Best Blue Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 9 min read

Are you marking a significant achievement? The holiday of Christmas can be commemorated in a meaningful way with the help of these blue Christmas ornaments.

You'll be able to find the perfect, unique blue Christmas ornaments for your tree with the help of this guide. This year, you can also shock the people you care about by placing personalized Christmas ornaments in their stockings as a surprise gift.

1. Bright Blue Jay Ornament

Blue Jays are loud, fearless, and active. They are skilled at surviving with the least amount of effort. The crest on their heads represents higher knowledge, which must be focused in order to be useful. Blue Jays serve as forerunners in times when greater resourcefulness is required.

2. Blue Baby Shoe Ornament

When a baby is born, there are many wonderful firsts: first tooth, first word, and, of course, that all-important first step. We all cherish the memories of these defining moments in their lives. The glass Baby Shoe ornament is a lovely keepsake to remember baby's first steps and Christmas.

3. Blue Crab Ornament

Cancer, the crab, is the fourth zodiac sign. This sign's people are traditional, sensitive, and nurturing. Crabs were considered sacred in ancient Greece, and they are considered a good omen in many eastern countries. The crab is a symbol of wealth and a happy marriage in China.

4. Blue Ribbon Ornament

For centuries, winning this award meant you were the best. They were worn by French knights, and the Cordon Bleu was named after them. Later, it was given to passenger ships that completed the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing. Of course, this has been given to racetrack and county fair winners.

5. Pacific Blue Tang Ornament

The Pacific Blue Tang fish is a popular marine aquarium fish that is well-known for appearing in an animated children's film. It can be found swimming in pairs or small groups throughout the Indo-Pacific. So go ahead and buy a pair or a school of ornaments!

6. Blue Pacifier Ornament

One of life's most wonderful and anticipated events is the birth of a child. This charming glass Pacifier ornament, painted blue for a boy, is a cute and long-lasting keepsake to commemorate a special birth or baby's first Christmas.

7. Blue Stand Up Paddle Board Ornament

Stand up paddle boarding began as an offshoot of surfing in Hawaii and is rapidly gaining popularity. It is accessible to all types of surfers, whether on ocean waves, lakes, large rivers, or canals, and it provides an excellent core workout.

8. Barber Pole Ornament

A Barber's Pole is a type of sign traditionally used by barbers, consisting of a pole with a helix of red, white, and blue stripes. This lovely glass Barber Pole ornament is an ideal present for a favorite barber.

9. Nasa Earth Ornament

Imagine seeing Earth from space, with its gleaming blue waters and land formations only seen on maps. Hundreds of people have been sent out of this world by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to explore the unknown. Hang this ornament to honor space exploration for the benefit of all.

10. Hiking Backpack Ornament

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity that people all over the world enjoy. It's a fun, healthy way to explore and enjoy the scenery while getting in touch with nature. This glass Hiker's Backpack ornament is an ideal gift for any hiker or outdoorsman.

11. Blue Coat Soldier Nutcracker Ornament

Commoners first carved nutcrackers as a joke because it was thought amusing to make a small wooden king or soldier crack the tough nuts. Because of their whimsical nature and the hugely popular Nutcracker Suite Ballet, nutcrackers are now frequently associated with the Christmas season.

12. Blue Baby Bib Ornament

Little one, welcome to the world! A baby is a true miracle that deserves to be celebrated. With children around, love and joy will be bound. Celebrate a baby's firsts, especially his or her first Christmas. Make traditions that the child will remember for the rest of his or her life.

13. Blue Baby Onesie Ornament

Infants were dressed in miniature versions of adult clothing during the Victorian era. Babies were dressed in white gowns when they were at their most relaxed. Walter Artzt created the first baby onesie in the 1950s, creating a comfortable and simple way to keep infants warm.

14. Great Blue Heron Ornament

The dignified Great Blue Heron embodies grace and elegance, whether flying majestically overhead or standing motionless at the water's edge. It's also a well-known symbol of Chesapeake Bay wildlife.

15. Dog Collar Ornament

Dogs are more than just man's best friend; they become family as they greet you each day with wagging tails and excitement. Collars are worn by dogs for identification, leash attachment, and even fashion. Each year, remember your dog by hanging the Dog Collar ornament on your Christmas tree.

