Best Christmas Gifts for Preschool Teachers

July 13, 2022 8 min read

Christmas gifts for preschool teachers are the heartfelt way to express your appreciation. There are perennially well-liked gifts for teachers, such as things with an apple theme, sweets, and coffee. But why not think outside the box this year? Giving teachers a Christmas gift that is more tailored to their likes is a fun way to show them how much you value and appreciate their dedication and tremendous hard work.

Allow your youngster to participate while selecting a gift for their teacher. They'll know what their teacher enjoys, and by making a special drawing or message to say thank you, they can give the teacher's gift a meaningful touch. To help you come up with ideas for something important, these are the best Christmas gifts for preschool teachers they've ever received.

1. Recycled Newspaper Photo Frame

When I moved to a new school, my first-grade children collaborated to make me a lovely thank-you letter, which Allison describes as her most sentimental gift. "I had it framed and hung in my room."

Create some artwork for the teacher or have your child hand write and sign a loving note for them, then put it in a frame with a tiny thank-you note to imitate this concept. It can either be hung in the classroom or kept on the teacher's desk.

2. Baggu Tote Bag

When teachers have notebooks, folders, lesson plans, and a laptop or tablet to bring to class, they don't carry around much luggage. A reliable tote is usually appreciated as a gift. First-grade teacher Allison reports that one of her pupils gave her a monogrammed tote bag with an apple on it, which she uses every day. I always consider him when I carry it.

A charming tote bag will undoubtedly be used, such as this Duck Bag from Baggu. With an internal zip pocket to secure valuables, this roomy recycled cotton bag fits their laptop, paperwork, art supplies, or whatever else they need to tote. You may choose the ideal gift to match your teacher's personality because it is available in a variety of colors and styles.

3. Le Marais Bakery Cookie Mixes

Former high school history teacher Cheryl asserts that cookie mixes are ideal. Therefore, you won't have to consume the cookies amid the glut of holiday delicacies and can bake them later.

Give these mixes from the renowned Le Marais bakery, which include premium ingredients (such Valrhona chocolate and Cook's vanilla) in mixes for snickerdoodles, marshmallow brownies, and rainbow sprinkle cookies, to the French teacher (or the teacher who enjoys baking). Bonus: You may divide up this set of three and offer each instructor a small treat to bake if you're buying gifts for several teachers.

4. Brownies

All year long, teachers and their families enjoy receiving sweet delicacies as teacher gifts. Linda, a fourth-grade teacher, adds, "My whole family can enjoy baked products, which is excellent.

You could always make some yourself, or you could order some rich brownies for them to chow down on, like these eye-catching combinations of rainbow cookies and brownies from Zola Bakes.

5. Holiday Ornament

An ornament is Suzanne, an English teacher in a middle school, "favorite holiday gift to get as a teacher." Every year when I decorate my tree, I love to think of my students. With a sweet, personalized wooden ornament, thank the teachers for all of their effort over this online school year.

6. Personalized Papier Notebook

More stationery is always appreciated since it's likely that your child's teacher goes through a lot of paper products throughout the school year. Sara, a first-grade teacher, declares, "I enjoy personalized sticky notes, notebooks, and stationery." "I constantly need those, and personalized ones are really sweet."

Give them a notepad that is personalized with their name or initials so they will always know which one belongs to them. This one from Papier offers the choice of blank, lined, or graph paper along with the ability to modify the design.

7. Contigo Autoseal Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug 

"A mug and water bottle are great gift options because I'm always drinking coffee or water to stay hydrated and caffeinated while teaching," says special education teacher Erin. When I don't have one with me, I have to wait a long time before I can stop and get a drink.

Better still? Give the teacher a gift that serves two purposes: the teacher can use this insulated travel mug to prepare their favorite cup of coffee in the morning. When they're finished, they wash them and use them to collect water all day. They won't have to lug about a mug and a water bottle to get their caffeine dose and keep hydrated.

8. Sugarfina Sereni-tea Bundle

Former history teacher Cheryl asserts, "Candy is always good." "It's simple to regift during the holidays if I can't utilize it!" Your instructor will want to cltoronto this delightful assortment of sweets and regift someone else's peppermint bark. It's the ideal way to show your teacher some love if they have a sweet tooth because this carefully picked selection includes chocolates and candies that have tea in them.

9. Quartet Dry Erase Markers

Although you may believe that teachers would prefer gifts that don't make them think of the classroom, they like receiving classroom materials. Many teachers find themselves making up the difference out of their own pockets when school systems decrease classroom budgets. Pick up the higher-quality, slightly more expensive things to help out.

Kate McNally, a teacher of foreign languages at a secondary school, says "I adore getting new sets of markers." These durable dry erase markers are available in nine striking hues that will liven up even the most monotonous grammar session. What else? They have a roll-resistant cap, so they will sit on her desk rather than under it.

