Best Christmas Ornament Sets

July 22, 2022 17 min read

The key to creating a stunning Christmas tree is to stick to your design style when choosing your baubles and accessories. This year, use holiday ornaments and trimmings that reflect your style to create a designer-worthy tree in your family room.

There are ornament sets for everyone, whether you're a modern maven obsessed with streamlined design or a lover of all things ornate and traditional. But don't worry, you won't have to look too hard to find them. We've done the legwork for you and discovered the best Christmas ornament sets for every interior design style and budget. 

Continue reading to see our top picks for contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, glamorous, and mid century modern Christmas ornament sets, and then click on the links to purchase your favorites.

1. Christmas Tree Ornament, 132pcs Christmas Tree Decoration Set

The set is available in a quantity of 132 and includes a variety of shapes and sizes of Christmas decorations. These include things like Christmas balls, star tree tops, Christmas gloves, beautiful houses, and Christmas socks. They give your Christmas tree a wonderful festival feel. 

Because of the increased thickness of the plastic used in their construction, these ornaments are excellently protected against shattering. Not easily broken and safe for both your hands and the hands of your children.

2. Christmas Ball Ornaments Set Shatterproof Seasonal Hanging Decorations

2022 Christmas ornaments with brand new designs. This set of Christmas ball hanging ornaments includes 87 individual pieces and is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. 

Each component has a glossy look and is available in a variety of finishes; these features will make it easy for you to construct the collection as quickly as possible and to personalize the way in which you decorate your home. 

This ornament set includes 87 ornaments that come in a variety of color schemes for an elegantly chic appearance. The ornament finishes range from glitter to mirrored to matte for the perfect touch of dimension, and the ornament sizes range from 1.57 inches to 3.15 inches in diameter.

3. Christmas Balls 36pcs Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments

brand new collections of ornaments for Christmas trees. You'll be able to build your collection quickly and decorate with more possibilities thanks to the one pack's inclusion of seven colors that are currently trendy but also timeless, each of which comes in a different size.

4. Christmas Tree Hanging Gnomes Ornaments Set of 10

They are a wonderful accessory to add to the Christmas tree because not only can they adorn the Christmas tree and make the environment feel more festive, but they also bring good fortune and happiness to the family. 

It is a good option for holiday gifts because it can be displayed in a variety of places, including on the fireplace mantel, the window, the wall, or the Christmas tree. 

They have the ability to give your home a more celebratory air, allowing you and your guests to take full advantage of the joy that the occasion brings. In addition, we examine each dwarf prior to packing and shipping them.

5. 9-Pack Christmas Ball Ornaments

Our designer in the United States created ornaments that are timeless and refined, making them perfect for the holiday season. 

Your holiday celebration will be filled with loveliness and sweetness if you decorate with Christmas balls in a wide variety of shapes. In comparison to more conventional glass products, our Christmas tree ornaments are crafted from plastic that is both long-lasting and kind to the environment, and they offer excellent resistance to breaking. 

When your children play with debris, they won't put themselves in danger of getting hurt.

6. GingerBread Man Ornaments for Kids Gift Holiday Christmas Tree Decoration

24 Pcs Ornaments for the Christmas Tree Made of Clay Featuring a Gingerbread Man and a Gingerbread Family ornaments for the Christmas tree with a variety of different patterns and designs. 

They are securely encased in a WHITE GIFT BOX, each of which has its own individual compartment that serves as a little nest to protect them from damage. Each gingerbread man ornament has a satin ribbon in a crimson color attached to it, making it simple to hang.

7. 157 Pcs Christmas Ornaments with a Star Tree Topper

Because they are crafted out of long-lasting and environmentally friendly plastic materials, these dangling Christmas ornaments are unbreakable. Even if the ornaments were to be broken into pieces, there would be no risk to the health of any individuals in the area, including children and animals. In addition to its long-lasting nature, the exquisite design gives your decorations an extra special touch!

