Best Christmas Gifts for Beauticians

June 30, 2022 15 min read

Gift shopping can be difficult. Especially now that there are so many possibilities! The best Christmas gifts are those that are personalized to the recipient's personality and hobbies. So, if a cosmetologist, barber, or nail technician is on your list, we've got some suggestions for you! Beauticians work tirelessly to ensure that we look and feel our best. Whether you want to acquire a Christmas gift for your stylist or have a family member who works in the beauty industry, Christmas is a perfect time to thank them and show them how much you care. Here are some Christmas gifts for beauticians in your life!

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among beauty professionals. It's a simple way to dress up an outfit and convey one's particular style. There are numerous jewelry options available to make the beauty professional in your life happy. A barber, for example, may like a chain necklace, but women in the beauty profession might love a new pair of earrings or handmade bracelets.

2. Coffee Mug

Coffee is what gets the creative juices flowing in the morning for many beauty experts. There are numerous wonderful coffee mug design alternatives to pick from, so you will be able to find one that matches their style and personality. You can also get a personalized mug for them, possibly with their name or a favorite saying on it. This Christmas gift may even serve as a reminder of you every time they use it!

3. Coat/Apron Hook

If you're looking for a cosmetologist, nail technician, or barber that works in a salon or spa, make sure they have their coat or apron hung up when not in use. Otherwise, they risk clogging or dirtying their desk. A coat/apron hook is an excellent gift for keeping them nice and organized. To boost the ante, you can even get one that fits the salon/design spa's and décor.

4. Tool Holders

Cosmetologists, barbers, and nail technicians, as you may know, use a variety of tools throughout the day. It can be difficult to keep these instruments organized, which include everything from manicure scissors to shears, clippers, scissors, scissors, and more. Almost any beauty expert would appreciate a tool holder as a Christmas gift. It will not only help them keep everything in one place, but it will also help them find what they are seeking for quickly.

5. Card Holder

Every beauty professional, whether they work in a salon/spa or freelance, requires a business card holder. They will almost certainly utilize their business cards to obtain new clients and network with others in the sector. If the cosmetologist, nail technician, or barber on your list doesn't already have one, a fashionable business card holder is a surefire hit. It will assist them in keeping their cards organized, clean, and accessible.

6. Trendy Accessories

In cosmetology school, barbering programs, and many professional settings in the beauty business, black uniforms are required. Beauty professionals can exhibit their individual personalities and styles by accessorizing their uniforms. Scarves are a great way for cosmetologists and nail technicians to dress up their black uniforms. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, so you are sure to find one that matches their personality. If you're looking for a barber, consider fashionable, comfy shoes or a handsome bowtie. These accessories can assist complete their outfit and give them the confidence they need to succeed in their careers!

7. Reusable Water Bottle

Cosmetologists, nail techs, and barbers must stay hydrated all day. However, if their schedules become too hectic, they may not be able to leave their station to fetch a drink very often. A reusable water bottle is a great Christmas gift for beauticians on your list, especially if they work long hours at a salon or spa! They can always keep it at their station, which means they won't have to wait until their break to get water. Furthermore, by avoiding purchasing bottled drinks from vending machines or adjacent retailers, reusable water bottles might help them save money.

8. Lint Roller

A lint roller is another useful gift suggestion for a beauty professional, especially if you're shopping for a hair stylist or barber. Lint rollers remove collected hair from fabric without causing damage to the fabric. As a result, they are an easy way to maintain aprons tidy and clean throughout the day. This useful Christmas gift for beauticians is frequently available for less than $15.00. As a result, it's an excellent pick for any budget.

9. Foot Bath

Many cosmetologists, barbers, and nail professionals work lengthy shifts. This can lead to a lot of aches and pains in the foot over time. After a long day at work, a foot bath is a considerate gift that can help them relax their muscles. To make the experience even more relaxing, add some Epsom salts and fragrant oils.

