Best Red Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 8 min read

Enhance your tree with unique red Christmas ornaments. From young children to parents and grandparents, hanging up ornaments is an activity for the whole family to enjoy together.Whether you're choosing baubles that fit within a certain red color or opting for another style, the best red Christmas ornaments are the ones that spark joy and help create fond memories. Explore a variety of Xmas red ornaments designed below.

1. Red Slipper Ornament

This lovely glass ornament was meticulously mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot liquid silver solution was poured inside. Finally, the ornament was painstakingly hand-painted with a variety of brightly colored lacquers and glitters for your enjoyment!

2. Red Rose Ornament

A rose is one of nature's most beautiful flowers. The sharp thorns contrast with the promise, hope, and new beginnings. The thorns protect the delicate bush while also allowing it to show off its beauty. A red rose represents passion and romantic love.

3. Red Squid Ornament

The red squid, like so many other sea creatures, still has a lot to learn. The ocean appears to be a vast world full of unknowns and mysteries. Scientists spend their lives delving into the great unknown and unraveling the mysteries of water.

4. Red Rose Bouquet Ornament

Roses are frequently given as a special gift because they symbolize love and affection. Rose ornaments have been popular symbols of nature's beauty and true love since the Victorian era.

5. Red Bible Ornament

Many religions consider the Bible to be the word of God. It is a collection of books written by more than forty authors over sixteen centuries. It is the world's best-selling and most translated book, telling the story of God's interactions with humanity throughout history.

6. Red Fox Ornament

Because of its cunning, the fox is revered in many Native American cultures. For the same reason, it is also regarded as a trickster. Foxes are adaptable and opportunistic, but they are also family-oriented, forming lifelong bonds with their young.

7. Lucky Red Envelope Ornament

A lucky red envelope containing money is given to friends and family in Chinese and other Asian societies. The specialized red envelope is given to symbolize new year's greetings as well as special occasions such as weddings, graduations, and the birth of a new baby.

8. Red Angel With Lyre Ornament

Angels are believed to be our connection to God and heaven. Angels are a soothing presence because they represent purity, peace, and love. Glassblowers frequently created angel ornaments with their own daughters' sweet, cherubic faces, depicting their vision of a beautiful angel. From

9. Red-winged Blackbird Ornament

The Red-winged Blackbird is a common sight atop cattails, along roadsides, and on telephone wires throughout North America. Males have scarlet and yellow shoulder patches that they can puff up or hide depending on their level of confidence. Their arrival song heralds the arrival of spring in the north.

10. Large Matte Red Heart Ornament

Hearts have long been associated with love and the holiday season. The heart is also a symbol of Christ's love, whose birth we commemorate at Christmas. The glass heart ornament is the ideal complement to both of these occasions.

11. Large Shiny Red Heart Ornament

Hearts have long been associated with Christmas and love. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas, the heart represents our love for him. You can commemorate both of these occasions with a heart-shaped glass ornament.

12. Large Red Cardinal Ornament

Birds are symbols of happiness and joy, so they are considered a must-have on the Christmas tree. Because the sound of the gas flame in the workshop prompted the birds to sing, glassblowers frequently kept wild birds during the winter months. The birds then returned to freedom when spring arrived.

13. Red Electric Guitar Ornament

The electric guitar was invented in the 1930s and quickly became popular, with Gibson, Fender, and Les Paul all offering their own models. The sound was amplified electrically to eliminate feedback with a solid wooden body. The Electric Guitar eventually became America's instrument.

14. Red Tennis Racquet Ornament

Tennis dates back to the 12th century. Today, millions of people, from beginners to professional athletes, play the game. The Open championships, broadcast television, and fashionable tennis uniforms boosted the sport's popularity in the 1960s. Tennis is still a popular recreational sport.

15. Red-tailed Hawk Ornament

The Redtailed Hawk is a predatory bird found throughout North America. Native Americans revere its distinctive tail feathers, which are used in costumes and religious ceremonies. The hawk, as a well-known animal on a totem pole, represents communication.

16. Red Wine Bottle Ornament

Winemaking was perfected in ancient Egypt around 3000 B.C. and spread throughout the world. Grapes are crushed, their juice fermented, and the wine is eventually bottled for consumers. Wine, once thought to be a gift from the gods, is now enjoyed at large and small gatherings.

17.  Red Starfish Ornament

The sea star is another name for a starfish. It is associated with the heavens due to its star shape, despite the fact that it lives in the ocean. Because it is a celestial symbol that thrives rather than drowns underwater, it represents pure and unending love.

18. Red Glass Ball Indoor Ornament 

  • Red hot disco mirrored Christmas ball ornament
  • Covered with tiny square mirrors that reflect light
  • A red ornament cap is included for hanging.

19. Red Glass Ball Indoor Ornament Set, 96-Pack

  • Red and gold glass Christmas ball ornaments
  • Set includes red, green, and gold colored ornaments in a matte and shiny finish
  • Ornaments measure 2.5 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches in diameter.

20. 25-Pack Red Plastic Indoor Ornament Set Shatterproof

  • SHATTERPROOF DESIGN: Christmas ball decorations that combine the look and luster of glass with the durability and safety of high-quality shatterproof plastic 
  • SET OF 25 BAUBLES: The set includes ten glittered, ten grooved, and five shiny finished ornaments.

21. 12-PackRed Glass Ball Indoor Ornament Set

  • Six ornaments have a swirled matte finish
  • The remaining six ornaments have a shiny finish.

22. Red Plastic Gnome Indoor Ornament

  • Lighted Christmas Santa gnome ornament
  • Features a red and white winter hat with a long white beard and round nose
  • The head is illuminated by a warm white LED light.

