Best Family Christmas Stockings

July 17, 2022 16 min read

The Christmas morning experience for the whole family is elevated to a higher level of enchantment when stockings are involved. The use of stockings in both the act of stuffing stockings with goodies and in the act of decorating is a natural extension of their dual functions.

Where should the stockings be hung? You are free to hang your stockings wherever you like, including on a sideboard, on the banister, the back of a door, or even at the foot of your bed, although the tradition calls for them to be displayed on the mantle of the fireplace.

Find out which family Christmas stockings are going to be the most popular this holiday, from personalized designs to stunning knitted patterns. Happy shopping!

1. Traditional Red, Green, and Ivory Hand-Knitted Stockings

These stockings were most likely similar to the first ones hung by the chimney with care. Gifts placed inside will bulge because these stockings are unlined. This adds to the fun of guessing! Each person's name is embroidered on the cuff of the stocking. If your family expands, you can ship blank stockings back to the shop and the new family member's name will be embroidered for free. Pet-specific stockings are also available. These have adorable pockets that hold a bone for canines and a mouse for cats. These stockings are ideal for a traditional-themed Christmas.

2. Faux Fur with Name Personalized in Wood

These fur stockings are fantastic for a luxurious, nontraditional look. Because the stockings are available in six different colors and the wooden name tags are available in eight different finishes, they are sure to complement any room's color scheme. These stockings look best in a lodge or rustic setting. Choosing all cream or all dark gray stockings, on the other hand, could be eye-catching in either monochromatic or modern settings. Because these stockings are lined, the treasure inside will remain a mystery until it is removed. One disadvantage of the wooden name tags is that they can only be used for names with one word.

3. “Sweetie” with Stars Burlap Christmas Stocking

It almost goes without saying that this stocking would work well in a farmhouse home decor scheme because burlap is so popular in that style. The unfinished material, however, combined with the simple blunt-toed shape, makes this stocking a good choice for industrial living spaces. The natural color of the jute and the white stars would complement a coastal theme. As warm earth tones in home decor become more popular, this burlap stocking will remain a very versatile piece. The loose, cursive font used for the word "Sweetie" adds a playful touch. These fantastic Christmas stocking ideas are made from natural materials.

4. Personalized Buffalo Plaid & Sherpa Stockings

There are numerous options for these stylish buffalo plaid stockings to best match your family's personality and decor. Even pets are included with a paw print shaped stocking. The buffalo plaid pattern on the paw pad and cuff complements the rest of the family's stockings. Because buffalo plaid is a classic pattern, it will never go out of style and looks great in a variety of settings. To match your holiday decor colors, these stockings are available in black and red as well as black and white. On Christmas morning, the sherpa texture provides an unforgettably soft experience.

5. Rustic Crocheted Stockings with Greenery Included

Choose these hand-crocheted stockings to add some delicious texture to your holiday decorations. They are a tactile delight, with soft yarn and faux fur cuffs. Greenery sprigs are included, though they may vary slightly depending on the materials available. This greenery adds a magazine-worthy pop to these stockings. There is a cloth lining with dancing snowflakes to keep presents from falling through. These stockings look great in a variety of rustic or farmhouse rooms thanks to the wooden name tags attached with twine. The name tag can include the recipient's first name or a monogram, which adds some versatility.

6. Red & White Stockings with Personalized Glitter Names

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of stockings is a crimson stocking with a white fur cuff. These are stockings with the addition of the recipient's name in glitter. There are five color options for the glittering name. The font can also be changed. These stockings are made of durable material and will last for years. Because they are the traditional image of a stocking, they will go with any holiday decor scheme that includes bright red. These stockings could be used as decorations in addition to holding gifts, with phrases like "Merry Christmas" emblazoned in glitter.

7. Soft Burlap Stockings with Customizable Name

Burlap has a bad rep for being rough. These stockings, made of cotton and burlap, are surprisingly soft without sacrificing their iconic rustic look. The majority of stockings resemble a stylized foot with a short, stubbed toe. These stockings, on the other hand, are shaped like a foot. On a white cuff, a highly legible sans serif font spells out names in black, making everyone's name visible from across the room. Burlap is a versatile material that complements most decorating styles. That means these stockings will look great no matter how you arrange your home or holiday decorations.