10. Beauty Treatment

Cosmetologists and other beauty specialists devote their entire lives to making others look and feel beautiful. Giving them the same opportunity would be one of the nicest gifts. Consider getting a wax, manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage for a beauty industry friend. They will appreciate you flipping the script and letting them enjoy the beauty treatments for a change.

11. Hair Dryer Charm Dangle in Silver

With this bright charm dangle, you can give special Christmas gift for beer drinkers that they will remember. This hair dryer charm dangle will attach to Watches, Whimsical Bracelets, or Necklaces in either gold or silver. It has a lobster-claw clasp that makes it easy to put on and take off.

12. Handmade Wood Comb

Take a step back in time with this stunning piece of hair history. Give your beautician a wood comb, and you'll be giving her a piece of her past, when wood was the only material available to produce such items. Choose from a variety of combs for the stunning handmade item that is almost too beautiful to use.

13. Whimsical Gifts Hair Brush Charm Earrings in Gold

Give that favorite Beautician a memorable gift with this vivid charm set of earrings. Whether you like gold or silver, this hair brush charm set of Earrings will match your favorite watches, bracelets, and necklaces. The earrings are made of sterling silver or gold plated french wire and have rubber backs.

14. Hair Stylist Watch in Silver Large Style

For those who had any doubts about how much we rely on our beauticians and salon professionals, the split ends and gray roots of 2020 were a real eye-opener! Return the favor by wearing our handcrafted Beautician Watch. Your stylist makes you look and feel fantastic. Our Beautician Watch, made in the USA by our team of graphic artists using hand-painted miniatures, features a blowdryer, tiny hairspray, scissors, and a curling iron and is guaranteed to enhance any salon look!

15. Hand Repair Gift Set

Who'd have guessed that working with water spray and scissors all day might result in dry, cracked hands? Burt's Bees' extra moisturizing hand restoration gift set will do the trick. Even hands that haven't cut hair before clamor for this set.

16. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Make her shower into a spa experience that she won't have to clean with shower steamers. When the aromatherapeutic goodies are subjected to steam, they disintegrate, transforming the air into something that will make her say "ahhhhh."

17. Acupressure Earrings

Hair cutting is more stressful than you might believe; one slip of the scissors and someone has a mullet instead of lovely bangs. With these acupressure earrings in her lobes, your stylist will feel a little more at ease. Each little dot corresponds to a trigger point that allows her to relax.

18. Heated Microwaveable Booties

Putting on socks can provide relief for hurting feet. No, seriously! Simply microwave these plush booties, put them on, and prepare for a warming experience that melts away aches and an aromatherapeutic experience that melts away tension.

19. Beautician Succulent Planter

Clients may not request the green dos in these exquisite pots when they see the stylist, but aren't they lovely? The best thing is that you may put whichever succulents you want in the handmade planters, which come in three different shapes and with or without a spray bottle.

20. Blessed are the Hairstylists Box Sign

Inner beauty is lovely, but it is beauticians who make that outside beauty shine. Touch their heart with this box sign they'll want to show with pride if you've gotten an especially wonderful style from an extremely lovely beautician.

21. Hair Color Removal Wipes

Hair color can stain, whether on her clients' skin or her own hands, and no one wants to go around with that stain on them for the rest of the day. These miraculous wipes will safely erase the color from your skin without harming it.

22. Hairdresser Bobblehead

Give them something to speak about at their station by giving them a bobblehead that looks exactly like them. This handcrafted sculpture is an incredible likeness, with her name hand painted on her signature apron.

23. Beautician's Tumbler

Hydration is essential for both the body and the hair. While your stylist is spritzing your hair with her spray bottle, she can sip from this insulated tumbler (with straw for convenience) and feel rejuvenated before refreshing your style.

24. Chocolate Hairdresser Accessory Set

Your stylist doesn't need to look much further than this collection of chocolate hairdressing accessories for a midday boost to get over that blood sugar drop. The set's eight chocolates are meticulously produced from milk and white chocolate and are utterly delectable.