16. Blue Boy Baby Bottle Ornament

The birth of a child is one of life's most joyous and exciting events. This charming glass Baby Bottle ornament, with a blue top for a boy, is a cute and long-lasting keepsake to commemorate this special event or baby's first Christmas.

17. Mini Black-Throated Blue Warbler Ornament

This black-throated blue warbler ornament with metallic silver trim and a sparkling gemstone heralds the sweet songs of spring after the gentle quiet of winter. A small purple cluster of berries dangles below the lovely bird in this miniature decoration. This design is ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers.

18. Mini Bitty Blue Butterfly Ornament

This eye-catching blue and gold butterfly miniature Christmas tree ornament will add a touch of elegance to your holiday decor. This design sparkles with gleaming gold detailing and gem accents. Complements the Brilliant Butterflies series, which is sold separately.

19. Mini Disney Cinderella A Beauty in Blue Ornament

Cinderella looks like a dream come true in the beautiful blue gown bestowed upon her by her Fairy Godmother. This miniature Christmas tree ornament of the beloved Disney Princess is just right for adorning the branches of a tabletop tree.

20. Jurassic World Dominion Ornaments

Beware! You've arrived in Raptor territory! Blue, unlike many dinosaurs, is known for her intelligence and empathy, and she has developed a bond with her trainer, Owen Grady. Blue's bond is tested as she leaps into action to protect Beta, a young Velociraptor who is her identical genetic clone. With this set of two Christmas tree ornaments featuring the pair of dinosaurs from "Jurassic World Dominion," you can relive the epic conclusion of the "Jurassic World" films.

21. Baby Boy’s First Christmas Blue Bird Ornament

With this Baby's First Christmas ornament, you can commemorate a "tweet" addition to the family. A cute blue baby bird sits in his cozy little nest with a dangling heart-shaped charm, holding a tiny baby rattle. Glittery snowflakes add a festive touch.

22. The Beauty of Birds Tufted Titmouse Ornament

With this handsome Tufted Titmouse Christmas tree ornament, you can bring nature's splendor to your holiday celebrations. Gem details and metallic gold embellishments complement a dangling holly branch, sure to please bird watchers.

23. Mini Sparkly Soft Serve Ornament

This tiny blue ice cream cone will brighten up your holiday season. The miniature Christmas tree ornament features a delectable-looking waffle cone filled with glittery soft serve, ideal for adorning a tabletop tree.

24. Astronaut LEGO® Minifigure Ornament

Prepare yourself for an out-of-this-world holiday season! This fun Christmas tree ornament, which features the Blue Classic Spaceman in his iconic helmet and space suit, is ideal for space enthusiasts and LEGO® collectors alike.

25. Mini Bitty Balloon Dog Ornament

With this adorable miniature Christmas tree ornament, you can commemorate a holiday season birthday or simply a love of creative balloon animals. The aqua blue pooch that looks like a balloon dog is sure to brighten up your holiday decorations.

26. Disney Cinderella The Heart of a Princess Ornament

Cinderella, sitting in a shimmery blue heart with a charming bluebird perched on top, adds regal style to your holiday decor. This Christmas tree ornament depicting the classic Disney Princess in her beautiful ball gown is sure to bring back many happy memories.

27. Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Ornament

Welcome to the tree! Doctor Who fans of all ages will adore this Christmas tree ornament featuring the tenth Doctor from the long-running BBC science fiction series. This beloved incarnation of the Time Lord, played by David Tennant, journeyed through the universe with a variety of companions from December 2005 to January 2010. The Doctor wears his signature blue suit, a brown duster, and red sneakers while holding his sonic screwdriver aloft as a flashlight.

28. Disney Lilo & Stitch 20th Anniversary Stitch Ornament

Stitch had only ever known how to be a rambunctious alien until Lilo taught him about family. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beloved Disney film with this fun Christmas tree ornament featuring the mischievous yet lovable little blue alien dressed in his red spacesuit and ready with plasma blasters. It's the ideal gift for the "Lilo & Stitch" fan in your family.

