Best Bird Christmas Ornaments

July 15, 2022 7 min read

Who doesn't adore winged creatures? Ornaments for the Christmas tree that are birds and Christmas trees themselves are a match made in heaven. All of the ornaments, from a quaint pair of turtle doves to a classy hummingbird, look wonderful perched atop a Christmas tree. This list features some of the most beautiful bird Christmas ornaments that have ever been created.

1. Red Cardinal Tree Clip Christmas Ornament

It is always a breathtaking sight to see a redbird perched in an evergreen tree. Even more so in the winter and around the holiday season, cardinals are among the most cherished of all backyard birds. You have the option of purchasing either a single Cardinal clip-on ornament or a set of five of them. The dashing bird gives the impression that it is sitting on a branch, which is something that fascinates us.

2. Evening Grosbeak Keepsake Ornament

Both spotting new birds in the backyard and collecting Christmas ornaments in the shape of birds is a fun hobby for us. When this stunning evening grosbeak finds its way to a bird watcher's Christmas tree, they are sure to be filled with joy.

3. Hummingbird Christmas Ornament

A hummingbird should definitely be included in any collection of Christmas ornaments depicting birds. This one shimmers beautifully in the light, just like the iridescent feathers of a real hummingbird would do.

4. Pileated Woodpecker Ornament

If you don't have the good fortune to see a pileated woodpecker at your bird feeders, you can still admire this beautiful bird by hanging a figurine of it from your Christmas tree. You have your choice of woods: birch, cherry, or maple.

5. Oriole Christmas Ornament

These lovely stuffed felt orioles are so cute you won't be able to resist cuddling with them. They would be even cuter if they were part of a flock of other songbirds. This seller on Etsy also offers felt ornaments in the shapes of downy woodpeckers and cardinals.

6. Plaid Fabric Owl Ornaments

When we take a look at these jolly owls decked out in their festive plaid outfits, we just can't help but break out in a grin.

7. Buffalo Plaid Birdhouse Ornament

Put a tiny birdhouse on your Christmas tree as well as in your internal landscape. This adorable ornament is a winner in our book thanks to its cheery color palette and endearing pinecone roof.

8. National Park Ornaments

Anyone who enjoys going on vacations to national parks will find this adorable ornament to be the ideal gift for them. You have the option of visiting either Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, the Grand Canyon, or the Great Smoky Mountains.

9. Glass Hummingbird Ornaments

It's possible that you won't be able to lure hummingbirds to your yard during the winter, but these gorgeous glass ornaments will shine brightly when illuminated by the lights on your Christmas tree.

10. Forest Floor Christmas Ornament

This is the ideal ornament for you if fall is your favorite season to go hiking in the woods and you can't get enough of taking in all the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves. The teeny-tiny acorn charm is shaped very similarly to a jingle bell.

11. Personalized Gardening Ornament

This ornament is perfect for you to hang on your tree if you've already started daydreaming about vegetable harvesting, digging in the garden, and seed catalogs. Additionally, you have the option of having this ornament monogrammed.

12. Butterfly Hanging Ornament

This stunning ornament is an absolute necessity if you enjoy observing monarch butterflies and other species of butterflies in your garden. Sunflower aficionados will find this to be an excellent gift option.

13. Woodland Animal Ornament Set

You can decorate your Christmas tree with birds and butterflies, as well as some furry woodland creatures, if you like. There is a fox, a raccoon, a squirrel, and a beaver included in this set.

14. Hand Carved Wooden Owl Ornament

If you're going for an all-white Christmas tree theme, adding this simple wooden barn owl to your collection of bird Christmas ornaments is a great way to give it an elegant touch.

15. Hummingbird Metal Christmas Ornament

If hummingbirds have won your heart, you should get this ornament so that every time you look at the Christmas tree, you will be reminded of your most cherished of the world's tiniest birds.

16. Mushroom Terrarium Ornaments

These charming handcrafted mushroom ornaments are the perfect way to bring the enchantment of a fairy garden into your holiday decorations. Because they have moss that has been preserved and lifelike botanicals, they will continue to look adorable for many Christmases to come.

17. Dig It Scrabble Tile Ornament

Put it all out there for everyone to see how much you love gardening! This ornament is the ideal garden accent to hang on your Christmas tree, as it was handcrafted using vintage scrabble tiles and an adorable little shovel. Both of these components were used in its creation.

18. Musical Note Butterfly Ornament

The fluttering of butterflies in the warm summer breeze almost looks like it could be mistaken for the sound of music. That tune is embedded in the Baltic birch wood that was used to make this butterfly ornament, which was cut with a laser.

19. Pair Of Cardinals Christmas Tree Ornament

One of the most beautiful ornaments for a Christmas tree that I've seen featuring birds! This beautiful pair of Cardinals is crafted from mouth-blown glass, which is followed by hand-painting and hand-glittering. The methods that were popular in the 1800s for making Christmas ornaments like these can be found today. The very best in terms of quality!

