Best Christmas Gifts for Bicycle Riders

June 30, 2022 14 min read

Cycling is an activity that, similar to fishing, skateboarding, and surfing, has the potential to rapidly develop into a way of life, dominating the thoughts of individuals who engage in it frequently and even having an impact on their selections about clothing, travel, and friendships. As a result, if you know someone who enjoys cycling, you can safely assume that a Christmas gift that is connected to their hobby is a foolproof way to make them happy. This is especially true if the recipient is a cyclist.

But considering the abundance of cycling-related products available for purchase as well as the rapid pace at which cycling technology advances, it is reasonable if you are feeling overwhelmed by the variety of possibilities available to you in terms of what to actually give as a Christmas gift. We talked to avid bike riders and combed through our archives to find the kinds of things that would make for excellent gifts for cyclists of any skill level, whether they are training to scale the Swiss Alps or just the hill around the corner. This will help you find Christmas gifts for bicycle riders who will actually use (and not recycle), so you can find something that they will enjoy receiving from you.

1. Bolt Bike GPS Computer

Attaching the wireless device to a bicycle allows its screen to function as a real-time map for the rider to follow, similar to the way that GPS systems are installed in a lot of modern automobiles. The rider may program the device with whatever route they choose to take. But this is useful for a lot more than just traveling from here to there; it can also track your speed, distance, elevation gain, and the temperature of the surrounding air. Because I don't have to look at my phone or watch, I can keep my gaze fixed on the road ahead as I monitor my data and navigate using a map displayed on a screen mounted in front of my handlebars. This makes it easier to monitor my progression and also makes the experience safer.

2. Air Conduction Headphones

These intelligently constructed wireless cycling headphones allow you to listen to music without interfering with your ability to bike safely. They do not enter the ear canal but rather sit outside of it, which allows you to continue hearing and talking to others around you. Because they employ bone-conduction technology, which transmits sound by vibrations applied to the wearer's skull, only the person who is wearing them is able to hear what is being played.

3. Clip 4

If the cyclist in your life enjoys pedaling with friends, they will be grateful for the ease with which this Bluetooth speaker can be clipped on to various areas of their bike in order to play a soundtrack for group rides. Weekend cyclist, an associate producer at a documentary film company, says that Clip has provided tunes for plenty of warm-weather group rides and that its battery lasts for more hours than anyone can ride in a single day. Additionally, Weekend cyclists say that Clip's battery can last for more hours than anyone can ride in a single day combined.

4. Heart Rate Monitor Armband

Selzer recommends offering this armband to riders who are interested in monitoring their heart rate, whether it be for reasons related to their health or as part of an overall fitness goal. There are a lot of other trackers that are similar that wrap over the chest, which can be problematic, particularly for ladies because everyone's chest size is different. The armband monitor is not going to move or bounce around as much as the chest band would, in addition to being more pleasant to wear. The tracker comes with two different-sized straps so that it can fit even the arms of those with the thinnest or thickest limbs. It also has a battery that can be recharged.

5. Ortlieb Saddle Bag, 1.6 Liters

However, when expanded, it takes up almost the entire space under your saddle. The size of this bag is one of its best features. The owner of the bag explains that despite its diminutive appearance, it has a very large capacity and can be expanded to such an extent that he no longer needs to carry his backpack on shorter rides because everything that is required can be stored inside.

6. Blackburn Frame Bag

This frame bag would be an excellent Christmas gift for bicycle riders who have expressed a need for additional on-bike storage due to the fact that its form enables it to be tucked away discreetly into the strangely shaped empty space in the center of a bike frame. This is ideal for long days spent in the saddle as it can contain water, tools, and food and is suitable for those who do not utilize water-bottle mounts or do not have one.

7. Steel and Combination Bike Lock

Any biker would be delighted to receive this bright and easy-to-use bike lock as a Christmas gift. Because it has a combination lock, you don't have to worry about losing the key even if you misplace it. And considering how lightweight they are, you'll get locks that are remarkably sturdy.

8. Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack

This backpack works just as well for cyclists who want to give Fido a ride, such as á who uses it to bike with their influencer puppy on their back. Despite the fact that it was designed to be worn while hiking or walking with dogs who would rather get a lift than use their feet, this backpack works just as well for those activities.

9. Bike Lights

Any cyclist who plans to ride into the evening will appreciate a good pair of bike lights, even though they are not the most exciting thing to unwrap. This is not only so that the cyclist can see potential hazards on the road, such as potholes and puddles, but also so that other drivers can see them. The rubber-strap mount on the lights makes it easy to switch them from one bike to another, and their 650-lumen brightness is more than sufficient for even the darkest route.

