Best Christmas Gifts for Baking Lovers

June 30, 2022 15 min read

Need some ideas for thoughtful and helpful Christmas gifts for baking lovers? Maybe that person in your life who brings the greatest tasting dessert to every function, follows every baking show on TV, and puts store-bought baked goods to shame?

If you're lucky, you know someone who enjoys baking, regardless of their skill level, specialty, or style. We've compiled a list of handy gifts for bakers that may result in you receiving more baked goods in return. Whether you're shopping for someone who has just learned how to temper chocolate or a seasoned cookie maker, here are the finest one-of-a-kind baker presents.

1. Cuisinart Stand Mixer

The Cuisinart Stand Mixer is a must-have gadget and one of the best Christmas presents for bakers and home cooks. Give the present of a lifetime of cookies, pie crusts, and more with this vintage appliance, which includes a 500-watt motor, a tilt-back head, and 12 precision mixing speeds.

2. Non-Stick Bakeware Set

Baked items are only as good as the pans in which they are cooked. This high-quality Advanced Bakeware Bakeware Set is a great present for bakers since it includes everything you need: two cake pans, a square cake pan, a cookie sheet, and a cooling rack. The pans are made for heavy-duty baking, and the nonstick coating allows baked items to effortlessly release.

3. Set of Mixing Bowls

The Ware Covered Mixing Bowl Set is ideal for all levels of bakers. Furthermore, all of the bowls come with lids, making it simple to store leftover cookie dough.

4. Kitchen Scale

Precision is essential while baking, and you can't go wrong with a Kitchen Scale. These are one of the most valuable presents for bakers since they provide an accurate readout immediately, allowing them to know without a doubt that they have the appropriate combination of ingredients and that everything will turn out perfectly.

5. Food Processor

Do you need to cut nuts for fast bread? Do you want to dice some dried fruit for a recipe? Why not melt some chocolate for a delectable dessert? Instead of doing everything by hand, this small Collection Chopper/Grinder will save you time and effort.

6. Decorative Rolling Pin

Every baker and pastry maker requires a rolling pin. This creative Christmas gift for baking lovers is made of beechwood and imprints a gorgeous paisley design into pie crusts, pastries, and biscuits. It's a wonderful addition to any baker's toolbox.

7. Ceramic Pie Dish

Don't let your pie-baking pals settle for a drab pie plate! For a lovely baking present, reward them with this artistically crafted Pie Dish. The high-quality, super-durable stoneware provides plenty of space for fillings. And the charming forest design complements all of your elaborate latticework.

8. Electric Hand Mixer

The baker in your life may be capable, but no one creams butter and sugar like an electric hand mixer. This Cuisinart Power Advantage Mixer has a storage box as well as a variety of attachments such as long beaters, a chef's whisk, a spatula, and dough hooks. This tiny kitchen appliance can handle everything.

9. Baking Canisters

These baker presents will come in handy; keeping your baking ingredients fresh is essential for optimum outcomes. Sealing everything from chocolate chips to flour in airtight containers is the best method to keep everything fresh. There's even a container specifically intended to keep brown sugar moist.

10. Cookbook Stand

This recipe book stand ensures that the recipe is always at an easy-to-read position for quick reference. This bamboo cookbook holder will make an excellent present for any baker.

11. Online Cooking Classes for Bakers

Bakers may now take online cooking classes taught by a professional chef in the comfort of their own kitchens via an interactive, live-streaming virtual platform. They will receive step-by-step instruction, advice, and will be free to ask as many questions as they wish. They'll discover anything from online baking classes to online cake decorating workshops and more.

12. Bakers' Cooking Classes

Make a delicious exploration of everything from apple pie to zabaglione for the baker on your list. Baking-focused culinary workshops offered by expert bakers, cake decorators, and pastry chefs are available around the country and make excellent Christmas gifts for bakers. Cooking classes in NYC, New Orleans, and elsewhere are available.

13. Online Mixology and Baking Combo Classes

Some things just seem to go together. Holiday cookies and hot toddies Peppermint bark and homemade hot cocoa Pancakes and mimosas Online mixology workshops with a baking twist are remarkable and one-of-a-kind experience presents for bakers.

