Best Christmas Gifts for Bosses

July 13, 2022 8 min read

It can be challenging to strike the correct tone with your gift if you and your manager share the practice of exchanging gifts at the holidays. Do you choose a more affordable or informal way? Should you only purchase appropriate Christmas gifts for bosses? Or should you choose an emotional gift that appeals to their inner self?

Since every business is unique, only you can decide what kinds of gifts are appropriate. But regardless of whether your boss is your greatest friend or someone you look up to from afar, you may pick out the ideal Christmas gifts for bosses to let them know how much you value their work, friendship, and leadership.

Personalized office gifts, coffee-themed gifts they'll use every day, and reasonably priced gifts that won't seem overly formal are just a few of the thoughtful gifts we've found for your boss. They might also value one of the gifts for physicians that are suggested by medical professionals if you work in a hospital, doctor's office, or another setting that is related to medicine.

Regardless of whether you're back in the office or still communicating with your boss remotely via Zoom, they will value the sentiment of a special gift after another exhausting year.

1. Storm Cloud

The crystals inside this glass cloud disperse to reflect the windy, stormy, or wet weather outside as the atmosphere changes (literally). To keep a close check on what's going on outside, they can stick it on their desk or windowsill.

2. Charging Stand

This bamboo wood charging station, which has an area reserved for an iPhone and smartwatch, helps people keep their workspace nice and organized. Just make sure they have their chargers and cords on hand because it doesn't come with any.

3. Squire Rollerball Pen

You can't go wrong with a lovely and practical pen, whether your employer is your bestie or someone you don't know well. Baron Fig offers this classic aluminum rollerball pen in five different hues.

4 . In the Company of Women

A page-turning vision board, this New York Times bestseller is a bestseller. Pair it with a card outlining why your employer ought to have been chosen.

5. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Their coffee frequently gets forgotten as they rush from one Zoom to the next. Give your boss this mug that uses an app to maintain the temperature of their coffee or tea somewhere between 120°F and 145°F to ensure that it stays at the ideal temperature (read: heated).

6 . Putter Cup Golf Mug

They can practice their golf swing with this mug even though they have to wait until the weekend to hit the green. Additionally, the golf club functions as a pen.

7. Boss Lady Candle

She will be reminded of how much of a boss she is every time she burns this creamy jasmine candle. Additionally, it will be the ideal stress reliever prior to crucial meetings and phone calls.

8. Live Plants

A variety of indoor plants, many of which are suitable for low light circumstances, are available from The Sill to liven up your boss' office.

9. Holiday Sweet Treats

Send this box of treats to them at their front door without baking or packaging! All of Harry & David's greatest candies, including Moose Munch and chocolate-dipped cherries, are included in this gift box.

10. Mini Cactus Humidifier

This desk-friendly cactus releases a steady spray of mist with the touch of a button to improve their 9 to 5, especially during the dry winter months.

11. Origami Letter Set

For an extra personal touch, the (easily folded) origami envelopes on this bright and contemporary stationery.

12 . Hand Pomade

They will like this fragrant (and gender-neutral) hinoki hand pomade from Le Labo, regardless of whether they enjoy keeping their nails polished or frequently complain about dry hands at the office.

13. Luggage Tag 

Every jet-setter needs a nice luggage tag, and this tag from Printworks comes in four elegant colors. You can also buy them a matching passport holder if they start traveling again for work.

14 . The Office Mug

You can treat your boss to the same celebrity treatment as the cast of The Office with the help of this personalized mug from Etsy. They do want it, don't they?

15 . Songbird Eyeglass Holder

If she can't find her blue-light-blocking glasses, she won't be able to prevent eye strain. As long as she remembers to use it, this hand-carved eyeglass holder will keep her spectacles in one spot.

16 . Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball 

Help them take out their daily stress while building their grip strength with this smart connected stress ball.

17 . Original Peppermint Bark

Giving them a tin of Williams Sonoma's well-known peppermint bark will make them smile and is ideal for the workplace.

18 . Tabletop Pool Set

This tabletop pool set has everything they need for a full game yet is compact enough to be stored at their workplace (it's less than two feet long!).

19 . Personalized Whiskey Stone Box

With this carved wooden box filled with nine whiskey cubes, a set of tongs, and a velvet bag, you may add a special touch to their bar cart.

20 . Townhouse Four-Wick Ceramic Candle

They will adore this cheery clay candle if they enjoy Christmas, candles, pink stuff, or any combination of the aforementioned.

21 . Turmeric Herbal Tea Assortment

All six of the loose leaf teas in this collection are loaded with turmeric's bitter (but delicious) flavor and health advantages, making them milder than traditional chai. Every vacuum-sealed canister features a distinctive flavor combination, such as ginger and moringa.

22 . Pearl Pencils

It's not necessary to be an artist to appreciate a lovely pencil, according to your boss. Blackwing produces some of the greatest pencils you can buy, period, in a variety of exquisite hues; Pearl is ideal if they prefer a simple appearance.

23 . Coffee Subscription

Subscribers to Drift Away Coffee's whole bean, ground, or cold brew bags can maintain their daily coffee habits at home or the office.

24 . Premium Bento Lunch Box

Invest in a multi-tiered, stylish bento box to up your lunch game.

25 . Vintage-Inspired Drinks Ornaments

These sweet La Croix ornaments are the ideal way to acknowledge your common fondness for the office refrigerator. (There are also alternatives for beer and mineral water.)

