Best Christmas Gifts for Husbands Under $50 or Less

June 24, 2022 14 min read

Finding good gifts for men is difficult enough, but trying to stick to a budget makes it even more difficult! Smaller items or gift sets that are unique, practical, or cool are usually good husband's gifts under $50. Men don't like getting extravagant gifts, so the simpler the gift, the more likely he'll enjoy it! Are you looking for a thoughtful birthday present for your husband that won't break the bank? Looking for a great Christmas Day gift on a budget? Do you require a low-cost gift for men as an anniversary present? These Christmas gifts for husbands under $50 or less are ideal for any man on any occasion!

1. The Most Awesome Glass Ever

This is a whiskey glass. It serves as a cigar holder. It has his initials engraved on it. What cooler gift could there be than this incredible 2-in-1 personalized cigar-holding whiskey glass? Especially for less than $50! He'll love drinking and smoking with this awesome glass, especially since it frees up a hand to hold his poker hand or the remote to flip through streaming services to find something to watch.

2. Ammo

Ammo cans make excellent gifts for men because they are cool, manly, practical, and inexpensive! This personalized one is so versatile that you could get one for every man in your life because it's appropriate for any occasion. Of course, they're great for storing ammunition, but these handy containers can also hold anything from fishing gear to keepsakes.

3. Giant Personalized Beer Mug

Because you're on a tight budget, your gift doesn't have to be small. In fact, this beer mug is likely the largest glass he's ever seen and one of the best Christmas gifts for a husband under $50! When it comes to glassware, bigger is always better. He can drink three beer bottles from this massive mug, which means he can sit back and relax in his favorite chair until at least halftime before needing a refill while watching the football game. See? Cheap gifts for men can also be fantastic!

4. Customized Sign

A custom sign to decorate his space in an unusual way is always a good idea, and it's one of the more unusual husband's gifts under $50 that he won't expect. Because it's classy and completely customizable, this regal sign is ideal for his home bar, man cave, home theater, or even just in the dining room. He'll appreciate all of the thought you put into this handsome sign and will proudly display it in his home for the rest of his life.

5. Whiskey Gifts

Get him a bottle of his favorite whiskey because he'll want to try out this useful whiskey gift set! He'll love being able to enjoy a cool glass of his favorite whiskey in his very own personalized rocks glass and a set of chilling stones, making this one of the coolest (literally) Christmas gifts for a husband under $50. Thanks to this awesome whiskey gift set, he won't have to drink watered-down whiskey or use a regular old juice glass for his drink!

6. High-Quality Wallet

The guy you're shopping for, like most men, has been using his wallet for so long that it's literally falling apart every time he takes it out of his back pocket. It's time for a replacement, and he deserves a high-quality leather wallet that will last him for years, such as this Ralph Lauren bifold! This handsome wallet is the perfect upgrade from his old one, with plenty of storage space for all of his cards and cash.

7. Cutting Board 

Does the man in your life like to cook? Don't get him any more kitchen knives or spice sets; he already has plenty of those. Get him this personalized bamboo cutting board instead! He'll appreciate having a clean, dedicated area to do all of his food preparation rather than making a mess of the countertops. When he isn't using it, the cutting board serves as a lovely decorative piece in the kitchen. With its high-quality wood and elegant engraving, this lovely kitchen must-have does not appear to be under $50, and he will not suspect that you got him an inexpensive gift!

8. Extraordinary Gift 

You want to get him something really cool, but your budget doesn't leave much room for it. Fortunately, this magnificent globe decanter is one of the most impressive husband's gifts for under $50! He'll be so taken with the detailed etching of the map on the decanter that he won't notice the delicate glass-blown ship inside for a few moments. This amazing decanter will be a talking point whether he displays it in his office, home bar, or even the living room! He'll want to keep only the finest liquor in this exquisite decanter, and he'll enjoy drinking from it because it reminds him of James Bond.

9. Something Reminding of His Home State Sign for Bottle Cap Collectors

The best Christmas gifts for husbands under $50 are multi-purpose items, such as this interactive bottle cap collector sign! This cool decoration, shaped like his home state, can be filled with bottle caps from all of his favorite beers, whether they're local craft brews or imports. When he's finished filling up the sign, he'll have a true one-of-a-kind decoration! He can even empty it and start over if he wants. Such a thoughtful gift will undoubtedly be one of the coolest additions to his home, reminding him of his home state and the pride he feels for where he came from for years to come.