8. Cozy Cable Knit Personalized Christmas Stockings

Knitting and a fireplace are the epitome of coziness. With a single cable as the focal point, these cheerful stockings are sure to spark conversation. These are ideal for any decor theme in need of some texture. Four colors are available, including the more uncommon gray and green. These cable knit stockings are an excellent choice for holiday decor schemes that do not include red. You have two font options to help match the personality of the stocking to the recipient's. These stockings are a great addition to most holiday decor themes because of their classic knitted texture.

9. Glamorous Red Velvet and White Fur Stockings

If you have a big and bold holiday style, these show-stopping stockings are a great way to spice up your decorations. These stockings go above and beyond the traditional red and white socks. The crushed velvet material catches the light, creating a subtle but interesting effect. These stockings are a conversation starter thanks to their oversized cuffs and soft, white fur. They not only look good, but they are also made of high-quality materials that will last for years. There are numerous font options, and these stockings even allow you to have the toe pointing left instead of the more traditional right.

10. Coordinating Burlap, Plaid, and Quilted Stockings

These stockings are ideal for large families because they are available in burlap, quilted cream material, and three different types of green plaid. They're also great if you have a large fireplace and like to experiment with different styles. The various textures and colors are visually appealing and would complement any home decor scheme that could benefit from a touch of homey comfort. A sparkly snowflake and a chalkboard name tag are included to add a special touch to each stocking. A cool forest palette combined with warm cream and burlap means endless possibilities for holiday decorating over the years.

11. Handcrafted Black and White Mudcloth Stockings

Because the material is hand-woven in Mali, each pair of these stockings is unique. Because black and white look good with any color palette, they will most likely look great in your home. The addition of a white pom-pom and a primitive name tag are small details that distinguish these stockings. The inside is lined with strong muslin, making these stockings extremely durable. The best Christmas stockings look great in any room and can hold a variety of fun Christmas treats. These mudcloth stockings will get a lot of compliments because they have different patterns for everyone.

12. Whimsical White Velvet Stockings with Glitter Embellishments

These white stockings add a lot of textural interest without going overboard with color. You can select from five cuff styles: ivory faux fur, miniature pom-poms, natural faux fur, white fringe, and white faux fur. The stockings are made of a soft, white velvet. You can customize the color of the glitter letter embellishment attached to the wooden name tag. White complements a wide range of decorating styles. These stockings appeared to be intended to complement a bohemian or eclectic living space. They would, however, look equally at home in a farmhouse, lodge, or coastal room.

13. Coordinating Neutral Stockings with Shell Button Embellishments

These coordinating stockings are a lovely blend of neutrals and are some of the best Christmas stockings available for farmhouse decor. Iridescent shell buttons add a splash of color. Subtle patterns in the fabric make these visually appealing, but they are content to let the tree or other decorations take center stage. The contrasting cuffs elevate these plain neutral stockings to an understated chic class. Furthermore, the design of these stockings includes an extra-large toe — ideal for storing that last treat. These stockings are an excellent choice for versatile stockings that are long-lasting favorites.

14. Personalized 3D Cartoon Stockings

With options for Santa, a snowman, an elf, a polar bear, and a reindeer, these stockings are ideal for small children or anyone who is young at heart. Each figure has 3D features such as noses, beards, pom-poms, bells, and fur. These stockings come in gray, white, red, green, brown, and black. With that many colors, these will work in a variety of color palettes, but they will look best in cool color schemes. The characters on these stockings are sure to make you smile and will be a big part of those special Christmas morning memories.

15. Hand Knitted Vintage Character Stockings

These vintage stockings are perfect for mid-century modern decor and feature handcrafted charm. Many people have inherited handmade stockings like this from their families, but families change. These stockings provide a rush of nostalgia for those adding to an older stocking set and the promise of nostalgia for anyone starting a stocking collection. Bells, beads, and sequins are examples of embellishments. Each person's name is embroidered just below the cuff. There are two font options to match your holiday style: script and typewriter-esque block letters. The embroidery colors available to match your holiday decor are gold, white, and green.

