Best Christmas Gifts for Adults

July 12, 2022 17 min read

It's difficult to find the ideal Christmas gifts for adults. When it comes to children, you can give them almost anything and they will be delighted. When gifting adults, make sure it's not junk and that it's something they'll use and, dare we say, enjoy. If that sounds like too much to ask, we can assure you that it is not, because we have found all of the Christmas gifts for adults we believe they will enjoy.

We've compiled a list of the best gifts for all the adults in your life. Not only are they useful and cool, but they will be excited to use them and will not discard them after a few months. Take a look at our top picks, which include everything from a cool steamer to fun board games and even some great home items, but be careful — you might want to keep a few for yourself.

1. elago 3-in-1 Charging Hub

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for an Apple user, they'll appreciate this option, which provides a dedicated space for charging and storing all of their devices. Its compact design still allows for the storage of an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, as well as a series of separately sold chargers that plug in through the back for a clean display.

2. HP Sprocket Wireless Photo Printer Bundle

These days, it's all about instant gratification, so turn their digital memories into physical mementos with the click of a button. The HP Sprocket Select compact photo printer, which can print 2.3x3.4-inch photos on Zero Ink paper, is a fun Christmas gift. They can even use Sprocket's mobile app to edit photos before printing!

3. Intelex Warmies Slippers

Toes will be toasty in no time if you microwave these plush puppies. Their millet-grain filling will provide a soothing weighted feel, while dispersed dried lavender flowers will release stress-relieving aromatherapy benefits into the air.

4. Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Give the gift of sweeter dreams with a brilliant sleep aid device that will put your recipient's sleepless nights to rest for good.

With an expanding light that prompts them to breathe in and retract when it's time to breathe out, an illuminated metronome system will teach them how to doze off naturally.

5. New Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember's brilliant smart mug makes keeping tea, coffee, and hot cocoa warm a breeze. It will keep their preferred sipping temperature, eliminating the need to constantly run to the microwave to heat up lukewarm liquids.

6. SoundBot Bluetooth Wireless Smart Beanie Headset

This warm beanie has built-in Bluetooth speakers to make listening to music on chilly days much easier. It's water-resistant, so it'll be fine in the rain and snow. The beanie can play music for up to 5 hours before it needs to be recharged.

7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer with Volumizer

This detangling hot air brush will leave her hair dry, silky, and super volumized, allowing them to achieve salon-quality blowouts at home. Its distinctive oval shape provides extra lift at the roots and curlier ends, removing the need for a traditional blow dryer.

8. Tushy Classic Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

It may seem odd to choose a bidet as a Christmas gift, but let's face it: it adds a touch of spa-like luxury to any bathroom. We know because we tried it. Tushy's option has pressure and angle control, so it'll be just right for whoever you give it to.

9. Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families, and Mischievous Minds

This family-friendly card game, inspired by the adult game Cards Against Humanity, prompts players with fill-in-the-blank questions, and each person chooses a card from their hand that they believe best fits the question.

10. Apple's new AirPods Pro

Wires, get out! Music lovers who are constantly wearing headphones will appreciate the wireless technology provided by these AirPods. They have superior active noise cancellation, as opposed to the original AirPods, as well as a transparency mode for clearer hearing and connecting.

11. Our Location Is Always Pan

This sophisticated pan's seemingly simple design conceals a complex secret inside. It contains a frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest in a single simplified unit, making it an ideal Christmas gift for apartment dwellers with limited space.

12. Kelsey Crossbody Bag

This crossbody cutie was inspired by the silhouette and functionality of a classic camera bag and will keep all your essentials organized and safe without weighing you down. It has two large zippered compartments for things like your wallet and sunglasses, as well as a smaller outside pocket for your phone or other small items.

13. Bin with Emergency Preparedness Kit

You never know what tomorrow will bring, but you can be prepared with this all-inclusive emergency bin from JUDY. It comes with six pre-packaged boxes containing essential tools for warmth, safety, and first-aid, as well as enough food and water to sustain four people for up to 72 hours.

14. Catch:2 Dual Wireless Charging Station Essentials

We all have a habit of tossing our keys, change, and phone onto the first surface we come across in our home, but what if that surface could corral your items while also charging your phone? Courant has designed a stylish linen catch-all wireless charger to ensure that your phone is charged before you grab your keys and walk out the door.

