Best Christmas Gifts For Autistic Children

June 22, 2022 12 min read

When choosing Christmas gifts, keep in mind what makes your loved one distinctive. ASD is a complicated neurobehavioral disorder characterized by impairments in social interaction, developmental or communication skills, and rigid, repetitive habits. It is a complex illness that manifests differently in each child diagnosed. When choosing Christmas gifts, various factors must be considered, including age, cognitive level, and skills.

There's no need to look any further, Famvibe has selected a number of budget-friendly gift choices. Let's go through the Christmas gifts for autism children to prefer.

1. Peaceful Pals are a Great Gift

Children with autism may find comfort in the weight of these incredibly lovable and cuddly stuffed animals. There is a wide variety of lovable critters available for adoption, including but not limited to unicorns, monkeys, sharks, puppies, and even an octopus pal. They also come in the form of basic forms such as hearts and stars.

You have the option of purchasing a 3 or 5 pound Peaceful Pal, both of which are certain to become your child with autism's go-to present during this year's holiday season. Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been shown to benefit from the use of these small, hefty creatures, which include the fact that no one can tell them apart from a regular stuffed animal, that they can be washed in a machine, and that it has been shown to help children with ASD sleep better.

2. Dimple Sensory and Fidget Toys

There are many wonderful Dimple gifts available for autistic children of all ages, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. People who are easily overstimulated but still require sensory stimulation can benefit greatly from playing with these toys because they are soft and simple to handle.

Children that have autism and need to work on their fine motor skills, finger strength, learning to count, and providing a coping strategy for stimming and sensory processing would benefit greatly from receiving one of these brightly colored toys as a present.

The learning app Dimple Digits features squishy numbers bubbles that may be pushed and popped in order to retain information. In addition to having the number printed out in both English and Spanish, they also have dots to count.

The Dimple Duo makes the ideal present for children who want to learn shapes via the exploration of texture, color, and language through the use of buttons that are enjoyable to feel, push, and pop.

3. Squigz Provide Sensory Stimulation

Another Christmas gift for autism children is Squigz. These fun and colorful pieces pop together to create whatever your child can imagine. They offer sensory stimulation while encouraging creativity. Kids love these squishy suction toys that help fine-tune motor skills, creative experimentation, playful interaction, color sorting, hand strength, and problem-solving.

These fun toys are non-toxic and come in different sizes and have an array of accessories like Loops and Toobz. One of our favorites are the Whirly Squigz spinning flowers.

4. Chewies 

Chewies are excellent Christmas gifts for autistic children because they help them develop oral motor skills, become accustomed to varied textures, stay focused, and feel secure. There are a variety of chewy products suitable for newborns and young children, as well as various types of chewies suitable for older children and teens.

Jellystone Designs sells fashionable chewie necklaces that autistic children and teens can wear and use throughout the day. They are made of non-toxic silicone that is BPA free in fun and attractive designs, and they all include a breakaway clasp.

5. Gonge Balancing Gifts

From River Stones to Hill Tops and Arches, any youngster with Autism will appreciate these balance-building goods as a Christmas present. Gonge has elevated the fun of playing with molten lava to new heights, textures, and colors. Tactile courses can be built by children to help with balance, stability, jumping, walking, and vestibular training. They also have excellent items for improving hand-eye coordination, motor restlessness, stress headaches, and fall reflexes.

These brightly colored, soft, and tactile sensory surfaces for both hands and feet are guaranteed to be a hit this Christmas season.

6. Kinetic Sand

Bring the beach into your home with bright and significantly less untidy decor. Sand that moves. Autism kids would adore this Christmas gift, which allows them to build sandcastles and anything else they may think of at home. This is not your normal sand; you can compress, mold, and mold it into whatever shape you desire without adding water. Children may build, chop, mush, and squeeze for hours of delightful play and fine motor skill development that promotes sensory exploration and creativity. This popular present will be a success with your autistic youngster who enjoys playing in the sand.

7. Brain Teaser Puzzle Gifts

There are an infinite number of unique and enjoyable puzzles that promote problem-solving, focus, and critical thinking. Most feature pleasant, vibrant colors and easy, medium, hard, and extremely hard levels. Here are a few of our favorites:

Coggy offers a tactile experience for older children who will enjoy using their minds to arrange and click gears together to match cards of varying difficulty.

Crankity Brainteaser stimulates your autistic child's brain by fitting together gears that need critical thinking, problem-solving, and focus.

Ivan's Hinge allows children to twist, fold, loop, spin, and bend pieces to find engaging and soothing solutions while honing visual special abilities such as curiosity, determination, and logic.

Build It Blueprint Puzzles are a terrific present for younger children to work on spatial reasoning, logic, and focus. There are vividly colored puzzles in the shape of a dog house, barn, cabin, or birdhouse that are both easier and more difficult.

8. Teen Talk & The Autism Playbook

Mindfulness practices based on imagination might help your autistic teen gain independence and connect with others. The book is filled with activities to help people relax, create relationships, and have fun. While Teen Talk cards can assist kids in starting talks and having fun discussions.

