Best Christmas Gifts For Assistants

June 22, 2022 11 min read

Executive assistants are the cogs that keep a company's equipment running. These dynamic professionals go above and above when it comes to balancing organization, energy, and management. That is why Famvibe has compiled a list of the finest Christmas gifts for assistants. Now, let's get right into this list of present suggestions for your executive assistant. This year, do you want to strengthen your employee appreciation program?

1. Tropical Plant 

Help your hardworking assistant make their workplace desk feel a little more homey with this fun pineapple plant that they don't already have. Plant mom or not, they're sure to enjoy it.

2. Muse Illuminate 

Muse Illuminate is a monthly subscription package aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and ordinary people. This selected package can support your executive assistant in their desire to grow and become their best self. This Christmas gift is popular with executive assistants since it contains New York Times Best Selling professional books, personal development accessories and tools, and goal-setting activity sheets and workbooks.

3. Box Unplugged

The Unplugged Box is Caroo's latest product, designed to help your team members recharge after putting in their best effort during a hard week of work. Many executive assistants must manage many projects at the same time while keeping their executive on track.

This means that a gift box with a cedarwood candle, gradient puzzle, and rejuvenation exercise can help your executive assistant unwind after a long day. Not to mention the eight delectable treats they can nibble on with delight.

4. Gift Set of Pampering

A Little Pampering Gift Set is a nutritious spa and bath package designed for stress relief, regeneration, and self-care. The essential oil-infused candle and other calming aromatherapy items, with citrus and lavender fragrances, will restore balance and serenity – something an executive assistant who has been juggling things all week really needs.

5. The Journal of the Next Right Thing

Perhaps you've heard the expression: "What do you do when you don't know what to do - the next proper thing?" There's a journal for that now. The Next Right Thing Journal, created by popular author Emily P. Freeman, assists administrative assistants in gaining clarity, tranquility, motivation, and encouragement. This Christmas gift for assistants provides guidance, practices, personal lists, thought-provoking questions, and plenty of space to write, assisting your EA in cutting through the noise and turmoil to make the right decision and develop essential skills.

6. Mouse Pad in Marble

The Marble Mouse Pad is the great office present for coworkers who work from home or are constantly freshening up their desk at work. This mouse pad has a sleek marble design and is made from a smooth cloth surface with a black foam backing.

7. Monthly Succulents

The health benefits of being in close proximity to plants are nothing short of astonishing! Your executive assistant will receive a succulent plant every month with Succulents Monthly. This plant-themed gift box also comes with succulent growing mix, potting instructions, containers and pots, and fun projects!

8. Wooden Rocking Chair

The Wooden Rocker Board tests users' balance by simulating being on a surfboard or snowboard. This Christmas gift for assistants is especially beneficial for someone who has to sit in a chair all day because it increases strength and aids with posture correction.

9. Organic Bath Bomb Making Kit

DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit is the best all-natural do-it-yourself employee Christmas gift for rejuvenation and relaxation. You can help turn their bathroom into a spa by purchasing this bath bomb package.

Real rose petals, chamomile, witch hazel, eucalyptus, and lavender lend scent to each fizzy bath bomb, and the kit includes a furoshiki fabric to box it as a sustainable present should your executive assistant decide to make a bath bomb for a friend or family member!

10. Epicurean Picnic

The Epicurean Picnic is a delectable selection of Italian-style treats that will make your executive assistant feel as though they are dining under the Tuscan sun. A hand-blown wine stopper, stemless glasses, a maple snack board, hand-cured salami, tapenade, artisanal Tuscan crackers, and quality chocolate are included in this gift package.

11. Lap desk

The Lap Desk is ideal for providing your buddy or coworker with a place to work or watch movies on their laptop while lying in bed. This business gift, in fact, contains a 17-inch laptop compartment, an LED light, a small fan, a mobile phone holder, a drawer, and a cup holder. Furthermore, the legs are folding, making it easy to transport and store.

12. Scrub with Toasted Coconut Sugar

Toasted Coconut Sugar Scrub is a delightfully aromatic, all-natural bath treat. With a strong tropical flavor, this vanilla and coconut blend smells so nice that your executive assistant may be tempted to eat it!

13. CoachCrate

CoachCrate is a personal growth subscription service that assists people in becoming their best selves. Each month, carefully selected things are packaged and shipped to promote serenity, happiness, empowerment, and self-esteem.Your executive assistant will appreciate the videos, objects, and coaching information meant to help them transition from survival mode to flourish mode.

14. Speed Agility Ladder 

The Speed Agility Ladder is an excellent employee appreciation present for athletic executive assistants with competitive tendencies. This apparatus is ideal for honing one's footwork, coordination, quickness, and reaction time. Furthermore, this equipment is lightweight and easy to pack and transport wherever they may find time to work out.

15. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 

Did you realize that cellphone surfaces can be as filthy as a bacterial petri dish? That's why the PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to clean your executive assistant's phone. It also includes a rechargeable battery, allowing customers to charge and sanitize on the road for up to 45 sanitization cycles.