15. Spanx The Ultimate Black Pant

Not only are these pants dubbed "The Perfect Black Pant," but Oprah named them one of her favorites this year. And believe us when we say they live up to the hype! They're a flattering pair of pants with the comfort of leggings but the look of jeans.

16. TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie

Are you happy or mad? Allow this TeeTurtle to speak for itself without saying anything. This reversible octopus plush has one smiling, happy side and one frowning, slightly grumpy side. Reviewers say it's not only cute and soft, but it also helps their children express themselves when they don't want to talk about it.

It is available in 12 different colors, or if you prefer an animal, it is also available as a narwhal, llama, and other strange creatures.

17. Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce Truff

This best-selling hot sauce is literally the best thing you can give to a foodie who enjoys experimenting with all things spicy. The combination of the heat of red chiles and the umami (savory mouthfeel) of black truffle elevates this designer sauce to new heights. This gift set comes with two bottles. Try Truff's new pasta sauce while you're at it.

18. Cookie Cutter with a Custom Pet Portrait

Give your favorite baker the ingredients they'll need to make the cutest cookie they've ever eaten. Simply send in an image of their beloved pet, and Baker's Street will design a cookie cutter that looks exactly like them. Adorable and delectable!

19. LuluLala Engraved Date Necklace

This trendy personalized necklace is delicate enough to wear every day, but the personalized date engraved on its silver pendant adds a personal touch. Choose a meaningful date, such as a birthday or anniversary, to create a tangible memento from those memories that she can cherish.

20. Custom New York Times Front Page Puzzle

This personalized 500-piece puzzle is an exciting and interactive gift unlike anything they've ever received. Choose a meaningful day — their birthday, anniversary, or the date of a significant milestone — and the seller will create a puzzle featuring The New York Times front page from that day.

21. Filimin Long Distance Friendship Lamp

If you're separated by distance from a loved one, giving them a set of two light-up friendship lamps will help them feel closer no matter what.

Reach out and touch your lamp whenever you think of your recipient to send them love. Their corresponding unit will immediately light up, emitting a soul-warming ambient glow that will make them feel warm on the inside.

22. Softies Dream Jersey Crew Neck Lounge Set

Is there anything better on a cool day than curling up in cozy loungewear? This jogger and crew neck lounge set is made of an incredibly soft jersey that feels like a hug once on. It's also fashionable enough to wear outside the house, which is always a plus.

23. Educational Perspectives Coding Robot Artie 3000

Kids can get creative with a design-drawing STEM toy that includes pre-programmed options for beginners as well as advanced apps that will help them expand their knowledge as their skills develop. They'll be masters of Python and JavaScript in no time!

24. Winc Wine Subscription

Give them a Winc gift card to keep the good times going and the wine flowing. This monthly wine-delivery subscription service sends them a curated selection of bottles each month, based entirely on their individual palate preferences. Each package contains four bottles (they can choose their white-to-red ratio), and there are no surprises! While Winc recommends picks each month, users are free to choose whatever piques their interest.

25. Birchbox Beauty Box Subscription

Birchbox, the most popular — and unquestionably the most valuable — subscription box on the market, was created by women for women to test their favorite products before making a larger purchase. Each box contains five trial-sized products that you can tailor to her interests, including samples from cult classics and emerging brands. There's even one for men!

26. UGG Women's Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper 

Whatever your feelings are about the controversial yet comfortable UGG boot, the brand's newer slipper/sandal combo has gained some of the same clout as the more covered-up classic. In fact, UGG sold over 100,000 pairs of the Fluff Yeah slipper alone in 2019. It's the breezier, flirtier step sister to the UGG boot, combining the same familiar fluffy sheepskin fabric with an airy open-toe, sling-back design.

27. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera is a great Christmas gift for that friend who constantly takes photos, and the photos no longer have to sit in their camera roll! It is available in bright light blue, dark blue, green, pink, and smokey white, so you can choose the color that best suits their personality. Just make sure to order some film packs to go with it so they can photograph everyone else opening gifts!

28. Water Bottle That Cleans Itself

Keeping a water bottle on hand is always a good idea for frequent travelers, but finding a good spot to fill up with filtered water while in transit can be difficult.

Not only is this LARQ USB-rechargeable water bottle insulated, but it also has an internal UV-C LED light that activates every 2 hours to purify the water and eliminate up to 99.99 percent of contaminants.

