Best Lenox Christmas Ornaments

July 25, 2022 11 min read

Lenox Corporation is an American manufacturer that sells tableware, giftware, and collectible items under the brands Lenox, Dansk, Reed & Barton, and Gorham. It was the most prestigious American manufacturer of tableware and decorative pieces for the majority of the twentieth century.

Lenox is one of the industry leaders in holiday ornaments, offering a diverse and one-of-a-kind selection to commemorate any occasion. Browse the Christmas ornaments selection to find your own ornaments for the holiday season.

1. Minnie Snowflake Ornament

An ornament hand-painted in porcelain and personalized with Minnie Mouse's likeness makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves Disney.

2. Blue Giraffe Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Your child will always remember their first Christmas with this adorable ornament featuring a sweet blue giraffe. This charming giraffe ornament is hand-painted and decorated with accents made of 24k gold. You can personalize it to make it a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

3. In Loving Memory™ Pet Ornament

With the In Loving Memory Pet Ornament by Lenox, you can pay homage to the memory of a cherished pet who has passed away. This one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament is made of ceramic porcelain that is white and durable, and it is embellished all over with regal gold.

4. Baby's First Steps Ornament

With the Baby's First Steps Ornament, Lenox makes it easier to remember important life moments. This keepsake regifts only a single step in your child's life, but you can always remember it with this personalized ornament featuring a tiny shoe.

5. Ballet Slippers Ornament

These pretty pink slippers are just what your little ballerina needs to complete her look. Create a wonderful gift by giving it a personal touch by adding a name. Comes with a pink ribbon for hanging purposes.

6. Dinosaur & Wreath Ornament

This Brachiosaurus dinosaur ornament is finished off with a charming smile, rosy cheeks, and a wreath that is wrapped around its elongated neck. This dinosaur ornament is made of porcelain in a creamy ivory color, and it features 24k gold spots along its back. It would make an excellent gift for a particular child in your life, and you have the option to have it personalized.

7. My Vintage Bicycle Ornament

With the jovial and festive Personalized My Vintage Bicycle Ornament, you can create wonderful memories for someone who is very important to you. This charming ornament is crafted from refined porcelain and painstakingly painted. It features gold detailing and room for a name with up to 12 characters.

8. My Soccer Champ Ornament™

Personalized just for you, this holiday ornament features the face of your favorite soccer player.

9. My Vintage Toy Fire Truck Ornament ™

Relive a treasured memory from your youth with this individualized ornament that is modeled after a classic toy fire truck.

10. My Scooter Ornament

Relive a treasured memory from your youth with this individualized ornament that was designed based on a classic toy.

11. Forever Friends Hot Cocoa Mug 2-Piece Ornament Set

Put a unique spin on the way you decorate your tree this year. Friends can take turns decorating the Christmas tree with their own ornaments thanks to the Forever Friends Hot Cocoa Mug 2-Piece Ornament Set. You can put up to 12 characters of your own choosing on each sweet mug ornament. This one-of-a-kind ornament set is made of ivory fine china and features hand-painted designs; it also makes a thoughtful gift.

12. Santa's List Ornament

A gift for the whole family to enjoy! This jolly ornament is in the shape of Santa Claus and is made out of porcelain. There is glittering detail around the white trim of his hat and suit. He is holding a gift box and a list of names that you are able to customize with the names of people that you know in his hands.

13. Winter Snowman Ornament

This jolly snowman is holding a candy cane in this delightful Christmas ornament. This ornament can be personalized to create a one-of-a-kind gift for the recipient, and it features hand-painted details and accents made of 24-karat gold. It is a beautiful ornament that would look great on any tree!

14. Forever Friends Presents 2 Piece Ornament Set

These two personalized ornaments are the perfect way to honor a friendship that will last a lifetime. This ornament set is made from durable white ceramic porcelain, and each piece is shaped like a gift box in recognition of the fact that friendship is the most precious gift of all.

15. Vintage Pram Ornament

The baby's first holiday should be celebrated in style with this vintage-inspired stroller. Personalization is available for this stunning ornament in ivory and gold accents, making it an ideal choice for a gift.

16. Bride & Groom Ornament

With the Lenox Personalized Bride & Groom Ornament, you can commemorate the newlyweds' first Christmas together in style. This beautiful ornament can be engraved with the couple's first names and the date of their wedding to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

17. In Loving Memory™ Memorial Ornament

This stunning memorial ornament is the perfect way to honor the memory of those you love forever. This heart-shaped ornament, which is made of porcelain and features accents made of 24-karat gold, can be personalized with any name and date to create a keepsake that will be treasured in their memory by you.

