Best Painted Christmas Ornaments

July 26, 2022 11 min read

Having the right type and color of Christmas tree decorations can mean the difference between your Christmas tree looking average and unappealing and becoming a vibrant and fantastic display. All of the lovely painted decorations on the following pages can be used in a variety of attractive ways around the home or workplace to brighten up and improve the ambiance during the holiday season.

Handcrafted or painted decorations add a creative touch to your and your family's lives. Painted Christmas ornaments are inexpensive to make and last for many years. The basic materials you'll need can be found at most craft supply stores or online. All you need is a steady hand, a good creative imagination, and a little time to make your own beautiful decorations. I hope you are inspired to consider creating your own.

1. Red Ball with White Trees

This lovely bright red ball with white painted pine trees and falling snow creates a warm Christmas atmosphere. This is ideal for hanging in a red-themed Christmas tree decorated in traditional Christmas colors.

2. Snowflake Painted Ornament

This blue ball and large snowflake design perfectly captures the sensation of falling snow. Completing the snowflake pattern with just a few strokes and lines will help you achieve this painted ornament. This would look great in a flocked or themed Christmas tree.

3. Transparent Ball with Red Berries

This design conjures up images of Christmas in Japan or another exotic locale. The beautiful cherry designs add beauty to a rather dull and boring Christmas ornament.

4. Christmas Scene

The snowy scene in the Christmas balls conveys a message of peace and goodwill to all. The beautiful painting of the Christmas tree and the snowy field adds a festive feel to the ornament.

5. Alphabet Ball

A lovely white Christmas ball with alphabet string lights painted on it. This type of painted Christmas ornament is perfect for making with your children. They can simply paint on them and create their own designs.

6. Gray Ball with Christmas Tree and Red Berries

A lovely abstract Christmas tree with red berries and snowflakes. The Christmas tree image painted on it enhanced the overall appearance of the ornament.

7. Puppy Balls

These balls feature a puppy's smiling face and paw prints to remind us to be gentle with our pets during the holiday season. This is a great gift for pet lovers who want to decorate their Christmas tree with a puppy theme.

8. Decorated Blue Balls

The beautiful and intricate white lace designs on these bright blue balls make them very appealing. Though the patterns are quite intricate, with practice, you can also paint this type of design.

9. Painted Spoon Ornament

Who says Christmas ornaments have to be limited to balls? You can also decorate a Christmas tree with everyday items such as spoons. This lovely Christmas ornament is made from a bent spoon and painted with a blue background and three white candles.

10. Santa-themed Light Bulb

A very clever way to turn a lightbulb into a lovely Christmas decoration. Paint them a bright red. Color in the details to make it look like a Santa belly. Hang them with ribbons and you're done! You now have this simple Christmas ornament.

11. Reading-glass Snowman

A great way to turn an old pair of reading glasses into a cute snowman. Simply paint them white and add snowman details. Finish by tying a plaid ribbon, pine needles, and a small pine cone around it.

12. Our Grandbabies

Personalization on Christmas ornaments means a lot to these grandchildren. This is such a unique way to spend the holiday with the adorable grandchildren.

13. Colored Circles on a Black Ball

The use of these bright colors on a black ball really makes these very pretty designs stand out.

14. Black and White hanging Pendant Ornaments

This is a lovely, elegant, and sophisticated painted Christmas ornament. This can make an outstanding Christmas decoration for any dining table when painted with only white and black to create a specific pattern.

15. Cute Unicorn Painted Ornament

This is a straightforward painted Christmas ornament. This is such a cute addition to your Christmas tree, with just a few details like flowers and a horn drawn with a closed-eye outline.

16. Painted Reindeer

This ball has a cheerful appearance with painted reindeer and a large red bow that will brighten any space.

17. Painted Birds

This design is very powerful because it consists of a clear glass globe with white branches on the inside and painted red birds on the outside.

18. Glued On Letters

A nice and visually appealing ornament can be made out of these white fabric letters by gluing them onto the red balls.

19. Dark Green and White Branches

The olive green color of this ball ornament is very pretty, and the stark contrast of the white branches and snow against the living pine works very well.

20. Hand sewed Christmas Tree on a Pink Background

On this all-natural pine Christmas tree, this hand-stitched picture of a Christmas tree set against a pink background looks fantastic hanging from one of the branches.

21. Gold Leaf

Because of the application of gold leaf, this leaf and these blue balls have been transformed into magnificent Christmas decorations.

22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Balls

These hand-painted faces of teenage Ninja Turtles look great and are styled in a manner that is decidedly masculine.

