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Best Personalized Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

July 13, 2022 12 min read

You have already been given the best gift there is: a baby. It is finally time to start preparing for your first Christmas as a family to celebrate together. There are a lot of different things you can do to make this holiday season extra-special, such as purchasing the personalized baby's first Christmas ornaments, getting the baby a meaningful gift, and dressing the baby up in a fancy first outfit for festive photos. Are you looking for mementos that can be hung? We have compiled a list of cutest and most wonderfully personalized baby's first Christmas ornaments for your perusal and selection. There is an option here that, regardless of the aesthetic you prefer, will seamlessly integrate with the rest of the holiday decorations you have.

1. Photo Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Looking for an ornament to commemorate your child's first Christmas? This Hallmark story does not fall short of expectations. The picture frame is in the form of a sugar cookie, and it is adorned with a cute saying as well as the current year. Insert your most treasured photograph of your adorable little elf, and bask in the sweetness!

2. Reindeer Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

A base made of wood slices and an embellishment in the form of a fuzzy deer give this infant ornament a strong sense of the rustic. In addition, you can personalize the baby's first Christmas ornament by adding the baby's name, the words "1st Christmas," and the year to the ornament.

3. Handprint Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

With the help of this kit, you can transform your baby's handprint or footprint into a glittery keepsake that can be used as the baby's first Christmas ornament. It comes with all of the necessary tools as well as instructions that are simple to understand. You'll look back on those early days of your baby with fondness as they get bigger.

4. Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This individualized baby ornament has space for you to write your child's birth information. We adore that it is in the shape of a heart, that it can be worn on either side, and that it features festive snowflake accents.

5. Baby Block First Christmas Ornament

This block-shaped option allows for personalization on each of the ornament's six sides, making it ideal for a baby's first Christmas ornament. You can have it engraved with a meaningful message, initials, a picture of a holiday, and even more. Talk about a sweet keepsake.

6. Light Up Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This adorable baby ornament features color-changing lights, so it will look great hanging from your tree no matter the season! Add a photo of them, their name, and — you guessed it — the year to make it more personal.

7. Ceramic Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

A tree on top of another tree! On this one-of-a-kind, hand-painted ceramic Christmas ornament for the tree, you can have the child's name hand-lettered in a font and color of your choice. It will be the baby's very first Christmas ornament. (Some of the other possible shapes include a snowflake, a train, a horse, the moon, and an airplane.)

8. Fox Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Are you completely fixated on forest-related topics? The good news is that there is room for the baby's very first Christmas ornament. This adorable ceramic piece features an imprint of their name, the year, and a fox that is simply irresistible.

9. Glass Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This timeless glass ornament is the perfect way to commemorate your child's first Christmas in elegant fashion. It has the words "My First Christmas" written on it and is adorned with a friendly snowman. In addition, this baby Christmas ornament comes beautifully gifted in a gift box that has been tied with a matching ribbon, making it simple to give as a gift and convenient to store away.

10. Laser Cut Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This ornament for a baby's first Christmas, whether it be a girl or a boy, is exquisitely detailed. The nursery scene that was cut out with a laser is sure to leave a lasting impression on your holiday guests. You can make it more special by writing your child's name and the year on it.

11. Multi-Photo Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Can't pick just one adorable picture of the baby? There is no need to worry because this baby's first Christmas photo ornament has space for three. Additionally, it is available in a variety of glass shapes, including a square, a circle, and a hexagon.

12. Greetings Card Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Do you want your family's holiday card to double up as your newborn's first Christmas ornament? There's no need to look any further than this cardstock ornament that features a photo that's been framed with holy sprigs. You can even personalize the colors and the holiday greeting before you send them out to all of your family and friends, and of course, hang one on your own tree.

13. Metal Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This option for a first Christmas ornament for the little one is adorable, in our opinion. This metal option is going to work perfectly for you if you're going with a silver color scheme for your Christmas tree. Include the current date as well as a brief, personalized comment.

14. Rustic Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Obtain a personalized baby's first Christmas ornament by having it painted with a Christmas tree-carrying pickup truck, adding the baby's name, and including the year. What do you think of that for a design with a cute country feel?

15. Hand-Painted Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This adorable ceramic baby girl's first Christmas ornament is hand-painted with her name and the birth date, and it features a plaid pattern. You also have the option of selecting the baby boy version in blue.

16. Modern Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Looking for something that will be fashionable in 2021? This lucite design ornament should be your first and only choice. This modern option can be personalized with all of baby's birth details and is a great gift idea.

17. Double-Sides Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

The following recommendation, made by Pearhead, gives you the opportunity to create a memento that is truly one of a kind to remember a baby's first holiday season. Because this ornament is oval and double-sided, you can put a photo on one side and the baby's hand or footprint on the other. A charming scene from every vantage point!

18. Footprint Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

A festive and fun take on the traditional ornamental footprint art is as follows: The do-it-yourself version offered by Mudpie utilizes the print of your child to create an adorable reindeer motif. Believe us when we say that you will treasure this adorable baby as a Christmas ornament for many years to come.