14. Bamboo Cutting Board

Cutting boards are not all made equal. Some look beautiful and are fashionable, but they ruin your knives. The Bamboo Cutting Board is an excellent cutting and bread board, making it an ideal present for bread bakers.

15. Staub Cocotte

A portable cocotte, like the Staub Cocotte, is ideal for baking artisan-style loaves and is one of the best Dutch ovens for bread. The steam generated inside the kettle alters the dough, yielding melt-in-your-mouth bread with a crisp, golden exterior.

16. Artisan Bread Lame

A lame is a sharp bread-making tool that is used to score dough before baking to allow steam to escape. Artisan Bread Lame is a lovely Christmas gift for baking lovers.

17. Pastry Dough Scraper 

Baking Pastry Dough Scraper removes flour and dough crumbs from work surfaces, makes lifting and rotating rolled-out pastry easier, and sections yeast dough effectively. It's a fantastic present for anyone who enjoys baking.

18. Trivets

Every bread baker requires a platform to display (and cool) their loaves. Trivets are a timeless present for bakers that will always be useful.

19. Cookie and Icing Press

It's the holidays, which means there will be a lot of cookies! Give the Baking Baking Cookie & Icing Gun to someone who always gives you a tin of Christmas sweets. They'll appreciate having this cookie tool in their armory.

20. Your Recipe as a Foil Art Print

One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for baking lovers with a stash of batter-covered index cards. Choose a favorite recipe, scan and send it, and then see it transform into a foil print work of art. It's an excellent method to keep a treasured recipe in its original handwriting.

21. Pizzelle Maker

A crisp, sugary pizzelle is the cookie equivalent of the Christmas season. Begin the season with a pizzelle iron, which will create the distinctive pattern and texture on these thin biscuits.

22. Black Marble Pastry Board

Because it is composed of marble, this pastry board provides a cold surface for baking. When combined with the marble rolling pin mentioned above, you have a terrific Christmas gift for baking lovers.

23. Milk and Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit

Dominique Ansel's bakery is famous for its cronuts, but the baker also prepares a mean milk and cookies shot. This milk and cookies shot glass kit is one of the most entertaining Christmas gifts for baking lovers who want to test it at home without traveling to New York or London.

24. Cozymeal Bib Apron

An apron is unquestionably one of the most traditional Christmas gifts for baking lovers. Every baker needs an apron to protect their clothes from flour, eggs, and other mishaps. The Cozymeal Bib Apron provides a clean, polished, and professional appearance while you're creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

25. Ceramic Pie Weights

Ceramic Pie Weights are useful Christmas gifts for bakers because they prevent a pie crust from riding up in the pan. By baking the crust first with the weighted beads in it, the crust forms all around the pan, providing beautiful pockets for the filling.

26. Offset Spatula

The Offset Spatula makes an excellent stocking stuffer for any cake baker. It may be used to create dramatic whirls of icing on cakes and even rip muffins out of their tins.

27. Cookie Scoop

The more easily they can scoop cookies, the more cookies they will make. And the more cookies they create, the more cookies they'll almost certainly give you! A cookie scoop is an essential equipment for bakers. It holds 1.6 tablespoons of dough and yields 10 scoops each cup.

28. Silicone Spatula

This spatula is manufactured from a single piece of silicone (wrapped around a flawlessly bendy core), so there are no crevices for muck to hide. It cleans every batter bowl fully, and then IT cleans completely — every time.

29. Non-Stick Baking Mats

Silicone mats are a must-have for every cookie enthusiast, and the Silicone Non-Stick 2-Piece Baking Mat Set is the ideal baker's gift. These BPA-free mats replace parchment paper, foil, or nonstick spray on sheet pans to keep them clean and to bake cookies or pastries that release easily off the tray.

30. Macaron Kit

Your favorite baker will appreciate having the opportunity to make macarons whenever the urge strikes. This convenient package includes a nonstick silicone baking mat, a refillable batter/icing pen, and six different decorating tips. A recipe book is included, and it includes flavors like Earl Grey and even wasabi.

31. Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set

With the Talisman's Script Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set, they'll never be lost words. The storage jar includes 26 letter cookie cutters for creating a variety of welcomes or unique messages. If your loved someone enjoys baking, this amusing Christmas gift for baking lovers is unbeatable.

32. 100 Cookies - Book

This is the decade's cookie recipe book. Each dessert is more beautiful and intriguing than the last, but the recipes are still quite doable.

33. Cookie Jar

Classic cookie jars make lovely baking presents. Cookie bakers may store their sweets and delights in style with this ceramic cookie jar. It also has a ceramic top that seals in freshness to keep their most recent batch of cookies fresher for longer.

33. Springform Pan

One of the best Christmas gifts for cake makers looking to expand their cookware collection is the nonstick Anolon Advanced Bakeware 9" Springform Pan. The professional-grade, leak-proof clamps ensure that all of the sweetness stays inside when baking.

34. Cake Decorating Set

Consider this decorating package to include everything needed to decorate the perfect cake. It's the perfect present for a cake baker, with 46 pieces.

35. Cake Tester

Every home baker should have a cake tester on hand. Sure, you could use a toothpick instead, but what's the fun in that?

36. Rotating Cake Stand

If you have a buddy who enjoys constructing elaborate layer cakes, they will undoubtedly benefit from a rotating cake stand. This kit includes spatulas and smoothers to guarantee their designs are flawless every time, making it an ideal present for bakers.

37. Stainless Steel Cake Knife

Is a cake knife an essential must-have? Most individuals will tell you that it isn't. However, for cake fans, a cake knife is one of the most important Christmas gifts for baking lovers.

38. Round Cake Liners

Say goodbye to annoying parchment paper and make life easier for that particular someone in your life. Cake rounds are made of the same nonstick substance as their baking mats, making them great baker gifts.

40. Kids Complete Baking Set

The Kids Baking Set is a brightly colored set of utensils that will set any child up for success in the kitchen. It includes a tiny nonstick rolling pin, spatula set, and whisk, as well as six nonstick muffin cups, a nonstick silicone fluted pan, and three cookie cutters.

41. Reusable Cupcake Liners

Cupcakes do not require disposable paper liners. In fact, these colorful silicone liners make fantastic baking gifts! They're a dream to bake with because they don't require any grease and produce no waste.

42. Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

With a set of measuring cups and spoons, you can help the little baker in your life start creating their own armory of baking tools. These are ideal for new bakers. They'll have this stainless steel set with color-coded handles for the rest of their lives.

43. Rainbow Cake Kit

This rainbow cake kit includes everything a budding baker needs to recreate Instagram-famous rainbow cakes at home. To bake the six rainbow-colored layers, they will combine the pre-measured dry cake ingredients and coloring gels. The set also includes baking tips, piping bags, and buttercream dry ingredients.

44. Cupcake Scoop

Avoid the mess by putting just the right quantity of batter into each cupcake. This cupcake scoop is the most convenient and clean way to fill cupcake pans and liners. Simply scoop the batter into the curved end and place it over your pan to dispense the right quantity every time.

45. Cake Pop Maker

Nothing beats a delectable cake pop that has been meticulously adorned. This simple cake pop maker will allow kids to have fun at home making and decorating their own cake pops.

46. Holy Sheet

A baking sheet may not seem like the most thrilling gift. Any home baker, on the other hand, would be delighted to get their hands on one of these sacred sheets. To prevent warping, these aluminized steel pans are strengthened with steel rods. And these helpful baker gifts feature a brilliant blue shade that is sure to make a statement in the kitchen.

47. “Bakers Gonna Bake” T-Shirt

You've caught your pal icing cupcakes several times while singing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." It's time to pay tribute to those musical tastes with this super-soft baking t-shirt.

48. Bear Oven Mitts

With these grizzly-sized oven gloves, they'll be able to grip hot things with their "bear" hands. You receive both a right and left mitt made of insulated cotton with heat-resistant silicone "pads."

