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Dog Mom Dog Lost Wander Bone Pet Tag OB271 81O58

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Customer Reviews

57 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Great Service

Have always been hesitant about ordering things that come from China. Not against China, have been there numerous times. Mostly have experienced poor service and severe lack of communication.
In this case, I could not be happier. Communication was timely, complete and great. From start to delivery, I knew where my order was. In addition, the quality of the products was great. Wife loved the T-shirt and the dog tag was also very nice.
Will definitely order from Famvibe again. Thanks for the great service.

Nice dog tag

I purchased a custom dog tag with information on it that if my dog got loose, someone could contact me. I don't ever want to lose my fur baby. When the tag arrived, it was much smaller than I thought it would be. Still, all the information was there and it is cool looking. The thing that really got me upset and stormy mad was that this tag was supposed to be made in the US. I was told there were problems and it was coming from China. I am doing my very best to not purchase any more items from China or Hong Kong or Taiwan ever again. I do want another dog tag but I will not be dealing with this company for what has happened to me. All in all, the quality is good. That was not the issue.

Debbie P.
Dog tags

These tags were perfect each one looks just like my grand puppies thank you they are great

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