16. Coordinating Gray Stockings with Embroidered Name Tags

In these coordinating gray stockings, you can choose from polka dots, stripes, swirls, plaid, and sequins. The gray and white colors make these great personalized Christmas ideas work with a variety of decor themes. Depending on the patterns you choose, they can be used in industrial, farmhouse, modern, or even Bohemian settings. The embroidered name tag is a nice touch. There are several font options available to ensure that everyone's personalities are matched. Gray has recently become one of the most popular interior paint colors. Not only do these gray stockings match, but they will also match in rooms that follow this trend.

17. Minimalist Linen Stockings with Custom Name

These are some of the best Christmas stockings because of their chic simplicity. Because they are made of sturdy linen, they will bring joy for many Christmas seasons to come. There are four font options for printing names on the linen. The linen and cotton blend complements almost any home decor theme, including minimalist, industrial, farmhouse, rustic, cottage, and coastal. Linen is the adult version of burlap, and these stockings add an adult appreciation for the simple. These will not compete with your other holiday decorations because of their minimalist design. These stockings will do exactly what they are supposed to do: hold special Christmas treats.

18. Heirloom Red and White Wool Stockings

Authenticity is timeless. These one-of-a-kind hand-knitted stockings almost appear to be able to be removed from the mantle and worn. If you're looking for personalized Christmas ideas, these vintage-inspired stockings are a great option. They are available in classic Christmas motif patterns such as pine trees, snowflakes, stars, reindeer, and candy-cane stripes. Names just below the cuff can be in flowing script or legible block letters to best match your family's personality. These stockings are a fantastic option for a beautiful reminder of times gone by that will be a favorite for generations.

19. Red, White, and Olive Cable Knit Stockings

Each of these cable knitted stockings has a faux fur cuff and adorable pom-poms. Because these stockings have a more stylized shape with a snub toe, gifts are less likely to become wedged in a narrow toe. Cable knit provides a subtle, interesting texture that complements most home decor. Finding an olive green stocking to match your holiday decorations can be difficult. Six glitter options for the name on the cuff give the cable knit stocking a modern twist. When it comes to versatile stocking ideas, these cable-knit stockings are the ideal blend of classic and modern.

20. Regal Silk, Velvet, and Sequin Stockings

Treat your fireplace like royalty with these white, burgundy, and gold stockings. The cuffs are velvet, and the rest of the garment is made of a durable silk-like polyester material. The mix of materials makes these stockings visually interesting, and the sequins add some sparkle. Reindeer, pinecones, and snowflakes are among the more flamboyant, sequin-filled patterns. A Christmas tree and diamonds in both red and white are among the more subtle patterns. Each person's name is embroidered on the velvet cuff, with four font options. If your holiday theme is elegance, this silk and velvet coordinating set is among the best Christmas Stockings.

21. Refined Gold and Red Stockings

These stockings, made from luxurious fabrics like velvet, damask, and chenille, are the ideal combination of demure maturity and childlike fun. Each stocking is made of cream, gold, and white materials with a rich red accent. One of the best things about these coordinating stockings is that they come in a variety of patterns that work well with a variety of home decor themes. A subtle damask would look great in an old-world room, while the geometric pattern would look great in an industrial or modern setting. These elegant stockings are sure to excite you if you're looking for one-of-a-kind stockings that work well with most Christmas decoration themes.

22. Buffalo Plaid & Burlap Personalized Stockings

These simple stockings would look great over any fireplace. Buffalo plaid and burlap work together to create stockings that would look great in an industrial, farmhouse, or rustic setting. Both of these fabrics have their origins in rough, hard labor. However, they can now be combined in sophisticated settings. The customizable names are heat-transfer vinyl, so everyone has their own stocking for the holidays. Pets can even have a unique paw print next to their names! The stocking shape is generous all around, so larger gifts will fit perfectly inside.