8. Christmas Tree Decoration Ornaments Kits Including Tree Topper Christmas Balls

The magic of Christmas can be brought into any space with the help of our Christmas tree decoration assortment, which will also make it easier for you to plan for the upcoming holidays. Utilizing this unique club pack will make it simple for you to put your decorating ideas into action. 

The Christmas tree decorations are made of strong plastic, which gives them the appearance of being made of real glass despite the fact that they are practically unbreakable. They are harmless to children and animals and can be recycled; they can be used either indoors or outdoors.

9. Miniature Glass Bulb Ornament Set

Are you pruning a table tree? This 100-piece miniature ornament set is required. The glass ornaments are available in a variety of bright colors with contrasting matte and metallic finishes for a striking, eye-catching look. Get the set in the assorted color options shown here, or get it in a purple colorstory for a bold, monochrome look.

10. 155ct Traditional Red Green Gold Christmas Ball Ornaments Decor

The retail brand Valery Madelyn features unique and creative design. The design was conceived with the classic red, green, and gold Christmas color scheme in mind the comforting sensation of spending Christmas in an old house out in the countryside, complete with all of the merry and joyous atmosphere that comes with long-standing customs. 

Each ball already has its cap and string tied together. These balls, which are made of long-lasting and environmentally friendly plastic, are shatterproof and make for excellent ornaments. 

These plastic Christmas tree decorations are made to be unbreakable and shatterproof despite their use of plastic. Perfect for households that include both children and animals

11. 6-Piece Set Knitted Christmas Tree Hanging Dolls

These adorable journeymen make for a delightful gift idea (and not just for the well-known Christmas game known as "Secret Santa"). 

They come packaged in a festive red gift box that measures 8.3 by 3.2 by 1.2 inches and features a decorative pattern. During the winter and Christmas seasons, a pretty decorative figurine or hanging decoration that can be used, for example, as a table decoration, on the Christmas tree, or in the Advent arrangement.

12. 6-Piece Set Knitted Christmas Tree Hanging Dolls

They are the ideal gift for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays because of their decorative potential. Accessories for Christmas that are obligatory to have while participating in outdoor activities, community events, stage performances, family get-togethers, holiday parties, and so on. The light can be used for approximately four to five hours, and thanks to its top lanyard design, it can be hung virtually anywhere.

13. 6pcs Christmas Farmhouse Rustic Ornaments Set for Christmas Tree

These Christmas rustic reindeer ornaments have been beautifully painted with glitter and black and white colors for the tree, snowman, and reindeer. 

Some of the reindeer have kept their natural wood color, and the ornaments have been crafted with quality and attention to detail, making them an ideal addition to Christmas tree decorations with a farmhouse or rustic theme. 

The size is approximately 3.55" x 4", and it has a rope that is 4" long attached to it. It is small and lightweight, and it is an appropriate size for a small or medium tree, and you don't have to worry about bending the branches.

14. Christmas Black Ball Ornaments 2021

Featuring ultra-secure screw-on threaded caps and durable protective finishes, as well as being ideal for decorating a Christmas tree, garland, or front door wreath, these ornaments are manufactured from an extremely durable and strong plastic material for the ultimate in durability. 

Because they are impervious to breaking, these ornaments are ideal for use in areas that are open to both children and animals, as they will not suffer the same fate as traditional glass ornaments.

15. Gnome Christmas Ornaments Set of 6

Each gnome has matching red strings attached to it, making it easy to hang it on a Christmas tree, fireplace, or shelf. Additionally, the gnomes are weighted at the bottom to provide additional stability, allowing them to stand up perfectly. 

The charming Scandinavian gnomes will make a one-of-a-kind ornament gift that will help spread the holiday spirit. This will make them an excellent choice for children exchanging gifts during the holiday seasons. Also works wonderfully as a decoration for gnome collections.

16. Yecence Christmas Hanging Ornaments 44

Every item is constructed out of velvet made of polyester of the highest quality and is stuffed with PP cotton. Because of the careful handwork, they are long-lasting and sturdy. 

They are comfortable and simple to maintain. These elves have a lovely face, striped stockings, and cute boots, and they wear traditional red and green clothing. They also wear a high hat that covers their golden hair.