10. Terrifying Present

Whatever the occasion, a gift that a man can use all year is always a good idea. After all, whether it's a scorcher or snowing outside, there's nothing like a chilled glass of whiskey! This personalized whiskey glass and unique chilling spheres are one of the most unique budget gifts you can give because the spheres will ensure his drink is always at the perfect temperature, and he can even share one with a friend. The spheres can even be heated, allowing him to enjoy a nice hot toddy! Such a versatile set will undoubtedly be enjoyed on a daily basis, whether he's in the mood for a chilled bourbon or a warm spiced brandy.

11. Luxurious Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is the lobster of meats and a favorite treat for most men, but finding a good assortment of jerky on a budget is difficult. Fortunately, these tasty Christmas gifts for husbands under $50 are full of unique flavors and won't break the bank! Any guy will be overjoyed to receive such a tasty gift, and he'll be sure to savor each one. He'll love this edible gift so much that he'll ask for another set for his birthday or Christmas!

12. Watches

It's no secret that watches are the best gifts for men, especially when you don't know what to get them or are on a budget. Don't just get him a boring Casio, get him something unique like this custom wood and leather watch! He'll be impressed by the handsome wood watch and sleek black leather band because it's not only incredibly classy, but he can wear it with anything and look great. He'll be overjoyed to wear his new timepiece every day and know that he has the most unique watch of anyone he knows.

13. Make Certain That His Beer Remains Cold

Everyone understands that warm beer is a bad beer, so make sure the guy in your life never has a ruined brew by giving him this insulated beer cozy! This 2-in-1 beer cozy with a bottle opener on the bottom is one of the most practical Christmas gifts for husbands under $50! When he tries it, he'll be amazed because he can leave his can or bottle in this double-walled cozy room for hours and it'll be just as cold as when he took it out of the fridge. He can even take the glass with him on the go because it's virtually indestructible, allowing him to enjoy a cold beer while at the lake in the summer or the ski lodge in the mountains.

14. Not Ordinary Tool

Men love getting tools as gifts because you can never have too many, but this engraved hatchet isn't your average ax. He'll appreciate how small it is because it allows him to take it on camping trips, keep it in his car, or bring it to work. The double-sided blade is ideal for clearing branches, cutting anything from wood to leather, and even self-defense. He'll appreciate the personalization you added to make it especially special for him, and even if he only uses it as a decorative piece, he'll cherish this tool for the rest of his life.

15. New Wine Glasses

Most people already have wine glasses, but the guy you're shopping for doesn't have a set of engraved ones! This set of surprisingly affordable custom stemless wine glasses is ideal for red or white wine, so he can use them for serving any type of wine to guests or enjoying his favorite type on a date night with his significant other. He'll never want to use the old department store wine glasses again after trying out these lovely personalized ones, and he might even request a decanter to go with them for the next gift-giving occasion!

16. Gift Set of Cologne

Most men's cologne costs well over $50, but this mini cologne gift set is a great way to give a guy cologne (especially if you're not sure which one he'll like!). He'll enjoy trying on the various Hugo Boss scents to find the one that suits him best, and then you can get him the full-sized version of his favorite one the next time you see him. This demonstrates that you're thoughtful and considering his preferences rather than just picking a random cologne and hoping he'll like it, which he will certainly appreciate!

17. Personalized Wrench Multi-Tool The Ultimate Multi-Tool

Men adore multi-tools due to their numerous attachments and versatility, but this is by far one of the best gifts under $50 for him! This tool has it all: screwdrivers, knives, a bottle opener, wrenches, a nail file, and more. You can also personalize it with a unique engraving, making it an even more meaningful gift! This multi-tool will undoubtedly become your new go-to gift for every guy you know.

18. Shades of Cool

You've seen a lot of expensive sunglasses, and the guy in your life has always wanted a nice pair, but you're on a tight budget. Don't worry, you can get him these one-of-a-kind bamboo sunglasses! Nobody he knows will own these shades, especially since they're personalized. He'll never guess that these awesome shades were so cheap, and he'll wear them as much as possible.

