National Video Games Day: History, Activities, Traditions & Quotes

July 14, 2022 6 min read

Games Day is an annual gaming convention put on by Games Workshop. It began in 1975, following the cancellation of another gaming convention slated for August of that year. Games Workshop opted to fill the subsequent void by hosting their own gaming day.  As a result, despite several delays, the first Games Day was held on December 20, 1975, at Seymour Hall in London.

1. What is the Date of National Video Games Day? 

National Video Games Day, celebrated on September 12th, honors all the ways we appreciate a good video game challenge.

Video games first appeared about 1940, but today's video game business is an 18 billion dollar industry that is continually producing new exciting favorites for people of all ages. The term "video game" refers to all types of digital games, from classic Mario games to popular new VR titles like "Beat Saber." Because of the vast selection of video games available today, there will be something for everyone to enjoy, whether it's an old arcade game or Fortnite. If spending the day alone does not appeal to you, gather your buddies for a multiplayer game!

This day is celebrated with great passion by video game players all around the United States. Since their inception, video games have been a hybrid of art and commerce.

2. National Video Games Day History 

Nowadays, everybody may find a video game that captivates them. Not only does it depend on your preferred gameplay style — strategy or combat? — but you may also have a preference for games from a specific era. Some people enjoy retro arcade games, while others are enthralled by cutting-edge virtual reality.

Surprisingly, the origins of your favorite video game app in your phone can be traced back to research labs. The first video games were created in the 1950s at universities such as the University of Cambridge and MIT. Virtual tic tac toe and "Spacewar!" were two games that developed out of this.

When Ralph Baer, the "Father of Video Games," designed the first home system in 1967, it inspired the popular Atari game "Pong." Despite a copyright infringement case, Atari blew up with the public when they debuted the Atari 2600. "Space Invaders" and "Donkey Kong" are two of the top games of the subsequent age - sound familiar?

After the video game market crashed in 1983, Nintendo emerged on the scene. Nintendo is the creator of some of the most well-known franchises, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. Sega became a contender to Nintendo, propelling the market into the world of 3D gaming.

The Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii ushered in the modern era of gaming in the early twenty-first century. Then, video games infiltrated media outlets, and video game apps filled app stores. Lucrative competitions for expert gamers have begun to sprout up all over the world. These days, major video game console manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have their sights set on VR - the exciting future of video gaming is becoming more lifelike by the day!

3. National Video Games Day Activities

Gather your friends for some in-person gaming

Multiplayer gaming is best done in person! It's a fantastic way for folks who own the same console to connect both in person and online.

Visit an arcade to relive the glory days.

Who didn't enjoy PacMan as a kid? Spend some time in an old-fashioned arcade recalling what it was like to be a kid with a quarter and a competitive attitude.

Give yourself a new game to play.

If there was ever a time to indulge in the latest gaming craze, here is it. Your buddies have been raving about the new release, and you can't wait to give it a shot. Go for it, then spend the rest of the day with them playing it!

Make your classroom more interactive.

Gamification is a tried-and-true instructional strategy that has gained popularity in recent years.

Including video game aspects in regular classroom instruction helps teachers engage and push their pupils to learn more.

There are numerous methods to include gamification into your classroom. Make assignments into quests, or substitute conventional grades with XP and track progress with charts.

Make your classroom seem nice.

No party would be complete without some decorations!

Change up your present classroom theme by including video game graphics that you and your students will like.

With this work, you can be as creative as you want. Create a video game bulletin board, cover your door with game features, and hang photographs of game characters around the room to enforce class rules – or add any other interesting designs you choose.

Create video game-related assignments.

Video games are much more than just entertainment. Each game's storyline, themes, and characters frequently inspire a large fandom with its own culture. This is fantastic news for you since it means you can extract video game concepts from the game and incorporate them into your lectures. With a little creativity, you can transform practically any assignment into an exciting quest from your students' favorite games!

Create video game art projects Boost your video game assignments by creating unique art projects!

Encourage your kids to create their own video game costumes, such as the Pong costume seen below.

Allowing children to create art that is connected to their interests is an excellent approach to spark their artistic brains and inspire them to continue producing. It also allows you to be creative in the projects you assign to them.

Make use of a video game station rotation.

Station rotations are a popular and successful method of catching the attention of pupils. This blended learning paradigm may be customized in a variety of ways, and it's an excellent way to accommodate different learning styles in your classroom.

4. National Video Games Day Traditions

Video games have progressed significantly. Virtual worlds simulated by games are no longer merely for entertainment and passing the time; they are a whole experience. National Video Games Day festivities are raucous, with stories and character development sometimes surpassing those of Hollywood films.

The day's go-to tradition is to spend time playing video games, either alone or with others. Multiplayer gaming has created friendships that are more cherished and stronger than some real-life relationships, so digital celebrations are at an all-time high, with streaming gameplays on websites like YouTube and Twitch, commentaries, and video games played online with team-mates from all over the world.

Going back in time and playing ancient arcade games is also a tradition. The allure and nostalgia of previous games is expanding, which raises our enthusiasm for new video games with improved graphics and gameplay.

Some companies today also make video game releases and announcements. Platforms such as Steam provide special discounts and packages, as well as free video game downloads. Items and character improvements are also available at reduced prices within video game stores.

5. National Video Games Day Quotes

“Some people say video games rot your brain, but I think they work different muscles that maybe you don’t normally use.” 

“There are plenty of skills I’ve learned from playing video games. It’s more interactive than watching TV, because there are problems to solve as you’re using your brain.”

“When I finish my school work for the day, I like to go play basketball, ride my bike or skateboard, play video games, or go free running.” 

-Max Charles

“Games don’t make you violent, lag does.”

“I’m not a player, I’m a gamer. Players get chicks. I get achievements.”

“Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience.”

“I’m the hero of a thousand stories. I’m a superhero, an assassin and a soldier.”

“Home is where you are Player 1.”

“I don’t need to get a life, I’m a gamer I have lots of lives.”

“If someone pauses their game just to text you back, marry them.”

“I’m a gamer, not because I don’t have a life. But because I choose to have many.”

“I don’t have birthdays, I level up.”

“Tips on how to talk to someone while they’re gaming:Don’t.”

“I chose to be a gamer because nothing epic ever happens in real life.”

“That moment when you finish a game and just don’t know what to do with your life anymore.”

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