Best Christmas Gifts for Married Couples

July 13, 2022 9 min read

There are several occasions throughout the year, such as the holidays and wedding anniversary, to get a gift for your favorite married couple. Finding the ideal gift (i.e., something they will both be pleased about) is the challenging part. Fortunately, coming up with gift suggestions for married couples is one of our favorite things to do. For any of the loved ones in your life who are happily married, we've created this helpful gift guide. There is something on our list for every couple, from modern cookware to passionate encounters. Check out our best advice before you start shopping for your married friends or family members.

What are the best Christmas gifts for married couples? Every couple is different, and choosing a gift for them should take into account their special bond. It is always popular to sell items that were inspired by their love story or common hobbies. Consider bespoke wall art with their wedding date or a drink-themed subscription box or anything they can accomplish jointly. Their next date night will be more exciting with an adventure like taking an online painting class. (And let's be honest, what couple doesn't need some new date ideas?) Finally, whether a married couple has been together for a long time or they have recently left something off their registry, improved appliances and cookware are a nice gift.

Are you feeling like purchasing online? For a complete list of Christmas gifts for married couples, we suggest a list for every type of couple and every price range.

1. Pre-Prepared Date Nights

It can be challenging to win over both sides. We appreciate gifts that the couple can enjoy together, such as this delightful date night subscription package. Every month, they'll receive a special date night suggestion along with all the materials they need to make it happen. This surely surpasses customary Christmas gift baskets.

2. An Online Cooking Class

They most certainly won't be anticipating an online cookery class. Enroll the pair in a class they're interested in, like a pasta workshop, or encourage them to step outside their comfort zone by enrolling them in a baking class. For married couples who enjoy doing new activities together, it's a really awesome experiential gift idea.

3. Shiny New Luggage

Give them a set of cutting-edge suitcases to make their lives more simpler. For married couples, travel-related items make excellent Christmas gifts because they'll be prepared to begin dreaming up their travels for the coming year. For $450, you may purchase two carry-on suitcases, or you can combine a carry-on with Away's medium checked luggage and save $45—bonus.

4. A Message in a Box

You can create, fill, and ship adorable small gift boxes using Greetabl for just about every occasion. Pick a gift that they can both appreciate, such as a warm scented candle or a pack of champagne gummy bears. We adore this sweet (and handy) idea, whether you're looking for Christmas gift suggestions for a married couple or you just want to surprise them.

5. A Blanket They Won't Fight Over 

Prepare to be amazed because this one is a game-changer. Any arguments over who gets the duvet in the middle of the night will end thanks to this ingenious blanket. Near the bottom, the fleece blanket rejoins after being divided in half for the majority of the journey down. In the end, it makes it possible for couples to share a duvet without any complications. Any married pair that has passed the honeymoon stage will be impressed, we assure you.

6. Coffee Delivered to Their Door

There is no reason you shouldn't choose a useful gift for your pals who are married couples. It's pretty much certain if you sign them up for a monthly coffee subscription that they won't suddenly run out of rocket fuel. Additionally, participants will get the opportunity to sample a wide variety of blends produced by famous roasters in Seattle, the world's coffee capital. Each delivery comes with 12 ounces of freshly roasted whole or ground coffee, as well as brewing instructions and tasting notes.

7. The Cutest Christmas Ornament Ever

Are you looking for Christmas gift suggestions for a couple who already has everything? Here's a unique gift that they most likely don't already have. Send a sweet picture of the couple and their family to this Etsy seller, and they'll turn it into a one-of-a-kind creation. An emotional and sweet way to convey holiday pleasure is through personalized ornaments.

8. A Photo Shoot Gift Card

When was the last time the joyful couple had a professional photograph taken of them? They should shoot romantic photos together outside of only their wedding day. The couple will be able to schedule a 30-minute outdoor session with a nearby photographer whenever they choose by giving them a Shoot gift card. What's best? Only the images customers want to keep must be purchased.

9. An Extra-Sweet Greeting Card

An agreement card and delectable handmade chocolate combined into one package? What could be more convenient? Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, or anniversary wishes for your married friends and family can be sent using this innovative idea. You can also choose from alternatives that say "congrats," "thanks," and "sorry," so you're sure to find one that conveys the correct feeling. With our special coupon WedSC, get 10% off your order.

10. The Coolest Couples' Activity Journal

The Adventure Challenge: Couple's Edition has us a little bit obsessed, and your married pals will be too. The diary has 50 scratch-off date suggestions that will spice up their romantic relationship. It's the ideal technique to promote spontaneity and adventure because once they've decided to scratch off an activity, they have to commit. Each task has space for remarks and a photo, making the book into a precious keepsake once completed.

11. A Cooking Pot for Potter Fans

They could already have a Dutch oven, but it's not one like this, and any home needs a generously sized Dutch oven. As if Le Creuset's Dutch ovens weren't already eye-catching enough, this limited edition has a Quidditch goal ring etched on the lid and a solid brass Golden Snitch knob designed in the style of the Harry Potter series. Any Potter fan's home will esteem this item as a prized possession.

12. A Tribute to Their Love Story

With this customizable marquee-themed photo print that includes their names and the day they said "I do," you can pay homage to the beginning of your relationship. If they enjoy theater or movies, it's a thoughtful gift that also makes a unique addition to their house. Choose the pre-framed print for a gift that is ready for display. Or just give them the artwork if you know they'd prefer to select their frame design.