25. Adidas Cloudfoam Shoe

Do these shoes give you the sensation of walking on clouds? They certainly do. And the beauticians who wear them will have maximum foot comfort all day as they walk around the salon in supportive, breathable shoes.

26. Beauticians Ornament

When the holidays arrive, give her something she'll actually want to use to decorate her tree (pun absolutely intended). This lovely metal ornament demonstrates that no two snowflakes are alike, and that this one is particularly enjoyable.

27. Umm Let Me Fix Your Hair Funny Shirt

At least half of all calls to the beautician are for mistakes made by other beauticians (or toddlers, or roommates who insist they can design your style). You can bet they'll use this statement when their unlucky client arrives at the door.

28. Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

You don't want your stylist's foot pain to distract them from cutting your hair. Make it go away with acupressure massage slippers that hit trigger points in the feet to relieve knee pain, foot pain, and ankle discomfort.

29. Personalized Beauticians's Planner

A beautician has a lot of appointments to keep, so why not make them visible and fashionable with a cute planner? This one is designed specifically for professionals, and it features a cool watercolor cover, monthly, daily, and hourly calendars, and color codes to keep everything organized.

30. Beauty Expandable Bracelet

It doesn't hurt to have a little flair to show off to clients in the salon chair; after all, they want to know their beautician is on the cutting edge of fashion. This expandable bracelet can fit practically any wrist and features a lovely but basic scissor charm that is sure to please.

31. Custom Neon Salon Sign

Bring a salon into the 31st century (yep, the 31st) with a neon light. This trendy sign will draw passers-by into the salon, and the stylists will do the rest to keep them coming back.

32. Stylist Off Duty Socks

If you see the bottom of these socks, tread carefully around the wearer. When a stylist does get a chance to put their feet up, keep their tootsies warm in these socks.

33. Good Day Bad Day Funny Wine Glasses

This is the wine glass she'll break out when the wedding party from hell arrives. Only "Don't Even Ask" levels of alcohol can help her relax after a bridezilla.

34. Back Shoulder & Neck Massager

Spending all day crouched over a chair and bending in close to ensure they're snipping the proper hairs causes significant back and shoulder strain. Undo everything with this strong hot back and neck massager with rotating nodes and variable speeds.

35. Custom Beautician Keychain

A beautician's tools are their weapons in the struggle against bad hair, but they must be used. They'll be less likely to misplace their keys with this beautiful keychain on their fob. Personalize it with their birthstone and initial.

36. The Perfect Posture Strap

When she needs to sit down to accomplish some paperwork, she won't be tempted to slouch with this particular cradle on her back. The Posture Perfect Strap lifts her hips and back into a position that relieves pressure on her spine and alleviates back pain.

37. Polder Styling Tool Station

A polder station is just what your stylist is looking for. Even if their tools are scorching, the station will keep them organized, erect, and ready for the next client without destroying anything on their work surface.

38. Hair Hustler Shirt

Beauticians are more than just people who cut hair; they also work hard for a living. Making someone look good is a marathon, not a sprint, and this hair hustler shirt will help them cross the finish line in style.

39. Instant Mimosa Sugar Cube Set

Make a set of bougie mimosas to toast the end of a long day (such as one during prom season). Drop one of these sugar cubes into the drink and prepare for an explosion of sweetness and fruity taste that will have her wishing for more mimosas.

40. Custom Hair Stylists Continuous Spray Bottle

Hand cramps are no longer an issue thanks to the continuous spray bottle. And this one is unique! Fill in the blanks with whatever message you wish. All she has to do is squeeze it once, and it will continue to squeeze.

41. Heat Resistant Stylist's Toolbag

When time is of the essence and a beautician must go, they won't have to worry about melting a hole in this bag (or worse, lighting it on fire). The heat-resistant black bag can handle even the hottest hot instruments.