23. Red Glass Indoor Ornament

  • Red and green shiny train glass Christmas ornament
  • Features a smoke chimney and decorative garland
  • Fully dimensional ornament is accented with glitter.

24. Red Glass Candy Indoor Ornament

  • Yellow and red candy filled lollipop glass Christmas ornament
  • Embellished with red ribbon and has a shiny metallic finish
  • Comes with a ready to hang gold cord; recommended for decorative purpose.

25. Red Glass Animals Indoor Ornament 

  • Glass red cardinal Christmas ornament 
  • Comes ready to hang with a gold cap and cord 
  • Fully dimensional glass ornament.

26. Alpine Corporation 30" H Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Ball Ornament 

Alpine's Red Christmas Ball Ornament With Color Changing LED Lights is a bright and shiny ornament for the holiday season. It's an excellent addition to your hanging indoor display. It includes 8 color-changing LED lights for a festive look throughout the holiday season. Its highly appealing ornament design is stunningly eye-catching and will captivate the entire family.

This ornament runs on two AA batteries and has a timer feature that allows for 6 hours on and 18 hours off for a more efficient and hassle-free experience. It's mostly made of MGO and has a sturdy build quality for long-lasting durability, ensuring use throughout the holiday season. There is no assembly required; simply insert batteries and turn on for immediate use. 

27. Red/White Decorated Glass Ball Ornament Set of 15

Kurt Adler's 1.57-Inch Red/White Decorated Glass Ball Ornament Set of 15 is a lovely and festive addition to any Christmas tree! Each 1.57-inch glass ball is decorated with a festive red and white candy-cane inspired design in a variety of styles such as polka dots, jagged lines, and swirls.

28. 12-Piece 12-Days of Christmas Decorative Glass Balls Set, 65mm

This 65mm 12 Days of Christmas Decorative Glass Ball Set of 12 is a festive way to dress up your Christmas tree. Each red ball ornament in this set of 12 features a beautifully detailed image, each representing one of the classic song's 12 days of Christmas. The first ball, for example, shows a partridge in a pear tree, the second ball shows two turtle doves, and so on.

29. Snowman with Red and White Stripe Knitted Hat Decorative Holiday Christmas Ornament Set with Various Animated Faces

Add Frosty the Snowman and his friends to your holiday decorations to spread holiday cheer. This Kurt Adler Snowman with Knitted Hat Decorative Ornament Set is ideal for the holiday season.

This four-piece snowman ornament set includes adorable animated happy, shy, confused, and grumpy faces. These holiday decorations, with a festive knitted red and white striped hat on each of their heads, will be the perfect addition to your Christmas tree.

Each of the four snowmen is suspended from a strong satin red ribbon that is attached to the tiny gold metal rings on the tops of the hats. This snowman ornament set is made of lightweight plastic and can be used season after season. This tree ornament set will remain undamaged whether it is stored in a box or accidentally dropped.

30. Enesco Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Traditions by Jim Shore Rocking Horse Hanging Ornament

Handcrafted Rudolph Traditions figurines and Christmas tree ornaments blend well-known characters with Jim Shore's distinct folk art and quilting style. Fans of all ages will enjoy these new takes on Rudolph and his pals.

Celebrate the holiday season in style with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a true Christmas classic. This lovely Jim Shore ornament, fashioned into a rocking horse, teeters on nostalgia. Rudolph is rocking around the Christmas tree.

31. Kurt S. Adler 6-Foot Red and White Glitter Candy Ball Garland

Kurt Adler's 6-foot Red and White Glitter Candy Ball Garland is festive! This garland has a red, white, and silver swirl bead. This peppermint-themed bead is elegant for the holidays.

32. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Traditions, 50th Anniversary Stone Resin Ornament

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has brightened holidays for 50 years. Jim Shore reimagines the film's most iconic scenes in his folk art style. This 4.25" handcrafted ornament celebrates the 50th anniversary of the classic holiday film.

Handcrafted from stone resin and hand-painted in festive hues with metallic details. Use it to decorate the tree or as a gift topper for a friend. This ornament's battery powers an IC chip (included). 

33. National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Teardrop, Green, Evergreen, White Lights, Decorated with Red Ball Ornaments

This 36-inch teardrop has an Evergreen branch base and red ornaments and branches. Ornate decorations complement the teardrop's natural branches. Hundreds of crush-resistant polyethylene tips create a realistic teardrop.

This festive hanging teardrop decoration comes with white LED lights for easy setup. If the bulb lens isn't cracked or broken, the light set will continue to illuminate except for any non-working bulbs. Simply place three AA batteries in the battery pack to power the lights and let them fill your home with holiday cheer.

This teardrop decoration adds Christmas cheer to any room or covered porch. This teardrop is made with sturdy, high-quality materials and hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant needles. This hanging decoration works indoors and outdoors. 

34. Resin Red & Gold African American Angel Ornament

A stunning set of three African American female angels dressed in flowing red gowns with gold sashes and glittery golden wings. One angel holds a heart that represents "Love," another a dove that represents "Peace," and a third angel holds a "Star" that represents "Eternity."

35. Year Dated Keepsake Christmas Ornament Red Cardinal Carol of the Bird in Motion and Music

Christmas is coming, and this cheerful pair of red birds couldn't be more excited! These feathered friends flutter their wings in anticipation, dressed for the season in stocking caps, scarves, and earmuffs.

When you press the button on this adorable Christmas tree ornament, it will play a fun version of "Carol of the Bells." Battery-powered sound and motion effects require three AAA batteries, which are not included.

Sound and Motion Magic Ornament for a Christmas tree To see the birds move and hear music from "Carol of the Bells," press the ornament's button. It is battery powered.

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