Best Friends Christmas Ornaments

July 17, 2022 6 min read

Friends' movie has been on the air for 27 years and has had one hugely successful reunion, so it's safe to say that the show will always be available to its devoted fans. If your real-life friends are constantly streaming hilarious reruns, it's obvious that nostalgia runs through their veins. Friends' Christmas ornaments should be at the top of your list of gifts for them this year. Christmas tree ornaments, like the show, are sentimental gifts that keep on giving year after year (especially if you choose a personalized one!). With these Friends-themed gifts, you can combine their love of the show with their mushy side.

There's a Friends Christmas ornament for everyone, whether you have a Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, or Joey in your life. And, fortunately for you, there are numerous ornaments based on the show's most iconic scenes. If you're looking for a cute stocking stuffer, a small holiday gift, or a fun way to commemorate, these Friends Christmas ornaments are ideal.

1. Friends' Yellow Peephole Door Frame Ornament

The apartment with the purple door that Monica has is without a doubt at the top of our list of dream apartment goals. Every devoted fan of the show Friends is aware that the signature entryway would be lacking something if it didn't have the curved and yellow peephole frame. This unique ornament for their Christmas tree is sure to be a hit with your friends.

2. The One With All The Thanksgivings Ornament

Are you searching for a witty method to communicate your affection for someone this holiday season? This homage to a classic Friends Thanksgiving episode will be especially appreciated by Chandler to your Monica's Monica. The fact that the ornament plays sounds from the show, which is guaranteed to make people laugh, is an additional bonus feature.

3. Classic 'Friends' New York City Ornament

This classic bulb ornament might be easy to make, but it's the ideal gift for your friends and family members who are crazy about New York City and are also obsessed with Friends.

4. Hallmark Central Perk Cafe Couch Ornament

The award for the most comfortable Christmas tree decor goes to this Central Perk couch ornament. The Hallmark ornament already has a hanger attached to it, so it can be used immediately to adorn their tree that has twinkle lights.

5. Personalized Sistas Christmas Ornament

The more specific you can make it, the better. Give this ultra-chic ornament, which features a sly reference to the television show Friends, to your best girlfriends. Personalize the inexpensive gift by stamping their names on it for a total cost of less than 15 dollars.

6. Hallmark Central Perk Coffee Cup Ornament

Everyone has a secret desire to sample the coffee served at Central Perk. Give them the next best thing, which is the mug's likeness in the form of a Christmas ornament from the coffee shop. What is the sweetest little detail? The latte art on the beverage features Friends-themed designs.

7. Personalized 'The One Where' Ornament

Personalize your Friends ornament with your own one-of-a-kind episode name, and you can make it anything from sweet to sentimental to every inside joke in between. Additionally, the gift is already packaged in a gift box that has a silver closure loop, so there is no need to wrap it.

8. Friends' Character Ornament

After ten seasons of Friends and one reunion, it's safe to say that we all have a special place in our hearts for the characters from the classic sitcoms. Give this character-themed ornament to a friend in real life who cracks jokes like Chandler or eats like Joey. It's the perfect gift for either of those friends.

9. Pivot Ornament

If your loved ones have seen Friends and are familiar with the scene where Ross is sitting on the couch, you can be sure that they will find humor in this famous Ross quote. The most exciting part? As a memento of the year, you have the option of having the year 2021 printed on the ornament.

10. Ultimate 'Friends' Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament features all of the funniest and most iconic moments and quotes from the television show Friends, including "pivot!" and "smelly cat." This is the best find you could hope for if you were looking for a new gift to give to the pop culture fans in your life to put in their stockings.

11. Smelly Cat Ornament

Everyone's life could use a Phoebe who is always up for a good time. This is the ideal gift for your very own free-spirited best friend to open on Christmas morning.

12. The One Where We Left the Couch Ornament

Although we may not be ready to give up lounging around in cozy athleisure just yet, after the year 2020 it will be a significant accomplishment for us to gradually move away from the couch. Use this hilarious and completely on point Friends ornament to celebrate the accomplishments of the people you care about.

13. The One Where We’re Vaccinated' Ornament

This year's Christmas celebrations will be a little bit different. You can show your appreciation for finally being able to get together with your friends and family by giving them this Friends-themed vaccine mixup as a gift.

14. Friends Central Perk Cafe Couch Christmas Ornament from Hallmark

The unmistakable orange sofa from Central Perk, which has become famous all over the world, should have a place of honor on your Christmas tree.

15. Friends The One With All The Thanksgivings 2021 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament with Sound

A look that is almost as recognizable as Rachel's hair is Monica's turkey costume from Thanksgiving. Simply push the button to listen to a snippet of audio from the episode that is consistently voted the best holiday special.

16. Hallmark Friends Mini Set Christmas Tree Ornament

A collection of six Christmas ornaments in the style of FunkoPop featuring some of your favorite "friends."

17. Friends Central Perk™ Cafe Coffee Cup Hallmark Ornament

Is there anything that can stop me from getting together with your friends at Central Perk for a nice cup of coffee? Simply by taking a look at the decoration on this coffee mug, the song "Smelly Cat" almost comes to mind.

18. Paladone Friends Ornaments, Christmas Decorations

This set of traditional Christmas tree ornaments features a variety of well-known locations and proverbs, of course with a Friends spin on things.

19. Friends TV Show Ornament

Use this Christmas ball to put your favorite characters' most endearing qualities on full display for all to see.

20. Friends Monica Peephole Frame

The door peephole in Monica's apartment is a New York City icon that is an essential component of the decor there.

21. Friends Tv The One Where It's Christmas Circle Ornament

This ornament is a timeless pick that pays homage to the show's opening montage by including umbrellas in the design.

22. One Where We Were Vaccinated

The year 2020 was the year of the COVID pandemic, but 2021 was the year we all got vaccinated, which made it possible for HBO Max to move forward with the "Friends" reunion that had been previously scheduled. You should unquestionably get an ornament to mark the occasion in order to commemorate it.

23. One with All the Thanksgivings

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, Monica getting a turkey stuck on her head will continue to be one of the most memorable and hilarious moments in the annals of television history. You can hear the ornament play reminiscing moments from the show if you press a button on it.

24. Central Perk Couch Ornament

You are well aware that Central Perk and its recognizable orange couch will continue to be there for you. Relive all of your most cherished "Friends" moments each time you look at the ornament that is displayed proudly on your tree.

25. Cup of Coffee Ornament

There is nothing that says "Friends" quite like a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee from Central Perk. This latte mug is the finishing touch to your collection of ornaments.

26. Yellow Door Frame Ornament

In the annals of television decoration, there will always be a place for the eccentric frame that surrounded Monica's apartment peephole. A true "Friends" fan absolutely must have this ornament for their tree decorated in the "Friends" theme!

27. One With All The Friends Ornament

Pay homage to one of the most talented ensembles in the history of television and the most amazing group of friends anyone could ever ask for.

28. One With the Cop Ornament

Moving is never simple, but it's especially challenging when you're trying to carry a large couch up a flight of stairs while simultaneously pivoting. This holiday season, remember one of the sitcom moments that has the potential to become a meme. In accordance with the description, the light-catching glass enables natural light to illuminate your image, resulting in a mesmerizing gift.

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