23. Flowers and Leaves

These abstract roses and leaves painted on white Christmas balls make for a great modern-looking ornamental display that would liven up any area. They are painted on Christmas balls.

24. Mario Brothers

The lovable expressions of the Mario brothers would make wonderful additions to a Christmas decoration for a boy's room, especially one belonging to a gamer.

25. Painted Teardrop

These pendants, which are shaped like teardrops and painted in bright colors, are perfect for the holiday season and would look wonderful hung on the tree.

26. Snowman Ornament

This lovely and cheerful snowman could be made in any size to fit your tree or room in order to brighten up your holiday days.

27. Miniature Christmas Tree

A wonderful miniature Christmas tree that has decorations in the form of painted balls.

28. Red Smiley Face

This cheery smiley face would look great painted on a red Christmas ball decoration and then tucked away in the branches of your tree for the holidays.

29. abstract Ferry

The appearance of a ferry carrying Christmas joy is conveyed by this ornament, which also features a candy stick and lights that twinkle.

30. Painted Button Ornaments

These colorful buttons, once painted, make wonderful ornaments for the holiday season and can be used in a variety of settings.

31. Unicorn Ornament

Transform an ordinary glass ball ornament into a mystical work of art with this easy tutorial! Creating these whimsical hand-painted ornaments in the shape of unicorns requires only a little bit of painting and a lot of creative thinking. Get a pack of plain ball ornaments and adorn them with gold horns and a lot of flowers to make them look more festive.

32. Dipped Globes

A simple dip can completely change the look of frosted glass ornaments. Rub some rubbing alcohol on the ornaments, and then set them aside to dry. In order to make the paint, put one part water and two parts clear craft glue into a container and mix them together. Mix in approximately 15–20 drops of the gel food coloring. After dipping the ornament, allow it to hang for twenty minutes so that it can dry. As soon as they appear, wipe any drips that have formed on the bottom. It's worth doing again with additional colors.

33. Tartan Ornament

Pretty plaid ornaments are a great way to highlight the colors that are associated with the holiday season. You can create a sweet display that goes with the Christmas tree motif by mixing and matching different fabrics. Use buffalo check or tartan plaid fabric ($5 per yard on Etsy) to give the appearance of a farmhouse in your home's decor.

34. Pom-Pom Piled Ornament

Put some white, silver, and gold pom-poms (each of which costs $2 at Michaels) inside of a clear glass ball ornament to give your tree a sparkly and lively appearance. This handcrafted ornament can be finished in a matter of minutes.

35. Drip Paint Christmas Ornament

This handmade ornament is highlighted by splatters of bright craft paint in spiral patterns. You can make your own drip paint ornament by simply pouring multiple colors of paint into a plain glass ball ornament. This will create the effect of paint dripping down the ornament. To create a beautiful marbled ornament, give the ball a light shake and spin it a few times.

36. Washi Tape Ornament

Do you have any ornaments that have designs or patterns on them that you don't particularly like? (Take this ball as an example; it used to have a glittered dimension design.) Rather than throwing them away or leaving them in the box with the other decorations, give them a quick makeover with washi tape. Stick individual strips of washi tape to the ball, overlapping them as necessary, and smoothing them out as you move around the ball.

37. Swan Christmas Ornament

It is impossible to tell that this adorable swan ornament was originally a simple glass ball. This whimsical handmade ornament is made by combining a face sculpted out of modeling clay with a few feathers of a pure white color.

38. Marble-Painted Ornament

To create this lovely marbled effect, mix together a few different colors of paint. To make it, pour water into a large disposable tray until it is completely covered. Spray the water with two colors of spray paint that coordinate with each other and cost $5 each at Target. (The paint will be suspended above the surface in this manner.) Take a clear glass ornament ball and roll it around in the paint. The ball will absorb some of the paint, which will result in a marbled appearance.

39. Snowflake Ornament

Gather interesting embellishments from your collection of crafting supplies and use them to decorate plain glass ornaments. This ornament was given a modern makeover by having a snowflake applique made from scrapbooking paper adhered to it with hot glue.

40. Wrap with Chunky Yarn

In order to conceal an old-fashioned candy cane pattern, we braided some chunky yarn and wrapped it around this ball. Using the hot glue, secure the yarn to the ball, positioning the knots and ends so that they are in the back.

41. Wrapped Ornament

A straightforward string serves as the foundation for these original handcrafted ornaments. To create this festive ornament for the tree, simply wrap the string around a plain ball ornament in a pattern that overlaps itself, and you'll have a new way to decorate the tree.

