Best Christmas Gifts for Chefs

July 27, 2022 9 min read

Shopping for gifts for cooks can be particularly challenging because it is never simple to get presents for loved ones. You want to discover that unique gift to warm their hearts because the past two years have been incredibly difficult and challenging for the majority of people, especially for our cherished cooks and chefs.

I polled cooks on several Facebook groups about the presents they would most like to receive this year to assist with this challenging assignment.

1. Gourmet Salt

In the realm of a chef, salt is more than simply salt; finishing salt can offer a diverse flavor.

2. Fun Apron

Any chef will appreciate receiving an apron. Any chef will feel more at ease and confident in the kitchen if they are wearing a fashionable and comfy apron. Check out this apron on Amazon if you want something funny and an excellent fit at the same time!

3. Food Saver

For all chefs, wasting food is a big no-no. Any kitchen or home should strive to minimize food loss to save money. It is simple and convenient to save every last bit of food when you have a small food saver. This tiny, inexpensive food saver is practical and doesn't take up much room.

4. Cherry Pitter 

Chefs consider the cherry pitter to be a necessary kitchen tool. especially if your favorite chef is preparing an abundance of cherry pies and sauces. It is also reasonably priced; one costs around $10. Where can I get one? Try Amazon or your neighborhood cooking supply store.

5. Vegetable Chopper 

Any chef's daily workload consists primarily of carefully chopping vegetables for hours on end. No chef can avoid doing prep work, which includes chopping carrots and onions into thin slices. A good gift to help with prep work and make a chef's job a little simpler is a vegetable chopper.

6. Splatter Guard

For any chef or cook, the general mess that results from cooking can add pointless hours to an already long day. A vegetable platter helps to reduce some of that tension. Any prospective cook may benefit from keeping the place neat and tidy, especially at home!

7. Chefs Hat 

A chef's worst nightmare is finding a hair in a customer's food. A trendy and cozy chef's hat is a wonderful gift for any chef because it allows them to feel secure while sporting a fashionable appearance.

8. Compression Socks

Chefs spend their whole shifts on their feet, so compression socks can be a huge help when it comes to swollen ankles, tight arches, and lower back pain. To complement the vibrant holiday atmosphere, choose a pack of colored compression socks.

9. Oyster Knife

Oyster shucking requires skill, takes time to perfect, and is quite risky. A chef will feel secure and confident shucking any quantity of oysters if they have a sturdy and safe oyster knife and a set of gloves.

10. Chef Cloves

Get your chef some gloves instead of dealing with smelly hands. The gloves will protect chefs from cuts, which are very common in kitchen restaurants, in addition to dealing with odors.

11. A Nice Pocket Knife

Due to their versatility in the kitchen, pocket knives are a favorite among many cooks. Additionally, chefs no longer receive as many pocket knives as they once did as gifts because people believe that they are no longer fashionable. Buy a conventional knife rather than a folding one, advises this tip.

12. Chef’s Spatula

All cooks must be cautious and exact when preparing fish. The most crucial cooking tool for fish is a sturdy chef's spatula, making it the ideal present for your cherished chef. This slotted chef's spatula makes it so much simpler to cook a variety of foods, including fish!

13. Steamer

A chef should have a wide variety of cooking techniques at their disposal. Any cook can duplicate those fluffy bao buns or those umami-rich dim sum meals from your favorite Chinese restaurant with the aid of this bamboo steamer.

14. Cookbook Holder

Cookbooks are a great place to start for any home cook seeking for ideas and inspiration. Any cook will be able to produce even more delectable cuisine if they have a library of cookbooks at home. The ideal present for a cook who loves to follow along with their favorite recipes is a cookbook holder!

15. Old Community Fundraising Cookbook

This creative present idea was posted on Facebook by a chef. I'll include the entire comment because it's so cool:

I've been receiving vintage cookbooks from 1940s community fundraisers for the past year or so. Some of the recipes I've created are spooky and funny, while others are a window into the past, and I've also drawn inspiration from others. They may be found all over Craigslist and eBay.

16. Handmade Kitchen Boards

Cooks do enjoy serving up their meals in elegance, and they also value fine craftsmanship. A personalized cutting board is a wonderful gift suggestion. For a wide selection of walnut cutting boards, check out Amazon and Etsy, of course.

17. Digital Thermometer

 Using an accurate digital thermometer in the kitchen is crucial for success. The Javalin Pro from Javatools was recommended by a chef, however, there are many more thermometer types that can be found online and in stores.

18. Therapeutic Essential Oils

Since they can aid in stress alleviation and better sleep, essential oils are immensely calming to many people.

19. Relaxing Tea 

After a long day at work, a cup of tea can help you relax. It can be the ideal present for a friend who is overworked, and many chefs, sadly, fall into this group.

20. Truffle Oil

Chefs all over the world are interested in truffle, one of the most treasured ingredients. Truffle oil is a wonderful present that is less expensive than truffles alone but still packs a powerful umami punch! Any chef can experiment with their cooking using this option.

21. Adult Coloring Books

A wonderfully calming pastime is coloring books. They make the ideal present for chefs because they are also great for unleashing your creative side.

22. Classic Cookbooks

Cookbook reading is a pastime for chefs. Find out what their library is missing and assist them in filling it in. The Professional Chef by the Culinary Institute of America, Flavor Bible, How to Cook Everything, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, and Julia's Child: Mastering the Art of French Cooking are a few examples of classics.

23. A Bottle of High-Quality Wine

Many people would prefer to drink a glass of wine after a long day at work rather than tea because it is not for everyone. A fine bottle of wine makes the ideal present for any event.