23. Tantalizingly Tactile Stockings with Tassels

If you believe that not everything that glitters is gold, these may be the stockings for you. Chunky yarn, tassels, mini pom-poms, and a variety of weaves add visual interest to these stockings. The different materials on each stocking will make you want to take them off the mantle on Christmas morning just to feel the different textures. These would look great in Bohemian, modern, or Scandinavian themes. They would be a conversation piece for a coastal living space if you chose the nude color. These are the best Christmas stockings if you want a bold, untraditional stocking that highlights the world's woven textures.

24. Personalized Stripes in Black, Blue, Gray & Red

Finding Christmas stocking ideas that go with blue holiday decor can be difficult. These striped stockings are available in a variety of colors, including blue, black, blue, gray, and red. They're interesting enough that hanging several of the same colors in a row won't get boring. Because they are handmade, no two stockings will be exactly alike. The name is inked onto the cream cuff for a one-of-a-kind handmade effect. Stripes are a classic geometric design element that would complement almost any home decor theme. In terms of shape, these stockings have a good toe to foot ratio.

25. Rainbow Pom-Pom Stocking with Choice of 44 Embellishments

A cheerful pom-pom rainbow trims this white stocking for exuberant energy. If you're looking for personalized Christmas ideas, there are 44 embellishment options available, including glittery snowflakes, glitter letters, seahorses, trees, and tassels. There are bone and fish embellishment options for canines and felines. If your family has lost a pregnancy and is now expecting a rainbow baby, these are the best Christmas stockings. The cheerful rainbow and bright color show excitement for the baby's arrival, and the embellishment can pay tribute to the baby you were never able to meet.

26. Oversize Linen Stockings with Fringe

These stockings are the longest on the list, measuring 22 inches. Look no further if you need stockings that can hold a lot of Christmas gifts. These stockings, made of naturally finished linen, will complement almost any home decor. These stockings will look great in a farmhouse, industrial, Bohemian, Scandinavian, or even some modern rooms. These stockings are ideal for a large fireplace or as a decoration for a large space. That is easily remedied if you are creative.

27. Personalized Luxury Velvet Christmas Stocking

These velvet pom pom stockings are a must-have if you have decided to go with a posh design aesthetic for your Christmas decorations this year. It has a plush velvety texture, and we particularly adore the off-white pom pom trim that it has. This is a super stylish addition to your home. This item, which is completed with a tassel made of dusky pink silk, is at the very top of our wish list...

28. Westmarch Tweed Stocking

This Christmas stocking is made of tweed and velvet, making it ideal for use in rustic settings. It is an elegant complement to your fireplace and will look great there.

29. Silver Faux Fur Stocking

This faux fur Christmas stocking in a light gray hue looks as cozy as it feels, thanks to the addition of a pom pom on top of its already comfortable design.

30. Stocking with Stars and Berries

Grab yourself this Christmas stocking in a brilliant shade of red that is embroidered with stars and berries. It is also offered in the color green.

31. Velvet Stocking

This chic pink stocking is perfect if you want to go for a more modern look for your Christmas decorations this year. It is made of velvet, which is a luxurious material.

32. William Morris Strawberry Thief Christmas Stocking

Fans of William Morris, please read this! The stunning Christmas stocking featuring Morris's iconic Strawberry Thief print is a wonderful way to adorn your home's hearth during the holiday season. It includes an engraved wooden tag with your name on it.

33. Velour Embroidered Stocking

This adorable stocking is made from a plush velour fabric and features embroidered candy canes, Christmas trees, robins, stars, snowflakes, and baubles. It is the ideal gift for young children.

34. Red Velvet Alphabet Stocking

With the festive red alphabet stocking from M&S, you can give your fireplace a more personal touch this holiday season. If you want to get a set that everyone in the family can use, this is an excellent option.

35. Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

Your beloved family pet absolutely must not be left out of any of the excitement. You should stuff this Christmas stocking for your dog with tasty treats and hang it up with the rest of the family's stockings on Christmas morning.

