Best Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

July 13, 2022 11 min read

Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year, bringing with it pleasant moments of joy, memories, and pleasant surprises, while also bridging gaps within relationships to spread love and harmony.

Why not illuminate these beautiful moments with a thoughtful gift for your loved ones? Well, personalized family Christmas ornaments are unquestionably an excellent way to do so, as it is not only the best Christmas gift option, but also the most ideal way to express your love for cherished family members.

Essentially, the personalized family ornaments are a subtle way to show how much you love and care for your family, and the perfect Christmas gift treat, as it illuminates the occasion as a memorable keepsake. Importantly, your family member would adore receiving a personalized ornament featuring a cherished family photograph with mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents... This keepsake gift could also be used as a Christmas tree ornament or as a hanging ornament in any room of the house.

1. Hugging Family First Christmas Family Ornament

With our brand-new personalized ornament, you can get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season. The design of this adorable Hugging Family First Christmas Personalized Family Christmas Ornament is such that it will very quickly become a favorite among the members of the family. Create a memorable Christmas gift by giving it a personalized touch with names and designs.

2. Layered Family 

This product is crafted from eco-friendly fiber wood, is non-toxic and odorless, boasts exquisite craftsmanship and a chic design, and is printed on ONE SIDE. Additionally, it is covered with printing of high quality and vivid color. In addition to that, the strap has a hole in it and a metal wire already attached to it.

3. Camping Family 

The bag should be opened, and the marshmallows should be skewered. If you and your family enjoy going camping, you probably already know that the highlight of the experience is sitting around the campfire and eating junk food. This one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament is an excellent choice for households that enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and braving the elements.

4. Building Snowman Family 

The perfect opportunity for your family to grow closer together this winter! This personalized Christmas ornament is going to be the perfect finishing touch for your tree this year if you have the kind of family that enjoys coming up with the most creative and impressive snowmen on the block by working together.

5. Pandemic Face Mask 

Considered to be one of the most essential components of your personal protection equipment! This would be an excellent gift for medical professionals like nurses and doctors who have risked their lives to save the lives of others. Additionally, it is an excellent idea for a gift to give to pretty much anyone who was required to wear a face mask this year.

6. Snowman Family with Tan Dog 

Don't leave the puppy behind! Because canines play such a significant role in the lives of their human owners, it was high time that we commemorated them with a special Christmas ornament. When your family pet sees his name on this personalized Christmas ornament, it is going to make him so excited that his tail is probably going to wag so quickly that it will blow out all of your Christmas candles! The color of the dog cannot be altered.

7. Hot Chocolate Family Mug 

Because this personalized Christmas ornament contains an overwhelming amount of affection, all of these marshmallows are on the verge of dissolving into the warm chocolate. This ornament offers a wide variety of customization options. It's a fantastic plan for grandparents who want to spend time with all of their grandchildren, or for any large family in general! In any event, it will be the most delectable ornament you could ever hang on your tree!

8. Christmas Tree House Family 

You might be wondering, "Just how big is this treehouse?" The good news is that it has room for up to eleven members of the family! The real question, however, is how much of an actual load this tree is capable of supporting. Let's find out the answer to that question together if you don't mind if I go ahead and hang this personalized Christmas ornament on your tree this year.

9. Opening Gifts Family Wearing Face Masks

There will be gifts, gifts, and mysterious boxes! It doesn't matter what you call it; the holiday season is a busy time for shopping. This personalized ornament should be placed at the very top of your Christmas tree this year if you enjoy getting out of bed on Christmas morning and tearing into the gifts while still wearing your pajamas and face mask. If this sounds like your ideal Christmas morning, then this ornament is for you!

10. We're Expecting Snowman Family

The moment of truth is drawing near - once more! If only the cost of having a child was comparable to that of making one out of water and ice! If you or someone you know is expecting a child in the coming year, or if you know someone else who is, then this individualized Christmas ornament is the ideal gift for the upcoming holiday season! The word "Baby" is already etched into the ornament, and it is not possible to remove it.

11. Vaccinated Couple 

Yay! You should be good to go! After what seemed like an eternity, the happy day has finally arrived, and things are finally beginning to return to something resembling their normal state. This personalized ornament makes for a wonderful gift for old friends who haven't had the chance to catch up in a while.

12. 2021 Quarantine Family Wearing Face Masks 

If you find yourself cooped up inside with a family of six, pull out some candy canes and have a licking contest with them! Nobody is going to forget the year 2021, but just in case you do, you can hang a special ornament on your Christmas tree to remind you of it every year!