17. Fairy Christmas Tree Decorations Red Elf Ornament Golden Elves Home Decor Handmade

The design of the handmade fairy, as well as the color matching, is very lovely and one of a kind. When it comes to fabric, Fairy prefers to work with velvet of the highest possible quality. Hand stitching is used to decorate hats and skirts with sequins and exquisite lace. 

The wings that are behind him are golden and glistening, and they will continue to do so as the light shifts. They are wonderful to use as decorations for Christmas. 

It is also an excellent option for use in the decoration of interior spaces. It is versatile enough to be hung anywhere, including Christmas trees, porches, walls, garlands, and fireplaces. 

When you decorate your home with this one-of-a-kind flower spirit, you'll receive compliments from people you least expect. Of course, in addition to that, it is a miniature statue that is worthy of collection.

18. Wooden House Christmas Tree Ornaments – Set of 8

When you order one of our small house pendens, it will arrive ready to hang so that it can decorate your home. You can use these ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree, mantel, wreaths, stockings, gifts, and more! Perfect for incorporating into the decor of your rustic farmhouse. Presented in a box with a see-through lid, making it convenient for gift-giving as well as long-term storage.

19. Christmas Burlap Tree Ornaments Hanging Decorations Christmas Stocking Tree Ball Shaped Decor for Christmas Party

These ornaments come in a variety of adorable shapes, such as stockings, balls, and trees; the various designs will each give you a unique experience while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the Christmas tree. 

Each ornament features a bowtie design, making it charming and one-of-a-kind, and comes equipped with a lanyard made of natural burlap fabric, making it simple for you to hang it on the Christmas tree and offering a convenient level of functionality.

20. Christmas Ball Ornaments, 4pc Set Christmas Tree Decoration

This ornament set is a great universal size and color scheme for all kinds of different trees; You can give the Christmas tree in your home that extra special something by decorating it with these lovely ornaments; Bring the spirit of Christmas into your home with gorgeously crafted decorations that you'll want to keep putting up year after year.

21. Christmas Ornament Set for Xmas Tree Luxury Handmade Decorations Set of 5

These high-end Christmas tree decorations ornament sets have a shimmering finish, and the designs include Christmas tree decorations in the shape of hearts, Christmas tree decorations in the shape of butterflies, Christmas tree decorations in the shape of crowns, and Christmas stars hanging ornaments.

22. Winter Metallics Ornament Set

This wintry Christmas ornament set in snowy white, glossy silver, and shimmery gold is a must-have for contemporary or modern interior lovers.

Each set includes 18 baubles in gold, silver, and white glass with matte, shiny, and glitter finishes. To complete the glamorous Christmas tree design, add frosty pine cones, a gilt star topper, and flocked berry stems or garland.

23. Traditional Red + Green Ornament Set

This sweet set of traditional tree ornaments will add to the ambiance this Christmas. Each bundle contains 25 shatterproof ornaments in red, green, and gold to decorate your tree. A cheerful snowman, a gift-filled stocking, and the big man himself, Santa Claus, all make appearances in the film. To complete the timeless Christmas tree design, add red berry garland, velvet ribbon bows, and a classic mercury glass star topper.

24. Hip Disco Ball Ornament Set

Are you obsessed with the 1970s? Add this groovy and lovely disco ball ornament set to your shopping cart. The enchanting 12-ornament bundles include eye-catching silver, pink, and rosy-red mirrored glass baubles in three different sizes. Combine the eye-catching set with silver foil tinsel icicles for next-level, head-turning shimmer this holiday season.

25. Glamorous Gold Ornament Set

This year, go for gold in your glamorous transitional or contemporary living room. This 100-piece ornament set includes everything you need to decorate your tree, including metallic baubles, shimmery snowflakes, dapper nutcrackers, and gleaming woodland animals.

26. Mid Century Modern Ornament Set

Decorate your mid century modern tree with mercury glass baubles inspired by vintage Christmases. Each set comes with 12 vibrant and glittery danglers in retro silhouettes and eye-catching color combinations such as cobalt, gold, aqua, violet, and red. Accessorize the gleaming ensemble with prismatic velvet ribbon bows, a scalloped beaded garland, and a dazzling sputnik tree topper.