19. Set of Engraved Flask Boxes

Is your guy the type who likes to shoot with his friends? Then he'll appreciate this flask set, which includes shot glasses so he and his buddies can all enjoy a drink together. This flask set is sure to be used frequently, whether they're on a backpacking trip through the woods or hanging out at a friend's house. When not in use, the handsome case is ideal for storing the entire set or small keepsakes such as his watches.

20. Bomber Jacket

Move over, leather jackets: the bomber jacket is back in style, and every man you know should own one. Bomber jackets are the ideal everyday jacket because they are lightweight, comfortable, and warm, ensuring that the men in your life are prepared for any weather. A bomber jacket also looks great with everything from slacks to shorts, so he won't have to worry about styling it. Furthermore, a leather jacket typically costs more than $50, whereas a bomber jacket is much less expensive.

21. Personalized Glasses

He needs a couple of glasses in his life, whether he's a professional whiskey taster or a casual bourbon fan. These one-of-a-kind glasses were created to enhance the taste and aromas of each sip for the best possible experience. He'll be amazed when he tries his favorite whiskey in one of these glasses instead of his usual rocks glass because he'll finally be able to discern the subtle oak flavors that the bottle boasts about and discover the aromas are stronger than ever before.

22. Engraved Beer Caddy

When looking for great gifts for men under $50, finding something extremely useful for him may appear to be a daunting task; however, this personalized wooden beer caddy begs to differ! This is an excellent gift that any man will appreciate. This set is sure to get a lot of use, whether he uses it to bring a six-pack out to the garage while swapping out a ball joint on his truck or to bring some of his favorite brews to his buddy's house. It even has a built-in bottle opener, so he doesn't have to worry about bringing a separate one with him.

23. The Ideal Present

What a unique bottle cap collector sign! Any beer enthusiast or craft beer enthusiast will enjoy filling the USA map with his favorite types of beer. This one-of-a-kind decoration will look great in his man cave, dining room, or home bar. When combined with a six-pack of his favorite beer, this awesome bottle cap sign becomes one of the best Christmas gifts for husbands under $50!

24. Custom Cutting Board

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a man who enjoys cooking and meal preparation? This customized bamboo cutting board is ideal! The bamboo will look great in his kitchen and will most likely be a welcome replacement for his old, scuffed cutting board. You could even get a bottle of board oil to go with it and spend less than $50!

25. Collection of the Coolest Men's Gifts Under $50

A great way to make a gift under $50 stand out is to make it both personalized and useful. With this personalized rocks glass and matching whiskey stone set, he'll think you went above and beyond to get him such a fantastic gift! And you'll feel like you got away with a set of fantastic cheap gifts for men; it's a win-win situation! He can now unwind in style at home with a perfectly chilled whiskey or cocktail in hand!

26. Leather Case

With this personalized leather watch case, he can start his day off right. Every morning, he'll go into your gift store to find the perfect watch to match his outfit or even the pair of shoes he's wearing for the day. He'll no longer have to wonder where he put his favorite or special watch because he'll now keep each one inside this watch case.

27. Shaving Essentials

Every man requires a quality shaving set, whether he has a full beard or must be clean-shaven for work. Some kits can be quite pricey, but not this one! This three-piece shaving essentials set can be used with his razor and other shaving tools of his choice to give him the perfect shave. After using these high-quality oils and creams, he'll want to give the set as a gift for every occasion from now on so that he has a steady supply!

28. Your go-to Best Men's Gift Under $50

You'll be surprised to learn that this customizable ammo box has virtually limitless applications. Yes, indeed! Ammo boxes can be used in a variety of ways, and you can make even more by changing the personalization. Whether you give him just the box with his name engraved on it or fill it with all of his favorite candy or ammo, this is a gift that works for any man on any occasion, making it one of the best Christmas gifts for a husband under $50!

29. Flask Set Complete

Why give a flask when you can give it in a custom faux leather gift box that includes shot glasses and a funnel? This stylish gift set isn't cheap, but it's dressed to impress! You can even fill the flask with his favorite liquor before handing it to him to stay within your budget. He'll be carrying his new flask everywhere, and by removing the foam, he can even turn the gift box into a keepsake case.