16. Trivia & Snacks

Is your executive assistant an expert on everything? Trivia & Delicacies is a fun exercise that will put their knowledge to the test while rewarding them with treats such as multicolored popcorn kernels with Himalayan salt, a Belgian chocolate brownie, bite-sized triple chocolate biscuits, dried mango, and pecan toffee.

17. Gift Set for Wine Lovers

This Christmas gift package is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts and everyone who enjoys spending their evenings with a glass of wine. The stainless steel wine bottle and tumblers assist retain wine at the proper temperature while also preserving its flavor and fragrances.

With such a high-end employee gift set, your tireless executive assistant, who manages and monitors millions of duties every day, can unwind with a glass of wine on their balcony.

18. Gratitude Journal 

The Journal guides readers through thoughtful ideas to practice gratitude and boost joy and feelings of wellness. As they complete affirmations and other activities, the recipient of this lovely appreciation gift will learn about the emotional and psychological advantages of positivity. The real kicker is that every activity in this book is designed to be completed in less than 5 minutes, so your assistant's already hectic schedule will not be exacerbated. When they need a break from reading their favorite blog, this appreciation diary is the perfect solution.

 20.Excursions for Bibliophiles

Bibliophile Excursions is a book lover's immersive experience. All they have to do is choose an adventure, and they'll be sent a carefully curated themed collection of books. This wonderful present for EAs also includes toys and treats, as well as artisan-crafted book boxes, all of which benefit local kid literacy groups.

21. Rubber Medicine Ball 

Every week, new research emerges demonstrating the link between physical activity and mental health. As a result, the Rubber Medicine Ball makes an excellent gift for your industrious executive assistant. Medicine Balls, which range in weight from 4 to 12 pounds, can assist increase coordination, stamina, endurance, strength, and even grip!

22. Savory and Sweet The Grand Sampler

Hand-cured mole salami, gourmet flatbread, soft-baked butter cookies, dipping mustard, and dark chocolate coins are just a few of the delectable goodies that round out this sweet and savory menu.

While the deliciousness of this present would be enough, every purchase also helps sustainable practices, ethically produced foods, impoverished women, and other causes!

23. Spa Gift Boxes 

Your assistant likely spends a lot of time at their desk or working hard on their laptop. This makes way for them to have a host of aches and pains that can be treated with a mini-spa day. From lovely scents, bath bombs, lotions, and personal add-ons, curated spa gift boxes are always a much-appreciated Christmas gift for assistants. Not sure what scent to send, choose something neutral (lavender, vanilla, etc). 


These personalized sweet treat boxes are ideal for any occasion. You're guaranteed to hit the mark with a variety of options like cookies, popcorn, chocolates, coffee, and even dog treats. We love that Sugarwish lets you choose the box you present or, if you're unsure, let your assistant choose their own package filled with all of their favorites.

25. AirPods or Noise-Canceling Headphones

Looking for something unique while remaining practical and thoughtful? Apple Airpods or comparable noise-canceling headphones/pods make an excellent gift that any assistant will appreciate. This option is a little more expensive than others, but it is timeless, respectful, and likely something your helper will want to use straight away!

26. Journals or Planners

A notepad is timeless, and when matched with a great pen set, it makes an ideal Christmas gift for assistants. This is also an excellent choice for Administrative Professionals Day or a work anniversary. Depending on how you combine it, it can be a simple and low-cost gift or a high-end gift. Pick a color or pattern that you know your helper enjoys; it's a small gesture but may make a big difference!

27. Success Crate, Coach Crate monthly subscription

Your assistant works hard every day of the year, so sending one of these subscription boxes will remind them of your gratitude each month! The Success Crate package is ideal for the assistant who wants to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. Each box contains a book as well as something useful but entertaining, such as office supplies, a workbook, and/or a calendar.

There are other monthly subscriptions to pick from, including coffee and tea, fresh flowers, cheese, and books. We guarantee that if you know what your assistant enjoys, there is a monthly box for it that will keep the smiles coming all year.

28. Wine Lover's Box Gift

For good reason, a present of cheese or chocolate paired with a fine wine is considered "classic." It's clever, delicious, and allows you to support local companies. Consider including a wine tasting in the present if your helper lives near several wineries. This minor modification can transform a present into an entire experience.

29. Coffee Mug

A mug is a sensible indulgence; you know your coffee or tea-loving assistant will use it all the time, but it may be something they can't justify buying for themselves. From the first scalding hot sip to the last, this mug will help your assistant start their day on the right foot while thinking of you! Its basic style and two size options (we recommend the 14oz) make it an attractive addition to their desk—and we guarantee it won't turn into a pen holder!

30. Gift Cards

Still unsure what to buy? Have you waited until the last minute? Don't worry, Christmas gift cards are usually a good idea. And, while gift cards can still feel customized to the recipient, avoid generic Visa/Mastercard gift cards and instead look for local options near your assistant. Your helper would most likely like visiting dozens of boutiques, spas, popular eateries, and so on.