26 . Cowboy Corgi Christmas Ornament

Those who bring their dogs to work would really like this adorable cowboy corgi ornament made of felted goods.

27 . Nightcap: More than 40 Cocktails to Close Out Any Evening

This book features over 40 recipes that have been specially adapted to meet various demands, whether readers are looking for a night of insightful talk or sound sleep.

28 . Plant The Box Scented Candle

Any workspace can become peaceful and productive with the use of the correct scent scape. These candles faithfully reproduce the vivid and lovely herbal and botanical scents of tomato plants, crushed mint, and freshly cut grass.

29 . Double Wall Insulated Glass Mug

A double-walled glass coffee mug will help them display their daily brew if they're all about classy giftation (and won't go against their attire).

30 . Geode State Ornament

This ornament in the shape of a state will shine like a geode when the twinkling lights hit it just right. Each ornament is individually created from stoneware, glass, and colored glaze for a truly unique appearance.

31 . Icons: 50 Heroines Who Shaped Contemporary Culture

Write your boss a nice note on the cover page to suggest that they are just as legendary as the 50 outstanding artists, leaders in politics, and thinkers in this book.

32 . Stationery Subscription

Depending on which subscription box you choose, your stationery-obsessed boss will receive a box every month with everything they love most: up to seven stylish pens, a ton of planner necessities, or a combination of both.

33 . Italian Retro Cocktail Glasses

They may not be drinking at work like Don Draper (hopefully), but they can start a cocktail party in the Mad Men-style with these vintage glasses.

34 . Astrology Candle

Give them a candle that showcases their personality and the astrological characteristics associated with their special day if you know their birthday off by heart. If not, choose one based on their zodiac sign.

35 . Popcorn Gift Set

Thanks to you, they may unwind after a hard day's work and enjoy a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Three different types of kernels, oil, and seasoning salt are all included in this kit to make precisely salted popcorn.

36 . Hand Cream Trio Gift Set

The best perfumes from L'Occitane are included in this three-piece hand cream set: lavender, shea butter, and almond.

37 . Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

Your supervisor keeps bringing up the possibility of shattering the glass ceiling, no matter how intimidating it may seem. Show her how appreciative you are for everything she has done to make your career path possible with this significant paperweight.

38 . 2019 Ace in the Hole® Cabernet Sauvignon

You get them next happy hour for free! Give them a box of their favorite truffles for good measure since this full-bodied red from Winc goes well with chocolate.

39 . Candle, Matches, & Journal Gift Box Set

Collections of candles, journals, and tea are available from The Art of Tea in wooden gift boxes. For your boss's benefit, this gift box includes an emerald green journal and an Earl Gray candle.

40 . Tea Travel Bundle

The box of The Art of Tea's most well-liked tea blends is included in this package, along with a stylish travel tumbler that they may use to transport their purchases between home and work.

41 . Glass Cake Stand 

Whether they like to bake on long weekends or just really love a good design item, they'll love one of these playful, modern cake stands. Three sizes and seven different hues are offered.

42 . Boucle Scarf

Even bosses experience cold. Give her a large, really plush scarf to keep her warm.

43 . The Solo Umbrella

Yes, the Davek Solo Umbrella is somewhat pricey, but it's a gift they'll cherish for a lifetime. The best umbrellas on the market are made by Davek, and if they break or lose theirs, Davek will replace them.

44 . Succulent Gift Basket

With this fun succulent gift set, which contains a planter, a live succulent, a candle, a pack of matches, and a card, you can express your gratitude to your manager.

45 . Your Career Growth & Office Decor Subscription Box

If everyone is still working from home, think about setting up a monthly subscription package to help them maintain their home office and office supplies.

46. AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad

Your boss will value this waterproof notebook if they often send you scraps of paper with to-do lists or notes about their upcoming major project. Crime writer Karin Slaughter uses it when writing in the shower. Each pad has 40 sheets that are perforated at the top, according to Slaughter. This is fantastic because they are really simple to tear off.

47. Time Timer MOD 60-Minute Visual Analog Timer

This little, straightforward timer will easily fit on a desk at work or home. The 60-minute timer, as one contributor explains, is an excellent motivator: When time is up, the clock only makes a few beeps that I would describe as "nice." It has "a visible red disk that gradually fades as time runs out."

48. Headphones With Case

Brenley Goertzen, an intern at Strategist, switched to these little, wired headphones that won't ever be carelessly thrown in the laundry after washing her AirPods a second time. According to Goertzen, the retro-styled Porta Pros are more powerful than AirPods and are piercing-friendly (not too snug).

49. Twelve South AirFly Pro 

Food stylist Judy Kim can use her AirPods with in-flight entertainment systems thanks to this adapter, which eliminates the need to pack an extra pair of corded headphones specifically for the plane. Kim is grateful that her seatmates can use the aisle without getting tangled, as this eliminates the need for her to "unplug my seatbelt, then my corded headphones, and then redo the whole arrangement, so it's not a mess."

50. Saltwork Beech Smoked Salt

A sprinkle of this flaky, smoked sea salt from Saltverk, an Icelandic company that uses sustainable geothermal energy to make its salts, should zhuzh that lunch right up. Hannah Howard, a contributor to the Strategist, says, "I'd never had a smoked sea salt that was nearly so wonderful."

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