13. Family Tree with Leaves 

This personalized family ornament is exactly what you need in order to hang your family tree on the actual tree that you have! You have the option of having us write as few as a few names or as many as ten names! Please be aware that the number of leaves on this ornament cannot be altered in any way; therefore, if you provide fewer than ten names, the other leaves on the ornament will not be personalized.

14. Peeking Around Tree Family

The gifts are completely encircled by this family of nine! They are firmly planted on the ground, so there is no way they can move. The children pounce on them as if they were about to run away, for they know that this is just the beginning of a day that is going to be amazing. This is the perfect ornament that you should already have hanging on your tree if the Christmas morning tradition in your large family is to all sneak downstairs together and giggle as you celebrate the holiday.

15. New Home Key Ornament

This Personalized New Home Key Ornament is the perfect gift for someone celebrating their first Christmas in a new house, or for anyone who simply wants to show how much they love their home. It can be offered with laser-engrave any name, address and year; choose from our 2 titles, to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

16. Together We Make A Family Christmas Ornament in Red

This ornament, which reads "Together We Make A Family," consists of a heart puzzle that, when assembled, forms the family. Choose from two to eight different designs for the name puzzle pieces, which are ideal for couples and families. In the center of the design is the inscription "Together We Make a Family."

17. Family Tree Heart  Christmas Ornament in White

With the Family Tree Heart Christmas Ornament, you can show how much you care about those you love during the holiday season. This trimming, which has been carved to display branches inside of a heart, can be engraved with up to ten names and two lines of text to create the ideal sentimental accent.

18. Merry Christmas Wood 

The Merry Christmas Wood Ornament will leave a lasting impression on those you care about thanks to its high quality and thoughtful design. This design was created using laser engraving, and it says "Merry Christmas" across the top. Include the surname of any family member along the bottom.

19. For Someone Special Personalized 2-Sided 

This holiday season, consider giving any member of your circle of friends or family the Personalized For Someone Special 2-Sided Christmas Ornament as a unique and unforgettable gift. This ornament will be printed with any title and message that you choose, and it will feature the design that you select.

20. Peace, Joy, Love 1-Sided Large Matte Personalized Ornament

Use the Personalized Peace, Joy, and Love 1-Sided Christmas Ornament to help you get into the holiday spirit. Below the distressed "Peace, Joy, Love" text, this ornament can be personalized with any family name or message "design.

21. Family Tree Engraved Glass Ornament

Any Christmas Tree would benefit from the addition of this classy engraved glass ornament featuring a family tree. The ornament can be engraved with any family name and up to six individual names, turning it into a one-of-a-kind keepsake or gift just in time for the holiday season.

22. Penguin Family  Collection

Everyone in your family will have the opportunity to participate in spreading holiday cheer with the Penguin Family Christmas Ornament Collection. The characters of a family of penguins appear on ornaments, and each one has the capacity to be engraved with a member of the family's name.

23. Stocking Family 

Using the Stocking Family Personalized Ornament, you will be able to create a Christmas ornament that is one of a kind and completely unique. Customize with up to six names laser engraved into the surface. Put any family name, message, or the year out there for everyone to see.

24. Family Circle 

Your family's given names in full. In this Family Circle Personalized Ornament, you will create the backdrop that will be behind the design of the hanging ornament. You can give it a personalized touch by having up to six names laser-engraved and repeated throughout the design. Include the family name or the year somewhere inside the string that is hung up.

25. God Bless Family Cross 

This God Bless Family Cross Ornament will make the ideal gift for the holiday season for a particular family on your list. It can be personalized with the family's surname and the year. Your personalization will be engraved with a laser, and it will be surrounded by our intricate scroll design.

26. Grow In God's Love Family Cross 

This Will Grow in the Love of God Family The Cross Ornament is the best gift for the holiday season. Make it unique by including their initials and last name in the middle of the card. Above their names will be a custom engraving that reads, "God Bless," followed by the verse, "May we Grow in the Light of God's Love." "in the lower part.

27. Presents Under The Tree Engraved 

The name of their family is prominently displayed on this Jingle All the Way Personalized Bell Ornament for all to see. Their surname will be laser engraved on the back of the ornament in a skilled manner, below the Jingle All the Way design that will be custom etched on the ornament.

28. Bless Our Family Personalized Wood  in Brown

This beautiful Bless Our Family Personalized Wood Ornament is the perfect way to bestow heartfelt blessings upon your Christmas tree. The laser engraving on the cross is done by hand, and it includes a cut-out family name, three lines of personalization, and a year that is optional.