20. Clip-On Cardinal Christmas Tree Ornaments

These cardinal ornaments come equipped with a strong clip, which enables you to attach them in a variety of places, including a Christmas tree, wreath, garland, centerpiece, and more.

21. Western Tanager Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

A stunning ornament featuring a bird from the Beauty of Birds line. The Western Tanager was part of the collection that was released in 2015, and I am unsure how much longer you will be able to get your hands on one of these birds. Sooner or later, these will be replaced by new collections; however, before that happens, they will sell out completely. Also makes a lovely gift for someone who is passionate about birds.

22. Red Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

In addition to being hung on Christmas trees, ornaments can be used to adorn wreaths and other holiday decorations, and they can even be put to use in craft projects.

23. Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament Northern Cardinal 

The Northern Cardinal Christmas ornament is a hand-crafted piece that features a traditional ornamental design and is finished with a bit of glitter.

24. 5-Piece Glass Red Clip-On Bird Ornament

Clip-on glass ornaments in the shape of birds in a beautiful red design, sold as a set of five. Easy to decorate and gives your Christmas tree a more natural appearance when clipped onto the tree.

25. Set of 2 Turtle Dove Ornaments

As seen in Home Alone 2, the Doves of Friendship, with one for you and one for a friend. Tree decorations crafted by Kurt Adler in the form of two romantic turtle doves. One for yourself, and the other to give to someone very special.

26. Birdhouse Christmas Tree Ornament

This is such a sweet birdhouse ornament, and it's one of those ornaments that you can't help but fall in love with at first sight. Produced by Old World Christmas using mouth-blown glass that is then hand-painted and hand-glittered by hand. A bird or garden enthusiast would enjoy receiving this thoughtful gift.

27. Cardinal Bird Glass Ornament Handmade Decoration Christmas

You can adorn your tree or window with this beautiful ornament of a cardinal bird! This ornament is made of glass, and its one-of-a-kind appearance is achieved by including bubbles within the glass itself.

28. Keepsake Christmas Ornament 

This lovely Black-Capped Chickadee Keepsake Christmas ornament is the perfect way to commemorate the holiday season. This wintry little feathered friend will make a festive addition to your holiday decorating for years to come. Adorned with gem embellishments and perched on a bed of holly and berries, this wintry little feathered friend is perfect for the winter season.

29. Pine cone Birds Holiday Ornament

These pinecone birds, which come in a set of 2, are sure to brighten up any country, rustic, or farmhouse-inspired space.

Hummingbird Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Stunning hand-blown glass hummingbird tree ornaments, available in a set of three that will look great hanging from your tree. Initially fashioned from hand-blown glass, it was then painted by hand and embellished with glitter on the wings and tail. The fact that the hummingbird tree ornaments come packaged in gift boxes makes them an excellent option for giving to someone who has a passion for hummingbirds.

30. Blue Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

A stunning ornament in the shape of a blue jay that is blown out of glass and would look fantastic on a white Christmas tree.

31. Black-Throated Blue Warbler Keepsake Christmas Ornament

This ornament for the Christmas tree depicts a blue bird with a white chest and features silvery trim, gems, and a branch with berries that dangle below it.

32. Indigo Bunting Christmas Ornament

Rich colors, vivid shades of blue, a high gloss finish, and glitter accents are some of the distinguishing characteristics of this Indigo Bunting Christmas Ornament.

33. Glitter Peacock Ornaments

When the lights in the tree are turned on, these two peacock ornaments look especially pretty with their sparkling and glittery details highlighted.

34. Bald Eagle Christmas Tree Ornament

Our very own National Symbol! This ornament of a Bald Eagle should be displayed with honor on every Christmas tree that is decorated in the United States. A hand-crafted little jewel that has been hand-painted and glittered by hand. Produced through the use of time-honored methods which date back to the 1800s.

35. Santa Bird Christmas Ornament

This Santa bird Christmas tree ornament is sure to be a hit with the children and grandchildren in the family. The fact that birds have their very own Santa Claus is demonstrated by the fact that this ornament was hand crafted, hand painted, and hand glittered.

36. Old World Christmas Hairy Ornaments Made of Blown Glass in the Shape of a Woodpecker for the Christmas Tree

crafted by hand following time-honored procedures using methods that were first developed in the 1800s. Glass that is still molten is blown by mouth into molds that have been intricately carved. The stunning appearance of the ornaments is achieved through a labor-intensive process that involves hand-painting and glittering each one individually.

37. Bird Watcher Collection Glass Blown Ornaments

It features hand-crafted ornaments, a traditional design, and multiple layers of glittering, which contribute to its beauty.

38. Baltimore Oriole - Keepsake Miniature Ornament

Enjoy the beauty of nature every time you see this Spring Robin miniature Keepsake Ornament; red-breasted robin has metallic gold and gemstone accents with a dangling flower charm. Edythe Kegrize's Keepsake Ornament Artist features gem accents and comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation, and storage.

Keepsake ornaments, with their unparalleled artistry and exceptional detail, are ideal for preserving precious memories, commemorating special milestones, and celebrating individual hobbies and interests.

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