30. Wine Tool Sets are Personalized Wine 

Check out this fantastic wine tool gift set with stemless tumblers that you can get for him for under $50! How many cool gifts for men under $50 do you think you could get? This is the perfect gift for the man who can't get enough of his favorite Riesling or Merlot. He'll be able to enjoy a drink at the drop of a hat thanks to the wine barrel complete with tools. Plus, this gift set is so attractive that it is ideal for his birthday, anniversary, or even just because!

31. A Personalized Pocket Knife

Men adore pocket knives. You could give a guy a new pocket knife for every holiday and he'd be perfectly content with his growing collection! Go the extra mile this time and get him one that's personalized and even comes with an engraved gift box that he can use to store his prized knife, a couple of stories, or whatever else he desires. Seriously, this is the best under $50 gift for men for any man and on any occasion.

32. New Outdoor Leather Work Boots

A new pair of leather work boots is one of the easiest gifts for men under $50 you can give, whether he needs a specific type of footwear for his daily job or enjoys having durable boots for his outdoor excursions. These all-terrain boots are designed to last for years and can be worn in any weather! When he sees them, he'll be surprised that you spent so much money on such a nice pair of boots and won't believe you if you tell him they're less than $50.

33. Stylish Crystal Gift

This crystal Glencairn tasting glass, one of the best gifts for men under $50, will keep him feeling classy! If he can't get enough whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, this glass is the best way for him to get more out of each drink. When he uses this gift, he will be able to taste and smell all of the distinct flavors and aromas of his drink, making him feel like a true connoisseur!

34. Complete Flask Set

This one-of-a-kind flask gift set makes it easier than ever to enjoy a drink on the go. Sure, the flask makes it easy to take a quick sip, but the shot glass means he can pour his own drink wherever he goes. Talk about a useful gift that he'll be sure to keep on his person that you got for less than $50. He'll think you spent a lot more on such a great gift because of the classy and unique design, as well as the embossed leather!

35. Perfect Beer Mug

It may not appear that this mug is twice the size of a standard beer mug and can hold up to one liter of beer, but it can! Because of its larger-than-life capacity, any beer-loving man can kick back, relax, and enjoy three bottles of beer in one convenient glass without having to get up for a refill. Any guy would be overjoyed to receive such a fantastic beer mug as a gift!

36. Engraved Hatchet

Looking for a gift for the man who has everything that won't break the bank? Get him a customized hatchet! This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks including yard work, camping, hunting, and fishing. It's one-of-a-kind because it's personalized, and he definitely doesn't have one. He'll never guess you only paid $30 for it!

37. Tabletop Grill for Indoors

Nothing is worse than craving a freshly grilled steak but being unable to prepare one due to inclement weather and his inability to use his trusty grill! With this handy tabletop grill, you can ensure that the grill-loving man in your life can enjoy his favorite foods whenever he wants. This indoor grill will become his new favorite kitchen gadget, perfect for single-serving meals or simply grilling up meat for dinner!

38. Cigars and Whiskey 

You want to get him something nice related to his interests, but his hobbies and anything related to them is usually a little out of your price range. Except for this personalized whiskey glass! Nothing beats a personalized cigar-holding rocks glass for the man who enjoys whiskey and cigars. Yes, this revolutionary glass actually holds his cigar for him! For a Christmas gift under $50, it doesn't get much cooler than this.

39. Custom Brewery Sign

Everyone knows a guy who enjoys beer and aspires to own his own brewery one day. You may not be able to purchase an entire brewery for him, but you can certainly assist him. Giving him a custom brewery sign is one way to help him realize his dream! It may inspire him to start brewing his own beer at home so that he can showcase it above his own creation. He'll love the awesome design and how it looks in his home bar or brewery, especially since it's available in his favorite color!

40. Fail-Safe Beer

When in doubt, go with a Christmas gift for a husband under $50 would appreciate: a personalized beer mug with a bottle opener and a lighter that has plenty of room for a cigar or two! This simple but thoughtful gift is ideal for commemorating special occasions, and he will undoubtedly enjoy each piece over and over again. He'll never want to drink beer at home again after trying out this awesome beer mug! Even simple sets like this are among the best Christmas gifts for husbands under $50, especially since it appears to cost much more!

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