Best Flower Christmas Ornaments

July 28, 2022 10 min read

Christmas flowers are a great way to liven up your holiday decor this season. Color and new and interesting textures can be added to a variety of Christmas ornaments. Our colorful Christmas flowers offer you a plethora of decorating options and possibilities. You're sure to find some, or many, Christmas flowers to suit your holiday decorating style, with flowers varying in size, petal shape, texture, finish, color, material, and pattern. Browse the Christmas flower options, or come to our store to get your hands on our stunning collection of flowers. We have flowers that range from realistic to whimsical in order to match your personal style. Ornaments Christmas flowers complement our other Christmas decorating accessories and materials to create a variety of unique and beautiful Christmas decorations. Our decorative flowers are not only great for decorating around the house, but they also make lovely additions to holiday gift wrappings.

1. Red Rose Ornament

One of the most stunningly beautiful flowers that nature has to offer is the rose. The pointed thorns serve as a stark contrast to the expression of promise, hope, and new beginnings that are conveyed by the flower. The delicate bush is shielded from harm by the thorns, which also enable it to show off its beauty. It is traditional to associate ardor and romantic love with the red rose.

2. Watering Can Ornament

The color green is associated with spring, which is a time of year that sees the beginning of new growth and flowering. This Watering Can ornament gives the rebirth of life, the opening of doors to new opportunities, and the expectation of a fruitful future because water stands for the life-giving bounty and purification that it provides.

3. Garden Trowel Ornament

Gardens provide sustenance for us by bearing a bountiful harvest of delectable fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They inspire us with the beautiful flowers they provide and heal us with the medicinal plants they provide. This stunning glass garden trowel ornament is the perfect way to show appreciation for your favorite green thumb.

4. Magnolia Ornament

The Magnolia tree is said to gift nobility, tenacity, and a deep love for nature. Mississippi and Louisiana have both designated this flower as their official state flower. Because there are so many magnolia trees growing along Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas, has been referred to as "the Magnolia City" for a very long time. This is one of the city's oldest nicknames.

5. Garden Trellis Ornament

You have entered the garden. The mind, the body, and the spirit all benefit from engaging in gardening. The burdens of the outside world are left behind when one walks through the gate of the garden that has been lovingly decorated with flowers. The cultivation of a garden is a labor of love.

6. Cauliflower Ornament

Cauliflower is a flowering form of cabbage, and its name literally translates to "flowering cabbage." This vegetable's compact head is about 6 inches in diameter and grows on a single stalk. It is made up of many undeveloped flower buds, which are white because the leaves of the plant shield them from the sun as they grow.

7. Whiskey Barrel With Flowers Ornament

A time of rebirth, fresh starts, and vivid hues, spring ushers in a new season. A flower garden can either be brought inside to be enjoyed there or potted up so that it can be enjoyed close to the house. As spring begins to make its way into your hearts, the lovely blooms that it brings brighten and lift your spirits.

8. Puppy In Flower Pot

It's common knowledge that puppies get into all sorts of scrapes. This little doggie has taken up residence in a flowerpot, and his presence has made it look cheerier than any bouquet of flowers ever could. Puppies become members of their owners' families while also bringing them love, joy, and an abundance of energy and fun.

9. 20” Mint Sugared Poinsettia Stem

Poinsettia stems covered in sugar and mint can be used to brighten even the darkest holiday space. This is a one-of-a-kind accessory that will add a joyful and creative touch to any Christmas tree, garland, or wreath you choose to decorate with it because of its shape, stunning color, and brilliant crystals along the edge.

10. 21” Velvet Ric Rac Poinsettia Stem - White

Any whimsical candy or gingerbread theme would benefit from the addition of soft tones and a depth of texture provided by the playful pom-poms that line the white velvety flowers. Create trees and garlands with these stunning, high-quality flowers by combining them with gingerbread ornaments, blue and pink ribbon, and peppermint striped stems.

11. 21” Gingerbread Poinsettia Stem With Red Berries

Imagine a space that is completely saturated with the most brilliant shades of red, white, and gingerbread, all of which sparkle in the light. This Gingerbread Poinsettia Stem has bold white piping and bright red berries, both of which capture the imagination and bring the kitchen motif to life with coordinated charm.