27. Pastel Hand-Blown Ornament Set

Yes, you need this nostalgic Christmas ornament set for your tree, with its magical pastel hues and glitter-forward finishes. The romantic ornament set includes 20 mouth-blown glass baubles in vintage silhouettes. 

Each heirloom-quality ornament is unique and comes ready to hang on silver string. Get the collection to add enchantment and chic sparkle to your Christmas tree for years to come.

28.Modern Stripe Ornament Set

What's all black, white, and chic? This bold set of modern stripe baubles will look great on your Christmas tree. Three traditional silhouettes are enlivened by a graphic black-and-white motif and brass hardware details in the 13-piece set. 

It also comes with a lovely black bowl, so you can hang the baubles on your tree or display them as a festive centerpiece on your dining room table.

29. Vintage-Inspired Glass Ornament Set

Looking for a dependable ornament set that you'll enjoy using for many holidays to come? This vintage-inspired collection is appealing. 

Each bundle includes 24 adorable danglers, including snowflakes, baubles, and a variety of iconic Christmas characters such as Santa, the snowman, ruby cars, and evergreen trees. 

Combine the collection with gold beaded garland, classic red ribbon bows, and pinecone stems for a seasonally appropriate vignette.

30. Frosty Blue Ornament Set

With this shimmery 119 ornament set, you can have a blue, blue, blue Christmas. The frosty collection features baubles in aqua, silver, and frosty-blue in a variety of silhouettes. 

What is our recommendation? Use this complete set on your flocked Christmas tree to create a snowy, winter wonderland look that will leave your guests' jaws on the floor at your next holiday gathering.

31. Holiday Sweater Ornament Set

Add cozy sweater-inspired baubles to your farmhouse or Pacific Northwest-inspired tree. This 24-piece ornament set is made up of a contrasting mix of red and white balls that are embellished with a Fair Isle motif. 

For an inviting and festive look, pair the set with holly berry sprays, white glitter baubles, candy canes, and a fuzzy pom-pom garland.

32. Wedding Ornament Collection

This enchanting Wedding Collection features six gorgeous blown-glass ornaments, each of which has been hand-painted and glittered by skilled craftspeople.

Each collection is gifted in a keepsake box and includes a certificate of remembrance that can be used to record the events of the wedding day. The following items are included in the set: Wedding Bells, a Rose Bouquet, a Wedding Heart, a Bride, a Wedding Chapel, and a Groom. 

The Wedding Collection is both a wonderful gift and a treasured remembrance to give to the happy couple.

33. SeaShell Christmas Ornament Set

All of the beachcombers in your life will adore receiving our Assorted SeaShell Set, which makes it the perfect gift! Each miniature blown-glass ornament in the collectible set has been hand-painted and glittered by skilled craftspeople. 

There are six of these ornaments in total. These Christmas ornaments come in a printed Old World Christmas gift box, which is ideal for storing the ornaments after they have been opened. 

The miniature figurine set includes ornaments of a Nautilus, Clam Shell, Sand Dollar, Mexican Seashell, Golden Seashell, and Mitchell's Wentletrap Shell. Bring the beach to your house and stay there all year long.

34. Bride's Ornaments Collection

In order to ensure that the newlyweds have a joyful life together, it is customary for their Christmas tree to be decorated with 12 different ornaments, which are as follows: The rabbit regifts hope and faith, the angel regifts God's guidance in the home, the fish regifts God's blessing, Santa regifts selflessness and goodwill, the pine cone regifts motherhood and faith, the rose regifts beauty and affection, the fruit basket regifts generosity, the bird regifts happiness and joy, the teapot regifts hospitality, the house regifts shelter and protection, the heart regifts genuine love, and the flower bouquet regifts a bouquet of flowers (good wishes) Each collection is gifted in a beautiful keepsake box, and inside you'll find a certificate that explains the symbolism of the ornaments. What a wonderful way for a new family to begin their very first tradition!

