Best Christmas Gift for Men Under $25 or Less

June 24, 2022 8 min read

It can be tough to come up with fitting and reasonably priced gifts for the men on your list, from significant others to fathers, sons, brothers, and friends. Here are some useful and fun Christmas gifts that are every bit as thoughtful for those times when you just want to give a little something, however small. The best Christmas gifts for men under $25 or less are a simple way to spice up a larger gift or to show someone you care.

1. T-Shirt to match sense of humor

This cryptic Stephen Hawking quote T-shirt is like one of those old Magic Eye posters: stare at it long enough, and it will suddenly make sense.

2. Pixel of childhood notebook

This 144-page notebook is the ideal stocking stuffer for an old-school gamer who is always taking notes (unlined, lined, or gridded). It is 5.5 by 8.25 inches in size.

3. Cordless power tool

Assist him in unplugging while working on home improvement projects with cordless tools. This 18-volt cordless drill is compact and lightweight, and it easily handles any task at hand while costing less. It includes a charging station as well as an LED work light.

4. Flowfold essentialist ID case wallet

This wallet is made in Maine and features a mesh side panel for an ID, a zippered inner pouch, and a corner gear loop for attaching it to a backpack.

5. Hiking gear

Rather than just buying him more stuff, give him the gift of a shared experience. Wrap a Map of national parks or a guide to local nature-rich areas in a pretty box and plan a hike at his preferred location. But also include a versatile piece of hiking gear to sweeten the deal. The Buff is a multipurpose tube of moisture-wicking fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. It is said to be indispensable for all types of outdoor activities.

6. Retro sports jigsaw puzzle

These 500-piece puzzles are ideal for any baseball or football fan (college or pro). Select his favorite sports team and have it printed on heavyweight cardboard or wood.

7. Artisanal coffee

A cup of liquid black gold costs $4 or $5 at a high-end coffee shop, but a bag of coffee, such as Philz Coffee's Tantalizing Turkish, can yield about 40 (8-ounce) cups. Other well-known roasters that sell mail-order coffee for $10 to $18 per bag include Blue Bottle, Stumptown, Four Barrel, and Sightglass.

8. Portable bonfire

It's the ideal stocking stuffer for the outdoorsy, make-a-fire type of guy who can't make a fire. These mini-campfires made of soy wax burn for 3 to 5 hours.

9. Hamilton beach sandwich maker

There's no need to sit in line at a fast-food place when they can make their breakfast sandwiches at home in just five minutes. The removable nonstick parts can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

10. Magnetic wristband

They don't need to wait in line at a fast-food restaurant when they can make their breakfast sandwiches in just five minutes at home. The dishwasher can also be used to clean the removable nonstick parts.

11. Sunprint kit

A fancy camera isn't required to make a photo-like print. You only need sunlight, water, and your imagination. Prices for this product vary greatly (we've seen it range from $14 to $22), so buy when you see a good deal.

12. Funny flip-flops

Do you want to try something new for your favorite fisherman? A pair of these brightly colored flip-flops may have him reeling, as his feet will have a newfound allure. Fish Flops are made of lightweight anti-slip material and come in mackerel, goldfish, salmon, and tuna designs.

13. Innovative map scratch-off world and US map posters

Give your favorite world traveler a chance to check off his adventures with this map duo set. The set includes a large world map and smaller U.S. map, plus a scratch tool, memory stickers to pin each new trip, and a magnifying strip so the smallest details loom larger.

14. Multitool

This stainless-steel multitool is the ultimate in convenience for any self-professed handyman. It has 10 tools, including pliers, wire cutters, a knife, a bottle opener, a file, and a screwdriver.

15. Acrylic watch hat

These hats are ubiquitous because they are both warm and practical. They are available in over 20 different colors and are made of stretchy acrylic rib-knit fabric.

16. Homegrown mushrooms

A grow-your-own-mushrooms kit is a great Christmas gift for men under $25 with a refined palate and a knack for the kitchen. Although some buyers report that it can take longer, the first harvest of gourmet, organic mushrooms should take less than two weeks after watering begins. The kit produces over a pound of pearl oyster mushrooms.

17. Shower speaker

Assist him in singing in the shower. This waterproof speaker features universal compatibility, an in-built microphone, and high-definition Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

18. Hand warmer

Do you know someone who always complains about his hands being cold? A hand warmer will quickly warm things up. This Zippo is available in a variety of colors. He can fill it with lighter fluid and carry it around in his pocket for up to 12 hours of toasty warmth.

19. Backup power supply

If he's not going to text you back, make sure they can't blame it on a dead phone. This small external battery is a great stocking stuffer because it has enough juice to charge most phones twice.

20. Home bar accessories

Complement his home bar with accessories like these whiskey stones, which chill a drink without diluting it. After a long day of toy assembly, dads will appreciate a nice, strong drink.