49. Caraway Bakeware Set

Do you enjoy baking but lack storage space in your kitchen? Caraway's newest bakeware set is worth a try. This bakeware is not only beautiful and easy to clean (hello, nonstick ceramic coating! ), but it's also quite easy to store. The entire collection, which includes a muffin tin, loaf pan, and cake pans, fits in two tiny caddies.

50. Embossed Rolling Pin

Embossed rolling pins are a quick and easy way to provide a lovely finish to cut out cookies and other baked goods. Find out how to utilize it here. They come in a variety of lovely patterns, but this paisley floral would look great all year.

51. Kitchen Conversions Chart

While we all know our times tables by heart, it's easy to make mistakes when it comes to reducing recipes. With a cute conversion chart, you can avoid the confusion. Display this in your kitchen. It will look fantastic next to your vintage Pyrex.

52. Cake Dome

With a lovely cake dome, you can keep your baked delicacies fresh and show off your skills. This case is ideal for showing your most recent layer cake, but it's also ideal for presenting a mountain of cookies, muffins, or other goodies.

53. “Baking Queen” Tee

Show off your baking prowess with a supersoft tee. It's made of 100% cotton and is breathable in a hot kitchen, but it's also cute enough to wear out and about (like while you're stocking up on butter and chocolate chips).

54. Macaron Mat

French macarons are one of the most difficult at-home bakes, but with a little patience, the correct supplies (almond flour is required), and the right tools, you'll have no trouble preparing macarons at home. This macaron mat is a useful piece of equipment. This mat's helpful directions will help you pipe flawless macarons every time.

55. Baking Spices

What baker doesn't enjoy experimenting with new ingredients, especially those that are more luxurious than what you can get in the grocery store? This Spice House Baker's Dozen Set includes festive favorites like ginger and nutmeg, as well as everyday staples like cocoa powder and vanilla bean sugar.

56. Custom Pyrex Dish

Never again guess which pan is whose. This personalized 139 pan is ideal for taking bars or brownies to a party. It's lovely, functional, and something your loved ones will cherish.

57. Dough Whisk

When we asked oBakeable group members what their favorite surprise baking tools were, a dough whisk came out on top. Its unusual shape is ideal for mixing quick breads and pancake mixes, but it is especially useful when combining a lot of flour into bread doughs.

58. Vanilla Extracts

Serious bakers understand how much a good vanilla extract can improve a dish. Your baking mates, on the other hand, may be unaware of the variety of high-quality extracts available. Give your bestie this Nielsen-Massey collection of worldwide vanillas. Each has a distinct flavor characteristic. All are tasty, but you'd be astonished at how distinct Tahitian, Mexican, and Madagascar vanillas can be!

59. Ware Bundt Pan

Who doesn't enjoy a delicious Bundt cake? They're simple to make and look gorgeous even with the most basic decorations. Bakers will undoubtedly appreciate the beauty and functionality of a new pan. Ware's Brilliance Bundt is one of our favorites. Check out some of our other favorite Bundt designs as well.

60. Wooden Spoons

Every kitchen needs at least one wooden spoon. This basic gadget is essential for quickly mixing up a batch of muffins or stirring chocolate chips into your favorite cookie batter. Give your favorite baker (or yourself) a new pair of olive wood wooden spoons, and use these recommendations to keep them ready to mix for years to come.

61. Baking Shows Crewneck Sweatshirt

Bakers, we know you unwind with a baking show or two when you're not in the kitchen, checking out a new recipe, or shopping for ingredients. Wear this "I watch a lot of baking shows" sweater to show off your baking lovers' enthusiasm for these shows. On this icing pink crewneck, the design is embroidered. So adorable!

62. Breads of the World Kitchen Towel

With this goofy bread dish towel, they can show off their love for all things carb. From bagels to matzo, this one-of-a-kind item shows a wide range of breads from around the world. Although it is not a necessity in the kitchen, this towel is a delightful addition to your bread baking supplies.

63. Good Grips Baking Canisters

It is critical to keep your baking ingredients fresh in order to achieve optimum outcomes. Sealing everything from chocolate chips to flour in an airtight container is the best method to keep everything fresh. This set of Good grips containers is ideal for storing baking supplies. There's even a container specifically intended to keep brown sugar moist.