29. All About Family Gift Tag 

This All About Family Gift Tag Ornament features a replica design of a gift tag that can be laser-engraved, with the name of your choice centered in the design. The ornament will have the initial of either the first or last name cut out of it, and the remaining letters of the name will be engraved on the left side.

30. Family is Forever Engraved Ornament

This Family is Forever Engraved Ornament will make the ideal holiday gift for a particular family that is on your shopping list, as it will feature the family's surname and will have their first names repeated in the background of the ornament. Creates a wonderful gift topper that can be attached to their gift.

31. Family Angel Personalized Wood  in Brown

This one-of-a-kind Family Angel Wood Ornament was designed specifically for that one-of-a-kind family to enjoy this Christmas and for many years to come. It features your family name prominently as the centerpiece of the ornament. Customize with any family's name laser-engraved with two lines of text.

32. Close To Her Heart 1-Sided 

You can personalize the look of any Christmas tree by adding the names of the people you care about most to the Close To Her Heart Christmas Ornament. This ornament will be personalized with up to 21 names, which will be displayed on its single-sided heart in a variety of different fonts and styles.

33. Together Forever Heart 2-Sided 

This Together Forever Heart Ornament has a two-sided design that allows you to include the first names of family members, a choice of either Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas greetings, and any two line message including a last name and an optional year in your choice of two different colors for each line of text.

34. State Of Love 2-Sided Glossy Photo 

This "State" Of Love Personalized Ornament's design incorporates their home state to spell out "HOME," followed by any title and two lines of text that can include names, the year the business was established, the city, the state, the address, or any other information you choose. You can use any photo you want for the back.

35. Heart of Love 1-Sided Glossy 

With this Personalized Heart of Love Ornament, you can fill their heart with all the love in the world. Personalized with any title and up to eight first names in alternating fonts, this keepsake can be personalized with the names of grandchildren, children, and others. Ideal for your grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or any other member of your family.

36. Heart of Love 2-Sided Glossy 

With this Personalized Heart of Love Ornament, you can fill their heart with all the love in the world. Personalized with any title and up to eight first names in alternating fonts, this keepsake can include the family members' grandchildren, children, and other loved ones. Include any important photographs you have on the back of the card.

37. Classic Holiday 1-Sided Glossy Photo 

The Classic Holiday Photo Ornament is a picture-perfect way to decorate with the faces of those they love. It is ideal for grandparents, family, or friends to feature their photo on the ornament because it features their photo. A photo and any 2-line message can be printed on the front of the single-sided design.

38. Photo Memories 1-Sided Snowflake Glossy 

This Photo Memories Snowflake Ornament is sure to put a smile on their face and warm their hearts during the holiday season. Surprise them with it. Personalized printing of any photo that you choose, framed by two lines of text. adorned with a design that resembles snowflakes falling against a beige or tan background.

39. Merry & Bright 1-Sided Glossy 

With this Merry & Bright Personalized Ornament, they'll have a picture-perfect way to decorate their Christmas tree with the faces of those they love most during the holiday season. The design, which is one-sided, incorporates their surname and places it against a classic, black and red buffalo check pattern.

40. Merry Christmas Premium Octagon Engraved Ornament

With this Merry Christmas Premium Octagon Engraved Ornament, you can give the family or the couple a loving and enduring memento of the holiday season. Personalize it with one of three titles of your choosing, your name, and an optional year. In the elegant drawstring pouch made of velvet, it is all set to be given as a gift.

41. Classic Christmas Vintage Truck Round Matte Ornament

The Classic Christmas Vintage Truck Round Ornament will warm the hearts of recipients for generations. This ornament will be personalized with any two lines of text you specify. Ornaments are a timeless gift for family, friends, and neighbors.

42. Holly Branch Round Matte Family Photo Ornament

The Holly Branch Round Matte Family Photo Ornament provides a perpetual keepsake for family and friends. This Christmas ornament will be personalized with any photo and two lines of text, making it a one-of-a-kind gift.

43. Our Loving Family 2-Sided Matte Christmas Ornament

During the holiday season, display your family's love with the Our Loving Family 2-Sided Ornament. This ornament can be personalized with any family name or holiday greeting, up to six family members' names, and any photo on the back.

44. Candy Cane 2-Sided Matte Christmas Ornament

The Candy Cane 2-Sided Ornament captures the fun and memories of the holiday season. This matte ornament will feature any photo accented with a candy cane stripe, with any message on the back, and will make an excellent gift for any family member.

45. Snow Family 1-Sided Matte Christmas Ornament

The Snow Family Christmas Ornament is ideal for any family. This matte-finished ornament includes a family name, an optional year, and your choice of snowman family, all with vibrant colors and intricate detail.

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