36. Mini Felt Stockings

Whoever said that stockings have to be large is wrong. These miniature Christmas stockings are ideal for hanging on door handles and knobs, the Christmas tree, or strung through a garland. They can also be threaded through a garland. There is sufficient room for filling it with candies or sweets of a smaller size. You can purchase a pack of eight for the price of £6.95 or a pack of 32 for the price of £17.60.

37. Jumbo Hand Knitted Christmas Stocking

This jumbo hand-knitted Christmas stocking was created by Lauren Aston and represents the opposite end of the spectrum. This chunky knit stocking features a red and white pattern and is crafted from soft Merino wool. It also features a high-quality leather strap.

38. Christmas Velvet Stocking in Green

The seasonal green Christmas stocking made of velvet looks even more fashionable thanks to the gold striped detailing and the gold piping that runs around it.

39. Personalized Letter To Santa Stocking

This personalized stocking comes in a vibrant shade of red and features a letter theme. Children will adore it. It works wonderfully as a container for presents.

40. Pure White Santa Stocking With Personalized Wooden Tag

Use these textured, pure white Santa stockings to achieve a more understated look this holiday season. It works beautifully with a minimalist or Scandi style of interior design.

41. Blue Reindeer Knitted Christmas Stocking

Prepare yourself for the holiday season with these charming stockings that have been knitted and personalized. The design, which was inspired by Fair Isle, is perfect for those who adore traditional fashion.

42. Nordic Knitted Christmas Stockings

You can achieve a classic look with the help of these knitted Christmas stockings that are inspired by the Nordic region. It is suitable for use by the whole family and would look wonderful if displayed atop a mantel.

43. Polar Bear And Cubs Christmas Stocking

This Christmas stocking features stone and navy blue wool, and it would be a wonderful gift for either a child or an adult. In addition, it is customizable, which is a nice bonus.

44. Set Of 6 Family Christmas Stockings

These stockings come in a set of six, and each one features a unique holiday greeting. Some of the phrases featured on these stockings are "Hello Santa" and "Tis the Season." In addition to that, they have a cute red and black plaid pattern all the way around the top.

45. Ombre Faux Fur Stockings

These stockings have a faux fur lining to make them feel even cozier to wear. You have the option of selecting a caramel or gray ombre fur for the top of the stocking, as well as the font and the word that you would like to have included in that space.

46. Ivory Cozy Cable Knit Personalized Christmas Stocking

This stocking has a substantial material that is knit in a cable pattern, and there are more than seven different colors available to choose from. You also have the option of having your name embroidered at the very top of it.

47. Gingerbread Family Personalized Ivory Christmas Stocking Alderwood Tag

This miniature stocking features a wooden tag in the shape of a gingerbread man, which can be used to add a more understated touch of personalization. The tag is also made of wood, just like the buttons that are on the cuff of the stocking.

48. Embroidered Ivory Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

This stunning stocking is adorned with snow-white faux fur, making it a perfect holiday accessory. In addition to that, it comes with two fur poufs, and you also have the option to have your name embroidered on it.

49. Cara Knots Personalized Christmas Stockings Set Of 4

These adorably cute stockings are made of burlap and are lined with either black and white or red and black plaid. They are also able to have their names engraved on them.

50. Waydeko Christmas Stockings Set Of 4

Create a wintry scene with these gorgeous knit Christmas stockings that are sure to impress. The backgrounds are red, and they each feature a different holiday scene that coordinates with it.

51. Meriwoods Christmas Stockings 4 Pack

These gorgeous stockings will give you the best of both worlds, whether you can't decide between plaid and fur or vice versa. The pattern on two of them is a pretty red plaid, and the pattern on the other two is a beige plaid. The tops of each of the four of them are finished with a faux fur lining.

52. Velvet With Champagne Sequin Christmas Stockings

These stunning sequined Christmas stockings are the perfect way to glam up your home for the holiday season. The upper portion is lined with champagne-colored sequins, while the lower portion is constructed out of a stunning velvet in a winter white color.

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