29. Kanken Waterproof Backpack

A backpack is always a good gift idea for the student or commuter in your life. Kanken bags are simple and stylish, and this version is also water-resistant, making it ideal for rainy or snowy commutes.

30. UGG Bixbee Bootie 

Who says the little ones can't have some fun? These fuzzy booties will keep their toes warm and will look great with almost any outfit. They are available in sizes ranging from 0 to 18 months. You also get to brag about getting your child their first pair of UGGs.

31. Wild One Harness Walk Kit 

When you go for a walk, having a matching harness and leash makes you feel like you have it all together. This set is not only fashionable, but the harness is also supportive and safe for your dog. When they see something exciting, it can help keep them from pulling too hard, making things easier for you and keeping them from choking themselves.

32. The Waverley Convertible Bag

If you're looking for a gift for someone who has the whole travel thing down — that is, they can fit all the necessities in a carry-on no matter how long the trip — this is the one. This versatile tiny bag can be worn cross-body, as a clutch, or as a belt bag. Inside, there is one zipper pocket with card slots and a slip pocket for non-valuables. There's even a card slot on the back of the bag for easy access to your metro card.

33. Harry's Winston Set 

While basic shave kits are fine, Harry's Winston set is a practical (yet slightly more opulent) gift for the man who appreciates a good shave.

34. The Naturals Crossbody 

A high-quality handbag can last a lifetime. This crossbody bag by Shay Mitchell's brand Beis is well-made, and the neutral color goes with any outfit in any season. We like how the acrylic handles contrast with the natural woven material.

35. Glass Pour-Over Coffeemaker

Looking for a coffee elitist who would scoff at the thought of a pod-powered pour? Chemex's elegant glass option will preserve the integrity of their favorite ground beans, allowing them to brew the most flavorful batch possible. It's a classic gadget that's well worth the hype and is unquestionably one of the best Christmas gifts for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

36. Subscription to MasterClass

Learning enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to educate themselves through a series of online classes taught by over 65 famous instructors. They'll learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, creativity and leadership from Anna Wintour, tennis from Serena Williams, and a slew of other amazing skills from incredible people.

37. Women's Packable Down Jacket by ilishop

With this packable down number, you can give the gift of a warm and stylish winter coat. The down-filled channels keep heat in, and there's even a hood to keep brisk winter winds at bay. The best part? It folds up into a small pouch and is easy to store.

38. OneGrid Candle 

While a candle can certainly illuminate a room, this one is intended to illuminate lives. Each candle is handcrafted by women refugees in the United States, using 100% soy and coconut wax and natural cotton wicks. They last about 55 hours, making them an excellent gift.

39. Clara French Press

When it comes to brewing a morning cup of coffee, sometimes less is more. This stylish French press not only looks good on the counter, but it's also made of double-walled steel, which keeps coffee hot for longer. On the inside, there are also markings for the ideal bean-to-water ratio.

40. Theragen Mini 

If working from home has left their back tight and achy, this tiny Theragun's powerful percussion massage will relieve the tension. It's the brand's smallest device to date, making it ultra portable for on-the-go relief thanks to its convenient pocket size.

41. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Giving the gift of streaming is pretty much the best Christmas gift you can give the TV lover in your life, and the Fire TV streaming stick packs a lot of punch in a small package. This streaming service is simple to set up and offers access to over 500,000 shows and movies from paid and free channels such as Netflix, HBO, and PBS Kids.

42. Women's Thickened Down Jacket by Orolay

This infamous "Amazon jacket," another of Oprah's favorites, has received over 12,000 positive reviews. But, let's be honest, Oprah's is the only one that truly matters.

43. Little People, BIG DREAMS: Black Voices Books

It's never too early to introduce little ones to people who changed the world for the better. This book set has three hardcover works on how remarkable figures Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks stood against injustice and fought to create a better world for all of us.

44 . Bala Sliders

A lot of us have been working out in our living rooms or bedrooms for over a year now, so why not continue to upgrade someone's home setup? These sliders by Bala (makers of the fashionable weighted bangles) are small and easy to store away, but they're perfect for ab workouts or even just leveling up a yoga routine.