12. Red And White Poinsettia Stem With Red Berries

This vibrant apple red felt poinsettia stem, which is featured in both our North Pole Party and Gingerbread collections, adds color and fantastic Christmas cheer to any tree, wreath, or garland you choose to decorate with it. Your creative looks will be complete with a look that is the perfect combination of whimsical and festive thanks to the white veining and felt petals.

13. Sheer Glitter Pink Poinsettia Stem

This new poinsettia, which features a stunning floral display of pink and white with shimmering details, is ideal for a glamorous pastel and neutral Christmas féte because of its versatility. The breathtaking petals, which have been formed in a way that creates the appearance of cascading, are ideal for adding to your flocked trees and garlands, as well as any gorgeous neutral centerpiece.

14. Green & White Frosted Glitter Poinsettia

This gorgeous poinsettia has everything from ombre coloring to a light texture, making it the perfect addition to any holiday setting, whether you're going for a Santa's Sweet Shoppe motif or a pastel and white winter wonderland. It has a frosted white veining detail, and it has a glitter sheen, so it sparkles just the right amount.

15. White And Red Poinsettia Stem With Red Berries

With our White and Red Poinsettia Stem with Red Berries, you can add a festive touch of frosted red and white to your Christmas tree and garlands this year. It has a gentle dusting of sparkling crystals, and the contrast between the two makes it stand out! Use this piece, which is featured in our Peppermint & Gingerbread Collection, in any fun theme involving the colors red and white!

16. Frost Velvet Poinsettia Stem

During the holiday season, an inviting atmosphere can be created in your home with the help of our festive frost velvet poinsettia stem. This stem will add texture and brighten up any tree or vase. Bright Christmas red velvety soft petals, lightly frosted to give the appearance of snow, and a bright white berry center are the distinguishing characteristics of this flower. This lovely flower is perfect for the winter season and can be found in our North Pole, Cardinal, and Peppermint collections. It can also be used to add dimension to any garland or wreath you choose to display it in.

17. Sugared Cotton Candy Poinsettia Stem

The cotton candy stem is a customer favorite due to its illuminating qualities, and it brings the warmth and coziness of the holiday season into your home. The thick, textured petals are covered in a delicate sugary coating, and the center is beaded to hold everything together. Blend in with the white ribbon and peppermint swirl ornaments and sprays that you have chosen to use for your gingerbread theme.

18. Burlap Faux Fur Edge Poinsettia Stem

This burlap poinsettia stem with a faux fur detailed edge is full of the rustic charm that is featured in both our Woodland Collection and our Farmhouse Collection. The burlap petals, which have a warm tone to them, are lined with glittery fur, and they come together to form a berry center that is white. When combined with holiday accents made of wood and metal, you can make garlands, wreaths, and Christmas trees that are naturally inviting and warm. It looks fantastic with a neutral color scheme or with a splash of color, like berries in a vivid red.

19. Metallic Bead Poinsettia Stem

The addition of this luxurious metallic poinsettia stem will bring out the best in your elegant Christmas ribbon, sprays, and specialty ornaments. The dazzling platinum-hued petals have a beautiful texturing that is finished by a shimmering gold berry in the center. To create a holiday display that will live long in everyone's memory, adorn the main body of your tree with these hypnotic flowers, as well as highlight them in your wreaths and garlands.

20. Pink Sprinkles Candy Poinsettia

Every look in the Santa's Sweet Shoppe Collection benefits from the enchantment and sense of wonder that comes with this baby pink poinsettia, which is adorned with dynamic rainbow sprinkles. Use it in conjunction with its mint counterpart to bring equilibrium and vitality to the Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths you decorate for a jolly and festive appearance.

21. Green Sprinkles Candy Poinsettia Stem

This candy-themed poinsettia in a refreshing mint color packs a powerful punch thanks to the delicate sprinkles! You can create a coordinated look that is bright and cheery with festive sweets all around by adding this to your garlands, wreaths, and tree. The look is inspired by Santa's Sweet Shoppe.

22. Plaid Ricrac Poinsettia Stem

With its country check pattern and rich edging, our Plaid Ricrac Poinsettia stem exudes a reassuring sense of complete charm that is sure to brighten anyone's holiday season. This stem, which can be used to fill a tree or finish off a delightful holiday arrangement, is a festive addition that you can incorporate into your Snowberry look.