19. Twin Babies’ First Christmas Ornament

Are you in the market for a powerful pair? This adorable Christmas ornament in the shape of a pair of bunny rabbit twins features both of their names. A bonus is that you are able to include their photo or a personalized inscription on the back; all you need to do is send the seller the photo you want to use and the information.

20. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Gift Set

The next option is a sweet gift for both the baby and the Christmas tree. This adorable ornamental gift set was crafted by the well-known company Sophie la Girafe, and it features two glass baubles in addition to the traditional teething toy.

21. Shoes Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

How adorable is this little baby ornament for the Christmas tree? The year that the baby entered the world is printed in gold lettering on the tiny porcelain shoes, which are also tied with a light blue ribbon (or you can choose pink!). The shoes also feature the phrase "Baby's first Christmas" in delicate lettering.

22. Wooden Baby Christmas Ornament

What do you think of this whimsical ornament made of wood that's sold by Uncommon Goods? The pattern, which takes its cue from the night sky, consists of a cheerful half moon and a scattering of stars. A personalized touch can be achieved by writing the year on the front and the baby's name on the back.

23. Vintage-Inspired Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Are you willing to go all out on the first Christmas ornament for your child? Do not look any further than this sparkling ornament created by Vietri. This artisan-crafted ornament has been hand-painted with an intricate holiday design, and it is ready to take pride of place on the tree. It was inspired by childhood memories of Santa Claus, and it was crafted by hand.

24. Disney Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Concerning the topic of heirlooms, there is nothing quite like getting a baby's first Christmas ornament from Lenox. There is nothing quite like it. In this piece, which is a commemorative piece for the year 2021, Winnie the Pooh from Disney sits atop a rocking chair made of ivory porcelain and 24K gold-tone accents.

25. Elegant Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This elegant wire baby Christmas ornament is shaped like a vintage stroller and displays both the year and the baby's name. If you're looking for something that will never go out of style, consider purchasing this ornament. Even if you decide to switch up the style of the other holiday decorations you have around the house, it will still have a prominent place on your Christmas tree.

26. Felt Baby Christmas Ornament

What about a menagerie of ornaments made out of felt? These lovable critters are the product of a Fair Trade workshop in Nepal, which makes them an exceptionally one-of-a-kind addition to your holiday decoration collection. Pick out a cuddly companion from among a variety of options, such as a whale, kangaroo, or a pair of lambs.

27. Palmetto Wood Shop Baby's First Christmas Ornament

This keepsake wooden block ornament is one of our favorites because it possesses all of the best characteristics of a commemorative ornament. The ornament is available in three sizes and can be personalized with laser engraving, making it ideal as a gift for a new baby or for your own family. The various sides include various personalized elements, such as the baby's full name and birth year. The baby's first initial is displayed on one side in an old-fashioned letter block style. A bible verse is also included, and the bottom can display either a personal engraved message or a Nativity scene. This high-quality, classic ornament is made in the United States of solid maple wood and will be treasured for years to come. This lovely ornament for the Christmas tree can be hung using the included hook or ribbon.

28. Bed Bath & Beyond Holly Branch Baby Photo Ornament

A special photo ornament can be used to commemorate a baby's first Christmas. It can be personalized with any photo and two custom message lines. A cute ribbon is included for hanging on the tree. The ornament is made of 100% porcelain and comes in an elegant velvet drawstring bag for easy gifting.

29. MadlyPersonal Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

A personalized stainless steel ornament will add a gleaming touch to any tree. With room for up to 45 characters, you have a lot of leeway in deciding what details to include on the ornament. Because it is handmade, please adhere to the deadlines to ensure delivery before Christmas.

30. Zazzle Bi-Racial Family Christmas Ornament

Create a family that looks exactly like yours by personalizing this ornament. Personalize the ornament with the year and family name after matching your family makeup. This is a lovely gift for a growing family if there is a new baby.

31. Gunner & Lux Holiday Ornament DIY Kit

Older siblings may enjoy creating their own ornament for their baby brother or sister. If your child has recently been promoted to big brother or big sister, this is the ideal way to celebrate their achievement. This kid-friendly DIY kit comes with an ornament that can be personalized with beads, a tassel, markers, string, and a charm.

32. Buy Baby My Very First Christmas Heart Ornament

A sweetheart ornament can be used to commemorate a special year. The first Christmas design includes the baby's name and birth year, as well as several color options. The 100% porcelain ornament is packaged in a velvet gift bag with a hanging ribbon for a lovely giftation and safe storage.


This festive snowflake ornament, made by a Black-owned business, will be the star of the tree. This adorable resin ornament will last through future holidays with your sweetie. The snowflake is delivered ready to hang.

34. Buy Buy Baby Baby's First Christmas Age Glossy Christmas Ornament

This double-sided ornament features your little one's face on one side and all of their details on the other, making it an adorable way to celebrate your sweetie's first Christmas. With two colors to choose from, you can also personalize the ornament to make it a perfect gift. This lovely porcelain ornament comes with a velvet bag and a stylish hanging ribbon.