13. A Relationship-Building Game

If you're looking for unusual gift suggestions for a married couple, why not pick something that would strengthen their relationship? This card game was carefully created in collaboration with relationships and psychiatrists. The outcome is a deck of questions intended to spark insightful discussions.

14. Cute Coffee Mugs

Any day of the week, a set of Instagram-worthy mugs will upgrade their hot chocolate during movie night or their morning coffee. These mugs are equally practical and sentimental because they are beautifully printed with their initials, first names, and memorable date.

15. A Creative Date Night

Buckle up because there are plenty more gift ideas for married couples coming. Enrolling them in a virtual painting class would encourage them to spend time together while also exercising their creative muscles. The workshop includes all the materials they'll need to participate, including canvases, paint, and paintbrushes, and it's specifically designed for date nights.

16. Chic Matching PJs

Treat the couple to opulent matching pajamas if you're looking for a lavish gift. They may use this unisex loungewear all year long because it is constructed of a lightweight silk blend. Additionally, you can add custom embroidery at an additional cost.

17. Wine in a Fancy Gift Box

No matter the situation, a fine bottle of wine is always a good choice. For a genuinely chic giftation, customize this cheap wooden wine box with the couple's names and a significant date.

18. The Best Hot Chocolate Ever 

What could be more soothing than curling up with a hot cup of cocoa at the end of the day? For your loved ones to sample, Grounds & Hounds has the ideal hot chocolate gift set, which includes delectable Mexican and peppermint flavors. This should be on your list of wonderful holiday gifts for married couples.

19. Rustic Champagne Flutes

Why do you gift the couple with matching champagne flutes personalized with their initials and a particular date if the occasion calls for a toast? Include a bottle of champagne so that they can celebrate the occasion straight away.

20. Tickets to a Show

Nothing makes someone happier than a surprise gift of tickets to their favorite performance by a performer, team, or sports team. You may always purchase a gift card for your favorite married pair if you are unsure of their interests or availability. In either case, they will be eager to begin organizing their upcoming night out.

21. A Custom Print of Their Home

A personalized poster of their new or existing home is sure to please, whether you're looking for a housewarming or holiday gift. This incredibly significant gift is printed on wood in a beautiful watercolor design that will catch visitors' eyes every time they come by.

22. Fresh Date Ideas

Cute gifts don't have to be incredibly intimate. Gifts that the pair may enjoy together are a unique alternative that they'll love. They will receive a ton of terrific date night suggestions from our exclusive bucket list cards that they had never considered.

23. Engraved Cookware

Given the value of a decent cast iron skillet, this would make a wonderful gift for any married couple in need of an improvement. It can also be personalized with the couple's initial names, family name, wedding date, or a brief, sentimental remark, making it a very unique gift.

24. Personalized Game

Still, hunting for gifts that they can share? Your match has been discovered. This personalized tic-tac-toe set is a timeless game that would look incredibly stylish on their coffee table. The pieces stand-in for their initials rather than conventional Xs and Os.

25. Map to Track Their Travels

Do they have a specific bucket list for travel? With the aid of this stylish push-pin world map, you may help children envision their upcoming journeys. With their initial names, the name of their family, or a motivational saying like "to travel is to live," you can personalize it. Additionally, four canvas sizes and ten push pin colors are available.

26. An Irresistible Cookie Assortment

A box of cookies that have been impeccably wrapped is a sweet gift for any married couple. The four original cookie flavors from Levain Bakery are included in this delectable assortment: oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chip, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip. Pick a four-pack for a delicious (though reasonably priced) gift, or go all out with a pack of twelve.

27. Game for the Mystery Lovers

Are they constantly listening to podcasts or viewing true crime documentaries? HuntAKiller is sure to keep any pair that loves true crime entertained for hours. Sending them a gift card for one or two complete seasons, or a six- or 12-month subscription, is an option. After six months, one season ends and the fun starts over with a new mystery to solve. With each delivery, they'll receive a new episode of a mystery where they each play the role of detective.

28. Unique Way to Preserve Memories

We have an intriguing gift card if you're specifically looking for one to gift to a married couple. They can produce amazing glass prints of their best images using a Fracture gift card. There are solutions for every area, from little images ideal for a desk or table to large gallery walls. It's a great way for newlyweds to display their wedding photos if you're purchasing for them. Or, if they've been married for a while, they can update the decor in their home with more recent memories.

29. Show Stopping Whiskey Decanter

Have you ever seen a decanter that is beautiful? This wood and glass bar ornament is available in 13 various designs with exquisite sculptural scenes of ships, submarines, and other objects. It makes a thoughtful gift for a married pair who like whisky (though really, they can fill it with whatever they like).

30. Punny Wooden Spoons

Do they enjoy using their imagination in the kitchen? Give them a set of adorable (and reasonably priced) wooden spoons with their names engraved on them and a touching joke like "the ideal combination." Even after many years of marriage, the pair will never be weary of seeing their names together.

31. Meaningful Montage

Another fantastic service that enables you to send a heartfelt greeting to your favorite wedded pair is Tribute. For each celebration, friends and family can contribute via email to make a sentimental video montage. They'll even get some entertaining starter questions! With the online editing capabilities offered by Tribute, you have the final say over the film.

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