9. Sensory Socks for Children with Autism, ADHD, or SPD

This Christmas season, give Christmas gifts to autism children for a hug. Sensory Sox are ideal for any child who enjoys sensory stimulation and compression hugs. It can be utilized to help your child develop motor planning abilities, improve spatial and body awareness, or simply provide a tranquil, reassuring environment.

10. AngelSense GPS Safety Device

Okay, so this is really a present for parents of autistic children, but nothing is more essential than giving your child the Christmas gift of safety and well-being. It's also a terrific present for older kids and teenagers who want more independence and freedom.

AngelSense is a complete GPS location tracking device that was created primarily to solve the safety concerns of people with autism. It not only gives accurate location information, but also sophisticated, lifesaving iAlerts that notify you proactively if your child is in a potentially hazardous scenario. Furthermore, there is an Assistive Speakerphone that automatically answers to allow you to contact your child at any time, as well as an SOS button on the device if they need to contact you.

 11. Wiggly Giggly Rattle

Wiggly Giggler Rattle stimulates and enhances gross motor development. Young children will have a great time while honing important developmental skills. The bright, kid-friendly design will inspire young learners to play and explore.

12. Fill n' Play Water Mat

Fill it with water and watch as ocean toys drift across a cheerful, friendly sea. Autistic children will enjoy squishing down on the top of the mat to move the water and toys. This practice can aid children with motor development, cause and effect, and other skills. It is especially useful for visual learners.

13. Oombee cube

Children will have a great time developing essential hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and motor function while playing this game, which requires them to match the shapes with the holes that correspond to them. Each form has a straightforward grooved texture, which provides a striking contrast to the cube's otherwise smooth and matte surface.

14. Relaxing Rain Shower Tube

This vibrant rain tube has an easy-to-follow instruction manual and is fun for people of all ages. Ideal for those that learn best through visuals. When you flip over this dependable tube that is 8 inches in diameter, a waterfall of beads in a variety of colors will start to fall while the sound of rain will play in the background.

15. Discovery Putty: An Interstellar Journey in Putty

Pull, stretch, and mold the putty in any way you can until you find all of the objects that have been hidden, and then hide the pieces again! Develops fine motor abilities while allowing for exploration of the sense of touch. Therapy tools, fidget, and travel toys all rolled into one for imaginative play and relaxation on the go. Activities in language, voice, and color recognition as well as mathematics are supported.

16. Easy-Grip Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks

These pliable and visually appealing blocks help fulfill both the senses of touch and sight. A child's spatial awareness, logical thinking, and analytical capabilities can all benefit from playing with this construction toy.

17. Textured Touch Mitts

Explore all four of these mitts that are one size fits all and get a feel for the different textured surfaces on each one. Included in the package are mitts that include raised bumps, raised sequins, faux fur, and a smooth surface. They are wonderful for imaginative play, for experimenting with different textures, and for integrating the senses.

18. Scooter with a Cushioned Saddle

This scooter provides a higher level of safety than the average ride-on toy due to its exceptionally supportive saddle and its design that is low to the ground. Those who have issues with their sense of gravitational balance can scoot with self-assurance while in the prone, kneeling, or sitting postures.

19. GoTalk 9+- communication gadget

This method works well for people beginning augmentative communication, however it is still able to provide a great deal of flexibility and a variety of communication opportunities. Because of its strong construction, it is suitable for use by people of varying ages. A good choice for folks who are constantly on the move.

20. Weighted SleepTight Blanket

The SleepTight was designed by an occupational therapist and constructed with a curved neck cut out at the top. This allows it to contour over the shoulders and under the chin without bunching up around the neck. The cut out was made possible by the SleepTight's unique construction. Adult sizes are available. In this specialized article, we go over the many advantages of using weighted blankets.

21. The Chew Brick Sensory Chewing Necklace

Children who have oral issues can benefit from increased concentration and relaxation provided by this ideal chew toy. It is created from 100% pure silicone and has been proven to be non-toxic throughout the production process.

This super-soft, stretchy, non-toxic material is not only enjoyable to touch and handle, but it can also be utilized to facilitate enhanced proprioceptive input for the purpose of handwriting.

23. Fun and Effective Anti-Stress Gel Ball

Choose one of these three tough sports balls that is packed with a sticky natural sugar-based gel that has a lot of resistance built into it. Assists in calming meltdowns, encouraging development of fine motor skills, and refocusing attention and energy in a positive direction.

24. Scooter Board

This present has the potential to assist a child who is on the autism spectrum in improving their balance as well as their motor abilities, particularly in settings that cater to the vestibular sensory demands of the child. This ride-on toy can be utilized in a seated, kneeling, or prone position depending on the user's preference.

25. Miniature Rectangular Filled

Put this exciting water blob anywhere in your backyard for some added enjoyment! Children can play on it in a variety of ways, including jumping, rolling, lying down, sitting, and making waves, all of which will cause the colorful fish inside to move.