10. Air Spin Helmet

Even though the cyclist you're purchasing for might already have a helmet, it doesn't mean you can't buy them a more impressive one as a Christmas gift. They utilize the most cutting-edge impact-absorption technology, and their strap is significantly more comfortable than that of competing brands. This is in contrast to other manufacturers, who place equal importance on their products' levels of performance and aerodynamics.

11. AIR LEGS Knee Pads

They are incredibly lightweight, sleek, and highly ventilated, and the form curves over my kneecap in a way that is very comfortable.

12. Pursuit Four Merino Wool Socks

Socks are a fail-safe option for anyone shopping for an inexpensive Christmas gift for bicycle riders who are sure to appreciate it. Because they provide support in the key areas, socks designed specifically for cycling are designed to last somewhat longer and perform more effectively. As a result of their reduced thickness in comparison to sports socks, cycling socks are designed to improve the rider's feel for the pedals and shoes.

13. Funny Cycling T-Shirt

It's a cotton t-shirt that says (in reverse): "If you can read this, I fell off my bicycle." Why you should get it: Laughter is guaranteed. Available in a variety of colors.

14. Bicycle Wheel Lights

It is a set of colorful bike lights that fit into the wheel spokes to create interesting patterns when pedaling. Why you should get it: Being visible while cycling is critical, and you won't be able to ignore these beautiful bike wheel lights with a variety of unique patterns.

15. USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

It's a pair of front and rear LED bike lights that charge by USB. Attaches and detaches from a bike in a matter of seconds.

Why you should get it: A handy set of clip-on bike lights that you can keep in your purse or pocket and then simply attach on your bike to ensure optimum visibility when cycling. There are several illumination options available.

16. Bicycle Tie 

It is a premium microfibre tie adorned with charming bicycle symbols.

Why get it: If you're going to wear a tie, at least make it a bike tie.

17. Cyclist Sculpture

It is a cast iron sculpture of a racing cyclist that measures around 18.5 x 13.5cm.

Why you should get it: That's quite cool. A nice addition to a desk or mantel.

18. Book: Epic Bike Rides of the World

It's a Lonely Planet book that details 200 of the best spots in the world to ride a bike. Includes everything from family-friendly urban rides to huge off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Why you should get it: A fantastic source of ideas for your next riding adventure.

19. Brainy Bikers Card Game

It's a fun cycling quiz card game that puts your knowledge of the Tour de France to the test. Can be played by two or more players (there is no set number of players or teams).

Why buy it: It's a lot of fun, especially with a group of enthusiastic cyclists competing to see who should don the yellow jersey of peloton knowledge.

20. 16-in-1 Cycling Multi-Tool

It is a 16-in-1 multi-tool designed specifically for bikers.

Why you should get it: The ultimate riding buddy, allowing cyclists to repair their bikes in almost any condition.

21. Rehook Plus: Bike Tool in a Box

It is a super lightweight bike tool that may be used to tighten nuts and bolts, repair spokes, and remove tyres.

Why get it: Because this tool is so little and light, you can keep it in your pocket (or even attach it to your bike) in case of an emergency. Rehook has even received funding from Dragon's Den.

22. BikeParka: Lockable Waterproof Bicycle Cover

It is a waterproof bicycle cover that can be locked to keep it from blowing away or being stolen. There are numerous colors and designs to choose from.

Why get it: If a bike is kept outside for an extended amount of time, it will rust, which is understandably bad for the bike. This cover will shield your bike from the elements.

23. Wireless Bicycle Indicators

It is a set of wireless bicycle indicators that may be conveniently controlled from the handlebar-mounted system control.

Why get it: Turning a bicycle while signaling with your hands can be difficult. These indicators, however, will notify you with a fast click of a button.

24. Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit 

It is a bike cleaning kit with everything you need to clean and protect the frame, gears, chain and more.

Why you should get it: Cleaning and maintaining a bike is critical for its health, and this package includes everything you need to do it.

25. Waterproof Cycling Socks

It is a pair of completely waterproof socks that are also windproof and breathable. Three-layer sock consisting of polyamide, Lycra, and elastane.

Why you should get it: Wet feet. Urgh.

26. Bicycle Bookends

This item includes two cast iron bicycle sculpture bookends.

Why you should acquire it: A quirky and one-of-a-kind method to keep your library collection looking neat and tidy.

27. Rustic Bicycle Desk Clock

It's a retro bicycle table ornament that also functions as a desktop clock.

Why you should get it: A wonderful cycling ornament/clock that will liven up any desk or mantelpiece.

