Best Christmas Gifts for Aunts

July 13, 2022 9 min read

Aunts frequently act as your supportive big sister. What better way to express your gratitude than with a gift she'll like and treasure forever, especially if your favorite aunt's birthday is soon approaching (or any other special occasion worth celebrating). If you're struggling to come up with the ideal gift, check out our list of thoughtful Christmas gifts for aunts. These are gifts that she is sure to appreciate, from a personalized coffee mug to a chic weekender that she may use on numerous excursions.

1. Bracelet in the shape of a loved one's handwriting

Your aunt will treasure this sentimental and one-of-a-kind calligraphy bracelet. To express how much your aunt means to you, choose from gold, sterling silver, or rose gold and add your own handwritten message. Alternatively, they can select a handwriting sample from someone else who is dear to them, such as a parent or child.

2. Sweet treats from Milk Bar

Give your aunt a package of treats from the renowned bakery in New York City, delivered right to her door. There's no need to limit yourself to just one cookie because Milk Bar's Little Somethings Box comes with a stunning tin filled with six varied cookies, a box of 12 birthday cakes and 12 chocolate truffles.

3. Custom shampoo and conditioner set for her hair goals

With the personalized shampoo and conditioner set from Function of Beauty, washing day can be more fun. She will have a special shampoo and conditioner mix that is tailored to her hair's needs after taking a brief hair quiz.

4. Chic tiled monogram coffee mug

She will feel as though she has been transported to a trendy Parisian cafe with each sip from this gorgeous mug. This monogram mug is as exquisitely personal for her as it is gorgeous, being inspired by French restaurant tilework.

5. Soft silk sleep mask

This luxurious sleep mask, which is made of the finest silk, keeps her skin feeling fresh and enables her to fall asleep peacefully.

6. Stylish throw blanket to help stay warm

The classic lounge accessory, this soft striped throw blanket blends well with any decor thanks to its neutral colors. Every time she cuddles with the Brooklinen blanket this winter, she will be grateful for its warmth and style.

7. Gift card for her favorite food or meal

Goldbelly has everything and more to satisfy her appetite, whether she is in the mood for familiar food or something different. Goldbelly provides thousands of options from restaurants, chefs, and food subscription boxes that ship nationally, including deep-dish pizza and bagels.

8. Monthly deliveries of fresh coffee from all over the world

For roughly $9 each bag, Atlas Coffee Club members can sample freshly roasted, single-origin coffee from all over the world, including Papua New Guinea and Peru. We think highly of the service, and it's an excellent way to demonstrate to your aunt that she can get a high-quality cup of coffee whenever she wants for less money than she would spend at the supermarket.

9. Self-watering indoor garden

A clever indoor garden called the Click and Grow produces fresh herbs for your aunt all year long with little assistance from her. She will always have access to fresh ingredients in this way, whether it is strawberries, cherry tomatoes, cherry tomatoes with rosemary, peppers, flowers, or thyme.

10. Coffee table book of record covers

This coffee table book collects 1,000 record covers that cover subjects like love, life, death, fashion, and rebellion. Record covers serve as a unique time capsule of our lives and the times they were created in.

11. Lottery card that wins money for charities

There is no cash prize when a LottoLove scratch-off card is scratched off. Instead, a charitable award that is given to a person in need is what you "win." There are four rewards that could be awarded, and they could aid with clean water, solar lighting, nourishing meals, or literacy resources. Each card is only $4.95 but offers tremendous value in return. Over 60 nations have benefited from LottoLove and its philanthropic partners' work to date.

12. Beautiful candles

You can create a customized collection of three candles from Otherland here for $89; their candles are among the most highly giftable ones available. Candles are made of soy and coconut wax mixtures and are packaged in lovely glass jars. Each candle burns for 55 hours, giving your aunt plenty of time to appreciate the fresh fragrances in her home.

13. The best-selling memoir from Michelle Obama

The funny, unflinching memoir "Becoming" by Michelle Obama was a New York Times best seller and held the top spot on Amazon's list of best-selling books of 2019 for the majority of the year. If your aunt is curious about the former First Lady or you notice any parallels between the two, she could enjoy having her copy in physical copy and being able to discuss her favorite passages with you.

14. Vibrant reusable straws

Platinum-grade silicone that is free of BPA and BPS is used to manufacture the deceptively stylish silicone straws made by Food52. They come with their own squeegees for a quick cleaning as well as a little carrying case, and they won't take up scents or tases.

15. Cult-favorite, skidless yoga towel

For good reason, Yogitoes are the preferred yoga mat towel. It is lightweight, incredibly absorbent, and dries quickly. Better practice results from the unique Skidless Technology, which is essentially just silicone nubs that grasp the mat to stay in position. This is a really sweet and practical gift if she enjoys yoga. See the complete review here.

16. Multi-functional humidifier

The manufacturer of the little humidifier that almost destroyed the internet, Urpower, also produces a bigger model. With over 9,500 five-star ratings, it serves as a humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser, and optional subtle night light.

17. Online class taught by a legend

The masterClass provides video lectures on a variety of topics taught by authorities in their industries. You can give them a class as a gift, to which they will have lifetime access or a year of unrestricted access to all of the courses on the site. Gordon Ramsey's introduction to food, Judd Apatow's comedy, Chris Hadfield's space exploration class, and Serena Williams' tennis class are a few notable courses.

18. Stylish, well-designed weekender

The Catalina Deluxe Tote from Lo & Son is one of its best and most cost-effective weekender bags, and it has gone viral online. It is available in seven various colors and is composed of a strong, lightweight canvas. Owners appreciate the smart design's inclusion of a separate shoe pocket, a case handle sleeve, and a key leash.

