Best Black and White Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 10 min read

While some interior designers believe that more is more, especially during the holidays, others prefer a more understated look regardless of the season. Traditions are enjoyable, but creating new ones (and making design-forward choices) decks the halls with style. The key to holiday decorating around the house, according to design star Emily Henderson, is balance. If you're looking to shake things up this holiday season, these modern trees will take your breath away.

While traditional reds and greens are festive and naturally bring joy this time of year, there is a way to emphasize these primary colors without going overboard. 

Here are some of our favorite black and white Christmas decorations to add to your holiday displays this year, whether you go with the traditional red and green colors or a more colorful palette.

1. Scrabble Letter Bauble

These Baubles, in the style of Scrabble, will make the ideal present for any person who has a knack for words. Players of Scrabble are not considered to be geeky in any way. In point of fact, when they aren't landing on triple word squares or arguing over proper nouns, the typical tile shuffler enjoys nothing more than seeing their very own letter on a bauble. Simply select the letter you want to use from the drop-down menu, and it will be presented to you along with the appropriate scrabble number.

2. Handmade Moon and The Sun Ornament

Resin pieces representing the moon and the sun sit atop a resin base in the shape of a square. Available in black or white, with or without gold detailing, and both color options have been included. It is a sweet little ornament that would be ideal for anyone who adores astronomical themes in their home decor.

3. Hand painted hanging teardrop ornaments

ornaments in the shape of hanging teardrops, hand-painted with a floral design, black and white color scheme, favors, gift tags, and interior design. A collection of five teardrop ornaments that have each been hand-painted. Handcrafted using air dry clay and acrylic paints that have been applied by hand. After being cut, dried, and sanded until smooth, the air-dry clay was painted by hand with four coats of acrylic paint, and it was finished off with a coat of acrylic varnish.

4. Fabric Tree Black and White Sculpture/Ornament

A fabric ornament that is hand printed using the timeless color scheme of black and white and features a super cute and quirky design. I used a screen printing technique to transfer this stylized illustration of trees onto a smooth cotton fabric; the reverse side features a contrasting color and stitched outlines of the trees. The trees are "planted" into a piece of whitewashed wood after having polyester stuffing inserted into their hollow centers.

5. Black Excellence Round Tree Ornament

Ornament for the Christmas Tree, Round, Black Excellence. Both black and white, as well as white and black, are used. Excellent for hanging from a tree. Excellent plastic in terms of quality.

6. Bride and Groom ornament

The ornament featuring a bride and groom makes a wonderful present for the newlywed Mr. and Mrs.! The ornament is made of shatterproof material, and it is engraved with the first names of the bride and groom, in addition to the date of their wedding. A design cut into vinyl that will look stunning for many years to come. This Christmas ornament arrives fully assembled and ready to be hung on your tree.

7. Karate Personalized Black Belt Karate Ornament

Cast from environmentally friendly, high-quality resin, this ornament is then given a hand-painted finish to give it the appearance of a vibrant indoor ornament. Cast resin has the appearance of porcelain while maintaining a lightweight structure that is suitable for use even for artificial tree branches with smaller branches. When stored for an extended period of time, porcelain develops a large number of fine surface cracks, whereas cast resin is resistant to the effects of extended storage.

8. Ceramic lama in sheep wool fur wall decoration

Lamas made of handcrafted pottery or ceramic, with each piece being made individually.

The lamas are formed by cutting gray clay, then smoothing it down, and finally incorporating a metallic hanger into the clay body. After that, the lamas were glazed with a transparent glaze before being fired, after which they were painted with underglaze paint. As a form of embellishment, the coloured wool has been glued on. Only one lama is included in this listing.

9. Snowy White Owl Figurine

A charming vintage ornament in the shape of a snowy owl that is black and white, and bears the inscription "Highbank Porcelain, Lochgilphead Scotland '' on its base. The porcelain is a bright white bisque, also known as a matte finish, and it features hand-painted black accents and bright yellow eyes. Very charming and uncomplicated, as well as being in pristine vintage condition with no signs of wear or damage. About 3.2 inches tall and 1.2 inches wide at the base. Please look at all of the pictures.