18. In Loving Memory™ Ornament

With the help of the In Loving MemoryTM Ornament, you can pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away during the holiday season. The inscription that can be found on this ornament made of porcelain reads, "In Memory of a Life so Beautifully Lived and a Heart so Deeply Loved." Personalization options include a name (up to 20 characters) and a date (optional).

19. Welcome Home Ornament

This charming front door ornament is the perfect way to celebrate your new home. Including a space for the recipient's personalization makes this gift for new homeowners extra special. It is a beautiful ornament that would look great on any tree!

20. Festive Christmas Tree Ornament

This jolly ornament is sure to brighten up any Christmas tree you decorate. This ornament can be personalized to create a one-of-a-kind gift for the recipient, and it features hand-painted details and accents made of 24-karat gold. This will quickly become a new favorite among your Christmas decorations!

21. Just Married Vintage Car Ornament

This adorable, throwback-style ornament is the perfect addition to your big day of celebration. This lovely classic car is decked out with wedding decorations for a newlywed couple. You can make this ornament even more meaningful by adding your names and the date to the surface of it. A perfect gift for newlyweds.

22. Roller Skate Ornament

The cutest pair of roller skates imaginable, made specifically for your tree. Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake for someone special by customizing this ornament.

23. My Basketball Champ Ornament

This ornament is sure to be a hit with the star player on your basketball team. Because it is possible to personalize this ornament with a name and a number, it is certain to be a gift that is treasured for many years to come.

24. Starfish Ornament

The ivory porcelain that makes up our starfish ornament has accents of 24k gold, and it has been hand-painted. This oceanic keepsake has details on both sides, including raised bumps that are shaped like real starfish and follow the pattern. Whoever in your family enjoys spending time at the beach will adore receiving this ornament as a gift!

25. Bicycle Built for Two Ornament

This bicycle is not only designed to accommodate two riders, but it also has the capacity to be engraved with both of their names. This ornament is a wonderful gift option because it features a charming flower basket and accents of gold.

26. Rudolph's Surprise Stocking Ornament

This ornament is finished off with hand-painted details such as candy cane stripes and Rudolph's signature red nose. He has a stocking in his mouth that is sponged with gold detailing and has the option to have a name embroidered on it. This year, the Christmas magic will undoubtedly make its way into your home if you have this memento.

27. Tinker Bell Ornament

This one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament is a must-have for any and all Tinker Bell devotees. It is just like getting a personalized message from their most beloved fairy.

28. Vintage Record Player Ornament

Someone in your life who enjoys music is going to absolutely adore this! This ornament features a vintage record player that can be personalized by adding a name to the blank space at the top of the ornament. The ornament is crafted of porcelain and features careful attention to detail.

29. Arcade Game Ornament

This ornament, which is modeled after a classic arcade game, is sure to stand out on your tree. It would make a wonderful gift.

30. Narwhal Ornament

This narwhal ornament is the cutest thing that could possibly be added to your tree. This adorable narwhal boasts hand-painted details, accents made of 24-karat gold, and a spot where any name can be engraved to make it uniquely yours. It would make a fantastic gift for anyone!

31. Guitar Ornament

Take a trip down memory lane by playing this vintage-style guitar around the Christmas tree. The rockstar in your life will adore receiving this one-of-a-kind ornament that can be personalized just for them.

32. Heart Ornament

This hearth ornament is sure to keep you toasty warm. This ornament, which features hand-painted details, can be personalized, making it suitable for an extra-special gift or for marking the occasion of a new home. Adds a touch of enchanting character to any tree.

33. Lightning McQueen Ornament

This hand-painted porcelain ornament features Lightning McQueen, a character from Disney Pixar's Cars franchise, racing to cross the finish line. Add a personal touch to create a thoughtful gift.

34. My Little Red Wagon Ornament

Use the ornament depicting My Little Red Wagon to adorn the Christmas tree in your home. This charming registration of childhood can be individualized with a name of up to 12 characters long, and it is crafted out of hand-painted ivory china that is accented in precious gold. This would be a fantastic gift for the kid that lives in all of us.

35. Established Home Ornament

This adorable ornament is perfect for commemorating the purchase of your first home and is sure to become a treasured possession over the years. On the sign that is hung above a basket of flowers, you have the option of adding your name, address, and the year that you moved in to give it a more personal touch. It's a one-of-a-kind item that was made with careful attention to detail just for you!

36. Forever Friends Candy Cane 2-Piece Ornament Set

With the Forever Friends Candy Cane 2-Piece Ornament Set, you can honor the deep satisfaction that comes from true friendship. Each of these cheery candy cane ornaments is hand-crafted from shimmering porcelain, and each one can be personalized with a name that contains up to 12 characters.