26. Kit for Creating Picture Schedules

This fantastic visual aid for people who have difficulties communicating comes with 36 picture cards that are laminated, full color, and on a two-week timetable.

27. Bean Bag Chair

This long-lasting bean bag that is resistant to water and stains also gives even pressure on the body and a reassuring sensation of safety and comfort.

28. The FurReal Cubby

This bear cub is very expressive and interactive, and he enjoys playing throughout the day. In the evening mode, he plays soothing music and emits sounds that encourage sleep. He is a day-to-night closest friend who is a lot of fun!

29. Moki Therapy Swing

This indoor therapy swing is ideal for integrating sensory input and facilitating activities that target the vestibular system. It offers workouts that train and tone the body, particularly the cervical and nuchal regions of the body.

30. Fidget

This fidget in the shape of a cube comes equipped with a number of buttons and balls that may be clicked, slid, and flipped to keep your fingers occupied. The inclusion of switches, wheels, divots, and even a joystick ensures that users have access to a sufficient number of control alternatives.

31. Air-Filled Seat Disc

This air-filled seat disc measures 13 inches in diameter and features a one-of-a-kind dome-shaped top that resembles an exercise ball. It's a terrific thing to teach children with autism how to sit still and pay attention to what they're doing.

32. Perfume tins and boxes

This product has two wooden trays, and within each tray there are six wooden cylinder boxes. The purpose of this product is to help youngsters with olfactory sensory issues relax and develop their senses. The tops can be removed to facilitate the use of a variety of fragrances.

33. Cozy Caterpillar

Those who have trouble controlling their anger, anxiety, sensory issues, or ability to concentrate can benefit from the product's deep pressure. It has a one-of-a-kind tube design that exerts a strong pressure starting from the shoulders and working its way down.

34. Keychain Fidget

Discrete and smooth key chain fidget offers a variety of different sized and textured rings that interlock with one another to occupy sensory seekers. You can spend hours toying with the rings because they can be flipped into an infinite number of positions.

35. Putty Created by Professor Pengelly

Putty created by Professor Pengelly is a great way to practice fine motor skills and it never dries out. Each batch of putty containing five ounces comes with a durable container for storing it. You have the option of purchasing Blue Magnetic putty, Ice Blast, or Glitter Unicorn Putty.

36. Headphones with Noise Canceling Technology

These noise-canceling headphones are comfortable enough to wear all day, which makes them ideal for protecting the hearing of people who work in busy surroundings. The amount of noise that can be reduced by using them is 27 dB. They are capable of blocking out sound while also uniformly distributing pressure if the settings are correct.

37. Pressure Vests

Kids and adults with autism or sensory problems can benefit from the relaxing effects of deep pressure provided by this vest. It is constructed out of 2mm neoprene, which is quite similar to the material that is used for wet suits. Because it is perforated, it has the ability to breathe, which will keep it from getting too hot.

38. Pillow for Sensitive Areas

This pillow comes in four different fabric swatches, each of which features a distinct texture that may be used to provide light sensory stimulation. The cushion is available in delicate pastel colors. Excellent as a means of relaxation for students who are overstimulated.

39. Fish Bubble Lamp

This water lamp has a diameter of 32 inches and features changing lights, swimming fish, and a soft humming from the pump, all of which combine to produce a calming effect.

40. Potential Cure for Autism Using Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is the solution if you are looking for a Christmas gift that you can give to your child that will be beneficial to him or her for the rest of his or her life.

Stem cell therapy's primary focus in the treatment of autism is on resolving problems that arise within the body's immune system, neurological system, and digestive system.

It is common knowledge that stem cells have the ability to control the immune system by secreting certain cytokines (cytokines are molecules that allow cells to communicate with other cells). These cytokines downregulate the immune system and regulate the expression of inflammatory substances.

When it comes to the digestive tract, stem cells have the ability to travel to specific locations in the gut lining where permeability is an issue. They can then assist in the regeneration of the spaces that exist between each of the cells, thereby preventing the "leakage" of foreign substances into the bloodstream, which is what causes inflammation.

Stem cells can help the brain restore some of its plasticity by interconnecting certain clusters of neurons and promoting the "installation" of new behaviors. These processes take place within the central nervous system, where stem cells are found.

41. Fun and Function LLC's Plastic Scooter Board with Handles is item 

Children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and particularly those with vestibular sensory demands can benefit from this recommended Christmas gift for children since it helps them strengthen their balance and motor skills in an atmosphere that is centered on movement while having fun. In addition to this, it is an efficient method for a child to build strength in both their upper and lower extremities. A youngster can operate this ride-on toy in a seated posture, kneeling position, or prone position depending on their preference. This item's construction includes long-lasting components of the highest possible quality to both extend the product's useful life and protect those who employ it.

In conclusion, make sure you give meaningful Christmas gifts for autism children while also giving yourself the gift of maximum tranquility!

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