23. Gingerbread Poinsettia Stem With Red Berries

This Gingerbread Poinsettia Stem with Red Berries has a plush texture that is reminiscent of a children's storybook, which stirs the imagination. To create an enchanting atmosphere for your holiday party, use throughout your kitchen-themed Christmas tree, garlands, and kitchen nooks.

24. Reindeer Check Poinsettia Stem

Exceptionally one-of-a-kind, the reindeer check stem ushers in coziness and warmth for the winter season with its old-fashioned air. These poinsettias will add depth to your Christmas tree and garlands with their varied petal patterns, some of which feature an enchanted forest scene with reindeer, and others which feature an earthy stitched look.

25. Cork Burlap Poinsettia Stem

This stem made of burlap and cork is the perfect combination of natural and rustic elements for your neutral woodland theme. This stem, which features a pine cone in the middle and frosted edging, will give any Christmas tree, garland, or wreath a touch of the most beautiful rustic elegance!

26. Frost Snowflake Plaid Velvet Poinsettia Stem

With this brilliant frost plaid poinsettia stem, you can add some whimsical patterns and textures to your Christmas tree. Any Christmas tree or vase would benefit from the addition of texture and dimension provided by the layers of plaid, the red petals with frost, and the white berry center. Because it is part of our North Pole Party Collection, this piece is great for combining with other pieces of holiday decor that feature vibrant colors like red and green.

27. Black And White Harlequin Poinsettia Stem

There is nothing more one-of-a-kind than this black-and-white harlequin stem to use as the basis for an elegant and entertaining Nutcracker theme. This poinsettia exudes the finest aspects of magic and mystery with its shimmering texture and a few sparkles here and there. You can achieve a unified look by adding this to your Christmas tree, centerpieces, and garland.

28. Glitter Fur Edge Plaid Poinsettia Stem

The glitter fur edge plaid poinsettia stem that we offer is the ideal way to inject some fun and whimsy into your whimsical decoration scheme. This poinsettia, which features a colorful plaid pattern and is outlined in fur, is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests this holiday season. You can add some holiday merriment and charm to your wreaths, trees, and garlands by using this.

29. Wooly/Fur Poinsettia Stem

This gorgeously textured poinsettia stem will add a touch of warmth and allure to the garlands, wreaths, and Christmas tree you decorate this year. A center of platinum berries provides a striking contrast to the luxurious ivory petals made of wool and faux fur. Make your holiday decorations look more full and three-dimensional by using this. Included in both our Woodland Collection as well as our bundle of trees.

30. Plaid Glitter Poinsettia Stem

We have a festive glitter poinsettia stem that features bold and bright colors and patterns that you can use to decorate your whimsical trees. It has a warm and upbeat vibe thanks to the subtle green, red, and white plaid petals that have a glittery berry center and a speckled snowy appearance. This flower goes wonderfully with the jolly Christmas characters, the red and green ribbon, and the shiny red shatterproof balls that we have.

31. Glitter Edge Bugle Bead Velvet Poinsettia Stem

This stem features snow-white petals, delicately beaded embellishments, and a bugle bead in the center, making it a popular bloom for the winter holidays. Either incorporate them into a breathtaking floral arrangement or spread them out all over your tree to make them stand out against the pine-green color of the tree's branches.

32. Velvet Sheer Sequin Poinsettia Stem

This dazzling Velvet Sheer Sequin Poinsettia will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your holiday decor. It features a color scheme that is a perfect combination of cream and platinum. Any tree can be elevated to a state of grace with the addition of these textured petals, which also complement your glamorous wreaths and garlands.

33. Frosted Poinsettia Stem

Increase the level of contrast with these Frosted Poinsettia Stems that have a white rim around them. These florals were delicately brushed by Jack Frost in order to achieve the most authentic sense of winter, making them the ideal choice for adding a snowy accent to your red and white Christmas designs.

34. Embossed Poinsettia With Glitter Stem

This embossed poinsettia shines brightly in the light, making it a fan favorite in the White Christmas collection. It features glitter details and the perfect amount of edging. You can create a radiant look by tucking this snowy piece into your glamorous tree, or by decorating a bookcase or centerpiece with a few stems of white flowers.

35. Pressed Poinsettia Stem

This magnetic Poinsettia stem is a one-of-a-kind and delicate piece that features pressed leaves as well as a stunning glittery center. Create a flawless look with jewel tones revolving around this stem, or incorporate it into any glamorous red and green ensemble.

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