35. Maisonette Coton Colors Baby’s First Christmas Glass Ornament

With these dainty, gender-neutral glass ornaments, you can keep it simple but still very special. Each ornament is finished with a sweet little ribbon bow for a finishing touch. These adorable ornaments, packaged in a matching box, also make ideal ready-made gifts.

36. WoodenYouLikeIt Personalized Baby's First Christmas Ornament

What could be more appropriate for a new baby than a personalized wooden onesie ornament? It is made of Baltic birch and laser engraved with all of the baby's birth information. Once the order is placed, a form assists buyers in filling out all of the details for a quick and easy experience.

37. Shutterfly Baby's First Christmas Dots Metal Ornament

Trim the tree with an art deco-style ornament that can be personalized on both the front and back with photos, text, and designs. If the circular shape isn't your thing, you can switch it up with one of three other shapes for a completely unique look. The two-sided metal ornament is ready to hang on the tree and comes with a ribbon.

38. DIGIBUDDHA Baby’s First Christmas Pickup Truck Ornament

This design is permanently fused into the porcelain ornament, so there are no stickers or decals involved. The ornament comes with a hanging ribbon and a gift box, making it a high-quality gift.

39. Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Ornament

Make a precious piece of art out of your baby's foot or hand imprint for your home or Christmas tree. Even with a squirmy baby, the no-mess kit is simple to use. Simply roll out the non-toxic soft clay, press your baby's hand or foot to capture the imprint, punch a hanging hole with a hole puncher, and let the clay air-dry. The set is completed by the included ribbon.

40. Bed Bath & Beyond Baby Bodysuit Christmas Ornament

If onesies are your baby's favorite outfit, this ornament is perfect for them. Choose a pink or blue baby bodysuit and then personalize it with the new baby's name for a sweet personalized ornament. This ornament comes with a velvet bag for safe storage or easy gifting and is a lovely way to commemorate a special year.

41. SWAROVSKI Joyful Christmas Crystal Ornament Collection

With this beautiful crystal ornament from SWAROVSKI, your Christmas tree will shimmer, glimmer, sparkle, and shine. An adorable teddy bear sits next to a Christmas tree inside the ball-shaped ornament. Delicate white snowflakes adorn the outside of the ornament, which is beautifully held in place by white ribbon. It's the ideal ornament to pass down through the generations.

42. Welcome Baby Girl Gingham Glass Ornament

Your Christmas tree will be more festive with the addition of the pink gingham. There is also a version with a cute blue gingham check.

43. Rattle Ornament

This porcelain rattle, which features 14-karat gold accents, is sure to become a family heirloom and be used and enjoyed for many Christmases to come.

44. Holly Wreath Ornament

This ornament is perfect for remembering your child's first Christmas, as it features a holly wreath and calligraphy along with its straightforward design. There is even the possibility of writing a message on the back of the card.

45. Stocking Ornament

These adorable stockings are hand-embroidered and become an instant heirloom despite their small size (only 6 inches tall). Even better, make it into an annual event, and make sure to give a new pattern each time!

46. Painted Truck Ornament

A jolly holiday ribbon serves as the finishing touch on this one-of-a-kind ornament.

47. Sweet Saying Ornament

This ornament's meaning resonates deeply with us, and we know that it will do the same for new parents. Simply add a photo to make it the perfect memento to keep.

48. Wood Slice Ornament

This is the perfect ornament to purchase if you are looking for a more traditional piece to commemorate your child's first Christmas. Your tree decorated in a farmhouse style would be enhanced by the addition of the wood slice.

49. Baby Photo Ornament

Because your child will forever hold a special place in your heart, this ornament is the ideal gift for any newlyweds or newly minted parents.

50. Reindeer Ornament

This ornament, which takes its inspiration from Rudolph, can be engraved with a special message or date.

51. DIY Painted and Printed Ornament

What is this blogger's brilliant (and low-cost) solution for creating the perfect circular ornament? A drinking glass!

52. Birth Stats Ornament

With this intricate ornament, you can memorialize every moment of a baby's first birthday celebration.

53. Fingerprint Ornament

For many Christmases to come, both you and your child will delight in looking at their childlike fingerprints, even if they are only a few millimeters across.

54. Baby's First Christmas Ornament

These personalized, hand-painted wooden ornaments are the perfect way to commemorate your little one's first Christmas.

55. Handprint Ornament

Using a cute do-it-yourself ornament made of salt dough, you can always remember the tiny hands of your newborn baby.

56. Personalized Cupcake Ornament

What better way to celebrate a holiday that has reached a significant milestone than with a colorful cake?

57. Keepsake Ornament

Keep the hospital hat and ankle bracelet that your newborn wore while they were there as cherished keepsakes for many years to come.

58. Scrabble Name Ornament

The birth date of your child will be displayed prominently on this clever Scrabble ornament, which maintains its classy appearance when hung on the Christmas tree.

59. Handprint Ornament

You can create a keepsake that is extra sparkly and memorable by covering the tiny handprint in glitter of various colors.

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