37. Mickey Snowflake Ornament

A personalized Mickey Mouse ornament made of hand-painted porcelain makes an excellent gift for people who are fans of Disney.

38. Home Sweet Home Key Ornament

Ideal for those who are just starting out as homeowners! This ornament has the inscription "Home Sweet Home," was hand-painted with additional details, and can be personalized to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Any tree would benefit from the addition of this charming ornament!

39. My Vintage Toy Horse® Ornament

With the help of the My Vintage Toy Horse Ornament, you can adorn your tree with one of your all-time favorite toys from your youth. It is possible to add a greeting or a name to personalize it.

40. Forever Friends Popsicle 2-Piece Ornament Set

Treat your pal to something sweet and share it with them! Personalization is available for an additional touch of thoughtfulness with this two-piece popsicle set from our Forever Friends collection. It is an adorable gift for celebrating summer and friendship at any time of the year and it comes with a popsicle in pastel colors as well as a watermelon treat that has a bite taken out of it.

41. My Football Champ Jersey & Ball Ornament

This magnificent ornament is the perfect way to remember your child's first touchdown. The front of this football jersey ornament is smooth and flat, allowing you to personalize it with the name of your favorite little champion. It is red, white, and blue in color. This ornament, which comes with a football, is the perfect gift for any person who enjoys playing or watching sports.

42. Lollipop Ornament

A thoughtful gift for a thoughtful person in your life Create a one-of-a-kind touch for your Christmas tree with this cheerful and entertaining ornament.

43. Mickey Mouse Snowball Ornament

This delightful Disney ornament features Mickey decked out for the chilly season in all his winter garb. This delicate piece, which is made of porcelain with a creamy finish and features 24k gold accents, is sure to become a cherished keepsake for many years to come. For the Disney fan on your shopping list, this item is an absolute necessity. You'll need our Minnie Mouse ornament to complete the set, so make sure to pick one up today!

44. Home With You Ornament

Use the Our Sweet Home ornament to help commemorate the purchase of your first home together. Includes a space for personalization, making it an even more thoughtful gift. It is a beautiful ornament that would look great on any tree!

45. Forever Friends Donut 2-Piece Ornament Set

These ornaments will make your tree look absolutely adorable if they are hung from it! A pink glazed donut with sprinkles and a vanilla and chocolate donut are featured in this set of ornaments that comes in two pieces. You should have them monogrammed so that they add a unique touch to the Christmas tree that your family shares.

46. Cassette Tape Ornament

This vintage cassette tape comes in a striking ruby red finish, which not only contributes to the holiday spirit but also adds a musical touch to your Christmas tree! Make this item unique for the music lover in the family by adding their name.

47. Retro TV Ornament

This vintage ornament is sure to bring back some fond memories every time you look at it. This porcelain piece is reminiscent of a miniature throwback to the early days of television because it was designed in the shape of a well-known television set. It comes complete with a sleek enamel color and a 24k gold antenna, making it an excellent choice as a Christmas gift for any fan of pop culture.

48. Personalized Prancing Unicorn Ornament

Move your body and groove with this one-of-a-kind unicorn! adorned with a fabulous flower crown and a mane and tail that are both done in bright pastels. Featuring golden hooves and a spiraling horn that sparkles in the light.

49. Personalized Grinch Gifts For You Ornament

This Grinch has traveled all the way to save Christmas. He's got that cheesy grin that's become his trademark, and he's carrying a mountain of brightly wrapped Christmas gifts in both of his arms. If you invite him to your celebration during this holiday, there's a good chance he'll give some to you.

50. Mermaid Ornament

This stunning mermaid ornament, which can be personalized with any name, will lend your Christmas tree an air of warm-weather escapism just in time for the holidays! This exquisite piece of marine art is made of flawless porcelain and features intricate details, such as a dotted pearl headband, an ombre tail effect, and a luminous shell at the center of the design.

51. Peaceful Dove Ornament

This adorable ornament is shaped like a dove and features pretty floral accents. It also has a space for personalization. Simply add the recipient's name to make it even more personal! Your tree will look even more beautiful with this ornament on it.

52. Snoopy's Letter To Santa Ornament

Snoopy has gotten himself all bundled up for the cold weather, and his best friend Woodstock is helping him get his letter to Santa delivered. It is an adorable Christmas ornament for any Peanuts fan and is crafted of ivory porcelain with details in 24k gold and a sprinkle of glitter.

53. Love You To The Moon & Back Ornament

Who do you love more than the moon and everything in it combined? That is the person who would appreciate receiving this ornament the most! This breathtaking keepsake is pearlescent and features pierced stars as well as a metal star charm with a gold tone that hangs from the ribbon. Make this item even more unique by giving it your own personal touch.

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