29. Great Grandson Polar Bear Ornament

With this Christmas tree ornament for a great grandson, you can make the holidays "beary" fun. This adorable polar bear is dressed in a blue winter hat and matching scarf. This year and for many years to come, your great grandson will enjoy seeing it on the Christmas tree. 

30. MLB Chicago Cubs™ Baseball Glove Hallmark Ornament

Make a home run with your Chicago Cubs fan! This Christmas tree ornament features a baseball glove design in the colors of their favorite Major League Baseball team, as well as a baseball with a logo. Ideal for displaying your Cubs fandom.

31. NHL Colorado Avalanche® Goalie Hallmark Ornament

With this Colorado Avalanche tree ornament, you'll score big on holiday gift-giving. To cheer on their favorite team, Avalanche fans will enjoy displaying this stylized ice hockey goalie Christmas tree ornament. The signature burgundy and blue uniform is featured.

32. MLB Los Angeles Dodgers™ Baseball Jersey Metal Hallmark Ornament

Make a home run with your Los Angeles Dodgers fan! This metal Christmas tree ornament depicts their favorite Major League Baseball team's jersey in signature blue and white colors. Ideal for displaying your Dodgers fandom.

33. No Greater Love Cross Porcelain Ornament

With this pretty aqua blue porcelain cross Christmas tree ornament, you can express your faith during the holidays and every day. The inspirational message and embossed floral design provide a sacred symbol of faith for your own home as well as a meaningful gift for friends and family.

34. MLB Kansas City Royals™ Snowman at Organ Musical Ornament

Hit a home run with your Kansas City Royals fans. This Christmas tree ornament transports you to the ballpark by playing a fun version of a crowd singing "Charge!" It features a sporty snowman playing an organ adorned with the team logo (battery-operated). Perfect for sustaining baseball fever all year long.

35. Christmas Angels Remembrance Ornament

Displaying this Christmas tree ornament will fill the holiday season with warm memories of loved ones. This divine darling, clutching a brilliant red cardinal, invites you to reflect and remember those who have gone before. This ethereal decoration from the Christmas Angels series features delicate metal wings with a snowflake pattern, sparkly faux fur trim, and glitter accents.

36. MLB Toronto Blue Jays™ Baseball Jersey Metal Hallmark Ornament

Make a home run with your Toronto Blue Jays fan! This metal Christmas tree ornament depicts their favorite Major League Baseball team's jersey in signature blue and white colors. Ideal for displaying your Blue Jays fandom.

37. Barbie™ Beautiful Ballerina Ornament

This graceful ballerina in blue is ready to make a little one's holiday dreams come true. In her ballet pointe shoes, tiara, and elegant leotard with scalloped tutu and tulle layer, the lovely Barbie Christmas tree ornament inspires. This adorable decoration is the ideal gift for Barbie fans of all ages to commemorate the year of the first dance recital.

38. Sonic the Hedgehog™ Metal Hallmark Ornament

With this Christmas tree ornament of Sonic the Hedgehog, you can kick the holidays into high gear. This bright metal and plastic design features the beloved character with a three-dimensional face and is sure to be a holiday fan favorite for generations of video game fans.

39. Disney Frozen 2 Elsa and the Fire Spirit Porcelain Ornament

Elsa invites you to explore the Enchanted Forest. Elsa is holding Bruni, the elemental fire spirit in the form of a little salamander with big blue eyes, in this premium porcelain Christmas tree ornament. Fans of "Frozen 2" will adore this design, which beautifully captures the magical characters' bond.

40. The Year Without a Santa Claus™ Spinning Snow Miser Ornament

Instead of traditional icicles, hang "Mister Icicle" on your tree this year! Fans of the classic holiday TV special "The Year Without a Santa Claus" will adore this burst of wintery glitz. When you turn the knob on this fun Christmas tree ornament, Snow Miser, dressed in his signature frosty blue outfit with hat and cane, spins inside a pristine snowflake design.

41. Nintendo The Legend of Zelda™ Link Ornament

With this Christmas tree ornament of Link, the hero of "The Legend of Zelda," you can bring the mystique of the Hyrule kingdom to your holidays. Link wears his iconic blue tunic and carries the powerful Sheikah Slate, Traveler's Shield, and a quiver full of arrows, as well as an Ancient Arrow notched in his Traveler's Bow.

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