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Best Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

July 17, 2022 7 min read

Buying Christmas gifts for book lovers can be a simple task because, when in doubt, you can purchase a new book that you believe they will enjoy. If you want to get a little more creative and find a personalized gift that pays homage to their favorite hobby, Famvibe has found the best Christmas gifts for book lovers that the bookworm in your life will love almost as much as a new hardcopy or paperback by their favorite author.

These book lover gifts combine functionality with personalization, allowing you to improve your avid reader's reading routine while adding a personal touch. We've covered every book lover niche, whether it's a used book subscription box for the eco-friendly book lover, a funny sweatshirt for the reader who likes to curl up nice and cozy, or a set of inspirational bookmarks for the literary queen who would never fold over pages in their books. 

Surprise the reader, librarian, English major, or writer in your life with one of these Christmas gifts for book lovers that will have them put down their book to investigate this new gadget, mug, or apparel piece.

1. Personalized wire bookmark

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your place in a good book, and this personalized wire bookmark (available in a variety of color and style options) will ensure that never happens again.

2. Custom book embosser

Do you know a bookworm with a growing library? This portable steel book embosser will leave a lasting impression on all of their books.

3. Used books monthly

With this subscription box service, the recipient will receive up to four books, which will be chosen at random from an inventory of used books in your chosen genres.

4. Custom library stamp

The bookworm in your life will never have to worry about lending out their books again with this personalized "From the library of" stamp.

5. 100 Books scratch-off poster

This iconic book scratch-off poster challenges you to read your way through all of them, from classics like James and the Giant Peach and Wuthering Heights to works of contemporary fiction like The Hunger Games and American Psycho.

6. First edition book cover art print

Get your favorite bookworm a shadow-boxed photo print of a first edition book cover, which looks amazingly crisp and real because each book is photographed carefully to retain original marks and wear.

7. Coffee and a classic book box subscription

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee and a good book, and this subscription box has the best of both worlds.

8. Book page holder

Holding open pages is inconvenient, and this book page holder is a game changer for those who prefer to read on paper rather than on tablets.

9. Abibliophobia hoodie

Anyone whose worst fear is running out of books to read will appreciate the warmth of this cozy cotton hoodie, which is available in a variety of colors.

10. "Just one more chapter" throw pillow case

This throw pillow cover is ideal for anyone who prefers to read in comfort and peace.

11. Novel tea book tins

Each of these ornate metal tins is inspired by a classic novel and has a punny tea twist. lover's

12. Book lover locket necklace

This precious book locket, available in gold, rose gold, bronze, or silver, can be personalized with your favorite book lover's first initial or a simple stamped heart.

13. Literature of the world map

Books allow you to travel the world without ever leaving your house, and this beautiful literature on the world map (available in a variety of sizes) will remind you of that.

14. Shakespearean insults chart

No one knew how to write an insult quite like William Shakespeare, and this poster will help any bookworm come up with the perfect retort for the "penurious and indubitate beggar" in their life who interrupts their reading time.

15. 'My weekend is all booked' T-shirt

This vintage cotton tee allows anyone to proudly display their love of books.

16. My weekend is all booked with baseball cap

Gift this adorable cap to the book lover in your life if you want the hat version of this witty saying.

17. Personalized oak bookend

A personalized engraving on a handmade solid oak bookend (or pair of bookends) will add sophistication to any bookcase or desk.

18. Great American novels 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle

With this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, you can help someone relive some of the most memorable American novels of all time.

19. Personal library kit

When your loved one has their library kit, they will never have to worry about lending out their books again.

20. Book club candle

This candle, with notes of warm nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood, is ideal for curling up with a good book.

21. Book & treasures subscription box

Books & Treasures is a low-cost book subscription service that sends monthly boxes containing a used book in the genre of your choice, a handmade bookmark, a thrifted mug with your choice of drink, and several handmade gifts.

22. Banned book socks

These banned book socks will delight the rebellious bookworm in your life, with titles ranging from Catch-22 to Lord of the Flies.

23. Clip-on book light

This handy clip-on book light is ideal for the person who can't put a book down — even when it's bedtime.