10. Black and White Mountain art

Miniature mountains that have been handcrafted for decorative use in homes. Perfect for those who adore the outdoors, camping, mountains, and black and white! These miniature mountains are constructed out of pinewood that has been stained black, with an additional layer of wood that has been stained white added in front of them. Makes great indoor decoration! Really nice when decorated next to a flower pot and indoor plants as it gives your space a more rustic or bohemian feel. There could be some subtle distinctions between the mountains, given that the appearance of every forest is unique!

11. Chef's Coat Ornament

This double-breasted cotton jacket features reversible panels that can be turned inside out to conceal stains, and it has knotted cloth buttons that can withstand repeated washings. Around the middle of the 19th century, Marie-Antoine Careme was the one who first standardized the attire worn by chefs. In addition, the chef's toque blanche and black and white hound's-tooth pants are considered part of the "chef's whites." White is associated with cleanliness. Bon appetit!

12. Loon Ornament

Loons are excellent swimmers who are able to remain submerged for extended periods of time. Their striking black and white markings make them particularly well suited to the secluded lakes of North America. They are solitary, avoid human contact, and have a call that is eerie. Many people view loons as a symbol of the wilderness and being alone.

13. Playful Penguin Ornament

Penguins have the appearance of small comedic actors decked out in tuxedos due to their distinctive black and white coloring as well as their awkward waddle. Because they enjoy playing in the snow and ice, people believe that even though they live in the Antarctic, Santa Claus counts them among his closest friends. Get this adorable Playful Penguin Ornament for your Christmas tree right away!

14. Black/white King Charles Spaniel Ornament

Dogs love their human companions unconditionally and are loyal to them no matter what. Dogs have been man's most dependable companions throughout recorded history. Toy breeds like the King Charles Spaniel were originally kept as companions and lap dogs for members of the royal family. It now basks in the glory of being known as man's best friend.

15. Orca Whale Ornament

Orcas are one of the marine mammals that are recognized the quickest and easiest due to their recognizable pattern of black and white spots. In spite of the fact that they are the largest members of the dolphin family, they are commonly referred to as whales. Orcas have been held in high regard by native cultures for a very long time because of their belief that they are divine messengers.

16. Hand painted mandala baubles, Gothic Christmas decor

For your holiday celebrations, we offer you hand-painted black and white plastic balls. Each of these balls has been hand-painted, making them unparalleled in quality.

17. Abstract Sculpture Modern Art Deco

The Flame Sculptures are available in both black and white, and each one is individually packaged in a bubble pack wrap before being carefully positioned inside a box. The edition size is open.

18. Reindeer bell ornament

A stunning Christmas ornament in the shape of a reindeer bell, made with white and black glittery colors. It is attached to a dark string.

19. Hand Blown Glass Black and White Zebra Statue

The animal statue of a black and white zebra that was blown out of glass and has a glossy finish is absolutely stunning. This glass is crafted by hand using only the highest quality materials that can be found, giving you the highest possible level of quality that can be found anywhere. You should absolutely add something like this to your very own collection.

20. Dream Catcher Black & white color Wall hanging Home Decoration

Every component of a genuine Native American dreamcatcher has a symbolic significance that relates to the natural world. The dreamcatcher is typically shaped like a circle to symbolize the cyclical nature of life as well as the movement of celestial bodies such as the sun and moon across the sky throughout the day and night.

The web of the dream catcher will, while you sleep, collect any disturbing dreams you have, and then release them when the sun rises. When it comes to pleasant dreams, the feathers serve as a fluffy, pillow-like ladder that allows them to descend upon the person who is sleeping in a calm and undisturbed manner.

The interpretation of the purpose of the beads that are frequently used to adorn the dreamcatcher has been the subject of some debate. Some American Indians believe that the beads represent the spider, which they believe to be the creator of the web. Some people have the belief that the beads represent the good dreams that were unable to pass through the web and were instead immortalized in the form of sacred charms.

21. Fairy Garden hot mini black and white cats decorations

Gardening props in the form of adorable animals, suitable for use with miniature decorative gardens. Because each color is hand-painted and the item is miniature, there will be some variation in the hues. Cat laid down is approximately 4 cm x 3 cm, while Cat sat up is approximately 3 cm x 3.5 cm.

22. Sport Fan Black Silver White

Ornaments made of porcelain of the highest quality make excellent presents for people of any age, including children. It will be cute to look at for many years while also being a lot of fun to hang. Each ornament comes packaged in its own unique box and is all set to be hung.