42. Swirly Ornament

For a two-toned look, create the effect by swirling paint inside of a glass ball. To ensure that the paint completely covers the interior surface of the ornament, place it on a disposable cup and rotate it several times at regular intervals while it is drying. Put the finishing touch on it with a narrow strip of decorative paper that bears a message appropriate for the season.

43. Word Art Ornament

To make this easy do-it-yourself ornament, all you need is a paint pen. To make something, you need only write a merry word with a colorful paint pen. Allow to dry, then hang. You could also use it as a pretty embellishment to put on packages.

44. Chenille Stem-Stuffed Ornament

In order to make the sparkly gold pipe cleaners fit inside of a clear glass ball ornament, you will need to bend and twist them. You can give this handcrafted ornament a one-of-a-kind look by painting it in any colors you like, from the traditional red and green to the wintry blue and silver.

45. Striped Ornament

Paint can be used to give a striped effect to an ornament. Apply masking tape to the areas of the surface that you do not want painted, and then paint the stripes in a careful manner using a small paintbrush. To add a shimmering effect, sprinkle glitter over paint that is still wet. When the paint is dry, remove the tape from the surface carefully.

46. Twice-Painted Ornament

In order to achieve a smooth finish and add a bit of flair to this ornament craft, spray paint was used. The ornament was then given a coat of gold spray paint after being given a light sanding. After it had time to dry, we followed up by applying a coat of white marbleizing spray paint.

47. Scenic Ornament

This wintry scene can be painted on an ornament in a matter of minutes. The key is to work in stages when painting. To begin, use two coats of white acrylic paint to cover the bottom of a glass ball ornament, allowing each coat to dry in between applications. Then, with a round, short-handled brush, paint white trees of varying heights and widths. After the trees have been given enough time to dry, add a few dashes of red acrylic paint to them to make them look like cardinals. When the red paint is dry, use the bristle tips to add a few white dots here and there to represent snowflakes falling from the sky.

48. Ribboned Ornament

A plain ornament can be given a festive look by decorating it with striped ribbon. Take off the top of the ornament, and cut the ribbon into strips. Attach the strips to the ornament using hot glue, starting at the bottommost point. Put some glue on the ends of the ribbons and then tuck them into the opening at the top. Replace the ornament cap, then tie a bow around the hanging loop and replace the ornament cap.

49. Tinsel Ornament

The source of sparkle is found within. Cut a small piece of the tinsel garland and place it inside a ball ornament made of clear glass. Voila! The Christmas tree is all set. Have leftover garland? Make a pretty wreath out of tinsel by giving it a try.

50. Knotted Ornament

A structural do-it-yourself ornament can be made using only knots and yarn. Make a knot in the middle of each of the four strings using either yarn or cord. Place the ornament so that it is centered on the knot. About halfway up the ball, tie a knot using the adjacent ends. Tie a knot in the topmost part, alternating between the adjacent ends. Glue in place.

51. Sticker Phrase Ornament

A holiday message can be spelled out using glittery letters that can be found in the scrapbook aisle. You can embellish the ornament with a few more stickers, and then tie a bow around the hook of the ornament.

52. Melted Crayon Ornament

At long last, a purpose for those short crayons! crayons can be purchased for three dollars at Target. The packaging should be removed, and the crayons should be sliced into small pieces. Put one of them inside an ornament made of clear glass. Carefully melt the crayon bits using a hair dryer with the low heat setting, turning the ornament so that all sides are coated. It's worth doing again with additional colors.

53. Simple Painted Ornament

Craft a unique collection of one-of-a-kind ornaments using only a few simple materials. To create the look of watercolor on a clear glass ornament, create a watercolor effect by dripping one tablespoon of gallery glass window color and a few drops of water inside the ornament. Then, turn the ball so the paint coats the sides.

54. Splattered Ornament

When you make these ornaments with a swirling pattern, channel your inner Jackson Pollock. Take off the caps from the ornament balls made of clear acrylic. The interior should be cleaned using a solution that consists of three parts water and one part vinegar. After rinsing with clean water, allow the air to dry. To achieve the desired effect, carefully drizzle one or more colors of acrylic paint into the ornament and then gently swirl the paint around. Wait for the paint to dry completely before adding more swirls of a variety of colors. After you have completed the painting, you can embellish the exterior of the ornament by adding a band of ribbon or other type of trim.

55. Glitter Spray Paint Ornament

The cool mottled effect can be achieved by using a few quick spritzes of spray paint and directing them inside of a clear glass ball. Have fun trying out different kinds of paint and colors, because no two projects will turn out the same!

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