24. Stainless Steel Soap

The strong odors of fish, garlic, onions, and other meals are frequently handled by chefs. Regular soap is insufficient to eliminate these scents, but stainless steel soap is an alternative that appears to be highly effective.

25. Gift Cards

A popular option for holiday gifts from chefs was gift cards. Some chefs don't particularly like surprises and prefer to buy their gifts. buy a gift card, then. Pick a gift card from Williams Sonoma, Amazon, Chefwear, or your neighborhood appliance store.

26. Carbon Steel Skillet

For any cook or chef, a trustworthy skillet is a need. The next step up from a cast iron skillet is a carbon steel skillet. The carbon steel skillet makes cooking even more pleasurable and delicious while being lightweight, strong, and fashionable.

27. Japanese Knives

Currently, Japanese knives are quite popular, and many chefs view them as pieces of art. Premium Japanese knives are still handcrafted even now, at the height of industrialization and mass production. A lovely Japanese knife is undoubtedly the best choice.

28. Griddle

The best companion of a chef is a griddle. This versatile griddle is ideal for grilling steaks, sandwiches, or even some burgers. There are many griddles available, such as George Foreman, but why not try this on amazon, here.

29. Backpack and Knife Set

This is the ideal gift if your beloved cook is more of a backpack kind of guy or gal.

30. Spa Gift Card

One of the most calming experiences ever and a great way to reduce stress is visiting a spa. It's a dream come true to receive a massage, visit the sauna, and unwind in the hot tub. You can buy gift cards at your neighborhood spa, so give them a call.

31. BBQ Grill Utensils

Is your chef an avid griller? Most cooks are. So give him or her a set of chic grilling tools.

32. Pasta Machine Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

Nobody who likes pasta in the world doesn't secretly wish they could make their own. This pasta maker is known as "the Ferrari of the pasta machine world" and is produced in Italy by Marcato Design from nickel and chrome-plated steel. It doesn't take up much room in the kitchen or storage space, however.

33. Meditation Apps

These days, more and more people are successfully employing meditation applications for stress reduction, which has led to their increased popularity. One of the top-rated meditation apps is Calm, which has received over 750,000 positive ratings in the App Store. A one-year subscription to Calm costs $69.99.

34. Dinner at Her Favorite Star 

In addition to enjoying eating out, chefs also value a memorable dining experience. Surprise your loved one with dinner at that posh restaurant that you had been putting off visiting since it was either too pricey or you were simply too busy.

35. Hammock

A hammock—really? Yes, for a stressed-out cook or chef right now, this is the ideal gift. A hammock might be the ideal calming present for your cherished chef if you live in a warmer region and don't have a cramped flat.

36. Ice Cream Maker

Which chef isn't an ice cream fan? Chefs may make the ideal dessert by making rich, creamy, and sweet ice cream. Any cook can manufacture ice cream on demand, wherever they are, anytime they want, thanks to this simple-to-use and simple-to-clean ice cream maker! Anytime you have an ice cream desire, just keep some in the freezer.

37. Beautiful Chef Knife 

Yes, your beloved chef has probably quite a few kitchen knives, but a beautifully crafted chef knife will always be a great gift idea. Almost every cook will adore this 8-inch chef knife because it is manufactured of high carbon and looks wonderful.

38. Knife Set 

A chef's most important instrument. For a chef, having a top-notch knife set makes preparation and cooking easier and more pleasurable. An extensive knife set is an ideal present for any chef because different knives are necessary for different ingredients.

39. Chef Shoes

Chefs find it exhausting to stand while preparing and cooking in the kitchen all day. It makes their tasks a little less demanding for them to have some chef shoes that are both incredibly comfy and slip-resistant. Make careful to measure them before making a purchase!

40. Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator enables the kind of experimentation that a chef should always engage in. Any cook can prepare dried fruits, veggies, and meats using this Magic Mill food dehydrator! This dehydrator is ideal because it has many temperature settings, a digital timer, and thermostat, and it can accommodate seven stainless steel trays.

41. Sous Vide

The cooking method known as sous vide may terrify some wannabe cooks, yet it's a favorite of chefs! The Joule Sous Vide is simple to use and connects to your phone. With this basic sous vide gadget, any cook can produce a flawlessly cooked and tender steak!

42. Outdoor Pizza Oven

What could be better than enjoying a BBQ while lounging outside in the summer? Consider using an outdoor pizza oven to prepare some delectable, freshly made pizza with whatever topping you can find. This is the ideal present for any pizza-loving cook or anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking.

43. Knife Roll 

A leather knife roll is an uber-cool gift. Yes, you won't make a mistake doing this. The only drawback is price, since a top-notch knife roll may be quite pricey.

44. Beach Holiday

If you have the money, take a beach vacation. What could be more soothing than lounging in a hammock while sipping a beverage on a warm, foreign beach? Choose a location like Zanzibar, Santa Barbara, Southern France, or Greece that is well known for both its beaches and outstanding food scene.

45. Weekend Retreat at Julia’s Child Provence Cottage

The renowned Julia Child's Provence villa is now a vacation rental. The house where Julia spent nearly three decades of her summers is still delightful today, and the kitchen has hardly changed.

The property is a foodie's dream come true, and such a unique gift would undoubtedly impress your cherished cook.

Are you still undecided? Check out our most recent collection of unique presents for cooks and chefs. Check out our collection of wonderful gift suggestions for junior chefs if you're looking for something special for your child as well.

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