23. Blackcap Wire Bird Sculpture

The body of the sculpture was made out of chicken wire, while the details on the black cap and legs were added using electrical circuit and garden wire respectively.

The sculpture is absolutely stunning. This bird's beak to tail length is approximately 21 centimeters, its height is approximately 11 centimeters, and its width is approximately 10 centimeters. The garden wire is delicate yet sturdy, and it can withstand any kind of weather. This makes it suitable for use either inside or outside.

The addition of black accentuates the gorgeous colors that are characteristic of this well-liked and friendly little garden bird. This beautiful freestanding bird will happily land and perch wherever you choose in your garden. It is also an excellent size for a bookshelf or mantelpiece, and it looks great when it is positioned alongside a potted plant.

24. Black white Cat Sculpture

I created this adorable one-of-a-kind cat ornament out of paper mache and gave it a black and white color scheme.

I painted the entire cat with acrylics and finished it off with a varnish. The dimensions of the cat are 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches ( 11x 6.5cm).. It will be packaged carefully and delivered with attention to detail.

25.Chess Piece Statue Ornament

These breathtaking miniature ornaments will definitely make a statement on any tabletop, shelf, or desk they are placed on.

26.North Star Whimsical Hand Painted Christmas Star

Eye-catching front door, simple and chic wall hanging north star decoration This hand painted North Star Christmas star is a lovely addition to your holiday decor. The courtly check, buffalo check Christmas star is ideal for the holiday season.

A glittery red Christmas pick meets the courtly check star pattern in the middle to add a burst of color change without overpowering the beauty of this star. This Christmas tree decoration, wall hanging, door hanging star is painted on metal with high gloss epoxy lead free paint and varnished to enhance color vibrancy and protect this Christmas holiday star. Ideal for your front door or alongside your Christmas wreath.

27. Black Mini Bar Tray

This modern black tray is ideal for displaying seasonal fruits and nuts on the coffee table, and it's the perfect size to do so.

28. Golden Hour Ball Ornament Set

These gorgeous geo ornaments by MacKenzie-Childs are kept firmly in the Christmas spirit by the little bows that are placed atop each of them.

29. Bear Soldier Christmas Nutcracker

This noble neutral nutcracker bear with a pop of red may just be the cutest addition to any shelf, as it measures 14 inches in height and has a neutral color palette.

30. Chai Candle

Candles made by Byredo are recognizable for their understated black and white packaging as well as their luxurious and elegant scents. The founder's recollections of the aroma of marsala Chai permeating his childhood home served as the impetus for this one. The warm and comforting aroma is just what you need to get in the holiday spirit.

31. The Holiday Aisle Plaid Stocking

You've got the perfect Christmas mantel if you do as Emily did and hang these pretty plaid stockings on the chimney on a red "JOY" stocking holder and add some gorgeous greenery.

32. Monochrome Round Coaster Set

In addition to serving as the ideal decorative accessory for winter celebrations, a set of coasters in neutral tones can also do double duty to safeguard your furniture's surfaces. These are not only fashionable but also very reasonable in price.

33. Buffalo Check Table Throw

The use of a tree skirt, such as this one that is plaid in black and white, is an excellent method for toning down the appearance of a tree that is adorned with numerous brightly colored ornaments and tinsel.

34. Reindeer Tea Light Holders

These candlesticks in the shape of deer made of metal would be the perfect addition to your festively decorated home. Do you feel like there should be a little bit more color? Use candles in either red or green so that the overall effect is not totally neutral.

35. Totem Candle Black Bundle

You are aware that not all trees have to have green leaves, right? These totem candles have an appearance that is similar to that of a contemporary take on Christmas trees.

36. Harlequin Moose Head

It is not necessary that something be dull simply because it is presented in black and white. This harlequin moose head is anything but ordinary and is sure to jumpstart any discussion it's brought up in.

37. Swirl Blown Glass Ornament

These ornaments with swirls are seriously stylish; just imagine how the high-shine swirls would look when juxtaposed with the glimmering lights.

38. Black Sheepskin Throw/Rug

The faux fur will keep you warm, and the darker color will make you feel more in tune with the winter season.

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