64. Recipe Pie Plate

Display Grandma's favorite pie recipes in a useful way. On a lovely ceramic surface, this ceramic pie plate captures a treasured recipe. Do you appreciate thoughtful Christmas gifts like this? Look into additional methods for preserving your favorite ancestral recipes.

65. Dough Rise

With all of the proofing, baking bread requires a lot of patience. Getting the correct lift might be difficult at times, especially when it's freezing outside. With this proving mat, you may cut proofing times and obtain outstanding rises on bread throughout the colder months. This is an excellent Christmas gift for bread bakers who might not otherwise treat themselves to such a useful tool.

66. Pie Crust Mold

Leave out the braiding, twisting, and tucking. This simple silicone mold creates precisely shaped pie crust edges in minutes! What's more, the best part? Nobody will notice you took a shortcut. Learn how to make the finest pie crust ever.

67. Cordless Food Chopper

Do you need to prepare nuts for your favorite fast bread? Do you want to dice some dried fruit for a recipe? Why not melt some chocolate for a delectable dessert? If you don't want to do it all by hand, use a small food processor. It holds up to five cups, so it's large enough to blitz up your favorite mix-ins while remaining compact enough to not take up too much space in the cupboards—we know you need that space for your other cooking tools.

68. Fancy Sprinkles

Tired of topping your baked goods with the same old jimmies and sprinkles? Fancy Sprinkles are an option. These extravagant sprinkle combinations are dazzling, glittery, and oh very gorgeous. Add a few bottles of these sprinkles to your cake decorating supply inventory.

69. Cake Testers

Sure, you can use a toothpick to check if cakes are done, but no professional baker wants to go through a drawer for one. Instead, give your baking friends a set of cake testers to have on hand. It's a cute, inexpensive gift that they'll definitely like.

70. Cake Pan Strips

The secret to flawlessly level cakes is these cake pan coverings. Our Test Kitchen relies on these for even layer cake baking. Discover why they are so popular (and be sure to buy a pack or two).

71. Silicone spatula

The new wooden spoons are high-quality flexible "spats" . Use them for everything from browning butter to scraping batter from a bowl to spreading frosting on a cake. Also, softly tap your companion on the buttocks. If you really want to amaze your friend, get them two, one in each hue, so they can use one for caramelized onions and the other for chocolate, sugar, and butter.

72. Oven thermometer

Parents, instructors, meteorologists, landlords, and your oven thermometer are among those who will deceive you. If you assume that putting the dial to 350 means that the temperature is 350, you're delusory, my buddy. If you already have one (congrats! ), buy one for a friend who brings you flat cookies or burned cake—perhaps they'll get the hint? A cheapo dangly oven thermometer would suffice, but if you're serious about baking, invest in a favorite.

73. Microplane

Do you know anyone who zests oranges with a box grater with large holes? Get them a Microplane, which is the only tool for the job. It's also great for shredding ginger, garlic, chilies, and parmesan. I bought one of these for a buddy after seeing her "minced garlic." That seems a lot more passive hostile than it was!

74. Citrus squeezer

This citrus juicer squeezes, strains, measures, and converts cup-to-oz.-to-Tbsp-to-ml—a genuine one-stop shop. Lemon pound cake is in your immediate future.

75. Kitchen timers

A phone timer is insufficient for the multitasking home baker! These come in a pair, so you can do at least three things at once (four if you borrow your friend's phone as well!).

76. Scissors

So you've got the pie plate , but now you'll need powerful, precise scissors to trim away the excess pie crust before crimping. These small fellows from Joyce Chen are fantastic for cutting dry fruit, snipping herbs, and even breaking down a chicken. Just keep in mind to clean them after each use.

77. Pastry levelers

Raise your hand if you have an obsession with details! Precision lovers understand that using dough rulers is the best way to ensure that every area of your sugar cookie dough is exactly 14" thick all throughout. Simply sandwich the dough between two of these plastic strips and flatten it out evenly with your rolling pin.

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