42. Because Box Dye Funny Stemless Wine Glass

Box dye is one of those things that sounds fantastic after a breakup but isn't so great the next day. Fixing those mistakes costs beauticians a lot of money, but it's also a time-consuming process, which is why this hilarious wine glass will make your beautician smile.

43. Hairstylist's Salon Nightlight

With this adorable nightlight, you can give your beautician something as bright as they are. Your stylist will like seeing the LED bulb that illuminates the lovely pattern change colors.

44. Anti-Fatigue Pad for Stylists

Your stylist will call the nearest hardware store as soon as she steps on this anti-fatigue pad to see if she can have it placed throughout her home. It's as soft as a cloud and made of a durable foam that fluffs back up after being stepped on, providing her with a comfortable working environment.

45. Custom Beautician Portrait

Beauticians who like small yellow characters on TV will appreciate getting transformed into a Springville resident. Choose any photo, and the unique product will look beautiful hanging in their salon space.

46. Professional Salon Tools Holder Rack

It's difficult to say whether contractors or beauticians have more tools. Both require toolboxes, and this one is for beauticians. It has room for many scissors, brushes, and combs, as well as thin, strong walls that can withstand alligator clips.

47. Weighted Cooling Blanket

Encourage your beautician to curl up under this blanket after a long day of cutting hair to ensure she gets a good night's sleep. The extra weight of the blanket will assist reduce her stress and anxiety, resulting in a better night's sleep.

48. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

It only takes a snooze for your beautician to feel like they've received a massage that you have to pay for. This acupressure mat's little nubs will massage trigger points in their back, relieving stress and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

49. Heated Hand Massager

A beautician's hands are literally their money makers, so it's go big or go home when it comes to taking care of them. This heated hand massager will provide them with the compression, percussion, vibration, and heat they require to feel as though their hands are brand new.

50. Leather Hairstylist's Belt

With this holster on their belt, your hair beauticians will be ready to draw and destroy the craziest locks in the duel against terrible haircuts. The leather hairstylist's belt is ideal for even the most pointy scissors since they will never poke through the thick leather and there is plenty of storage for other instruments.

51. Roll Up Tool Kit

Why risk ruining her instruments by throwing them all in a bag when she's a stylist on the go? The scissors won't protrude out the bottom of this roll-up kit, and there's plenty of room to keep everything without worrying about the tools brushing against each other and scratching.

52. Beautician's Patent Set

Beauticians with a nerdy side will be blown away by these patent prints. The pictures, which feature schematics of several of the instruments they use the most, look wonderful placed in any location and will have clients and beauticians alike discussing how far things have come.

53. All You Need is Love and Hair Decor

It may be said that having amazing hair attracts love. Nobody wants to date someone who has a bowl cut or a mullet. This innovative and hilarious piece of wood decor would make any stylist happy.

54. Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

A low-maintenance plant in a neutral-colored pot will add spa sensations to your beautician's station. The soothing sensations emanating from the artwork will soothe both clients and stylists. Succulents, air plants, and spider plants require extremely little water and attention while yet looking beautiful.

55. A Trip to a Spa

She truly spends her entire day treating others to spa-like experiences that leave them feeling attractive and calm; pay it forward by paying her back with a spa session. She can use this gift card to pamper herself to services and merchandise at thousands of spas across the country.

56. Hair Shampoo Brush

Not only does rubbing this brush over your scalp feel fantastic, but it also makes you look better! It cleanses buildup on the scalp, which promotes hair growth, and it enhances blood flow, which promotes even more development.

57. Dainty Scissor Necklace

With a lovely necklace, you can give your beautician a small piece of their trade to take with them wherever they go. The small charm at the end of this gold, rose gold, or gold necklace catches the light just perfectly to glitter but never touches your skin and tears it.

58. Golden Beautician Barrettes

Put these scissors in your hair; they will not cut you. Instead, they'll provide a lively, flirty aesthetic that regular barrettes can't match. The flat pieces are ideal for keeping baby hairs at the nape of the neck in place while yet adding a gleam of gold.