24. Tequila mockingbird cocktails with a literary twist

This clever liberation guidebook pairs beloved novels with both traditional and avant-garde cocktails.

25. 'I like big books' socks

With these funny socks, anyone can kick their feet up and show off their love of big books. They come in five different color options.

26. Custom book earrings

If you know a bookworm who has a favorite title, you can have the cover printed on a pair of adorable dangling earrings with sterling silver hooks.

27. Miniature book keychain

The recipient can take their favorite book with them wherever they go with this mini book keychain.

28. Reading planner

A true bookworm understands how difficult it is to keep track of all their favorite titles (and to jot down all the books they want to read next!).

29. Library discovery set

This literature-themed fragrance collection includes eight mini perfume samples and packaging so adorable you won't want to wrap it.

30. Mini book necklace 

Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary novel, this necklace can display any book cover on a stainless steel pendant.

31. New England bookshop candle

Nothing beats the smell of a New England bookstore first thing in the morning, and this soy candle allows you to bring that scent into your own home.

32. Library book lover soap

To be honest, nothing beats running a bubble bath and sinking into the bubbles with your current book. These themed soap bars will look adorable on the shelf while also emitting wonderful scents like vanilla and coffee that will float into the air with every page turn.

33. Ideal bookshelf art

This gorgeous ideal bookshelf art is sure to be treasured by your favorite bibliophile, with a choice of several different bookshelf options available (including a Shakespeare shelf, a Jane Austen shelf, a feminist's shelf, and more).

34. Library card tote bag

Everyone will want to look at this fashionable cotton library card tote bag.

35. Book lovers pinback button badge

Book nerds will appreciate having a few handmade bookish badges to pin to their backpack or tote bag (see above).

36. Call number subscription box

This quarterly book subscription box (available in four genres) focuses on Black literature, with each shipment including one newly-released book and a few related items.

37. Personalized book tote

This sturdy canvas bag (which can be personalized with your favorite reader's name) is made of recycled cotton and is ideal for carrying books, groceries, and other daily necessities.

38. Book quote pencils

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer for the reader in your life? This set of four colorful pencils (available in blue, pink, red, gray, or natural wood) will suffice.

39. Classic literature rocks glass

With a pretty rocks glass featuring text from classic novels like James Joyce's Ulysses, H.G. Wells's The War of the Worlds, Herman Melville's Moby Dick, or Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote, you can help a reader toast to great literature.

40. Literary wine glass charms

These book-themed wine charms will make your wine glasses look more beautiful than ever.

41. Literary scarf

Words will never harm you. This soft cotton literary scarf will keep you warm and swaddled all day.

42. Book gift set

This awesome book gift set, which includes a vinyl bag and your choice of three cute pairs of bookish socks, will knock your loved one's socks off.

43. Backlit subscription box

Each BlackLIT Box contains one brand-new book written by a Black author (along with discussion questions), a t-shirt, and up to five products from Black-owned businesses.

44. These are my reading (wine) glasses

Being well-read gives you a great sense of humor, and any book lover will enjoy this amusing stemless wine glass.

45. 'Please go away I'm reading' mug

If they let this coffee mug do the talking, your favorite book lover won't even have to ask for peace.

46. Book Cookie Cutter

Is there anything better than a good book? A freshly baked cookie shaped like a book. Treat a friend or family member to this whimsical cookie cutter, which comes in a variety of sizes ranging from two to six inches, and they'll have a great time trying to recreate the covers of their favorite books in frosting.

47. Literature Candle

You can almost guarantee that these hand-poured candles will brighten the life of your favorite book lover. Each soy wax blend is made with a captivating mix of notes based on the characters, scenes, and settings from seven classic tales, ranging from a warm, sweet scent that will evoke the mad tea party from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (think caramelized sugar, bergamot, custard, rum, lavender, cucumber, vanilla, maple, and violet) to a fresh floral fragrance that will evoke the Pemberley garden from Jane Austen's iconic novel.

48. Personalized Leather Bookmark

With this handmade leather bookmark, you'll never dog-ear again. Not only is it more substantial (and stylish) than card stock, but it can also be stamped with a quote from George Saunders that any book lover will appreciate: "Reading is a form of prayer, a guided meditation that briefly makes us believe we're someone else."

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