31. Flowers

Fresh flowers can brighten any day and make your assistant feel valued on any occasion. Whether you choose a floral bouquet, a long-lasting plant, or a succulent, this Christmas gift will add a splash of color and excitement to your assistant's desk. If you want to keep the fresh flowers coming, you may join up for a seasonal or monthly subscription.

32. Dry Erase Sheets 

These pages can be used as an impromptu discussion tool, a place to add inspiring quotes, or a to-do list. Each sheet features a full-adhesive backing that leaves no residue and is easy to apply in the office or at home.

33. Grow Kit 

Do you have a green thumb coworker? Give them this wonderful gardening package, which comes with seed packets for Roma tomatoes, jalapenos, Verde tomatillos, cilantro, scallions, and beefsteak tomatoes.Transfer the sprouted seeds from the repurposed egg carton planter to larger pots until ready to pluck.

34. Cookie Dough Present

Nothing beats Christmas cookies, and you can provide them with these inexpensive Christmas presents for coworkers for $5 this holiday season. All that's left is to add the tag.

Nothing surpasses Christmas for sweets, and we love them ALL. When it comes to dessert, we're not picky. However, cookies are the classic Christmas dessert, and we certainly appreciate them during the holiday season.

Why should Santa have all the fun while everyone else does? Your friends and neighbors probably enjoy cookies as much as we do, if not more than Santa, so why not share some with them this year? That's why we love these cute cookie gifts for neighbors or friends.

35. Christmas  Printable Gift Tags

These Printable Christmas Present Tags are an easy last-minute Christmas gift idea that the assistants will appreciate. Attach these cute tags to nail wraps, paint, a manicure gift card, or any other nail-themed item.

36. Cinnamon Roll Present

This inventive neighbor gift idea is excellent for presenting to neighbors and friends over the holiday season. It will make them happy, it will be something they will use, and it is quite simple to assemble. It's really quick and easy! Just a cinnamon bun roll with a cute tag that says "Just Rollin' By to Wish You a Merry Christmas!" Could it be any easier?

37.  Wrapping paper gift

During the holiday season, it may be tough to think of a useful yet enjoyable gift for the neighbors! This Christmas wrapping paper gift is great because it is both amusing and functional!

38. Rotating Revolver Pen Holder 

Speaking of western-themed things, this revolver-inspired pen holder is ideal for gun collectors, hunters, and anyone who enjoys a good western film. Most pens, permanent markers, whiteboard markers, scissors, and other desk items will fit in the holders.

39. Viking Drinking Horn Tankard 

Break away from the usual coffee mug. Anyone who drinks from this ox-horn tankard will feel like a Viking chieftain. This beer tankard is carved and polished from real ox horn to give it a gruff, yet semi-elegant appearance. The tankard is available in three sizes: large (16 oz), extra-large (30 oz), and extra-extra-large (32 oz) (44 oz).

 40. Sheepskin Rug

This luxurious, natural-length wool rug's adaptability will make it a source of comfort all year. This creative corporate gift is not your normal office item, and it is perfect for this unique Work From Home environment we live in. Clients or employees can enjoy it while snuggling with their Kodak or as a place to rest their feet while in the living room/bedroom/office. It's a simple and elegant way to incorporate a Scottish-shepherd vibe into your home or business.

41. Sports Equipment

Is there a certain activity or sport that your customer or business partner has a strong interest in? Then you should provide them with an accessory that is unique to that pastime. If they are very enthusiastic about bocce ball, for instance, you might buy them this bocce scoreboard from You might even teach them a new game, such as this ladder toss lawn game that you have available.

42. Happy Socks Gift Box

This gift box from Happy Socks is an excellent option for anyone on your shopping list who has a friend or family member who considers their socks to be the most important part of their ensemble. Because they come in a variety of patterns, like argyle, stripe, and polka dot, they may wear these socks practically every day of the week.

43. Wine Bottle Stopper

When preparing the evening meal, do any of your customers or business partners use wine (or drink it)? Or perhaps they have some upscale olive oil that comes in a bottle made of glass. If that's the case, you might want to consider purchasing this wine bottle stopper from Williams Sonoma for them. It gives any glass container the right finishing touch of sophistication.

44. Magnet Toys

This is not your typical office knickknack. A short break of ten minutes can be turned into an opportunity for creative expression by using these magnetic balls. During a particularly stressful job, they can be a helpful distraction and calming instrument, as well as being used to make elaborate drawings or miniature sculptures.

45. Variety of Different Spices

Is there a home cook who specializes in gourmet cooking that you're looking for? Then these spice variety packs from Spiceology might be something they're interested in purchasing. These spices are wonderful for seasoning anything that calls for a more sophisticated flavor, whether it be seafood, grilled vegetables, steak, or even popcorn.

One final piece of advice about Christmas gifts for assistants: keep it personal and thoughtful, and draw on what you've learned about them over your time together. Whether for a birthday, Christmas holiday, or Administrative Professionals Day, these presents allow you to express your gratitude for their attention and support of you and your business.

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