Best Rustic Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 11 min read

There's something special about incorporating a rustic aesthetic into your home, whether it's through mason jar crafts, plaid decorative accents, or all things burlap. There is no better time to highlight this popular design style than during the holiday season.

You can keep it simple by greeting guests with a vintage holiday sign on your front door, or you can go all out with a real or artificial Christmas tree decked out in wooden ornaments, pinecones, and candy canes.On the other hand, ordinary household items can be easily transformed for the holidays. What is one example? That ladder you use to hang towels is ideal for displaying your favorite Christmas cards.

If you want to make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud this holiday season, scroll down for a selection of unique rustic Christmas decorations, including outdoor ideas, Christmas trees, and much more. This list is sure to make you even more obsessed with country homes.

1. Farmhouse Tree

The look of a traditional farm house can be achieved in an instant by decorating your Christmas tree with plaid, and lots of plaid.

2. Rustic Signs in Living Room

A living room decorated in the style of a farmhouse can elevate even the most mundane activities, such as marathon watching of Hallmark movies. Put some snowflake ornaments around a rustic sign and put a statement tree topper on your coffee table, and you'll have everything you need to decorate your home for the holidays.

3. Bookshelf Display

A room that is decked out with wooden bookshelves is about as country as it is possible to get without actually living in the country. You can give yours the Christmas treatment by decorating it with bottle brush trees, a decorative gift box, a few figurines, and some greenery to add some holiday cheer.

4. Pinecone Bundle

At Christmas time, pinecones can be used in so many different ways to decorate, but one of the best ways is to hang a few of them on your front door using some silky ribbon.

5. Plaid Living Room

Decorating your mantel with a variety of plaid stockings and a lush garland is a quick and easy way to update the look of your living room for the holidays. Don't forget to add some decorative throw pillows to your seating arrangement, as well as a beautiful flower arrangement for the coffee table.

6. Copper Pipe Wreath

The unexpected use of rusted copper in this wreath will appeal to fans of country-style dcor as well as those who enjoy making their own crafts.

7. Burlap Garland

To create a visually appealing look, decorate a burlap ribbon with a colorful assortment of jingle bells and then hang it on your tree in a vertical orientation.

8. Nature-Inspired Staircase

Enhance the look of your holiday garland by stringing thick ribbon (think checkered prints) together with pinecones. Use zip ties to keep it all intact.

9. Woven Basket

Have no idea how to make your foyer look festive for the holidays? Put a woven basket full of plaid baskets that are decorated for the holiday under your table to get things started. Then, bring some sophistication to the tabletop by adorning it with antique works of art, a table lamp, and a few of your most cherished flea market finds.

10. Framed Photos

Make your Christmas mantel look more festive by displaying photos in wooden frames. To finish off the look, incorporate some personalized stockings, some galvanized buckets filled with greenery, and a wooden crate.

11. Pinecone Bow Ornament

Add a touch of sophistication to a simple pinecone ornament by decorating it with a bow made of satin.

12. Ladder Decked with Garland

Prop up an ornamental wooden ladder against a wall and adorn it with a creative garland of your choosing to achieve the look of a simple rustic setting that is packed with tons of style.

13. Garland for Bed Posts

Instead of using a traditional garland, try adorning your wooden bed posts with a whimsical felt holly leaf design instead this holiday season.

14. Twig Ornaments

Are you looking for a way to get your children involved in the fun that the holidays have to offer? Invite them to participate in the creation of twig ornaments. Sticks can be formed into a variety of patterns and shapes with the help of some glue and some embroidery.

15. Plaid Christmas Tree

Before you decorate your Christmas tree with pinecones, candy canes, and other wooden ornaments, you should first encase it in a thick plaid ribbon that is, of course, red and green in color.

16. Dramatic Garland

You can keep the fresh greens that you have draped over your banister in place while also dressing it up with some silky red and burgundy ribbon.

17. Galvanized Bucket Advent Calendar

As a simple do-it-yourself advent calendar, simply suspend 25 miniature galvanized buckets from a ribbon underneath your traditional garland. Fill each pail with candies, snacks, and little trinkets to enjoy for the entirety of the month.

18. Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt

If you are going to decorate your tree with rustic ornaments, you might as well complete (or perhaps I should say begin?) the look by encasing the tree in a wicker tree collar.

19. Hot Cocoa Bar

Because it is officially the time of year for hot chocolate, this beverage station, which includes a chalkboard sign, a ceramic drink dispenser, and mason jars, is looking for a new place to call home from now until the end of winter.