21. Beard grooming kit

Putting together the ideal Christmas gift for a guy with creative facial hair is actually quite simple. To keep his face fur neat, this Billy Jealousy grooming kit includes a beard wash, beard oil, and a bristle brush.

22. Craft beer kings

The craft beer scene has exploded with top-notch brews in every state. Some beers may be too expensive or unusual for an ordinary evening, but they make excellent Christmas gift for men under $25 who eschews sports bar pours. This winter ale, with its warm spiciness and deep garnet color, is perfect for a holiday beer. For someone who prefers something sweeter, Not Your Father's Root Beer from Small Town Brewery is a boozy (5.9%) root beer.

23. Crew socks

Socks may seem like an afterthought of a Christmas gift, but choosing a quality pair will show you're on your toes. socks are made in the United States and guaranteed for life — a cut above the usual cotton-poly blends.

24. Golf balls

Savvy golfers know that golf balls are a dead ringer for pricier brands such as Titleist but at a fraction of the price. Wrap up a couple dozen for a much-appreciated contribution to his stash.

25. Sturdy corkscrew

There are some impressive electric wine bottle openers on the market, but they're big and bulky. This simple corkscrew is pocket-sized and backed by sommeliers.

26. Cool koozies

Keep his beer looking cool as it stays ice cold in one of these puffer coat koozies. The bicolor can holders are available in navy and yellow or plum and teal.

27. Unique handcrafted art 

Whoever you give these to doesn't need a green thumb to keep these adorable felt plants alive, which makes them an even more thoughtful Christmas gift for men under $25. They look great in the kitchen, the bedroom, or really anywhere in the house.

28. Letterboard for lists, quotes, and milestone events

This square letter board adds a personal touch to events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and dinner parties. The light grain finish provides a sleek, modern look that will complement a variety of living spaces.

29. Compact, waterproof blanket for outdoor activities

They'll love this outdoor blanket for all of their outdoor gatherings. It folds up easily and fits in their pocket. It's also waterproof, puncture-resistant, and sand-proof, so they can use it for beach days, camping adventures, hikes, and park picnics.

30. Milk frother that brings the taste of a cafe closer to home

A milk frother is an unexpectedly useful kitchen tool that can produce a frothy latte or cappuccino that tastes similar to what you'd find at a cafe. We love this one in particular and ranked it first overall in our review of the best milk frothers.

31. Warm fleece scarf

Who doesn't appreciate a good fleece scarf? Whoever you give it to will be able to put it on over their head and instantly feel warm.

32. The bedside storage essential

Your bedside or couch essentials, such as remote controls, books, or reading glasses, will fit perfectly in this convenient felt pouch. It slides between your mattress and under your couch cushion without being unsightly.

33. Tie-dye kit for a fun art project

Tie-dye clothing is still popular, but they don't have to spend a fortune on a tie-dye sweatshirt to participate. This simple kit gives them the Christmas gift of a fun hobby or a hands-on activity with friends. It comes with five different dye colors, gloves, and rubber bands.

34. Water bottle that encourages hydration

With this 24-ounce marked water bottle, you'll never forget to stay hydrated. It has an easy-to-carry plastic lid and a removable silicone mouthpiece that makes cleaning as simple as drinking from it.

35. Ambient moon lamp

This Saturn-shaped moon lamp emits a soothing ambient glow that will brighten up their space. They'll have fun matching the lamp to their mood with its 16 color options, whether they use it as a subtle night light or as a room accessory.

36. Cold brew coffee tool that makes a quart of liquid

This cold brew maker is as cheap as it is convenient, and it can save you hundreds of dollars on iced coffee each year. It fits easily into most refrigerator doors, is easy to use, and produces a large amount of cold brew at once.

37. Textured dip bowls for condiments

Ideal for snacks, condiments, and the basics they love to cook with frequently.

38. Custom family portrait — including pets

Order ahead of time and get a custom portrait of your little family — pets included — for an especially thoughtful and impactful Christmas gift.

39. Mini griddle that makes individual servings of breakfast foods

This tiny waffle maker is ideal for single-serving breakfasts or meal preparation (just freeze your waffles ahead of time). It's small enough for tight quarters, heats up quickly, and has an easy-to-clean nonstick surface.

40. Water bottle with a built-in filter system

The water bottle has a built-in filter that can improve the taste of water by reducing its chlorine content and smell. It can replace an estimated 1,800 single-use plastic bottles each year.

41. Spray that protects your shoes from stains

This spray repels water and oil, preventing stains and water spots on your shoes. Because it's water-based, it's safe to use on a wide range of materials, including suede, nubuck leather, canvas, and others. It sprays a fine mist that quickly and evenly covers large areas.

42.  Protective phone case

Incase most likely already manufactures your laptop case, and their phone cases are excellent for many of the same reasons. They're light, add another layer of protection, and allow for some creative personalization.

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