28. Smart Bike Helmet

It's a bicycle helmet with built-in bluetooth, speakers, and lighting that not only protects your head but also adds style.

Why get it: Allows bikers to make and receive phone calls, listen to music, and boost visibility at night.

29. Compact Folding Bike Lock

Compact is the lightest folding bike lock in its class, and it is simple to attach to your bike.

Why you should acquire it: This is a secure folding lock that is both light and compact, making it easy to transport on rides.

30. Lightweight Commuter Jacket 

It is a super stylish lightweight and water resistant cycling jacket that can be folded down and popped in a pocket. There are both men's and women's variants available. There are several color options available.

Why you should get it: Designed with cyclists in mind. It keeps them dry while remaining light enough that they do not overheat. There's also a lot of reflective detailing to make sure they're visible in low light.

31. Rehook Emergency Bike Repair Kit

It is a little tool kit for unexpected bike repairs that may occur while traveling. This kit includes the Rehook tool, which allows you to reconnect your chain in 3 seconds without touching it, a glueless puncture repair kit, multiple tool bits for all the nuts and bolts, a tyre lever, a compact bike pump, and other items.

Why buy it: Bicycle trips don't always go as planned, but this handy kit will have your biker back on the road in no time.

32. Ministry of Supply Cycling Suit

It's a suit... you can cycle in it. Seriously.

The Ministry of Supply has designed a magnificent collection of office-friendly outfits that also look excellent when riding your bike. The suits are incredibly elastic and composed of lightweight and breathable material, so you don't overheat when riding.

Why get it: Ride in comfort to work and look amazing all day without needing a change of clothes. This costume even became a Guinness World Record holder.

33. Rapha Reflective Travel Backpack

By day, it's a really attractive backpack, and by night, it's an unmissable reflective backpack.

Why buy it: The ideal bag for any fashion-conscious bike commuter. This weatherproof Rapha backpack is a work of art that will keep you visible when cycling at night.

34. Ass Savers Foldable MudGuard

It is a clip-on mudguard that protects bikers from getting splattered by dirt while riding. Keep it in your back pocket and use it to get on and off your bike as needed. Can be wiped clean in a matter of seconds.

Why buy it: If the back of your bicycle is always dirty, this is the cheapest and simplest solution to keep it clean.

35. Waterproof Backpack Cover

It is a lightweight cover that may be placed over a backpack to keep its contents dry.

Why get it: If your cyclist is prone to getting caught in the rain, this cover will keep their backpack contents dry. This is especially critical if the luggage contains valuables such as laptop computers.

36. Bicycle Bottle Opener

It's a bottle opener shaped like a bicycle. Stainless steel construction.

Just have a peek at it! A charming gift box comes with this fun-yet-practical gift. This bicycle bottle opener is tiny and portable, making it ideal for carrying around in case of a bottle-opening emergency.

37. Book: One Man and His Bike

Mike Carter's story is about cycling 5,000 miles around the British Isles after feeling stuck in a rut. There are drunken priests, drag queens, and gnome sanctuaries.

Why you should get it: An uplifting narrative of adventure right on your doorstep. Excellent for anyone in need of a break.

38. Smartphone Bicycle Mount

It is a bike phone holder that may be attached to the handlebars of a bicycle. This safe universal design can accommodate nearly any smartphone (4" to 6.7").

Why you should get it: Allows quick access to a smartphone while cycling, which is particularly useful for checking maps or managing audio. It only takes a second to add or remove a phone and secures it firmly in place regardless of terrain.

39. Bike Balls

It's a bike ball, the best bicycle light ever made. Plump red lights dangle beneath the bicycle seat.

Why you should get it: It's ridiculously funny. And safe - after all, it's crucial to be seen.

40. Cateye Bar End Bike Mirror

It's a universal bike mirror that can easily be mounted to the end of the handlebars to allow bikers to see what's behind them.

Why you should get it: No more unpleasant neck craning, this bicycle mirror is ideal for bikers who ride on roadways.

41. Bicycle Leather Carry Handle

It's a stylish leather handle that can be fitted to the bike frame to assist in carrying a bike upstairs.

Why you should get it: Carry bikes have two issues: 1) It's unpleasant, and 2) you're likely to have dirty hands. This handle eliminates both issues.

42. Padded Waterproof Bike Seat Cover

This gel cover will make practically any bike seat more comfortable, and it is also waterproof to prevent damp bottoms.

Why buy it: If you suffer from saddle sores, this gel cover will make riding much more comfortable.