45. Weighted Blanket for Tree Napper

Weighted blankets are ideal for people who have difficulty falling asleep. They actually stimulate serotonin production while decreasing stress hormone production, which is the ideal combination to help anyone fall asleep. Bearaby's version is hand-knit and made of eucalyptus fibers, which help wick away moisture and keep you cool at night.

46. Cutetitos 

Your child will be surprised for a variety of reasons when they discover this playful plush under the tree. Inside a tiny tortilla blanket lies an adorable new friend, but they won't know which one until they unwrap it, so expect multiple waves of excited screams.

47. Janesville Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit 

Something about gathering around a fire with friends makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. You could feel that way every night if you wanted to with this fire pit! It's the ideal gift for a friend who always hosts or has a backyard begging for a fire pit.

48. Apple iPhone 13

The iPhone is a perennial best-gift recipient. And the iPhone 13, which we believe is the best iPhone yet, will brighten anyone's Christmas morning. It includes welcome upgrades such as increased power, a far more sophisticated camera setup, and a brighter display. The new iPhone also comes in a variety of eye-catching colors to complement anyone's individual style.

49. Parachute Classic Bathrobe 

We're calling it: This bathrobe is the ideal go-to gift when you're stuck for ideas but still want to impress. It'll make anyone's (Christmas) day because it's made of soft and cozy Turkish cotton and comes in four soothing colors.

50. Revoked Black Card Card Game

Celebrate Black popular culture with a nostalgic card game that the entire family will enjoy. Trivia questions such as "How many fights did Will Smith get into before his mom got scared?" are balanced by debate-starting prompts such as "Who is the best rap artist out right now?" as well as more serious topics that will spark stimulating debate

51. Dog DNA Test Kit Embark

Last year, human DNA kits were a popular holiday gift, but this year it's all about the dogs. Who doesn't want to learn more about their dog? A simple cheek swab can reveal more about a dog's breed, disease predisposition, and ancestry!

52. Mejuri Croissant Dôme Hoops 

A classic gift is sometimes the best option! These croissant-inspired hoops are on every fashionista's wish list, with a timeless, elegant design that is still super sleek and trendy.

53. The First Workout Mirror

If YouTube workouts and quarantine walks are no longer cutting it, Mirror's all-in-one exercise system will get you moving at home. They will have unlimited access to live and on-demand classes in over 50 genres, as well as feedback on their workout performance.

When not in use, it functions similarly to a regular mirror, so it will not interfere with the decor of your home.

54. Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

Do you need a gift for a beauty enthusiast? A Naked Palette is impossible to go wrong with. The new Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette contains 12 neutral, green, and terracotta tones that can be used to create soft, shimmery, or bold smoky-eye looks.

55. GoWISE 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

Give them this popular programmable air fryer so they can enjoy all of their favorite crispy foods guilt-free. Eight presets make it simple to switch from dippable chicken fingers to decadent fried Oreos, and because it also has a bake function, the possibilities are practically limitless.

56. Mimeo Custom Photo Throw Blanket 

If you live a long distance away from your family, this blanket will make them feel as if you are wrapping them in a hug, no matter where you are. You can design your own woven or fleece blanket for loved ones by uploading a favorite photo to the Mimeo website.

57. Baggu Go Pouch Stripe

This set of three Baggu pouches will come in handy for a variety of purposes, including carrying makeup in her purse and keeping tech items safe and separated. Its cheerful striped pattern is printed on recycled heavyweight nylon that is 100% recyclable for easy cleaning.

58. Spa Bath Linen Sheet

These luxurious bath sheets will make it a little easier to get out of a hot shower. They're super soft and absorbent, but because of their lightweight linen fabric, they dry faster than traditional towels.

59. Apple AirPods Max

These over-ear headphones with high-fidelity sound, adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation, and spatial audio are the newest addition to the AirPods family and a favorite of ours. They're pricey, but for those who listen to podcasts, listen to music, or are simply obsessed with Apple, they'll be the best Christmas gift this year.

60. Yoto Player

This "smart" speaker for kids is controlled by physical cards that kids can scan to play music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other content. Unlike the Amazon Echo for Kids, there is no camera, microphone, or advertising to ensure your child's privacy and safety.

  1. Vitruvi Move Diffuser

With Vitruvi's newest diffuser model, a compact and cordless option that can be moved from room to room, they'll enjoy spending time at home more than ever.

When company comes over, move it from the bedroom to the kitchen, or keep it in the bathroom for a burst of essential oils during bath time.