20. Mason Jar Christmas Tree

There isn't a scene that's much more rural than this one: Construct a tabletop tree out of mason jars in a variety of colors (green is recommended!). as well as embellish it with a tinsel garland and a miniature tree topper.

21. Marquee Letter Tree Décor

Your Christmas tree is already stunning, but you can make it even more so by decorating it with marquee letters that spell out a Christmas saying that is succinct but endearing.

22. Rustic Front Porch

By decorating the front porch, you can show guests what the interior of your home looks like. Your front door should be framed by any number of rustic elements, such as an old sled, a pile of logs, and a skinny pine tree, all of which are of your choosing.

23. Plaid Bedroom

This country-inspired bedroom decor is all the motivation you need to go bold and plaid in your choice of bedding and window treatments.

24. Pinecone Tree Topper

With this easy-to-make pinecone tree topper, you can extend the rustic feel of your holiday décor all the way to the very top of your Christmas tree. Simply form a star shape by gluing nine frosted pine cones together in a row until the shape is complete.

25. Wood Clock Advent Calendar

Your holiday countdown can take on a more country feel if you winterize an old wooden clock by decorating it with snowflakes and Christmas sentiments.

26. Christmas Card Ladder

There was a time when your blanket ladder was piled high with throws. Now that winter has arrived in full force, it is vacant, which means that it is the ideal location for displaying the Christmas cards that you have received from friends and family.

27. Woodland Christmas Tree

You can make all of the animals that live in the woods, such as deer, foxes, and owls, glow in the dark by attaching battery-operated candles to your tree.

28. Fresh Apple Garland

Even though the holly berry season is in full swing, apple harvest should still get the spotlight it deserves. If you want to give your garland an unexpected touch, try decorating it with real or fake McIntosh apples.

29. Seasonal Wooden Sign

You can imbue an old wooden sign with some of the enchantment of the holiday season by personalizing it with a succinct holiday phrase, such as "Tis the season," and decorating it with hand-painted snowflakes.

30. Galvanized Planters

Galvanized planters are not only sturdy enough to survive even the harshest winters (including ice storms and blizzards), but they are also stylish enough to display miniature Christmas trees on your front porch.

31. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Decorate your Christmas tree with painted pinecones, fresh twigs, and metallic baubles to achieve this rustic look. You can get the look by taking your cues from the great outdoors.

32. Cozy Living Room

By adorning it with tapered candles and knit stockings, you can make the room that serves as the hub of your home even cozier.

33. Evergreen Door Decorations

Put some serious emphasis on the color green by adorning your front door with three different wreaths and a garland made of evergreens.

34. Rustic Mantel

Create an eye-catching garland by layering fresh evergreen sprigs, pinecones, and red ribbon until you have the desired effect of a rustic mantel that is understated but still completely rustic.

35. Tiny Star Wall Hanging

This piece of wall art is absolutely stunning thanks to the teeny-tiny white clay stars that are hung from the bottom of a rough branch. Just try to picture how stunning it would look in a bedroom or an entryway.

36. Wood Slice Fireplace Cover

This fireplace cover, which is composed of dozens of thin slices of wood, can be used to conceal your logs when the fireplace is not in use. It also bestows an abundance of warm and inviting allure upon any fireplace.

37. Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Put on display inside of a Mason jar that has been painted a plaid flannel strip and a miniature tree decorated with berries and snow. (It will give the impression that the ship is even colder.)

38. Marquee Holiday Sign

The marquee sign couldn't be more appropriate for a country-style celebration than it is. It's adorable how the glowing lights outline the tree that's been painted on the wood.

39. Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

You won't have any trouble at all decorating your front porch for the holidays if you choose to use the rustic elements that you adore so much. This adorable tree concept utilizes weathered wood and antique ornaments to produce the desired end result.

40. Buffalo Plaid Trees

By crafting these buffalo plaid trees, you can give your entryway (or your living room, kitchen, or bedroom!) a more country-style appearance for the holiday season. Foam, dowels, and wood slices are incorporated into their construction in various proportions.

41. Leather Ornaments

Leather is one of those materials that just seems to fit in perfectly with other rustic Christmas decorations. Make these ornaments in interesting and contemporary shapes to demonstrate the tried-and-true nature of the material from which they are crafted.

42. Rustic Sign

To make these vintage Christmas signs, all you will need is a vinyl cutting machine, some craft paint, and a palm sander. It will have the appearance of having been there for many years!