43. Bike Frame Bag + Smartphone Holder

It's a bag that fits on top of the bike frame. There is also room for a phone in the front, and the touchscreen is still usable despite the plastic protective cover.

Why you should get it: Very useful for carrying little goods while riding and also for easy and secure phone access - especially great for viewing maps while cycling.

44. Flywheel Sunglasses

Yes, these spectacles are obnoxious, but that's half the fun. They're also designed for trail riding, with bigger lenses that improve clarity and allow you to see more detail, as well as hydrophilic nose pads that stay like glue even when you're sweating profusely. On rocky trails, auto-lock hinges assist keep the shades snug on your dome.

45. Airace Bike Tire Lever and Inflator Set

If you've ever damaged a tire lever or left home without an inflator, you understand the importance of this combination. The levers are made of machined aluminum alloy with rubber ends to protect the rims, and the inflator is actually incorporated into one of the levers to make it more difficult to lose.

46. Club Ride Men’s Blaze Insulated Vest

The Blaze, a cycling-specific vest with 80-gram synthetic insulation inside a stretchy ripstop fabric, adds an extra barrier between you and the elements. It features reflective hits throughout and a zipped chest pocket large enough for your phone, as well as two rear drop pockets for food.

47. Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder

If there's one thing every coffee-obsessed cyclist needs, it's this simple cup holder that mounts to the handlebars. Put it on your daily commute and you may take your morning cup of coffee with you. The tapered ring fits most standard-size cups and tumblers and requires no tools to install.

48. Active Earbuds

This pair of true wireless earbuds has it all, starting with gel cones that give a snug fit to keep them in your ears even on the bumpiest of terrain. The buds are also rated by the product so that they will continue to thump no matter how sweaty or rainy it becomes. The fact that you can use the Jabra app to activate the mode, which allows you to modify the amount of ambient noise they let in, makes the product excellent for bikers.

49. Suzu Crane Bell

Yes, designer bicycle bells exist. Crane has been creating them for over two decades, and its Suzu is a simple way to get started. It's equally as lovely as some of the versions available, but a fifth of the price. The Suzu is made of brass and has a copper finish for an attractive, vintage look. And the tone is consistent, lasting several seconds after you strike it.

50. SoundLink Micro Speaker

The Soundlink Micro produces a rich, full sound, and the built-in rubber strap allows it to attach to a bag, or even the top tube or stem. With an IPX7 grade for water and shock resistance, it will withstand the rigors of daily commutes through the occasional downpour.

51. PCS-10.2 Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

And the PCS-10.2 is available in case they need a place to lock the bike while using the ratchet. Park Tool is known for producing high-quality tools, and this stand provides a secure platform for wrenching.

52. Kryptonite Kryptolok

Kryptonite manufactures some of the most trusted locks in the industry, and the Kryptolok provides real security for the price of a cheap lock that thieves would laugh at. A steel shackle and a four-foot double-looped cable keep your bike secure in the suburbs, and a handy mounting bracket allows you to carry the lock on your bike's frame during your commute.

53. Hydration Pack

The Raptor 14 is designed exclusively for mountain bikers, with an extremely sturdy harness that holds the load close to your body while yet allowing air to flow over your back. A scratch-free pocket keeps your glasses and phone safe, while a plastic toggle lets you attach your helmet. The retractable tool roll keeps all the essentials close at hand, while a stretchy exterior stash pocket provides easy access to a shell or sandwich. Ladies, have a look at Raven, the Raven for women.

54. Brooks England Saddle

This is the saddle that every touring rider desires on their road bike. Brooks England created it for the long haul, so comfort comes first, but only after cyclists work for it; the leather must be broken in. You'll never find a finer fit for your rear if you put in the miles.

55. MXZ200 Men’s Cycling Shoe

The MXZ200 boasts a full leather upper that could fool non-cyclists into believing it's a hiking boot. It's waterproof, insulated, and compatible. It also uses Lake's Winter Last, which results in a taller toe box for layering winter socks.

56. Tubeless Valves

These metal valves are great for adding a splash of color to otherwise boring tires, and the variety of rubber stoppers means they'll fit practically any rim.

57. Vintage Bicycle Bell

It's a classic bicycle bell that exudes style and sophistication. It has a powerful, full-bodied sound. It is simple to install on handlebars with a standard diameter.

Why get it: Bike bells are an essential piece of cycling equipment, especially for alerting pedestrians who are unaware of an approaching bicycle. It looks fantastic.

58. Silca Titanium straws 

Yeah, we're stumped for something smart to say here. But reusable straws, though. Save the planet etc. etc. Pretty cool.

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