19. Cult-favorite cleansing balm

Despite the moniker, the Insider Reviews crew and the internet have been raving about this inexpensive beauty wonder. Because of its apparent smoothing and healing processes, we adore it, and we do not doubt that your aunt would feel the same way.

20. Monthly delivery of sheet masks

Every month, give her a four- or seven-pack of facial masks. She can experiment with a variety of masks without ever becoming bored because they range in type from simple cotton sheets to hydrogels.

21. Framed memory

Framebridge offers custom framing at standard costs. You can either print or paint something yourself and have it framed, or you can have it printed and framed by the company, and you can use the designers' assistance in choosing the right frame.

22. Lightweight, quick-drying waffle 

My all-time favorite Snowe robe is their huge terry one, but their lightweight, quick-drying Honeycomb version is also fantastic and might be the best option in warmer weather. The hues are stylish and simple, and the soft construction is a little bit. It also has Oeko-Tex certification.

23. Gentle Glycolic Acid nighttime cream

At every age, moisturized skin is crucial for a revitalized, natural shine. The high-performance nightly moisturizer lotion from Manlove smoothes wrinkles, eliminates dark spots, and hydrates the skin properly.

24. New item is delivered each month

We cannot emphasize enough how highly we recommend a Book of the Month membership if she enjoys reading but isn't ready to go entirely digital. The greatest new hardcover books from a variety of categories are curated and chosen for members by regular and famous guest judges for the book selections each month.

25. Plug-in that adds voice control to outlets

A "dumb" outlet will become a "smart" outlet thanks to these plug-ins. All you need to do to control your lights and appliances with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit is plug in the WeMo Mini Smart Plug, download the free app, and go. No pricey hub is required; simply WiFi is.

26. Stylish toiletry bag

This neoprene material-based toiletry bag is available in a range of attractive hues, from a vivid poppy red to more subdued tones like the mossy green pictured above. The best-known characteristic of Dagne Dover is their meticulous, superior organization.

27. Lovely pinch bowls

These lovely stoneware bowls are the perfect size for carrying snacks, jewelry, or even tiny candles around the house or for adding just a "pinch" of something to a dish.

28. Tickets to a Broadway experience

The virtual experiences offered by TodayTix are the ideal substitute for live theater if she has been missing it while Broadway has been closed. She'll love being able to continue engaging with one of her passions while also staying secure.

29.Luscious house plant was delivered to her door

Some of the simplest plants to care for are snake plants. They will immediately brighten her environment and prefer medium, indirect light. They just require watering every two weeks or so. You could choose to send some fresh flowers instead.

30. Healthy foods that take 30 seconds to make

A subscription business called Daily Harvest will bring you superfood-packed smoothies, overnight oats, soups, and more every week or month. A nutritionist and chef created the food combinations, and well-known people like Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams support the business. We tried the smoothies offered by the business and were really pleased.

31. The best pair of socks she's ever tried

Socks are among the most overlooked gifts you can offer, even though they may just seem like a simple, everyday accessory. Bombas worked on their workout socks for two years, and we believe they were successful. Her feet will sense the difference thanks to thoughtful improvements like a blister tab and cushioned footbeds. For every pair of shoes purchased, Bombas contributes one to a shelter for the destitute.

32. Amazon/Business Insider

A smart light bulb is an ideal gift for someone who has recently become more interested in building their own smart home or simply enjoys the ideal ambiance. The TP-Link bulb has an internet connection and can be managed using a smartphone app or a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

33. Hair wrap that cuts drying time by 50%

This towel's ultra-fine thread construction prevents it from grabbing at hair cuticles like normal bath towels do. Additionally, it can save drying time by up to 50%, which sounds exaggerated until you try it. I have one like this, and it performs a great deal better than I had dared to hope.

34. Personalized photo calendar

A brass easel ($49) or wood clipboard-style personalized photo calendar from Artifact Uprising provides a charming accent to her workstation. You can build a calendar at any time because it is updated on a rolling 12-month basis.

35. Cute set of mugs

Create cartoon versions of your aunt's family, including her nieces and nephews, on a set of adorable mugs that they'll cherish for years to come. The cup owner's initial name and the artist's registration of them are featured on one side, while your family name and the year the company was founded are displayed on the other (optional).

36. Cleaner, more efficient multivitamin

The Essential for Women multivitamin, which Ritual is most known for and was inspired by inventor Katerina Schneider's own experience buying vitamins while she was pregnant, fills in the nutritional gaps in women's diets. The company turns taking vitamins into a ritual that is more fun and deliberate.

37. ClassPass gift card so she can access tons of different boutique fitness

When it's safe to do so, ClassPass enables consumers to try boutique fitness courses at studios in her region if they want to commit to an activity. It also offers a wonderful selection of virtual classes in the meantime.

38. Cooking class with a renowned chef 

Cozymeal lets your aunt sign up for high-end cooking classes (whether virtual or in-person once it's safe) to learn how to make everything from Italian pasta to vegan soul food. She will choose her preferred experience, choose a date, and show up to learn from a top chefs in the country—some of whom have worked in some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. The gift recipient's house or the chef's preferred location can host the classes.

39. Waterproof ebook reader that's great for traveling

The Kindle Paperwhite makes reading more convenient for the aunt, especially while she's on the go. The incredibly portable Kindle Paperwhite comes with a waterproof function, a battery life of up to ten weeks, and a huge variety of books to read at your leisure whenever you like.

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