43. Sweater Ornaments

The sweater season has arrived, which means it's time to celebrate! With these adorable sweater ornaments, you can bring the warm feeling of the season into your home decor.

44. Winter Centerpiece

This holiday season, try something a little more rustic for the centerpiece of your table. Pine cones? Check. Burlap? Check!

45. Button Ornament

This button ornament can be whipped up in no time at all at home. You'll only need some very small buttons and some pine branches.

46. Arrow Ornaments

These arrow-shaped ornaments are sure to become a hit with everyone who attends your party. They will look incredible on a tree or, really, anywhere else, thanks to the twigs, small feathers, wooden beads, hemp cord, and jute upholstery webbing that they are adorned with.

47. Snow Globe Jars

You can make your own version of the snow globe by using glass jars, Christmas ornaments (like that old-fashioned car, which is hilarious), and fake snow. This new take on an old favorite is absolutely charming!

48. Twig Stars

If you haven't already noticed, twigs are the material of choice for giving your holiday decorations a rustic appearance. This is especially true if you celebrate a winter holiday. You can use them to make so many different things, including these simple twig stars. Using them couldn't be easier.

49. Popsicle Stick Sleds

This is a do-it-yourself project that not only you but also your younger children will enjoy. You can create your very own toy sleds by using popsicle sticks for crafts (or using ones that have been saved from afternoon snacks) and a little bit of paint.

50. Christmas Box Artwork

If you are a fan of crafts that can't get any simpler than this one, then this piece of holiday artwork will not disappoint you. It was made with a simple Christmas box, which is typically used for gift wrapping, and a frame that was already lying around. Simple!

51. Yarn Tassel Tree

Whether you opt to make this yarn tassel tree yourself or purchase one already made, one thing is certain: the space in which it will be hung will exude a charming country air during the winter holidays.

52. Wood Slice Wreath Ornament

You won't be able to get over how adorable this ornament is because of the miniature wood slices, the wreath shape, and the teeny-tiny bow that it features.

53. Wood Burned Garland

This wood-burned garland, which features tree shapes and wooden beads in a variety of colors, is the perfect project for anyone interested in honing their skills in the art of wood burning.

54. Pine Branch Christmas Tree

It seems that a traditional Christmas tree is not your cup of tea. If this is the case, you might want to think about getting an alternative Christmas tree that you can hang up on the wall. This one has a particularly old-fashioned appearance, what with its pine boughs and earthy tones that are reminiscent of the great outdoors.

55. Branch Stocking Display

It has come to our attention that a branch from your backyard can serve quite admirably as a hanger for stockings. Learn how to properly hang it on the wall with the help of this do-it-yourself tutorial, and then top off the look with the cutest and most comfortable stockings you've ever seen.

56. Evergreen Swag

Construct this wintry evergreen swag to hang in your entryway; alternatively, you could display it creatively on a mirror like it is shown here.

57. Bushel Basket Lid Wreath

Who would have thought that the lid of a bushel basket could be used to make such a chic and rustic wreath? You can add even more of a sense of the great outdoors to yours by using wintry greens.

58. Wood House Candleholders

The expression "home for the holidays" takes on a whole new meaning thanks to these candle holders in the shape of wooden houses. When you group several of them together in a variety of hues, they will have an even more arresting appearance.

59. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Moments of tranquility are the hallmark of cozy winter evenings. This do-it-yourself project, which features a miniature embroidery hoop and holiday greens, is the perfect way to capture the spirit of the season.

60. Faux Wood Burned Ornaments

These woodsy ornaments are actually made of fake wood, despite the fact that they appear to have been decorated using a technique that involves wood burning. Nobody will ever find out that you used markers that are permanent!

61. Mason Jar Sconce

You now have the opportunity to learn about woodworking, or you can add yet another project to the list you already have. A glowing candle can be displayed in the base of this pine tree sconce, which is the quintessential piece of rustic decoration.

62. Woodland Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is an excellent illustration of the type of holiday decoration that can be kept up throughout the remainder of the winter season if desired. It will make a wonderful addition to your rustic Christmas decorations thanks to the many snow-covered trees it contains.

63. Pine Wreath

You can make this straightforward pine wreath with greens gathered from your own yard, or you can always purchase some leftover boughs from a Christmas tree lot. Either way, the wreath is easy to make.

64. Shiplap Ornament Display

This is a novel approach to bringing attention to Christmas ornaments of the smallest possible size, such as silver bells. By following the instructions for this do-it-yourself project, you will end up with a shape of a Christmas tree that is attached to a piece of shiplap that has been well used.

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