values the printed page since they include traditional red-and-black printing on off-white paper.

9. “I Write. What’s Your Superpower?” Mug

By consuming your morning coffee from this snarky mug, you can empower yourself and take on the world.

10. Wooden Thumb Pageholder

Keep thick, hefty books open with just one hand to save your thumb—and your annoyance.

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