35. Mini Garden Ornament Set

All of the gardeners in your life will adore receiving our Mini Garden Set as a thoughtful gift! Each miniature blown-glass ornament in the collectible set has been hand-painted and glittered by skilled craftspeople. 

There are six of these ornaments in total. These Christmas ornaments come in a printed Old World Christmas gift box, which is ideal for storing the ornaments after they have been opened. 

Ornaments in the shapes of a ladybug, butterfly, bumble bee, sunflower, pink pansy, and purple pansy are included in the set of miniature figurines. The Mini Garden Set is adorable enough that you can keep it in your home throughout the entire year!

36. Nutcracker Suite Collection

The Sugar Plum Fairy, a pair of Ballet Slippers, Clara, the Mouse King, the Nutcracker Prince, and Drosselmayer are all included in our collection of blown glass ornaments, which will allow you to relive the magic of the Nutcracker Suite every Christmas. 

Each collection comes in its own keepsake box, making it convenient to put away when not in use. Our Nutcracker Suite Collection is sure to be treasured by any and all of the children in your life who receive it as a gift.

37. Mini Snowman Ornament Set

Our merry Mini Snowman Set is a charming collection of six blown-glass snowman ornaments, all decked out to celebrate the joy of the snowy holiday season. Each snowman ornament features a unique design that pays homage to the joy of the season. 

Every figural snowman ornament is hand-painted and glittered with a close eye on the finer points of the design. The Mini Snowman Set is gifted in a printed Old World Christmas gift box, which makes it suitable not only for giving as a gift but also for storing during the other months of the year.

38. Nativity Ornaments Collection

With our Nativity Collection, we hope you'll never forget the true meaning of the holiday season. The Harkening Angel, Christmas Star, the Three Wise Men, Shepherds, the Holy Family, Royal Camel, Donkey, Sheep, and Cow ornaments are all included in our collection of blown glass ornaments, which comprises nine individual pieces. 

This assortment of collectible Christmas ornaments comes packaged in a keepsake box, which can also be used for storage of the ornaments. Our collection of figurine Christmas ornaments is a wonderful way to create traditions that you will cherish for years to come.

39. Child's First Christmas Ornaments Collection

Our collection of blown glass ornaments, which includes a snowman with a tree, a teddy bear with a heart, a red stocking, a rocking horse, a Teddy Bear Santa, and a Teddy Bear Angel ornament, is the perfect way to commemorate the first Christmas of your child or grandchild. 

This assortment of collectible Christmas ornaments comes in a keepsake box that can be used for storing the ornaments once they are no longer in use. Our collection of figurine Christmas ornaments is a wonderful way to start a new tradition that you will cherish for years to come.

40. Mini Halloween Assortment

The Miniature Halloween Assortment will add a spooky touch to your autumnal decor. A festive way to celebrate fall and Halloween is with this set of 12 miniature ornaments, which includes two sets of 6.

41. Coca-cola Mini Diner Set Ornament

Refreshingly, our Coca-Cola mini set is a celebration of the company's more than 100 years in existence.


42. Glass Decorative Egg Ornament

Kurt Adler's glass decorative egg ornament set is a lovely addition to any holiday decor! Each egg-shaped ornament is made of a bright base color with gold glitter and gem embellishments for a festive touch.


  • Made of glass
  • 9-Piece Box Set
  • 9 assorted colors per box
  • 45-millimeters is approximately 1.8-inches
  • Item Size: 45-millimeters

43. Early Years Mini Glass Ornament Set of 24 

The Early Years collection by Kurt S. Adler is composed of vintage-style tree ornaments and other items of holiday decor that have all of the old-world nostalgic charm that you remember from years gone by. 

This set of 40MM Early Years Miniature Glass Ornaments is one of the many items that can be found in that collection. Each ornament in this set features a colorfully designed miniature version of the set's namesake. 

The shape of the ball portion of twelve ornaments is smooth, and the reflector portion of the same number of ornaments is concave. This set comes in packaging that resembles that of a bygone era, adding to its sense of reminiscence while also making it easier to store.