Rihanna's internet-breaking skincare line launched over the summer, and if she's a beauty-obsessed Fenty fan, this skincare set is undoubtedly on her wish list. It includes full-size versions of the brand's products, including a cleanser, toner serum, and SPF moisturizer.

63. The Basics Kitchen Set

With this set in a wooden base, you can give them every kitchen tool they'll need to cook a great meal. Tongs, a wood spoon, a metal spoon, a slotted spatula, an 8-inch knife, and a 4-inch knife are included in the set. There's even a magnetic strip in the base to keep the knives securely in place.

64. Pressure Cooker Instant Pot Duo Nova

It may appear to be a standard pressure cooker, but it has several surprising functions (including the ability to make yogurt!). What other roles can this appliance play? It also functions as a rice cooker, egg cooker, steamer, and warmer.

65. Boy Brow and Generation G

We can't recall the last time we had a good time with our makeup. It's time to let your hair down with Glossier's fun products.

This kit comes with the brand's coveted Boy Brow Pomade and Generation G lipstick, and you can pick the best shades to enhance your BFF's natural beauty!

66. The Coated Pan's Material

We've never been so taken with a piece of cookware as we are with this one. Material's 10.5-inch stainless steel pan has a copper core, which ensures quick heating and even distribution throughout (no hot spots!).

It's oven and dishwasher safe, with a nonstick coating that's both fume-free and long-lasting.

67. Eberjey Women's Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Set.

If you know someone who enjoys nothing more than snuggling into their comforters and binge-watching Netflix, this luxe pajama set by Eberjey will make her heart skip a beat!

68. Tempo Studio

Quarantine 15 is nothing to be ashamed of, but if your boo is ready to ease back into bettering their body, the Tempo Studio is a great way for them to work out in the comfort of their own home.

It essentially replicates the gym experience, complete with premium equipment and live and on-demand weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, and mobility skills classes.

69. Proper Housekeeping 100+ Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for the Keto Diet

We just can't get enough of the keto diet! This new cookbook has the goods (and mouthwatering photos to guide you every step of the way!) for the fit foodie who wants to stay low-carb without feeling like they're fasting all the time.

70. BLK & Bold Limu Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee

Looking for a Christmas gift that guarantees good mornings? This Arabica bean blend is sure to please. It's not too sweet and not too acidic, with notes of smooth toffee and tart citrus. A cup of this will motivate you to get out of bed in the morning.

71. Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones 

These wireless earphones will appeal to both Apple and Android users. These sleek buds are not only nearly undetectable when worn in the ear, but they are also dust and sweatproof, making them ideal for outdoor workouts. We also like the fabric detail — it adds a nice stylish touch! Even our tech editor thinks they're the best workout headphones on the market.

72. Apple AirTac

Consider never having to wonder where you left something again. You can give the gift of relief with Apple AirTags! These tags stick to almost anything — from wallets to dog collars — and act as a tracker, so your gift recipient will always know where their belongings are. If they do misplace something, they can report it to the Find My network, which is included with all Apple devices.

5-Ounce Satya + Sage Sun Candle Candles are a simple gift, but they are also something you don't buy for yourself very often. This one is under $20, making it an ideal stocking stuffer or add-on to another gift. They'll also enjoy the bright citrus notes that blend with musky sandalwood as it burns.

73. Apple iPad 9th Generation with Cellular Service

The latest iPad model, available in silver and space gray, is one of our favorite luxury Christmas gifts this year. It has a faster processor and better graphics, as well as a stunning 

74. 10.2-inch Retina display.

This iPad is also compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus, making it an incredibly capable tool (and a great gift idea!) for those working in creative fields. We even named it one of the best tablets to use all-around.

75. 4th Generation Echo Dot

The new Dot has arrived, with a nicer, rounder design and a fabric-bound speaker. For a more complete sound, it can connect to a larger audio system via Bluetooth or a standard 3.5-millimeter audio cable. This is an excellent value for beginners who want to turn their crib into a smart home!

76. Radiate Portable Campfire 

Gift this nifty little thing for Christmas to anyone who enjoys sitting back and relaxing near a campfire but lacks the space or resources to build one. The candle-like "campfire" has a burn time of 3 to 5 hours and is small enough to bring to the beach, backyard, or anywhere else!

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