10. Ticket To Ride Board Game

Sometimes the gift that looks to be the least personal is the one that is most appreciated (and, as an added plus, you won't have to spend too much time considering the teacher's hobbies).

Second-grade teacher Tara Marie adds, "I appreciate when parents give donations to the school, like books for the class library or board games for rainy-day recess." Tara Marie would be happy to skip bath gel and winter gloves in favor of more useful gifts.

11. Handmade Flower Card With Real Bamboo Wood

An honest card always wins out over a gift card, according to guidance counselor Lauren. It demonstrates that the learner gave your meaning to them. And while a handwritten message from a student would be memorable even if it were scratched on a scrap of paper, why not transform this sincere gift into a picture-perfect, handmade greeting card enclosed in real bamboo?

12. The Coffee Fix Curated Gift Box

"Once the school year gets going, it's like sprinting between breaks. Between work and home, I need all the assistance I can get, says Katie, a physics teacher in a high school. Is the teacher a gift that she adores receiving from her pupils? Any coffee, she exclaims.

You could certainly choose to buy a single bag of roasted beans, but why not go above and above for your child's preferred teacher? For their much-needed 2 p.m. cup of coffee, Mouth's The Coffee Fix collection includes a can of Sumatra beans from Brooklyn Roasting, as well as a variety of caffeinated snacks like chocolate-espresso cookies and snack bars, cold-brew concentrate, mocha caramels, and more to keep them buzzing while they're grading papers.

13. Perch Biggy Magnetic Organizer 

 "Getting organized is the single most important thing I can do to make the school day successful," says Sophia, a fifth-grade teacher. Perch Magnetic Containers by Urbio Collection are her go-to accessory. These magnetized plastic containers can adhere to the metal surface of a desk. Additionally, special magnetic plates can be affixed using Command Strips to any surface for individuals who do not have surfaces that are magnetized. Not sure if they can support a large class size? They can hold materials weighing up to 10 pounds. "I use one every day, so I always have all of the student materials close at hand. Even 30 sizable packets of student handouts fit with no problem. Every instructor who encounters them desires some for themselves.

14. Bow Hill Gourmet Blueberry Preserves

According to Danielle, whose seventh-grade student produced a batch of sweet spreads with her family to give to her teachers, "My favorite gift so far has been jars of homemade jelly." "I adored it so much that the next year when she was no longer my student, she brought me another jar. The empty jars are being used as juice glasses by me.

Have trouble making jams at home? Purchase premium products to give to teachers, such as this organic jam produced with heirloom blueberries from Bow Hill in Washington. Who doesn't adore a gift that is tasty and nicely packaged?

15. 50 States Travel Journal

Even though Monday through Friday is spent in the classroom, you may still inspire a love of travel by providing students with an interactive travel diary that includes advice, maps, and blank spaces for recording memories or long-term goals. Principal of an elementary school Megan recalls, "One of my favorite teacher gifts was a book on traveling throughout the USA. "My student reminded his mother that I planned to visit all 50 [states]," he said. That level of detail-oriented craftsmanship will truly stand out.

16. Baseball Park Map Glasses

According to Crystal, a math teacher in middle school, "I adore gifts that show a connection to the student." "I once had a student who spent the entire school year trying to turn me into a Mets fan, so he purchased me a Mets teddy bear for my classroom. I still gaze upon it and beam.

For all of you sports enthusiasts, here's some advice: Get your instructor something small and entertaining that they can leave in the classroom by taking a cue from Crystal's student. Anything with the logo of the other team might not make it past the front door if their house, for example, is Patriots country.

17. Bulk Personalized Neon Solid Color Pencils

Something you might not know is this: To furnish their classrooms, teachers frequently have to spend their own money. Teacher Tara Marie of the second grade says, "Come December, I'd be happy with a big package of pencils and glue sticks." As ridiculous as it may sound, these goods are used up so quickly that even something so basic is really appreciated. Upgrade a very useful gift with personalized text, such as the name of your school, on neon-colored pencils. One line of up to 30 characters can be added to the pencils to make them more unique.

18. Spinning Hat Retro Vinyl Coasters

Purchasing an artistic gift for the art instructor or a sporting item for the physical education coach may seem like a simple solution. But if you want to give this year, take it from music teacher Allie: Playing to a teacher's passion is a surefire tactic. Allie, who works with elementary-aged children, states, "I always adore music-related stuff I can decorate with, especially coasters or unscented candles." These chic vinyl coasters with a retro design measure four inches in diameter and should make unwinding with a well-earned glass of their preferred beverage even more pleasurable.

19. Personalized notes

A heartfelt thank-you note always works, and my favorite gifts were always *mini hampers. This year, I did this for the preschool teachers of my daughters by giving them *personalized pencil cases. They come with items like Kinder chocolates, a candle, hand cream, face masks, and washing towels. Anything having "best instructor" on it should be avoided without seeming ungrateful.

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