  • Part of the Kurt Adler Early Years collection
  • Made of glass and paint/mica
  • 24-Piece Box (12 reflectors)
  • 40-millimeters is approximately 1.5-inches
  • Comes in vintage-style packaging

44. 65MM 12 Days of Christmas Glass Ornament Set 12 Pieces


This set of twelve 12 Days of Christmas glass ornaments by Kurt Adler is a beautiful, fun, and festive addition to any holiday décor. Each ornament measures 65 millimeters and is part of the set. 

Paintings depicting the Twelve Days of Christmas are delicately affixed to the surface of each and every glass ornament. At each and every holiday event, you can be sure that each one, with its own unique splash of color and quirky design, will be a treasured possession.


  • 65MM 12 Days of Christmas Glass Ornament Set
  • Set includes 12 pieces
  • Ornaments are made of glass
  • Designed after the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song
  • Beautiful addition to any holiday décor

45. Prextex Red Christmas Ball Ornaments for Christmas Decorations

This 36-piece combo pack is the ideal Christmas ball ornament set for adorning your tree and brightening your holiday. Each pack contains 18 small balls (1.57", 40mm), 12 medium balls (2.36", 60mm), and 6 large balls (3.15", 80mm), for a total of 36 lovely pieces to fill your tree from top to bottom. 

It is made of premium shatterproof materials and comes with a hanging loop, so it is ready to hang right out of the box. Choose from our lovely color palette, or mix and match different colors to best suit your holiday decoration theme. Ideal for Christmas tree and home decoration, DIY craft projects, wedding and party decorations, and so on.

46. Swedish Handmade Plush Gnomes Santa Elf Hanging Home Decorations

They are a nice addition to the Christmas tree because they not only decorate it and add to the festive atmosphere, but they also bring good luck and happiness to the family. It is an excellent choice for holiday gifts because it can be hung on the Christmas tree, the wall, the fireplace, or the window. 

They can enhance the festive atmosphere in your home and allow your guests to share in the festival's joy. We also inspect each dwarf before packing and shipping. Because each hanging gnome is made of eco-friendly materials, there will be some differences in size and weight between them. Their appealing appearance is popular among children, and it is also an excellent choice for children's gifts.

47. Kurt Adler 3-1/2-Inch-5-1/2-Inch Clear Glass Icicle Ornament Set

Kurt Adler's clear glass icicle ornament set is a lovely, classic addition to your holiday decor. Each icicle ornament has a realistic twisted shape for a dripping icicle design. Perfect for giving your Christmas tree an icy, wintry feel.

48. Old World Christmas Ornaments: Glistening Pickle Glass Blown Ornaments

Parents used to hang the pickle ornament last on the Christmas tree, hiding it among the green boughs. When the kids were allowed to look at the tree, they would start looking for the pickle ornament because they knew they would get a bonus gift for being the most observant.

49. ABSOFINE Gnome Christmas Ornaments 5Pcs Handmade Swedish Gnome Plush

Lucky Scandinavian Santa Tomte - The elf gnome will bring luck, happiness, and warmth to your home and family. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Handmade Plush Swedish Gnome - The Christmas tree ornaments are made of premium felt, fiber fur, and knitted fabric, and are odorless, soft, and comfortable. 

Christmas Unique Design - All gnome santa ornaments have a weighted sand bottom and can stand alone; they can also be hung to decorate your Christmas trees.

50. KI Store Red Christmas Balls 34pcs 1.57-Inch Small Christmas Tree Decoration Ornaments

KI Store Christmas Balls 23 different colors of decorative hanging ornaments allow you to quickly build your collection and decorate with more options. 

Red Christmas Ball Ornaments are wonderful additions to your Christmas and holiday decorations. Perfect for a varied Christmas, 4th of July, and party display, as hanging ornaments on tree branches, table centerpieces, around banisters, above reception at various lengths, and so on. 

Shatterproof Christmas tree balls combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic. Ideal for families with children and pets. Set you free from worrying about them getting hurt and glass shards everywhere.

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