59. Super Moisturizing Lotion

Working with other people's hair all day saps the moisture from your hands, leaving them as dry as the Sahara. This goat milk lotion will replenish all of that moisture and more without leaving your hands oily or smelling bad.

60. Mini Professional Salon Chair Clock

If your client is attempting to pace you to see how quickly you can trim hair, make it simple for them with this little professional salon chair clock. The little chair resembles those of yesteryear, but it includes an analog clock implanted in the center.

61. Professional Alligator Clip Set

Clients with a lot of hair require their heads to be made into a swamp...of alligator clips. This color-coded set will assist a beautician in determining which strands of hair should stand out and which should remain in place.

62. The Hairapist is In Salon Sign

Why go to therapy after a breakup when you can get bangs? You'll know you're in for genuine pleasure and a really excellent look when you see this sign hanging on your therapist's, sorry, beautician’s chair.

63. Gel Manicure 

A client does not want to see a stylist who has nails that have been through a cheese grater. With the gel manicure set, you can keep them in pristine condition while leaving clients guessing which spa you had them done at. It has everything, including the UC-curer, that a beautician needs to have the most beautiful nails ever.

64. VineBox Wine Subscription

Because of box coloring, because people want to skip the line, and because mending haircuts involves wine. And VineBox is high-end, bringing a selection of tasting-sized wines to their door, each picked from a different high-quality winery throughout the world. All mixes are also seasonal, so you know they're up to date.

65. Hair Life Hat

Even beauticians have bad hair days, and with this hat, they can hide it all. The weathered look gives it a boho-chic vibe that won't make clients wonder what's concealed down there.

66. Moisturizing Hair Mask

A beautician's hair should be the envy of her clientele, and it will be if she uses this handcrafted hair mask on a regular basis. The mask, which is made with natural botanicals and nutrients, offers hydration to hair without weighing it down and makes it joyful and bouncy.

67. Moisturizing Paper Sheet Mask Set

Stylists spend a lot of time with their clients' faces up close and personal, and when they start using these paper sheet masks, the people in their chairs will be asking who they saw to cure their complexion. They're extremely hydrating and will leave her skin looking radiant and fresh.

68. Personalized Leather Scissor Case

A beautician may like to recall their first pair of scissors. Even if they are no longer usable, they can be treasured by storing them in this leather case. It comes in four different colors and can be personalized with engraving.

69. Interchangeable Scissor Set

A haircut is no longer just a bowl over the head; it requires skill and patience. A stylist can give you the cut of your desires with this interchangeable scissor set in their toolbox. For your sexiest appearance yet, you'll need a comb, scissors, texturizing shears, and a razor.

70. Breath Mints

The first client who comes in after lunch may not recognize your name, but they will be eternally grateful that you thought to offer your favorite  stylist these potent but small mints. Everything from tuna breath to coffee breath will be defeated.

71. Skull and Cross Scissors Sticker

These interesting stickers will appeal to beauticians with a badass side. They'll want one for their car, one for their tool bag, one for their station, and one for pretty much any other occasion where the fantastic decal may be used.

72. Retro Hair Clip Print

Your stylist and a customer might reminisce about the days when these retro clips were popular. The print is available in a variety of sizes, but all are perfect for hanging or propping up at her station for a splash of color.

73. Godiva Chocolatier Truffle Ballotin

Thanking someone with chocolate is usually a wonderful idea, and thanking someone with Godiva is even better. With rich ganache, fruity aromas, and nut toppings, this truffle ballotin epitomizes luxury in Godiva's unique handcrafted flair.

74. Prose Salon Hair Care Subscription Box

Having good hair is a significant plus for a beautician. They can get a delivery of the hair care that works best for their specific hair type with the Prose Salon subscription box. This kit includes shampoo, conditioner, and a pre-shampoo mask.

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